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**CSTAN98 Monk - Quick Sleep.

  1. Jedi Sleep As Little As Possible.

    (01) Time is precious. Do not sleep. When sleep less. Feel more in control of things. Also mean more time for productive works.

    (02) Holy Bible: "Our Heavenly Father GOD do not sleep."

    (03) JESUS CHRIST: "We are to be as perfect as Our Heavenly Father GOD."

    (04) Buddha: "Monks can only sleep 4 hours per day. 10PM-2AM."

    (05) Therefore. Panda Logic: We Jedi are not supposed to sleep. Because We have to help Our Heavenly Father GOD to guard watch over Everyone.

Cstan98 How Not To Sleep So Much.

  1. Taoism Energies Management.

    (01) Taoism energies concept has 3 components: Jing Qi Shen. (精气神).

    (02-01) Jing (精). Is from foods. Can be interpret as glucose or semen sperms.

    (02-02) Qi (气). Is from breathings. Can be interpreted as oxygen or qi.

    (02-03) Shen (神). Is from sleeping. Can be interpreted as focus or rest.

  2. Cstan98 Light Foods/Breathings/Sleep.

    (01) If tired all day. Have many 10 minutes energies in 3 componens - boast sessions. How?:

    (02-01) Light Foods. If hungry. Eat lightly until 80% full. If not hungry. Drink slips of water.

    (02-02) Light Breathing. Repeat counting of shallow light breathings.

    (02-03) Light Sleep. Close your eyes. Lie flat upright in bed. Do not press p organ.

  3. Theories Of Inputs/Outputs.

    (01) My Cstan98 Findings Of Why We Sleep? One line: sleep is dying. When your inputs (energies) less than outputs (energies).

    (02-01) Metabolism - Anabolic = building up of body cells proteins.

    (02-02) Metabolism - Catabolic = breaking up of body cells proteins.

    (02-03) Metabolism - Balanced = ideal body mass.

    (03) Excess Energies Needed. Sex is end results of execessive energies for reproduction. Muscles building is end results of excessive energies for mass tissues productions in body.

**Chinese Teachings.

  1. 五盖地狱根 = 财色名食睡.

  2. 精满不思淫.

  3. 气满不思食.

  4. 神满不思眠.

  5. 一小时睡.失三小时道行.

  6. 像宝宝天真无念.时时精气神饱满.

  7. 一动念贪嗔痴.精气神失.

  8. 一行动杀盗淫妄酒.精气神失.

  9. 不控制念胡思乱想.精气神失.

  10. 随睡念.一定自然睡着.所以不要随睡念.

  11. 念需只细细动.

  12. 大念大用精气神.

  13. 小念小用精气神.

  14. 从眼神能看出一个人的精气神.

  15. 越少魔界靠近.

**Cstan98 Quit Sleep - Problems.

  1. 1Meal - Aim Is To 1Meal A Day.

  2. 10PM-2AM - Aim Is To Sleep 4Hrs A Day.

  3. Bathing - Wash Away Sleepy Chemicals.

  4. Cut Onion In Bedroom - Need To Change Fresh.

  5. Little Bed Lie Down - Clear Airways.

  6. Little Sex - Go For Quality Not Quantity.

  7. More Stand Exercises - Clear Airways.

  8. More Stand Work - Clear Airways.

  9. No Breathing Disorders - Need To Breathe Into/Out Tips Of Nails/Hairs.

  10. No Clothings Dirty - Must Not Reabsorb Sleepy Chemcials.

  11. No Coffee - Don't Rely Too Much On Coffee.

  12. No Many Little Meals - Block Airways.

  13. No Pressing P Organ - Careful Sleep Posture.

  14. Need Brush Teeth After Meals - To Clear Airways.

  15. Need Exercises Hours - To Clear Airways.

  16. Need Working Hours - To Clear Airways.

  17. Rest With Body Up.

**Cstan98 Quit Sleep - Day.

  1. Solve Chronic Fatigue Problems Sources.

    It may be that pornography addictions. Or that mental medications causing mass fatigue. Problem Solving to solve these problems sources. Research ways to refine quit sleep system.

  2. First Coffee. 1 Coffee Per Day

    First thing after off alarm at wake 6AM. Go for coffee (black no sugar).

  3. Beginner Vitamin B Complex.

    Quit Sleep Beginner who takes lots of coffee to keep awake. Need x1 Vitamin B Complex per cup of coffee. When coffee is cut down. Also cut down on Vitamin B Complex until no need.

  4. Monk 1 Meal A Day Efficiency.

    Aim for Monk 1 meal a day. You body has to be very fit energy efficieency.

  5. Intensive Physical Exercises.

    Exercise build muscles. Muscles build testosterone. Testosterone build energies.

  6. Cut Down Sleeping Temptations.

    Stay working. Stay outside out of bed.

  7. Cut Down Sugars.

    Go for high fat/protein diet. Sugars destroy kidney. No kidney means fatigue.

  8. Daily Night Wind Down Routine.

    After 12AM. Do Wind Down Routine. Read all Journals & do next day recycled To-Do List. Then do many tasks until fall asleep.

  9. Daily Morning Routine.

    First Thing is within 1 Second off alarm 6AM. Jump out of bed. Get cold black coffee. Then immediately read your Tasking day To-Do List.

  10. Daily Repeat 1 Hour Routine.

    For me. Every hour after Morning Routine is the same. 50% (30Mins) Mental Training. 50% (30Mins) Physical Training.

  11. Budget Energies.

    Do Not over-exert. Ouptputs > (Foods Inputs + Sleep Inputs) = Sleep Shutdown.

  12. Force Body Get Energies Faster.

    Condition your body to be very efficient. More exercises/works. Lesser foods/sleep. More energies recovery rates.

  13. Mini-Steps.

    Mini-eat foods = no overdoses of glucoses tired. Mini-sleep rest = controlled thoughts do not sleep.

  14. Use To Sleep Lesser.

    If you always sleep long. Tendency to repeat next day. If you always sleep lesser. Tendency to repeat next day.

  15. Useful Wakefulness.

    Work hard when awake. Treasure the wake time. Navy Seals: "don't burn daylights."

  16. Habit - BMI Muscle Fat Ratio.

  17. Habit - Cold Showers.

  18. Habit - Fat/Proteins Diet.

  19. Habit - High Energy Levels.

  20. Habit - High IQ Life.

  21. Habit - Muscle Mass.

  22. Habit - Music.

  23. Habit - No Leakages.

  24. Habit - No Worry.

  25. Habit - Nutrition - Minerals/Vitamins.

  26. Habit - Nutrition - Sunlight.

  27. Habit - Nutrition - Eat Light Every Hour.

  28. Habit - Nutrition - Water Hydration Detoxification.

  29. Habit - Peak Fitness.

  30. Meal - Breakfast.

  31. Meal - Supper.

  32. Meal - Must Eat.

  33. Sex After Sleep.

**Cstan98 Quit Sleep - Night.

  1. Sleep Routine.

    Source: YouTube. Lie down flat in bed. With your palm side up. Close your eyes. Relax your head + face completely. Then relax your shoulder + chest completely. Then from beginning of hands to end of hands. Then go down the body. Same for legs. By right. Using this method. You are to sleep in 2 minutes.

  2. Every Minute Of Sleep Before Midnight Is Worth 2 Minutes After Midnight.

  3. Energizing. Not Sleeping. Every second counts.

  4. Fixed Sleep Cycles.

  5. Fixed Wake Up Times.

  6. Good Quality Sleep. Get most out of every second sleep.

  7. Sleep Cycle = 1.5 Hrs. Give 15 mins allowances.

  8. Sleep System = Aim For Monk 4 Hours A Day.

  9. Sleep Balance. Not too much sleep. Not too little sleep.

  10. Sleep Earlier. To wake up earlier.

  11. Sleep Flat. Don't press p organ energies leakages.

  12. Sleep Less. Less tired. Actually more fresh.

  13. Sleep More. Tired More. More chance you disrupt a REM (deep sleep) cycle.

  14. Sleep Quality. Deep sleep knockout.

  15. No Blue Lights.

  16. Natural Fall Asleep. After night wind down routine. Do many intensive tasks to naturally fall asleep.

  17. Wake At 6AM. But most wake up every 6AM.

Cody Monson Daily 4 Hours Of Sleep.

Source: internet.

  1. x2 Core Deep Sleep.

    x2 Core = REM (Rapid Eyes Movement) Cycle with roughly 1.5+/- hours of deep sleep. Additional = few minutes unable to hear alarm snooze.

  2. Find Your Body Rhythm.

    Mixture of deep + light sleep.

  3. Listen To Your Body.

    Monitor your body needs of sleep closely.

  4. Passionate About Somethings To Do Awake.

    To stay awake. You need to be motivated to stay awake.

  5. Polyphasic Sleep.

    Multiple blocks of sleep.

Sadhguru Quit Sleep.

Source: YouTube.

His theories we cannot manage time. But we can manage our energies. Life is not about time. Life is about energies.

  1. Bath Before Sleep.

    Bath to wash away all problems/worries. Not just away dirts particles.

  2. Interesting Stimulants.

    Like drinks/foods & knowledges.

  3. Light Meals Of Fruits/Vegetables.

    When body have heavy meals to digest. Inertia to energies are created. Then we feel sleepy.

  4. State Of Rest.

    So that consumes less energies. And body can regenerate energies.

  5. Yogi Belly Breathings.

    Belly should come up & down while we breathe. Out through 2 nostrils.

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