Cstan98 Monk Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)


Version4 2021.01.20

*Jedi Monk Do Not PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

This Cstan98 Jedi Monk Do Not PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is Further Writings from my out-of-market Amazon Kindle Ebook 'Cstan98 Quit Masturbation & Pornography Ebook by me'.

  1. Jedi Monk Do Not PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    (*) If you PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Let me Cstan98 guess.

    (01) You are male (90% of male population do PMO - Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    (02) You are skinny (semen ejaculations use up a lots of body foods energies).

    (03) You are sleepy (sex fires burning all your body energies all the time).

    (04) You are small p organ (the more you do PMO - Pornography Masturbation Orgasm - the smaller your p organ not bigger).

    (05) You do not have a girfriend/wife (your to be female friends fate keeps being drained by demons).

    (06) You do not have a job (too out-of-energies to work).

    (07) You do not have money (jobless moneyless bad lucks).

    (08) You feel not in control (the addiction controls your life. Not you).

    (09) You have acne & oily face (hormones imbalance).

    (10) You have many illness (like bladder problems, blocked nose, cough, diabetes, flu, impotence, kidney failures, mental illness, ...)

    (*) Very predictable. Right?

**How PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Destroy A Jedi?:

  1. Orgasm Conditioning.

    You love what you orgasm on. This conditioning gets you very heavily addicted. So re-do the conditioning. Read High IQ Things Daily like this Cstan98 Website to get a Natural ZPT50 High. Do not go for artificial sexual pleasures. Have Real Jedi High (like real solid marriage sex for example) all the time.

  2. Sex Fires & Water Leakages.

    Pornography cause sex fires. Semen Ejaculations cause Water Loss. So if this habit becomes bigger. The person is a goner waste. His life is gone. He fail in everythings. It all start with a little fire. A little water leakage. Decrease the fire. Increase the water. Jedi Fight!!!!

  3. Brain Fluids.

    Semens are produced from brains fluids. Too much ejaculations drain the thinking speeds. Make you very sleepy. Make you very slow body & mind speed. The Brain controls the whole body. So do not over-tax it. Jedi Monk needs to treasure every last bit of internal body water.

  4. GOD No Adultery Laws.

    GOD punish company/country/family/person if too much adultery. In Chinese. Masturbation is known as hand adultery. So many little adultery mean a big adultery. If You No Adultery. You get many GOD Jedi Monk Blessings.

  5. Hinduism Killing Sperms Children.

    Hindu Teacher: "masturbation is killling your sperms children." When You kill people. Other people kill you. How is a jedi is to fight when he is already killed before the battle according to GOD.

  6. Demons Break Your Willpower.

    Pornography is a trick by satan the devil to break your willpower. Willpower is needed for a Jedi Monk to win every Battle. Not even a single break of Willpower. Cstan98 Every Second Controlled Thoughts Even In Dreams Sleeping Stroke.

  7. Semen Leakages In Urine.

    Too much masturbation waters ouputs & pornography fires inputs cause semen leakages. With these continual drains of energies. How is a Jedi Monk to fight? Stop the outflows. Start with the Source = Your Every Second Controlled Thoughts.

  8. Sex Tests Cannot Pass. All Tests Cannot Pass.

    Saying: "sex tests cannot pass. All tests cannot pass. The sex tests pass. All tests can pass." Quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) test is the Basic Foundation of Jedi Monk to pass All Tests.

**Benefits of Quitting Masturbation & Pornography:

  1. Already Win.

    Confucius: "General who is able to win Self. Has already won the enemies." Before the Battles start. You Jedi Monk has already won. Because the worst self battles have already been fought & won.

  2. Face Problems Head-On.

    When Jedi Monk solve all His PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions problems. He is solving all the problems head-on. Not escaping. More fighting directly at the root sources.

  3. Fight Faster.

    You fight faster & faster. Fight better & better. Your First Success Battle in quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) means you can have more Success Battles. Success borns Success. The Force calls You = You are ready.

  4. High Self-Esteem.

    Carl Rogers: "Self-Esteem is the Most Important Assets of the Person. It defines the Inner Value Worth of the Person." Being Sinless Perfect. You have a better Sense of Self-Control. Means Higher Confidence than Your enemies. Before the battle start. You Jedi Monk already wins.

  5. Sleep Less Eat Less.

    Outputs = Inputs. With less outwards usage of semens. You need less sleep & less foods. This mean you can concentrate More Firepowers on more Books, Planning, Thinkings, Trainings... You have more time per day. This mean You are more active & awake time than many of the normal people.

  6. Superhuman.

    Without PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You Jedi Monk turn into a GOD Superhuman. You have High Confidence, High Self-Esteem, Superfast Human Speed, Super-sharp Mental Thinkings because You are Sinless Perfect. You are in control. You can see the dark shadows of how your enemies movements. You can see the Details of the Force. You can kill all your enemies with One Clean Stroke.

  7. More Comfortable With Females.

    You do not treat females as sex objects. You socialize better with females. This mean Monogamy Marriage with a fellow Female Jedi Nun. Mean having a Family & Little Children to coach teach new generations of Jedi Monk on Further Trainings Programs. The Force Seeds do not die off.

  8. More Happy.

    When Sinless Perfect. Jedi feel a Sense of Inner Peace. He feels a Natural ZPT50 High. He is more Happy Wise. He loves Himself & Others more. He is more willing to solve World Problems. He is more willing to Teach. He wants to bring this Happiness to Everyone.

  9. Nothing Is Impossible.

    PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addiction is very difficult to quit. When You are able to quit. Nothing is impossible. Nothing is able to stop You in achieving Anything. Everythings are possible to accomplish in the Universe.

  10. Work Better.

    You are more successful. You win more Jedi Battles. You work better. This means less fear of failures. Which in turn means increasing Your Success Rate.


Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) to be a True Jedi Monk!!!

**Panda Theory - For Males It is All About Feeling P Organ Size.

  1. P Organ Size. I PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is because trying to grow p organ size.

  2. Panda Theory: Fixed P Organ Size After 30 Years Old. There may be no use trying to grow size.

  3. Balance: no fate. We Jedi Monks need to research more to capture sex.

**Active: Panda New Porn Trainings Plan.

  1. Warning: beta testing phase. Daily Wake Up Morning Routine.

  2. Best Is 50% Lose + 50% Tight Plan + Start Small Think Big Repeat At Same Task:

    (01) Keep One Initial Flipboard 5Mins Naked Japanese AV Photo. For me natural big breasts I like best. Under Singapore hosting laws. I cannot reveal which Flipboard channel/website. Singapore Government Laws is cannot enourage porn publicly currently.

    (02) Experiment with most copyrighted Website. To get one favourite most beautiful Japanese AV Movie. Only one.

    (03) Initial Failures. It is norm you touch yourself and ejaculations in 30Mins first time.

    (04) If you keep on repeat same AV Movie.

    (05) Then Later 10Mins. Without Touching Self/Ejaculation.

    (06) Then Later 45Mins. Without Touching Self/Ejaculation.

    (07) Then Most Likely. Finish whole 2Hrs. Without Touching Self/Ejaculation.

    (08) Then Recite (See) Same AV Movie. Find optimum timings. Now I am at 20Mins (AV). 20Mins (Physical HIIT - High Intensive Interval Trainings - Exercises). 20Mins (Mental Recite). Now I am stopping a few days of this Trainings. Because serious blocked nose. My current imunue system need to be strengthen enough first to survive current more deadlier strains of COVID-19. Now I am at 15Mins (AV). 15Mins (Physical HIIT - High Intensive Interval Trainings - Exercises). 15Mins (Mental Recite).

**Panda Other Plans.

**From Useless Male Out Come Dragon Project. (废人出龙.)

  1. Source: Google Search. 100 Days Foundation. (百日筑基).

    It is said that sign of successful 100 Days Foundation cultivation = do not eat/sleep for 1 day 1 night. Even years for Zen Monks. May have whole day erections.

  2. Cold Bath.

    Go emergency cold shower. Count to x1000 under cold water. This build discipline. And wake up your idea.

  3. Do Tasks 1 Sec Rule.

    No negiotiation. All tasks need to start to do within 1 sec.

  4. Mess Up Dopamine Loop - P (Pornography) As Reward.

    Because dopamine loop make porn addiction such a powerful force. You can get yourself to do anythings. For 5 mins of porn. For example. Morning 6AM. You promise yourself you will do porn next morning. You just do and keep adding tasks. Just push on till next morning. As promised. Just see porn without touching self/ejaculations. The dopmaine loop will conditioned you to do one whole day of difficult tasks just to see porn at morning.

  5. See The Real Realities Forms Of Sexy Females.

    YouTube Video - Chinese Buddhism Monk/Nun On Quit Adultery

    (01) See Blood/Shits. (血大便观).

    (02) See Body Fires. (火光三昧)

    (03) See Emptiness. (空观.)

    (04) See Grandmother/Mother/Sister. (外婆妈妈姐妹观.)

    (05) See Hell. (地狱观.)

    (06) See Old Dead. (老死观.)

    (07) See Skull. (骨头观.)

    (*) Now: to me now Females are still the most beautiful creations GOD has ever make. Do you know We fall in love of iPhone. Is images of females. Basically iPhone is cold stupid hardwares without softewares.

  6. Sleep On YouTube Playlist.

    You need to keep your hand off your iPhone. On YouTube Music - Choose a playlist. Same time. Lie upright in bed. Controlled thoughts. Close your eyes. Go to sleep.

  7. Vigorous Physical Exercise.

    Go for (best 60Mins every morning currently at 20Mins) very tough exercise to exert out all sexual desires. Stop only when you cannot take it anymore. I do exercises after morning bath.

**Archive: GOD5 Jehovah Stand On PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  1. Reminders To Self.

    (01) Look at all Females (not even males/Wife all in the eyes) in the eyes. Whether it is real/pictures/movies.

    (02) Don't AV (sex movies). Or You lose 3 weeks of your natural erections for marriage sex cultivation.

  2. Do Not Inherit Kingdom Of GOD.

    1 Cor 6:9-10. Apostle Paul: "do you not know the unrighteous. Do not inherit the Kingdom of GOD? Do not be deceived! The sexually immoral ... do not inherit the Kingdom of GOD." Those who PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) are sexually immoral. And not enter Heaven Kingdom of GOD.

  3. Get Married.

    1 Cor 7:9. Apostle Paul: "but if they do not have self-control. Let them get married. For it is better to marry than to burn with sexual desire." Masturbation is not mentioned to reduce sexual desires in Holy Bible. Marriage Sex is mentioned to reduce sexual desires. If you are still unmarried. Quit for 8 months & marry fast (that is how me Cstan98 get married). GOD sends a good Jedi Nun Female to be your Wife when you quit months.

  4. Heart Adultery.

    Matthew 5:28. JESUS CHRIST: "but I say to you. That whoever looks at a woman to desire her. Has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Looking at pornography (100% come with lust) is same as committing physical adultery sins. And sins bring you to Hell. See above Matthew 5:29.

  5. Right Eye To Sin.

    Matthew 5:29. JESUS CHRIST: "if your right eye causes you to sin. Tear it out and throw it away! It is better to lose one member than to lose your whole body thrown to hell." The me Cstan98 is not encouraging to tear out your eyes. What me means is this = GOD Stand is this + you go to hell if your eyes keep on seeing pornography.

  6. Right Hand To Sin.

    Matthew 5:30. JESUS CHRIST: "if your right hand causes you to sin. Cut it off and throw it away! It is better to lose one member than to lose your whole body thrown to hell." The me Cstan98 is not encouraging to cut off your hand. What me mean is this = GOD Stand is this + you go to hell if your hand keep on masturbating.

  7. What Is Pornography?

    Pornography Are Adultery Enjoyments. Basically enjoying adultery of playing other people wives.

  8. Why Jedi Should Not Pornography?

    (01) Erection Conditioning. You are conditioned to have erections with artificial 2D pixels. Not with real 3D Wife.

    (02) Problems Creation. Have Marriage problems. Like becoming impotent. Like finding Wife ugly.

  9. ***GOD Stand On PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    So now you know. GOD Stand in Holy Bible is that if you see pornography & do masturbation. The you go hell & unable to enter the Kingdom of GOD. Quit now. Before it is too late. Better be wrong. Then sorry. Eternal Punishments in Hell are too extreme pains. From Voice: "doing masturbation & pornography. The you 100% go to Hell." Because Heaven is 100% Holy Place. GOD is 100% Holy GOD. He cannot tolerate even little sins like PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  10. ***Majority Of Human Population.

    Kingdom Warriors. Because GOD only accepts Those who are Holy of the Holy. Majority of the population cannot make it is. Because of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Don'tPMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). It is satan the devil tricks to lead us to hell. Be Holy of the Holy. Be JESUS CHRIST Bride (Church) without blemishes.

**Archive: GOD5 Jehovah Stand On Temptations.

  1. GOD With You.

    Holy Bible: "in GOD. We do not fall into temptations." The me Cstan98: "be assured. When you are under temptations fires. GOD is with You all steps by steps." Holy Bible: "We can do all things through GOD who strengthens Us." You are not alone when You walk with GOD. HOLY SPIRIT who represents JESUS CHRIST is with You. If it is urgent. JESUS CHRIST comes to You personally.

  2. Temptations The Norm.

    Holy Bible: "You have temptations from demons." The me Cstan98: "after You die. Even when You become an Angel (new Spiritual Body). So long demons are around. The you have temptations from demons." Expect temptations to be the norm. Do not expect that You need to resist from PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for another 3 days. Expect to resist from PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) forever & ever. Even after body death.


  1. Do Not Start PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    If You never masturbation & pornography. Then don't start. Trust me. For me Cstan98. After 40+ years of masturbation & pornography. The me is small p organ & very impotent. If it isn't GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST who forgives my PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) sins. Don't think me can get married today. If you are a young Kid surfing this Webpage. Trust me. Do not start PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Do not out of curiosity start PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Without PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You get Blessed Wife Marriage from GOD. Grow up handsome no pervert face. Well-built no out of energies... Read on. If you want to. For information. But remember. Don't start.

  2. If PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Is Destroying Your Marriage.

    You successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 8 months. You are so horny that you get married very fast. But after the excitements of marriage sex. You have repeats of going into masturbation & pornography. And these PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is destroying your marriage. As you keep on confessing these sins to your Wife. What to do? As your Wife is getting impatient of your adultery/unfaithfulness to her.

  3. No White Fluids From P Organ.

    It is very difficult to explain no masturbation to Little Male Children. One way is to tell Them: "no white fluids should come out of your p organ. It is a sin."

**Cstan98 Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  1. 1 Drop Of Semen = 10 Drops Of Blood.

    10 drops of blood are required to make 1 drop of semen. When there are many masturbation ejaculations. There is lack of blood in head. As blood in head is drawn down to testis to make semen. Lack of blood in your head causes you to think less brain speed/sharp = sleepiness/stupid/tiredness easily/... Stop masturbation ejaculations now to gain Superhuman brain speed.

  2. 1/5 Second Rule.

    (01) Masturbation Trigger. If you press/touch your p organ less than 1 second. It is considered trigger. But more than 1 second. It is considered masturbation relapse. In sleep dreaming. 1 Second Rule becomes 5 Seconds Rule. Because in sleep dreaming. There is less self-control. For bathing. It is recommended use 5 Seconds Rule. Put soap on penis head 5 seconds. Rinse on penis head 5 seconds.

    (02) Pornography Trigger. Always look at females eyes. Except Wife. Where You can look at Wife body. If you look less than 1 second at other female body. Whether real or picture/video. It is considered trigger. But more than 1 second. It is considered pornography relapse. In sleep dreaming. 1 Second Rule becomes 5 Seconds Rule. Because in sleep dreaming. There is less self-control.

  3. 3 Years To Get Rid Of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Poisons.

    You need 3 years of quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) to quit addictions poisons totally from your body.

  4. 7/49/343/2401/...

    Matthew 12:43-45. JESUS CHRIST: "then he (demon spirit) says: 'I return to my house from which I come.' And when he comes. Finds it empty/swept/put in order. Then he goes and takes with him 7 other spirits more wicked than himself. And they enter and dwell there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first." Let say You do PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The sins punishments torment you. So You seek JESUS CHRIST for forgiveness. If you keep on re-crucifying ESUS CHRIST on the Cross for these kinds of repeated sins. Next time is 7 times the punishments. Need 7 times harder to pray for. Then 49/343/2401/... times.

  5. 50% Listening + 50% Talking.

    35 years of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) make you 100% listen to everyone with 0% of talking. To quit masturbation & pornography. You must switch to 50% Listening + 50% Talking to everyone including all females/males. Then you are able to get Girlfriend who become your Wife. When you have not talk much for 30+ years. What you start to talk. May hurt lots of People. Do not give up. You just keep talking 50%. Remember to listen 50%. Fine-tune your talking 50% to make friends. Not to make enemies. My Talking Skills are learned from 'Talk Language, Book' by Allan Pease & Garner which is no longer selling in the market.

  6. 56% Of Male Christians. 90% Of Male Population.

    Report: 56% of male christians do PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Another report: 90% of general males population do PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). If you are one of them. It is time to correct yourself & quit. Because this secret sins of our is making us less holy/pure. The conscience that GOD has built in us tells us that it is wrong. Although low level sins. But it is destroying the intimacy of Our GOD arranged Marriage between our Wife. And many low level sins make them a big sin. Quit today! Read this Webpage everyday to build your mindset to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  7. Actions.

    Follow Our Faith with Actions. Not just faith alone. You need concrete Actions to fulfill your Faith. JESUS CHRIST: "blessed are Those who build His house on a rock = Concrete Actions. Where floods/storms cannot remove."

  8. Addictions.

    Understand that masturbation & pornography are addictions like alcohols/cigarettes/drugs/gamblings/prositutions/... Addictions mean they are very difficult to quit. JESUS CHRIST Living Example shows that addictions are able to be quitted.

  9. All Millionaries.

    You notice 2010-now. There are more Millionaires than most decades. The my Cstan98 Theory is because of the No Fap (Quit PMO) Movement. My Understanding is that all Millionaires (may be even all Billionaires) do not fap (PMO). Imagine if Elon Musk does PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) last night. Can He wake up for all his productive meetings the next day? Can He as CEO looks His People in Their eyes without (PMO) shame. And give instructions orders. So what do Bill Gates/Warren Buffet have in common? All Billionaires don't fap (PMO).

  10. Ask GOD For Impossible.

    GOD: "is there anything too difficult for Me. Ask & receive." Ask GOD for the impossible = quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) forever & ever. What is impossible for men. Is possible for GOD.

  11. Ask GOD With Confidence.

    1 John 3:21-22. Apostle John: "dear friends. If We don't feel guilty. We can come to GOD with bold confidence. And We receive from Him. Whatever We ask because We obey Him. And do the things that please Him." If You do not little sins even like PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You can boldly ask from GOD. Because You please Him.

  12. Ask Wife Talk To You.

    When you are under many PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) temptations. Ask your Wife to talk to you more. Keeping yourself occupied with Her in bed/phone sms. Organize your mind to deal with wrong lustful thoughts.

  13. Ask Wife/Yourself To Cast Out Evil Spirits.

    Every idle/night moment. Ask Your Wife/Yourself to lay hand on your head. And cast out evil spirits of masturbation & pornography in Name of JESUS CHRIST. *Warning: evil spirits cast out create havoc in your Marriage Life. Cast them out to 500km away from you. So that they do not re-enter your body. You need to stop communication so that you not invite them back into your body.

  14. Authority In GOD.

    When You are a Child of GOD. Know your Power You have from Authority in GOD. You can chase demons away.

  15. Baby Foods - Relearn.

    Hebrew 5:11. Apostle Paul: "if you have too many contaminated teachings & knowledges. That cause you unable to quit masturbation & pornography. It is good if you go back to Baby Foods to relearn everythings." The me Cstan98: "after follow this Advice about relearning Holy Bible Baby Foods. Can quit masturbation & pornography addictions better. Baby Foods = JESUS CHRIST Commandments in the 4 Gospels (Red Texts of NKJV - New King James Version Holy Bible - Matthew)." It seems when you do not walk correctly according to JESUS CHRIST Commandments. The you still have little sins which connect you back to satan the devil PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) urges.

  16. Baby/Solid Foods.

    Hebrew 5:12. Apostle Paul: "you need to mature from baby foods teachings. To Solid Foods Teachings." The baby foods teachings = GOD loves sinner + therefore can sin + just ask for forgiveness + repeat sins. Solid Foods Teachings = fear GOD + do not sin even a single Thought. Hope all Perfect Christians change from baby to Solid Foods Teachings mentality.

  17. Bad Careless.

    When You are doing your Daily Commandments routine. Then a careless. Mean Your Discipline are slacking.

  18. Bad Dream.

    When You are doing fine with Your Empire. Then a bad dream. Mean it is bad omen from the ghosts/gods/GOD.

  19. Bad Imperfect.

    When there are imperfectness in your life or person/thing in your population. Mean that you are not that great yet.

  20. Bad Scold.

    When you hear a scolding to you. Or nearby other people. Mean there is still resentments in your people.

  21. Baits From Demons.

    The demons time to time gives you baits (like breasts cleavages/sexy females photo/...) And these baits are very sweet. Resisting satan the devil means you do not take these baits from satan the devil. The me Cstan98: "if satan the devil is unable to bait you. Give you sweeter & sweeter baits. So be on your guard to the end."


    My Cstan98 Understanding. GOD is made of 3 Parts = GOD + GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST + ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. And ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT is made up of All Perfect Angels. So when You are a Perfect Angel. You are actually a ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. Same Level as GOD. Become One with GOD.

  23. Beforehand Convictions.

    Before temptations come. You need to have Strong Convictions first. You need Determination Mindsets so that You do not lustful thoughts/masturbation/pornography/sexy YouTube First. Prepare your Ammo before the Wars start.

  24. Believe GOD Is A Great GOD.

    Do not think GOD is smaller than your masturbation & pornography addictions. Believe GOD is a great God who can do all the impossible. Once You believe. You have Faith. And Faith in GOD is needed to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions.

  25. Benefits Of Rebooting - Go Toilet Lesser.

    You visit toilet lesser. Because of stronger kidneys.

  26. Benefits Of Rebooting - Heightened Senses.

    You feel the wind. Coke Zero tastes much better. You drop a tear time to time. This heightened state of senses turn Females on. Because now You are real Male. Not PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) zombie.

  27. Benefits Of Rebooting - Spontaneous Erections.

    After rebooting day 24. Every morning. You have spontaneous semi-erections. You feel more like Male.

  28. Better Relationship With GOD.

    When You talk to GOD all the time. Your Relationship with GOD becomes better/closer. Better Relationship means You most likely keep His Commandments. Mean You understand what is expected of You to do better. Mean that in emergency trials you can talk to for help.

  29. Bible Verses.

    Porn-Free.Org Online Courses suggest you memorize Bible Verses. And recall Them when temptations come. This gives You strengths & help you to pass through the heats of the moments. For me Cstan98. The me just remember paraphrase meanings (heart concepts) of Verses.

  30. Break Hackings From Evil Spirits.

    After me Cstan98 breaks mind hackings from evil spirits. My sexual urges have lessen. It is them who are giving me sexual urges to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The me also has an erection to have sex with my Wife. It is them who are making me impotence. The me also feels more energetic. It is them who are draining my cultivation energies.

  31. Breasts - Sacred Assets.

    Females breasts are not to be admired by you. They are sacred. These breasts suppose to be seen only by Their Husbands. You are only entitled to see Your Wife breasts. The rest is adultery.

  32. Careful & More Careful.

    Little Heaven Animals: "be careful & more careful. You one day get rid of pornography pictures."

  33. Careful Of 3G.

    Source: Lighthouse Church. 3G = Girls/Glory/Gold.

    (01) The girls = if you want more & more sex/sexy females friends. Then demons come to you. And make you fall. Abstain from even one little lustful thought.

    (02) The glory = if you are very proud. Want more & more glory. Then demons come to you. And make you fall. Be Humble.

    (03) The gold = if you want too much of this world money. Then demons come to you. And make you fall.

    (*) Be contented with what you have. Do not greed for more.

  34. Careful Of Black Witches.

    Know that there are people on this planet that have capabilities to hack your mind. You for no reason. Feel many sexual urges. JESUS CHRIST: "if you cannot resist better against black witches. The you cannot enter Kingdom Of Heaven."

  35. Careful Of Child Pornography.

    Most serious pornography sins are child pornography. Matthew 18:6. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST: "whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin. It is better for him if a milestone was hung around his neck. And he was drowned in the depth of the sea." Seeing child pornography you need to pay high fees prices. These high fees prices money are used to recruit more children into them. Causing more children to child sex sins. Therefore. According to JESUS CHRIST. From gods to viruses. If see. It is better you die drowning than to go Hell Punishments. Because these sins are very serious.

  36. Careful Of Gays Sex Drugs.

    Understand gays now have a sex drug. When you take them. The you quietly obey them what to do. Therefore. Do not go into gays houses homes. Do not take unknown drinks/foods from unknown sources.

  37. Careful Of Pressing P Organ.

    Be careful of pressing your p organ when you sleep. Your sleeping position should not press your p organ. Because pressing your p organ is like masturbation = you become very horny. And relapses into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  38. Careful Of Satanic Dreams.

    Do not look at sexy females even in dreams. Or else you relapses. Also commit sins. Careful of female evil demons acting in your naked wife image in your dreams. Or else you relapses. Commit sins.

  39. Careful Of Satanic Spell Molest.

    Understand when you are in public area. And for no reason you feel like to ejaculate urine. This may be due to satanic beings/people spells molesting your p organ. *Note you must not ejaculate. Or else all your these months of Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Cultivations go to waste. *Note you need to go toilet as often as possible. So that you do not ejaculate.

  40. Careful Of Sex Drugs.

    Understand if you are always high in sex drive. The demons most likely put sex drugs in your drinks/foods sources. Expect this to be norm. Learn to function righteousnessly/uprightly even under sex drugs. Pray to GOD if these are too much. So that You have righteousness/upright medicines to counter these sex drugs.

  41. Careful Of Subtle Temptations.

    Be careful even of the smallest subtle temptations. The demons are very cunning.

  42. Careful Of Thoughts.

    (*) Have Strict Black & White Jedi 5 Commandments Thoughts:

    (01) Do Not Kill.

    (02) Do Not Steal.

    (03) Do Not Adultery.

    (04) Do Not Lie.

    (05) Do Not Problem.

    (*) So that smallest subtle temptations do not overwhelm you.

  43. Careful Of Tight Underwear.

    Be careful of tight underwear pressing on your p organ = it is same as masturbation pressing on your p organ. Wearing tight underwear makes you so horny. That you relapses into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Wear bigger underwear. It is better you wear bigger XL Boxer Short underwear. With clothings pocket for your p organ. Don't press your p organ.

  44. Careful Of Wet Dreams.

    Pee before sleep. When want to pee in sleep. Quickily wake up to pee. Because peeing and ejaculation of semen use same urinary mechanisms. Because of Chaser Effects = after you wet dream. Become more urges for PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  45. Careful Your Thinkings.

    The me Cstan98: "what You think is binding."

  46. Cast To GOD.

    Cast all your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions to GOD. Then you just follow Him. Let Him does all the things for You. Sometimes. The you cannot quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Is because you are keeping PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions to yourself. And not casting them to Him.

  47. Change Habits.

    Change your habits. You need to conditioned yourself heavily. To change hardcore habit like PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Do not give up. Keep on conditioning yourself to new habits.

  48. Chili Or Heroin.

    Whether pornography is to spice-life chili. Or forbidden heroin. Our Jobs are to resist. Our enemy confirm adds chili/heroin into Our foods time to time. Our Jobs are not to look want them. But. Before this happen. Train hard enough to resist. When they come.

  49. Clean Shower.

    When on heat to do masturbation & pornography. And need to stay at home. Take Shower. Cold showers work miracle. Wake up your ideas. When you shower to keep your body clean. Your clean body reminds you to keep clean free from masturbation & pornography.

  50. Come To Bed, My Lord.

    'Riddick, Movie'. When Riddick become necromonger lord marshal. Many female wives ask him to come to bed every night. No man can take this kind of sexual loads. GOD creates Us to have Monogamy Marriage sex loads. Not for polygamy. If You don't believe me Cstan98. Ask those males who been through 'come to bed, my lord'.

  51. Computer Games.

    If you desperately need to keep yourself busy. Recommend play iPhone Games App like Chess/Weiqi Go/Blackjack/Backgammon/Poker...

  52. Confess Public Your Sins.

    You need to make a public confessions of your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) sins. When many Christians Friends know your secret sins. They pray for You. Also. You are making public stand to GOD that You quit. Perfect Christian Pastors especially need to know your secret sins. And when one Person says PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) are wrong. More People confess/follow like You.

  53. Confess Relapses To Your Wife.

    Make your Wife accountable for your actions. Since GOD makes Your Wife to be the closest Friend you have. She needs to know. And when You don't want to hurt Her anymore. Your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) relapses decrease.

  54. Congratulations.

    Congratulations. The you just chase 5 millions of your children. Out of your house. Stop giving them good drinks/foods. Flush them into darkness to be with urine/shits. Into dark worlds. With no hope of finding a Wife (Egg). The me Cstan98 means killing your sperms children by washing down bathroom sink. After each session of pornography. Hindu Teachings: "ejaculations of sperms are killing your children."

  55. Controlled Thoughts.

    What make GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST = Controlled Thoughts. What make United States Marines = Controlled Thoughts. Therefore. How are You to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)? = Controlled Thoughts. Someone: "it is t/Thoughts that make what that p/Person." To quit masturbation & pornography. You need to have Strict Controlled Thoughts. Not even a single satan the devil lustful thought can enter you. Zen Master: "Controlled Thoughts = is like a clean river flowing. Not a dead still dirty pond."

  56. Correct Dosages.

    Just like the correct dosages of coffee is one cup every morning immediately after you wake. The correct dosages of pornography is looking at eyes of females in movies/photos/streets. Then enjoy looking at full body of Wife. The correct dosages prescribed by me Cstan98. Should be followed no more no less. Trust me. The me is an ex-addict of coffee/pornography. This current correct dosages are right on.


    When all else fail. The you have deep relapses into masturbation & pornography. Cries out to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST, help me! GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST, help me! GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST, help me!" in aloud/kneel down/your heart. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST: "those who called on My Name are saved."

  58. Cure - Impotence.

    The my Cstan98 Understanding when GOD wants to prevent you from falling (into Hell). It makes you impotent to stop your further sexual sins. When You gain self-control in not doing sexual sins. It gives You erections back to have Marriage sex with Your Wife to have Children. Cure impotence caused by long years of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. (Have quitted sexual sins.) Give me erections to have sex with my Wife to have Children."

  59. Cure - Many Toilet Visits.

    After 30 years of masturbation & pornography. The you visit toilets very often. This means you are unable to find a job. Who want to employ worker who keeps on going toilets? Drinking Green Tea seems to stop You from going toilets so often. Healing Your kidneys. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please cure my weak organs (like bladder/enlarged prostate gland/kidneys/...). So that I need not go toilets so often."

  60. Cycle - Chaser.

    When you o (orgasm ejaculation) like masturbation/wet dream. Because of loss of semen. Make more sex fires come down from chest. Make less kidneys water to go up chest. To neutralize in centre of body. The you become more horny. Making you many urges for more PMO (pornography masturbation orgasm).

  61. Cycle - Shame Addictive.

    You feel shameful. So you escape into pornography. After masturbation. The you have more shame. And the cycle repeat. Break the cycle. Seek forgiveness from GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Cast all your shames to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST.

  62. Cycle - Sins & GOD .

    You sins & do not feel right. So You turn to GOD. Repent Your sins to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT comes/enters You. You feel right blessed. So you sins back. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT becomes grieve & keep silent. Cycle Repeat. Break the Cycle. Once ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT comes/enters You. JESUS CHRIST: "sins no more."

  63. Cycle - Sleep.

    You go to sleep. Wake up forgetting quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) commandments/cultivation. So you escape into pornography. After masturbation. The you become more sleepy. Cycle repeat. Break the cycle. Don't sleep anymore.

  64. Daily Marriage Sex.

    Aim for Daily Marriage Sex (except on Wife menstruation days/pregnancy months. Or else babies become sex pervert). Return to daily marriage sex even on Day One of your quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The trick of successfully quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is you must switch masturbation sex to Daily Marriage Sex even on day one immediately. Do not wait for 30+ days. If you are not married. Try to get married as soon as possible to have Marriage Sex.

  65. Dedicate To GOD.

    You need to dedicate your everythings to GOD. Use them for GOD Purposes. They no longer belong to you. They belong to GOD. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. I now dedicate my everythings (like Body/Eyes/iPhone/Life/Mac Laptop/Money/Wife...) to You."

  66. Demons Trick - Break Willpower.

    Relapses into masturbation & pornography are demons ways to break your willpower. Do not give up. Keep training your willpower to resist demons.

  67. Demons Trick - Corrupt The Heart.

    Relapses into masturbation & pornography are demons ways to corrupt your pure heart to GOD. Relapses dirty the mind & dirty the soul. Keep your Heart Pure by resisting demons.

  68. Demons Trick - Rashes.

    When you get rashes near your p organ. Careful of relapses. You should soap p organ head 5 seconds. And rinse p organ head 5 seconds. No more. No less.

  69. Demons Trick - Shame.

    Relapses into masturbation & pornography are demons ways to bring shames to you. So that you are unable to face GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. Understand shames/sins are temporary. But Souls are Eternal. Get redeemed.

  70. Depression - Eat Chocolate.

    When flatline depression. Eat chocolate helps to get out of depression faster.

  71. Determined To Quit.

    After you take Holy Communion Daily Meals to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST helps you to quit 95%. For rest of 5%. You just be determined to quit masturbation & pornography. Make a Determined Goal to quit. 100% Determination. Only go forward. No loose backward. Be very determined.

  72. Disciplined Life.

    Perfect Christian Life is Disciplined Life. Mean Fixed Routine like going to Temple/Church every Sunday. Off iPhone at night. Daily reciting recalling all Teachings/Knowledges every morning. Saying Foods/Drinks Grace before meals. Wake up 6am every morning...

  73. Disturbances In The Force.

    When a very solid beautiful female passes by. Your heart gets slightly disturbed. We Jedi Monk call this = Disturbances in the Force. Understand that these are natural. Because the Force makes Us Male Jedi Mnok to like Our Wife Solid Female Body. We Male Jedi Monk are made this way. But thought needs to stop there as soon as possible. Or else. A tiny fire burns finish the whole Jedi Monk Trainings Forest.

  74. Do Great Things For GOD.

    We are created not for PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). But to do Great Things for GOD. Do not look down on Yourself. Do Somethings great for GOD.

  75. Do Not Apart From GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST.

    John 15:5 JESUS CHRIST: "apart from me. The you can do nothing." For example. The you have been taking Holy Communion. And resisting satan the devil to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). And successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 3 months. The demons leave you alone. Then you start to drift away from GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Then the dmeons starts to give you relapses. Why? Because you are apart from GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST after 3 months. You need GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Forever & Ever to resist satan the devil. Even after you go to Heaven or successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  76. Do Not Bless People.

    Especially when you are a sinner. When you bless people you are actually giving your annointings blessings to those people. The you cannot even save yourself. Still want to help others.

  77. Do Not Compromise.

    Make your stand. Cut off PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) totally. Do not give in like see pornography only ok without masturbation. Do not compromise. Follow GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST All Commandments Completely.

  78. Do Not Connect To Demons.

    Why demons wants you to relapses into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)? This is how demons get connected to you. Sins make you connected to demons. Cut that connection.

  79. Do Not Give Place To Demons.

    Eph 4:27. Apostle Paul: "do not give demons an opportunity." Not even one thought of breasts cleavages/masturbation/pornography/orgasm/sex/sexy females/... Do not give a tiny place for satan the devil. To springpad to bigger sinful thoughts/actions.

  80. Do Not Give Up.

    If you still have relapses to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Do not give up. Keep on quitting. One day you quit completely. It can be done. The me Cstan98 is Living Testimony.

  81. Do Not Go Home. Stay Outside.

    Stay in coffeeshop/library/mall/... Don't go home. Once you go home. You sleep. Wake up and surf pornography relapses.

  82. Do Not Look Breasts Cleavages/Sexy Females/Sexy Photo.

    Looking at breasts cleavages/sexy females on the street/sexy photo make you relapses.

  83. Do Not Love Your Sinful Acts.

    If you cannot quit big breasts/breasts cleavages/heart adultery/lusts. It may be because you love the sinful acts. You enjoy them. Do not love your sinful acts. If you enjoy your sinful acts. The you have difficulties quitting them. Hate sins to quit them. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please help hate my sinful acts (like heart adultery, lusts looking at big breasts/breasts cleavages/pornography/ sexy females/sexy photos/...) "

  84. Do Not Recrucify JESUS CHRIST.

    When christians repeat sins. The you recrucify JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST: "do not take GOD (My Name JESUS CHRIST) in vain." When you recrucify JESUS CHRIST. The you get cursed like hellfires in your chest/sleepiness/sickly/...

  85. Do Not Sins.

    When you have successfully resist demond. You are able to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). But when you sins back = like say wrong things in your website/spending Money the wrong ways/... = then you become sleepy & want to relapses into masturbation & pornography. This is because you have committed back new sins. With new sins. The you are connected back to demons. When you connect back to demons. The you get back temptations & urges to relapses back to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The stronger the sins. The stronger the connections to demons. Be careful. Do not sins back again.

  86. Do Not Sleep. Get Out.

    1 hour of sleep = 3 hours forgetting Your Cultivation Trainings. Sleep too much means lack of discipline. United States Navy Seals: "do not burn daylight." Holy Bible: "GOD does not sleep." As Perfect Christians. Aim for 0 hour of daily sleep.

  87. Do Not Take Too Much Merits Money.

    When You take other People Merits Money. You are actually taking up other People Cross. If you cannot save yourself. How to save others. But as Perfect Christians Disciples. We must strive to take up Other People Cross. JESUS CHRIST: "whoever want to be My Disciple. Deny Yourself (be Perfect). Take up Your Own Cross daily. Follow Me (JESUS CHRIST taking up Other People Cross)."

  88. Do Not Vow To GOD.

    Do not anyhow vow to GOD that you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) effective today for example. Matthew 5:34-37. JESUS CHRIST: "but I say to you. Do not swear at all. Not to GOD/Heaven/Earth/Holy City/your Head. Let your 'Yes' be 'Yes'. And your 'No' be 'No'. For whatever is more than these is from the evil ones."

  89. Doctrine Of Election.

    Doctrine Of Election: "not your plan. But GOD Plan. Not your will. But GOD Will. You may have Freedom of Choice to do your actions. But your GOD is past/present/future GOD. So you are chosen not because of the present. But because of your future. Plan for your future Self to be chosen." Matthew 7:21. JESUS CHRIST: "not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the one who does Will of My Father in Heaven." Matthew 7:22-23: "you may save many souls & punish many evil demons. But if it is not Will of GOD. The you still cannot go Heaven." Do GOD Plan/Will.

  90. Dreams Repathing.

    Dreams are there to repath your memories. But too much dreams. Mean slack discipline. So there must be a Balance.

  91. Dwell In GOD Presence.

    When you are Holy/Perfect/Pure. GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT come to you. You feel GOD Presence. With this GOD Presence. You able to quit all PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. Always be Holy/Perfect/Pure. To dwell in GOD Presence always.

  92. Effects - Anger.

    After about 40 days of rebooting. You always feel anger. This is because you have more energies. Divert this anger energies to more productive uses.

  93. Effects - Chatty.

    After 24 days of rebooting. You become very chatty. Talk a lots like old lady. Make use of it. Talk to girls more often.

  94. Effects - Semi-Alpha Male.

    As you get more things done. You become sort of like a semi-alpha male.

  95. Effects - Semi-Asshole.

    Because you have more energies. So you become more and more of a semi-asshole.

  96. Effects - Semi-Hulk.

    When rebooting. You grow body mass. Become sort of a semi-hulk.

  97. Engage/Marry Fast.

    All PMO (pornography masturbation orgasm) addicts should get engage/marry fast. In fact. Starting first day 1 of rebooting should be on look out for Girlfriend/Wife. Because rebooting without a life Soul Partner is meaningless.

  98. Everyday Aloud Prayers.

    To quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)y using this Webpage. You need to read Amen aloud daily all the Christian Prayers inside this Webpage. For GUAN YIN Prayers. Just need to recite that Sub-Buddha Names at start of Prayers.

  99. Everyday Examine Life.

    Ask GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST to examine Your Whole Life. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST tells you your sins mistakes in Your Life which need to be corrected. Then. Just action correct these sins mistakes areas. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please come & examine my Life. Please tell me my mistakes areas which need to be corrected."

  100. Everyday Fasting.

    Fast every night as long as possible. Fasting can break the bondages of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. JESUS CHRIST: "this type of demon can only be deliverance by Fasting/Prayers."

  101. Everyday Humble. Not Too Proud.

    You must always be humble to GOD to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Forever & Ever. Because when you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 3 months. You stop cultivating/praying about it. And then demons attack & you relapses. So always stay humble & prayings to quit. Always 50% Humble 50% Confident. When you become too proud. The you relapses.

  102. Everyday Important Things First.

    Do important things first. So then You done most important things first already.

  103. Everyday Prayers.

    To prevent relapses. You need to Prayers to GOD everyday. Do this Prayer everyday: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. Praise the LORD. Please break strongholds of masturbation & pornography. Please break strongholds of masturbation & pornography. Please break strongholds of masturbation & pornography. Amen." (LORD = GOD + GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST + ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT.) Prayers everyday prevent you from relapses.

  104. Everyday Read GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments.

    To prevent relapses. The you need to read GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments everyday. They are Living/Powerful. They make your Determination/Faith to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) strong. Also. Make you connect to GOD = You are a Child of GOD. So that demons flees from you.

  105. Everyday Read This Webpage.

    If You have PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) problem. It is recommended that You read this Webpage Daily. Like me Cstan98 to build Strong Determined Quit Mindset.

  106. Everyday Strict With Everythings.

    Everyday should be strict with everythings. Slight slack in discipline. Mean you are going downhill to a relapse.

  107. Everyday Wake Up Everyday 6am.

    PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)masturbation & pornography. Wake up everyday at 6am.

  108. Evil Spirits.

    We cast out evil spirits from our bodies. But some of these evil spirits are very pitiful. They use to be like us human sinners. Now they do not have a home place to stay. They cannot go Heaven. Some of these evil spirits are always on fire. Because of high sexual fires/many sexual sins. When You cast out these evil spirits. Pray to GOD. That these evil spirits have a home place to stay. Also their sexual fires are extinguished.

  109. Expect Miracles/Wonders.

    When you dwell in GOD Presence always. The you can expect Miracles/Wonders from GOD. But you must take the first step to have Faith. Then GOD does all the Miracles/Wonders steps for you.

  110. Eyes Discipline.

    To quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Most important thing is Eyes Discipline. Need to keep your Eyes from seeing dirty/unpure things. JESUS CHRIST: "eyes are lamp of the soul." Your first line of defence is your Eyes. Need to keep your Eyes Holy/Perfect/Pure.

  111. Eyes/Heart Adultery.

    The me Cstan98 starts with not looking at females for more than 2 seconds (except when talking to them). Voice: "it is better not to look at females even 0 second." Not even a second of eyes/heart adultery.

  112. Face The Pains Of Life.

    Those who PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) males are those males who cannot take pains/problems. These males use PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) to escape pains/problems. Learn to face problems/pains of life. Solve problems. Solve pains sources. Meet problems/pains head on. Do not run away from them.

  113. Fallen Before The Fall.

    One Rebooter discovers that before the fall. Few day/hours before. Your determination already starts to wade. Rationalization to go into pornography peek already been fixed. So when you start to peek at breasts. Know that if you don't do anythings. The great relapses going to come.

  114. Family - Bond/Play Your Children.

    Spend more time playing with Your Children. Buy them cheap 1SGD toys every week. Take outside meals with Your Children/Wife. Buy Cup Of Drink for Your Children to play with empty cup & straw. Tell Zen Stories from this Cstan98 Website to Them. Go Temple/Church Activities with Your Children. Lead good Family Life. Bond/Coach Your Children.

  115. Family - Bond/Love Your Wife.

    JESUS CHRIST Commandment. Love Your Wife like JESUS CHRIST loves the Church. Bond better with Your Wife. If You love Your Wife that much. You have less temptations. Try to be with Your Wife as much time as possible always. She is your sexual urges antidotes. If You want to play chess with your Male Friends. Bring Her with You to play with Their Wives. If You want to learn martial arts. Bring Her to learn also. If You are going to war. Let Her fight die side by side with You. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST: "let no one (including Yourself) able to tear apart what GOD joins together (Marriage Couples)."

  116. Fear GOD.

    Holy Bible: "fear of GOD is start of all Wisdom." Fear His Hell/Wrath. Every second fear Him. This second my thought needs to be 100% Controlled Thought. Fear GOD. This second I stop desire to see breasts cleavages. Fear GOD. Absolute Fear of GOD stops all evil thoughts.

  117. Fear GOD Hell.

    One Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Method is You fear GOD Hell Punishments greatly. Cstan98 Guess Stroke: "base on your understanding of your present Life. You guess you are going Heaven/Hell." Accurate predictions tell you where you are heading. If you are heading to Hell. Then Cstan98 Adjust Stroke.

  118. Feel P Organ.

    For males. There is urgent need to feel your p organ (without touching) daily. Or else you relapses into masturbation & pornography. So keep on researching how to daily marriage sex. How to have morning erections. How to increase p organ size.

  119. Flatline - Add/Reduce Routines.

    Not too little/much tasks. Enough routines to get out of flatline faster.

  120. Flatline - Cycle Of Highs/Lows.

    When rebooting. It is normal to have cycles of highs/lows. But after each cycle. Highs become higher. Lows become higher.

  121. Follow GOD Forever & Ever.

    You need to follow GOD Forever & Ever. When you have successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Do not stop following GOD. Keep on following GOD Forever & Ever. To quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Forever & Ever.

  122. Follow PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Forever & Ever.

    Read the PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Gospels again & again to follow Their Commandments completely. Read & follow all PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments (red texts of Holy Bible - New King James Version - Matthew) everyday. Keep on following PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Forever & Ever. To quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Forever & Ever.

  123. Follow ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT Forever & Ever.

    ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT only comes to Those who are Holy/Perfect/Pure. So always remain at that State to be with ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT Forever & Ever.

  124. For Your Children Sake.

    You as a father is Role Model for Your Children. Do not set bad example of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  125. For Your Marriage Sake.

    Majority of marriage breakups are due to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). For your family sake. Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  126. For Your Wife Sake.

    Stop hurting your wife anymore. Stop masturbation & pornography totally & completely.

  127. Forever & Ever On-Going Process. Not Destination.

    Quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions is on-going process where it never stops even after body death. This is because so long demons are around. They give you temptations to relapses. So do not think you have reached a freedom goal. It is forever & ever on-going.

  128. Forever & Ever Submit To GOD.

    First. Submit to GOD Forever & Ever. Earn GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Salvation. Do GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Deliverance. Read PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments everyday Forever & Ever. Prayers to GOD & GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST everyday Forever & Ever. Take Holy Communion Meals Forever & Ever. Do not sins Forever & Ever. James 4:7 "submit to GOD first. Before resisting the devil." You need GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT first. Then you have the powers to resist demons. If you resist demons without GOD Helps. It is very difficult depending on the flesh alone. John 15:5 JESUS CHRIST: "apart from Me, you can do nothing."

  129. Get A Job.

    The PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) make you soft. Get tough Job to make you strong hard. And to earn some incomes to get married.

  130. Get Married Fast.

    Apostle Paul: "if you are burning with desires. Get married fast." If You are PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addict. Your only solution is to find a Jedi Nun Wife & get married fast. Abstain 3 months No PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) looking Girlfriend. (+5 months No PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Marriage preparations). Get a Girlfriend. And marry fast. Go for a simple not expensive Wedding. Every Couple needs Marriage Rings. The Bride needs to wear white Wedding Gown. You People needs to register Marriage with Authorities like Church & Government. You need Witnesses & Public Annoucement Dinner. But that is. Treat Bread & Butter in your House Party. Or treat MacDonald Vegetarian Burgers Meals 1-3am Night Dinner (time which is not very crowded). Get married & stay in your Parents House. You need not think expensive. Think Simple.

  131. Give Body/Life/Soul To GOD.

    Give Your Life completely to GOD. To become Child of GOD. Your Body/Life/Soul belong to GOD. Keep Them Holy/Perfect/Pure. They don't belong to you anymore. They belong to GOD.

  132. Go Church Weekly Forever.

    You need to attend Church weekly Forever & Ever. Sunday. To keep HOLY SPIRIT Fire alive. Do not extinguish Them. Attend a good Church. Where Perfect Christian Pastor preaching the Words of GOD. Where fellow Christians can encourage each other.

  133. Go Temple Weekly Forever.

    For me Cstan98. The me goes GUAN YIN Temple monthly to consult Divinations also. One of the Sunday after Church. Because me has difficulties getting ZEN SPIRIT to tell me what to do. The me finds GUAN YIN Lots more effective to interpret tell.

  134. GOD Discipline.

    Proverbs 3:12 "for whom the LORD loves He corrects. Just as a Father the Son in whom He delights." GOD disciplines you. If you do too much PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) because GOD loves you. Notice those who do too much PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) = they are jobless/wifeless. GOD disciplines!

  135. GOD Does Not Tempt You.

    James 1:13. James: "let no one say when he is tempted. 'I am tempted by GOD'. For GOD cannot be tempted by evil. Nor does He Himself tempt anyone." Understand all your temptations are not from GOD. But from demons. If GOD tempts you. The he is not GOD.

  136. GOD Hate Sins.

    The someone: "GOD loves sinner. So can carry on sinning." The me Cstan98: "GOD loves sinners. But GOD hates sins. GOD Plan is for everyone not to sin anymore. But GOD still gives you chances. Until Grace is stopped. GOD loves us = correct. But on our part. We must not sins anymore."

  137. GOD Mark Our Future Path.

    Do you know if you allow GOD to guide You. GOD goes to the future. And mark up your future path for You. Let GOD mark up the future path for You. Do not trust yourself for future. Trust GOD for your future.

  138. GOD Or Money.

    Notice You have become Perfect Jedi Monk. Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 3 months. Have Blessed Perfect Jedi Monk Life. Then you start your actions plans to increase more money. Then all Hell break loose. You relapses into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Why? Because it is either GOD or this world money. This world money belong to demons. When you greed for this world money. The you connect to demons. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT in you become grieved. GOD protections & blessings stop. So to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) totally & successfully. Totally no more plans to get rich. Just save plan enough for basic emergency/retirement funds. No more. No less.

  139. GOD Permissions.

    Holy Bible - Holy Man Job Case. The satan the devil/demons needs GOD Permission to give you sufferings/tests. If you are under satan the devil/demons sufferings/tests. It is because GOD allows them. Try to be under GOD Protections all the time. Be Good/Humble/Pure always. Do not give GOD a reason to re-test You.

  140. GOD Raise You Up.

    When You are Holy/Perfect/Pure. GOD Presence dwells in You. With GOD Presence. GOD raises You up. You becomes a new Creation in GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. All your past PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions & sins are buried. With JESUS CHRIST dying on the Cross. Let GOD raise you up.

  141. GOD Refresh Souls.

    If you suffer PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) relapses again & again. Failures again & again. Be Holy/Perfect/Pure. And GOD Presence dwells in you. When GOD Presence dwells in you. Your Soul refreshes. So that you have more strengths to face your tomorrow. You just keep again & again be Holy/Perfect/Pure.

  142. GOD Resist The Proud.

    Holy Bible: "GOD resists the proud. Give grace to the humble." If you are not under the protections of GOD. The demons come/test you until you relapses into masturbation & pornography. It is because you are no longer humble. But have become too proud to fall out of GOD Protection. Be 50% Humble + 50% Confident.

  143. Google Search.

    Google Search "quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) through GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT/... Read as many as possible.

  144. Greater Responsibilities.

    If You pass satan the devil temptations Tests. GOD gives You greater Blessings/Responsibilities. It is provided You pass all the Tests. According to Holy Bible. GOD does not let you suffer more than You can bear. The Sufferings/Tests come with reasons. Are you too proud? Are your thoughts going back to evil again? Have You plan higher level of things that need Tests to be fit for those things...

  145. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Authority.

    The demons/evil spirits must flee in GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Name.. Prayer: "under Authority of GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. I cast out & break all communications of all satan the devil."

  146. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Understand Your Sufferings.

    GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST is God. He suffers same temptations sufferings as us when He is Human on earth. He understands our sufferings we are going through. Therefore. If you suffer too much pains in the temptations Tests. You pray to Him. He helps You & asks GOD to reduce Tests Sufferings.

  147. Guard Yourself At All Time.

    Remember that demons are attacking you at all the time. Guard Yourself all the time.

  148. Half Virgins.

    GUAN YIN: technically speaking. Those who masturbation are half virgins. Because females virginity are defined by their virginity hymen. Whether females have sex or not. Once the virginity hymens are broken. They are half virgins. Following this logic. Once males masturbation & ejaculation of semen. They are considered half virgins also. *GOD: Half Virgins are supposed to marry Half Virgins. Once you ejaculate semen. Do not expect your wife to have virginity hymen.

  149. Happy High.

    When you successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) after resisting demons. You feel a new happy high. The satan the devil leaves you alone. After sometimes. When you are not careful. The demons comes back to give you temptations like breasts cleavages. To always feel this new Happy High. You must resist demons Forever & Ever.

  150. Heaven Tao - Kneel Repentance.

    Heaven Tao Brother. If You are too deep in sins. Just Punish yourself Yourself = Kneel With Repentance Heart to clear your sins. If You kneel punishments enough. The sins are cleared enough. *It is impossible to naked knees kneel punishments on a hard floor for more than half an hour.

  151. Heaven Tao - Sinless Perfect Chairing.

    Heaven Tao Buddha Class. The Buddha Angel Spirit inside Pure Kid orders: "those who have sins. Leave chairs & kneel down now!!!" There are chaos everywhere. Chairs fly. 99% People kneel. While kneeling. The me sees next row. Male Jedi Monk sits confidently in His Chair knowing He is Sinless. The me wonders how He does His Cultivation. Now me knows = Controlled Thoughts. Are You able to be Perfect Chairing?

  152. Help Others To Get Married.

    Help those who are singles Jedi Monks/Nuns to get married. Some are too shy. Some do not know how to date. As Older Happily Married Perfect Christians. We should help our lesser Brothers/Sisters to get married. *It is Brothers & Sisters. Not pervert brothers & sisters.

  153. Help Others To Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

    If you know some people who are addicted to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Tell them to quit by teaching them to surf this Webpage.

  154. Heroine Drug Addicts.

    (01) Western Medicine has confirmed internet pornography have same effects as drugs on males. For example. Panda recently has relapses of heavy PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 3 days. Then sleep another 5 days each 24 hours. Totally like dysfunctional heroin drug addict. Don't feel like waking up for foods. Just want to go to sleep. For next heroin cycle. Then that 5 days become more & more cannot breathe lying down in bed. Because of blocked noses due to wife bought foods.

    (02) It is then me realizes mass internet pornography has wiped out 90% of males populations. Not p organ plastic implants. So me quickly subscribes to a Quit Porn iPhone App. To do rehab. The me is not going back to heroin drug addict life again. Because totally cannot breathe in bed. In 2020. No longer in that Quit Porn rehab App. Can quit without any App. Not going for App. Because no extra time to group chat reporting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) problems/status.

  155. High IQ Life.

    Those who do PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) are High IQ People. That means current boring life is too low IQ boring for you. You need to increase more interesting things in Your Life. Like many interesting Books/Movies/Music/... Increase very Interesting High IQ Things in Your Life. To replace PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  156. Higher Things.

    Know that when you are supposed to get Higher Things like Star Trek Civilization Wealth. Like Greater Marriage Sex. The demons come to test destroy you with PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) temptations to make you unworthy. Therefore. Sometimes when you get back to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) temptations. Is because GOD wants to give you Higher Things. If You want these Higher Things badly. You die die also make pass all these new Tests.

  157. Hold On To GOD.

    When you face relapses & relapses of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). When you face failures & failures in quitting your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. Hold on to GOD to teach you step by step how to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Each failure/relapse bring you closer to GOD Plan of quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). No matter what. Hold on to GOD.

  158. Holy Communion.

    Taking Holy Communion can break the bondages of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. Take Holy Communion as whole meals & take them everyday. *Warning: may make your p organ small. *Warning: you need to confess all your sins before Holy Communion. Or else you get sick cursed by GOD. Initially when you take Holy Communion daily & in great quantities. You cough & spit a lots. The Holy Communions are making you spitting out evil spirits of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). After few days. The coughings/spittings stop.

  159. Holy/Perfect/Pure.

    One condition that GOD helps you in getting rid of your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. Is that you must keep Yourself Holy/Perfect/Pure. Because when You are. You belong to GOD. When you are sinful. The you belong to demons. Be Holy/Perfect/Pure. So that GOD Presence dwells in You. Facing lesser temptations. You must first be Holy/Perfect/Pure to get GOD Help. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please make me forever Holy/Perfect/Pure."

  160. Honest Every Thought.

    Sun Zi: "know only enemy/self. 50% of war win. Know both self & enemy. 100% of war win." So honest every thought = this is a very dangerous female. This makes some other Male Good Queen. Why this female disturbs me so much for 15 minutes...

  161. How To Look Females With Purity.

    To look at sexy females with purity. You must look at sexy females in their eyes as soon as possible. Looking at their eyes keep you from looking at sexy females bodies. If you are facing the back of sexy females. You need to look at the back of their heads where the eyes are. This method reduces 95% of your lust thoughts on sexy females. Looking females in their eyes also mean you respect females as human beings. Not sex objects.

  162. Identity In GOD.

    Know Your Identity With GOD = You are Child of GOD. The demons cannot touch you. You belong to GOD.

  163. In Case Of Emergency.

    Wear outside clothings & leave the house. Go for outside cold water drink/library/movie.

  164. Inside Out.

    Hillsong song: "inside out." Stop PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) from inside out (inner heart to outer actions). Not from outside in (actions to change your inner heart).

  165. JESUS CHRIST Blood.

    Everyday. You pray: "JESUS CHRIST. Your Blood please come cleanse & cover me of all my sins."

  166. Journal.

    Keep Journal of each day how you restrain from PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). So that you plan your Life more effectively to fight PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. My Journal is using iPhone Apple Notes Template to write.

  167. Joys In Jedi Monk Living.

    By right. If You do it right. You have many Joys in Perfect Jedi Monk Living. Because You know GOD loves you. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST carries the burdens of your cares/sins/worries. You have ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT in You who is with You all the way. All these. Mean You are very Happy High all the time.

  168. Keep His Commandments To Love GOD.

    (00) If You love GOD enough. You keep His Commandments.

    (01) John 14:15. JESUS CHRIST: "if You love Me. Keep My Commandments."

    (02) John 15:10. JESUS CHRIST: "if You obey My Commandments. You remain in My love. Just as I have obeyed My Father Commandments and remain in His Love." Love GOD enough.

    (03) Mark 12:29. JESUS CHRIST: "First Commandment = 'love GOD with all your heart/mind/soul/strength.'"

    (04) Mark 12:30. JESUS CHRIST: "Second Commandment = 'love your neighbour as yourself.'"

    (05) Mark 12:30. JESUS CHRIST: "there is no other Commandments greater than these."

    (06) Holy Bible: "nothing separate GOD Love for us."

    (07) Holy Bible: "love your enemies. And let GOD handle all the discipline punishments on all your enemies. Your Job Duty is to love them."

  169. Kneel Pray.

    Kneel pray to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST everyday: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please help me quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) everyday."

  170. Learn To Say No To Temptations.

    Learn to say no. The my Cstan98 Understanding is that we Jedi Monk say yes after demons pesters us for hours. Say no Forever & Ever. Evendemons pester Us for Forever & Ever every second. Do not crack. Keep saying no until demons give up & leave.

  171. Left Behind.

    When all Perfect Christians get rapture up. And you are left behind. Is it you still PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)? It is better to quit now & get rapture up. Then to left behind in Tribulations to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Quit Now!!!!!

  172. Let Demons Flee From You.

    The demons should be more afraid of you (when you connect to GOD). Not you too afraid of satan the devil (without GOD). James 4:7 "submit to GOD. Resist satan the devil. And satan the devil flees from you." You are Child of GOD if you are Holy/Perfect/Pure. Connecting to GOD. Once You learn to resist demons with GOD. The demons flee from You. Let demons flees from You. Not you flee from demons

  173. Limp Dick.

    RebootNation.Org Gabe Deem: "to cure PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction). It takes 9 months to normal sex entry. 14 months for p organ to be sensitive to touch to have erections." So if you limp p organ at marriage sex. May not mean fixed state. May mean You have PIED (Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction). It is curable. But need long term hardmode rebooting. For Gabe Deem (25 years old) it takes x9 months x14 months. For Panda (50 years old) (who have longer period of PMO). It may takes x9x2 x14x2 months times. Someone says it takes Him a year. And still only 50% cured.

  174. Living Testimony For GOD.

    When you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The you must quit completely. So that you can be a Living Testimony for GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. Be good Role Model Jedi Monk for others to follow. Be Light Bacon in the darkness to guide other people the way. Be Salt of this world = set as Role Models for quitting successfully of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) completely.

  175. Look Females Like Flowers.

    (01) Look at naked females bodies = adultery sins. Don't look at naked females bodies = no meaning in life.

    (02) Understand that so long these Zen sex issues are not solved. Forever these satanic wars continue. The demons clan fights so hard. Is because of no sex cultivation in 3000 years Red Buddha Period.

    (03) JESUS CHRIST: "if you look at females with adultery thoughts. You already commit adultery sins."

    (04) Apostle Paul: "look at all females as though they are your mothers/sisters."

    (05) Zen Masters: "looking at females as though admiring beautiful flowers."

    (06) Panda Zen Master: "it takes many cultivation trainings to look at naked females bodies. Without even a single adultery thoughts. Most lead to O (ejaculation of semen). Which mean a 100% physical adultery sins for Zen Monks. My Long Term Objective in Life for this lifetime now = is to look at even naked females bodies. Even without adultery thoughts/actions of PMO (pornography masturbation orgasm). If me still O (ejaculation of semen). That means me fails the tests."

    (07) Chinese Classic: "Cultivator goes to prostitue house to cultivate. Everyday look at beautiful females. For years. No ejaculation of even a drop of semen. His Cultivation is so high. A colourful cloud is always above the prostitue house."

    (08) Common question: "what differences between watching a flower. And raping a female with eyes." Panda Answer: "if it leads to O (ejaculation of semen). It is 100% (physical) adultery sins. If it leads to thoughts to O (ejaculation of semen). It is 50% (mental) adultery sins. So Panda calls this the Test Of O (ejaculation of semen)."

  176. Lower Sex Drive.

    Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please give me Wisdom to lower my sex drive."

  177. Lust-Based Marriage To Love-Based Marriage.

    After you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The you need to stop having lusts for your Wife. Do not lust for her body/sex with your Wife. Have a Love-Based Marriage = have sex for intimacy not for sexual urges + love your Wife + stop the lusts desires for your Wife naked body... Live Holy Bible Love-Based Marriage. Having marriage sex on wife without love is prostituting a stranger.

  178. More Actions Evidences. Less Theories Bullshits.

    Actions speak louder than words. Knowing fancy theories about quitting PMO (pornography masturbation pornography). But still unable to quit that addiction. You are just bullshit. Fullstop.

  179. Mothers & Sisters.

    1 Timothy 5:2. Apostle Paul: "older women as mothers. And younger women like sisters. With complete purity." You should not treat females (in av movie/person/sexy photo/...) as sex objects. But treat them as Mothers/Sisters according to Holy Bible.

  180. Narrow Gate.

    Matthew 7:13-14. JESUS CHRIST: "you can only enter GOD Kingdom through the narrow gate. The highway to hell is broad. And its gate is wide for the many who choose that way. But the gateway to life is very narrow and the road is difficult. And only a few ever find it." Seek the narrow road = it is very strict narrow + it is very difficult. But it leads you to Heaven.

  181. No Alcohol/Cigarette/Mental Sex Drug.

    Alcohol/Cigarette/Mental/Sex Drug are expensive habits. If You quit them. You save tons of money. Also. The they make you sexually loose. And break your willpower to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Because they are satanic addictions.

  182. No Internal Coping Mechanism.

    If you are addicted to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). It shows you lack internal coping mechanism. Learn new ways to cope with problems & stress. Like listen to Music. Pray to GOD. Talk to your Wife. Vent your anger into writing a Website...

  183. No Masturbation Sex.

    Voice: "masturbation by looking at your Wife naked body is also masturbation sins."

  184. No Mental Illness & Sickness.

    When me Cstan98 lowers my relapses into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). My mental illness/sickness have become better. My Doctor cuts down on my mental illness medications. Many of my sickness like blocked/running nose, cough/fever/flu/... are cured. It is PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) which are giving me mental illness/sickness. The sickness are because of sins.

  185. No Night Bedside iPhone From 12am To 6am.

    After me Cstan98 restricts myself not to put my iPhone beside on my bed during night. The relapses of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) seem to lessen. This is because if your internet access smartphone is beside on your bed at night. The you are tempted to access internet for pornography. Do not put night internet access equipments like iPad/iPhone/Laptop/... beside on your bed. This means lesser temptations. You may want to consider this daytime also. When not in use. Put all internet access equipments out of your bed (on hard to reach table for example).

  186. No Sex Materials.

    You need to throw away all breasts cleavages/pornographic materials like books/ebooks/pictures files/video/... Also. Throw away all self-help sex books/ebooks/... Because these materials invite PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) spirits into your life.

  187. No Spectacle.

    One way to fight is to do not wear spectacle to fight. Although You see lesser breasts cleavages. But You see more Beautiful Females Hearts. It is just your preference Way Of Fightings.

  188. Not Too Warm. Not Too Full.

    Chinese Teachings. Coldness/Hungry makes you less PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) thoughts.

  189. Obey GOD To Honour You.

    For GOD to give Blessings & Honours. You need first step to obey. Then He honours You. You need the first step of stepping out of demons PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) habits & temptations. So that GOD honours the rest. If you do not take the first step. GOD cannot do anything for you. Because you still belong to satan the devil. To belong to GOD. You need to obey Him. To become His Children. So that you can come under Wings of Protection from Him.

  190. Old Females.

    It is said Old Females reduce sexual fires of sex pervert males. Look/talk to Old People more.

  191. Only Love Little Sex At First - Marriage.

    If you PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)for 30+ years you are very small p organ & impotent. The only way is to marry a good Female Jedi Nun to have a only love little-sex-at-first-more-&-more-sex-later Marriage. *You need to confess to her before Marriage that You are small p organ & impotent. Because of 30+ years of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Tell the truth.

  192. Orgasms Conditioning Theory.

    My Cstan98 Orgasms Conditioning Theory = You Like What You Orgasms At. If you orgasms at big breasts/big p organ/child pornography/Wife. The you love big breasts/big p organ/child sex/Wife. If You want to change your sinful addictions. The You must be very careful what you orgasms conditioning at. Break the Conditioning. Do not orgasms at pornography for 1 month-3 years to see the effects. Depending on how serious are your addictions.

  193. P Organ Size - Fixed.

    It is fated. After age 18. The size of p organ is fixed. PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) does not increase the size of p organ. And no PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) can increase the size of p organ. Since Jedi Monk does not go for p organ implant surgery. Then We should not think of p organ size too much. Everythings are fated.

  194. P Organ Size - Small.

    The me Cstan98 thinks small p organ size (2 inches). May not be a weakness. But a strength. First. Panda not interested to fool around with females. Second. Can concentrate on earning money to further B&W (Black & White) Empire Objectives. So not waste energies/times on wasteful sex activities.

  195. Pains.

    If too much Wife masturbation for you sex. The you are going to have many pains injuries in joints like hip/leg/shoulder/spinal/... If the pains are unbearable. The you need to stop. The pains wake up your ideas. And stop you from sinning further in masturbation sex/pornography/sexy females/... You become cured in PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  196. Partners Mouse Experiment.

    Scientific experiment shows that if you put more female mouses into cage with a male mouse. Number of sexual sessions increase. But they last shorter time per session. Go for Quality Long Time with a Single Monogamy Wife. Don't go for bad quantities fast pistol with many partners (pornography/sexual adultery/...)

  197. Perfect Like GOD in Heaven.

    Matthew 5:48. JESUS CHRIST: "therefore You are to be Perfect. Just as your Father in Heaven is Perfect." JESUS CHRIST Commandment is that as Perfect Jedi Monk. We are called to be Perfect like GOD in Heaven.

  198. Plan Busy Schedule.

    Use your iPhone Apple Notes App recycled To-Do List to plan busy life schedule with busy daily to-do list. Then experiment with others. Less free time. Mean an occupied mind with lesser temptation. Also. Mean more meaningful/productive life. Higher self-esteem. Also to organize your Life/Thoughts better.

  199. Plan Fixed Daily/Weekly/Monthly Routine Habits.

    Stick to Routine Habits. Like off iPhone at 12mn. Then everyday at 12mn. 6am is wake up. Everyday PT(Physical Training)/Martial Arts. Everyday iPhone Games Training. Thursday morning is movie. Sunday is Church. Sticking to Fixed Routines means lesser temptation to disrupt Daily Routines.

  200. Please GOD Everythings You Do.

    When JESUS CHRIST is being baptized by John The Baptist. And JESUS CHRIST comes up of the water. GOD: "this is my beloved Son. I am well pleased with Him." As Jedi Monk. You must please GOD in everythings you do just like JESUS CHRIST. Make your Jedi Monk Life Holy/Perfect/Pure to be Living Sacrifice to GOD. Just like JESUS CHRIST for GOD His Father.

  201. Pornography Is From Demons Masturbation Is From Self.

    Pornography are given by demons to tempt you. But you decide whether or not to masturbation. It is your body.

  202. Pornography Make Wife Ugly.

    You see that sexy photo. Because at that moment. That female is selected. Because she is the most sexy female in the worlds to you. How your average normal Wife going to beat that. After you see some sexy photos. For next few days. You find your Wife a bit too ugly. Trust me. After you stop seeing sexy photos. Your Wife turns back beautiful again. After a few days.

  203. Pray & Flee.

    When temptations come. You Pray to GOD for additional strengths. At the same time. You Flee from temptations. Because if you still stay with those temptations. The you crack & give in to temptations. Remember = Pray + Flee. In Holy Bible. When Joseph has sexual temptations from His egyptian boss wife. Joseph just flees leaving behind His coat. Such Holy Man like Joseph. That He flees. Should you?

  204. Punishment - Boiled Metal Tin Pot.

    No Adultery Scripture: "full sexual exhaustions = are like a metal tin pot burned until no water. Still keep on boiling." Because sex are fires. Imagine after hours/days/months/years. What going to happen to you this boiled metal tin pot. Your body cracks breakdown dies.

  205. Punishment - Chestfires = Hellfires.

    Buddhism Scripture: "chestfires are signs after you die. The you go down to hellfires." So be very careful. If you start to have a little chestfires. It is time to reflect what sins you have done wrong. And reverse actions. Don't regret later.

  206. Pure Life Like JESUS CHRIST.

    When JESUS CHRIST is on Earth. He leads by example Pure Life. He is not here for Us to worship only. He is here also for Us to follow His Pure Life Example. Raise Your Standard. Regardless your past sins. Effective today onwards I follow His pure life example.

  207. Purpose - Big P Organ.

    The whole objective of quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Is not to have small p organ. But the whole Objective = to research daily to have big p organ. Or else why GOD gives Us Males p organ.

  208. Purpose - Daily Marriage Sex.

    The whole objective of quitting masturbation & pornography. Is not to restrain from O (orgasm) day after day. But the whole Objective = to have daily solid marriage sex with a sexy Wife. The me Cstan98 thinks this is Life Purpose given by GOD.

  209. R&D (Research & Development) Beautiful/Sexy Wife.

    R&D (Research & Development) how to turn Your Wife more beautiful & sexy each day. So that You love Your Wife more. And have lesser temptations. Small Steps to reach Big Goals. If You love Your Wife very much. She becomes more beautiful each day. If You sex Your Wife very much. She becomes more sexy each day. When You have a very beautiful/sexy Wife. You must protect this Asset very well from demons. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please make my Wife more beautiful/sexy each day. Please keep me & my Wife safe from all evils."

  210. Really Really Really Trust GOD.

    You must really really really trust GOD in everythings. Trust GOD for all past experience/present daily tasks/future paths. When You really really really trust GOD in all the Little Things. You are greatly blessed. Because You trust all GOD Plans for You.

  211. Reasoning: Is Looking At Females Consider Adultery.

    If you mind rape females as sex movies = yes. If you just look at eyes faces of females as persons = no.

  212. Recovery Stages: Drug Addict Model.

    (00) Drug Addict Case. Imagine you are a drug addict (porn addict here). You are sick of drugs. You know drugs are bad for you. You want to quit. What you going to face when you quit?

    (01-01) Initial Lost Stage. With a change of hardcore addictions habits. You are going to unknown places. So you feel lost.

    (01-02) Initial Weaker Stage. With a loss of drugs stimulatants (porn stimulants here). You feel weaker. Compound by all these years of body abuses. Your body become weaker not stronger at first.

    (01-03) Initial Withdrawal Stage. Drugs (porn here) are very addictive substances. You experience high levels of withdrawal uncomforts.

    (02-01) Growth - Build Up Discipline Stage. You should build up your discipline to fight. Wake up 6am. Cold bath x1000 counts. Morning Routines. Night Routines. Day works routines. To build a fixed discipline habits into your new reformed life.

    (02-02) Growth - Build Up Strength Stage. To quickly build up your body strengths to cope with lost of stimulants. Which mean you need to build up your energies level to cope. Diet/Exercises/Supplements to name a few.

    (03) Final - Careful Stage. Once you recovered. Guard your recovered mental health stage carefully. One wrong serious relapses. You go back old addictive forms.

  213. Relapses - Breasts Cleavage/Sexy Photo.

    If you accidentally see a breasts cleavage/sexy photo. Look away.

  214. Relapses - Cause Blocked Nose.

    Relapses later cause blocked nose. Because of weaker virus infection state. Meaning cannot sleep.

  215. Relapses - Memory.

    When pornographic pictures come into memory. Remember Wife Face. Some Good Males always carry Their Wife pictures with Them.

  216. Relapses - Orgasmic May Be Enjoyable. But Later Depression.

    When feeling high in rebooting. Remember although relapses are orgasmic very enjoyable. But it always bring later depression. Relapses do not make you higher later. But later more depressed.

  217. Repeat Steps.

    Once you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) successful. Just Repeat The Steps to quit looking lustfully at sexy females on the street. Then breasts cleavages (= eyes & heart adultery). Or other addictions/sins.

  218. Resist Demons First Step.

    (01) 1 Peter 5:10. Apostle Peter: "after you suffer a while (from satan the devil), GOD establishes you." = You need to suffer a while (may be a/few days. Then some rest. Repeat).

    (02) 1 Peter 5:9 "Brothers/Sisters around the world suffer the same kind of sufferings (from satan the devil)." = All Jedi Monks who no longer sins. Have to suffer awhile from resisting demons.

    (03) 1 Peter 5:8 "demons are always on a lookout to devour people." = After demons flee from you. The he does not give up. And comes back to tempt you again & again after a while.

    (04) At first. Resisting demons is very difficult. But after each days of resisting. Become easier & easier. Take the first step. Resist satan the devil.

    (05) To successful quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You need to resist Forever & Ever lustful thoughts to see pornography.

  219. Resist Demons Forever.

    James 4:7. Apostle James: "submit to GOD. Resist demons. And demons flees from you." = The demons gives you many lustful thoughts. The you need to resist. If you don't resist. The you relapses. GOD helps you in getting rid of your masturbation & pornography addictions. But on your part. The you need to resist the lustful thoughts. Send by demons to bring you down to Hell.

  220. Results of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) - Acne.

    The PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) mess up your body hormonce balance. Your acne pimples get worse & worse. Scarring your beautiful face.

  221. Results of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) - Bad Lucks Jobless.

    The PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) make you out of energies all the time. The you become too soft to stay long in any jobs. Meaning bad lucks & without money to buy resources like foods/iPhone/MacBook/...

  222. Results of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) - Impotent/Small P Organ.

    The me Cstan98 is a good example after 40+ years of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Is impotent/small p organ. Guan Sage No Adultery Scripture: "front car accident. The back car careful."

  223. Results of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) - Inferiority Complex.

    When you have too many little PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The you feel very sinful & inferiority complex. The you shy away from females company. The you are unable to rise your head high.

  224. Results of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) - No Girlfriend/Wife Fate.

    In Chinese. The masturbation is known as hand adultery. The masturbation & pornography are adultery sins. These adultery sins mean you are going to lose your girlfriend/wife fate. You find yourself very hard to get married.

  225. Retrace Steps & Reflect.

    If you relapses. Just retrace your steps to get to previous streak. But this time. Reflect what go wrong at last relapses. And get ready to prevent same problems.

  226. Rosy Cheeks.

    Do You know if You successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You get rosy cheeks. Most Females are turned on by these kinds of male red rosy cheeks. Because Females themselves want to make-up to achieve that. Think these rosy cheeks are because of excess blood/energies. Saved from masturbation ejaculations. All rush to face/head.

  227. Sanctify Yourself.

    To be under the Wings of Protection from GOD. And get Blessings. You need to Sanctify Yourself = make your body/eyes/hands Holy/Perfect/Pure (do not sins anymore). Once you sanctify Yourself. Then many GOD Blessings from Heaven follow.

  228. Save Tons Of Money.

    The pornography habits are expensive habits. The xxx websites subscriptions cost money. The pornography books/ebooks/magazines/... cost money. If you quit pornography. The you save tons of money. These saved money can buy iPhone/MacBook/... for each of Your Wife & Children. Have more money for Your Family = stop completely PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) habits now!!!

  229. Say Amen.

    When you hear a Good Prayer or Good Thing. Say Amen = So Be It in GOD Name. It comes to pass = it comes true.

  230. Seek Forgiveness From GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST.

    Seek forgiveness immediately whenever you commit the sins. At the end of day. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. I repent of my sins ... for today. I am very sorry for these sins. Please forgive me."

  231. Self Worth.

    Increase your Self Worth. Some males go into bad habits. Because these males have low self worth. Increase your small successes to increase your Self Worth. Win many little small wars to increase your Self Worth. 1 Way is to get as many Level 10 for many iPhone Games App.

  232. Self-Examination.

    Every half an hour for example. Ask GOD to examine you. Am I as Holy/Perfect/Pure as GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST? Apostle Paul always do this to become Christ-Like. Set your watch countdown timer every 30+ minutes for Self-examination.

  233. Servant Of GOD.

    Perfect Christian Pastors should be treated as Servants of GOD. They represent GOD. Their correct godly instructions should be followed. If you have problems in your Jedi Monk Paths. Ask Servant of GOD. Your Perfect Christian Pastor. JESUS CHRIST: "to know the tree. You look at his fruits. Is the Perfect Christian Pastor perfect? Fear GOD greatly? Do the Perfect Christian Pastor Instructions follow Holy Bible? ..." *Note: disrespect of a ordained Perfect Pastor = disrespect of JESUS CHRIST Himself. Because He/She represents JESUS CHRIST. *Note: disrespect of a Perfect Jedi Monk = disrespect of ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT Herself/Himself. Because He/She represents ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT.

  234. Sex Tests.

    The masturbation & pornography addictions are Sex Tests. There is a Saying: "Sex Tests pass. All Tests can pass. Sex Tests not pass. All Tests cannot pass." So no matter what. You must pass Sex Tests.

  235. Sex Tests - Must Re-Pass.

    If You fail sex tests (like pornography). GOD needs You to pass re-do all the sex tests again. So before examinations. Quickly complete Trainings = Controlled Thoughts/Daily Marriage Sex/Discipline/Seeing Beautiful Females as Daughters/Flowers/...

  236. Sins Make Sleep.

    1 Cor 11. Apostle Paul: "those who sins heavy. Always want to sleep sick." Sleep sick makes you forgetful. You forget GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments. You forget your Perfect Jedi Monk Cultivation. According to Holy Bible. GOD does not sleep. And watch over Us day & night. Stop excessive sleeping unforgetfulness. If you are always sleeping. It means you have sins heavily. That is why you always die (sleep many times). Stay away from sins.

  237. Small Heart. Small P Organ.

    If you have small heart. Your heart most likely unable to pump extra blood to your p organ. This explains small p organ. And also explain chronic fatigue. This type of conditions. Eastern Medicine called Xu (weak). That mean extra bonus medicine create more fatigue sleepiness. A check with Google Search. The cure of small heart is simply hardcore exercises training program to recondition back the heart.

  238. Songs - Church.

    Remember to go Church weekly. To sing good Christian Songs.

  239. Songs - Repeat YouTube Cstan98.

    In YouTube. Search Cstan98. Play repeat Love Songs repeatedly until fall asleep. Listening to nice songs. Calm You down. With lesser lustful thoughts.

  240. Soul Hurt.

    When ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT casts out hardcore evil spirits. The your Soul hurts. As if part of your soul is torn away. This is because these hardcore evil spirits eat into your soul. Become part of it. That is why. Some people when they quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). It seems part of them is gone. Bear the hurt pains & the missing something pains. It heals as time goes by.

  241. Spirit-Filled Life.

    Lead a Spirit-Filled Jedi Monk Life. When You do not even little sins like PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT live in You. You have a very happy Perfect Jedi Monk Life.

  242. Stand Up Again & Fight.

    Each time you relapses & fall. Stand up again & fight. Do not give up. Keep standing up & fight. Sooner or later. The demons does not pester You again. Because You keep standing up again & fight.

  243. Step By Step.

    First. Submit to GOD by reading PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Gospels Daily to get rid of seeing pornography. Then. Resist all temptations send by satan the devil. Then. Do not see breasts cleavages/real sexy females/sexy photos with lust. For more than 2 seconds. Then 1 second. Then 0.2 second. Then 0 second. Be stricter & stricter.

  244. Stricter With PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Faster The Rebooting.

    The stricter you with PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The faster your rebooting benefits.

  245. Straighten Path.

    If You have many strong PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions. Then path of quittingPMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is very tough. You just Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please straighten tough path ahead of me quitting my masturbation & pornography addictions."

  246. Sun Zi Other Addictions.

    Sun Zi Arts Of War: "running a big/small army are the same. You just apply accordingly." The me Cstan98: "quitting masturbation & pornography & other addictions (like alcohols/drugs/gamblings/prostitutions/smokings/...) are the same. Although this Webpage is written from the male perspective. If are a Female Quitter. You can just apply this Webpage accordingly." If You can quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). You can quit everythings. Quitting PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is Foundation Stroke to quit all other addictions. Someone: "sex test pass. All tests pass. Sex test not pass. All tests not pass."

  247. Superhumans.

    One advantage of quitting masturbation & pornography is that You feel like a Superhuman = You are able to do all Big Things. With Your new Disciplines/Satisfactions in Life. This is how all Perfect Christians feel like = GOD Superhumans. Why be PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) sex pervert? When you can be GOD Superhuman.

  248. Surge Of Energies.

    When you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) casting out evil spirits from Your body for 16 days. You have a surge of high energies. All your emotions are amplified. If you have been feeling anger. The your anger emotions become increased. Learn to control all these surge of energies. Divert these high energies to good uses. Do not go back to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for releases. At first. The me Cstan98 cannot control this huge surge of energies. Then learn to divert my Energies to read PANDA/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Commandments. Read a lots. And help to build the Glory of GOD after reading so much Holy Bible.

  249. Surrender Addictions To GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST.

    Let GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST in-charge of your addictions. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. I surrender my addictions (like breasts cleavages/heart adultery lusts/ masturbation & pornography/sexy females/...) to You."

  250. Surrender Life Afresh.

    After each sin. The you need to surrender your Life afresh. Do not give up. Keep on surrendering your life. Until you can quit each little bit of seeing breasts cleavages/pornography. When You keep on surrendering Your Life. The satan the devil flees from You. Sooner or later You become Child of GOD. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. I surrender my Life afresh to you."

  251. Tackle Lust Issues First.

    Go for the source of pornography. It is lust. Totally no lust to quit pornography. Every little lust thought. Immediately seek forgiveness from GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please forgive me all these 50 years (... years) of looking/thinking sexy females with lust memory."

  252. Tackle Pornography Issues First.

    Go for source of masturbation. It is pornography. Totally no pornography to quit masturbation.

  253. Talk To GOD.

    Talk to GOD all the time. He talks in a small whisper. When under temptations. Ask Him how to pass these temptations? Why I have these temptations? Whenever you are bored. Ask Him why my heart is confused? What do You want me to do now? ...

  254. Tasks Management.

    Try good Task App to build routines. Stuff many tasks into each day schedule. Build daily tasks momentum. Break daily cycles into morning/day 1 hour block/night cycles. Keep repeating day after day.

  255. Teachings - Carl Rogers.

    (00) Psychologist Carl Rogers influence my Teenager period greatly. In fact. The me Cstan98 studies so much so that me can become a Psychologist to be like Him. He is very influenced by Christianity Doctrines. In fact. He becomes a Pastor first. Before becoming a Psychologist. His Teachings:

    (01) Active Listening. All your mental problems are cured by a Good Listener. Who listens deeply to your problems.

    (02) Client-Based Therapy. It is all about the Patient Client Self Healing Process. Not the doctor imposed on methods.

    (03) Done By Everyone. Counselling can by anyone at anytime. Not monopolize by group of doctors.

    (04) Higher Order. There is a more intelligent Being known as GOD.

    (05) No sins. When you sins. The you get mental problems.

    (06) Self-Actualisation = to reach GOD given Full Potential.

    (07) Self-Esteem = most valuable thing of a Person. Do not lose Self-Esteem by doing the wrong things.

  256. Teachings - Charles Stanley.

    (00) Senior Pastor Charles Stanley Teachings. Why GOD does not meet Your Needs:

    (01) Desires & Needs. For Needs. Like clothings/foods/shelters/... GOD promises to meet. But for Desires. GOD only grants them according to Holy Bible (GOD Plans).

    (02) Internal & External Needs. Internal Needs = needs to feel Love from GOD/Your Children/Your Spouse/... External Needs = big cars/big houses/expensive clothings/money/... Do not mix up Internal/External Needs. Internal Needs are essential. But external needs are meaningless.

    (03) GOD Love. Assure Us Our Self Worth.

    (04) Meaningful work. Even when me has outside CC1000 Job at my home. The me still writes my Cstan98 website daily for my Daily Foods. Goldfish: "foods seem to fall from the sky." The me: "foods seem to come from GOD through my Wife."

    (05) Real Needs. If You do not know Your Real Needs. How are You to ask GOD. Holy Bible: "You do not get. Is because You never ask GOD. Or because you ask wrongly."

  257. Teachings - Herbert W. Armstrong.

    (00) Senior Pastor Herbert W. Armstrong Teachings.

    (01) Image of GOD. We are created to be Co-Heirs to rule the Universe with GOD. But there are Conditions like Strong Moral Convictions. Then ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT re-borns You again into a New Spirit Body like Him. GOD Trainings Programs are very tough. And ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT is easily grieve even with one tiny sin.

    (02) Telepathy. The satan the devil is a telepathic angel like GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. When you are in heavy sins. The you hear demons very greatly = you have many sexual urges. When You are Holy/Perfect/Pure. You hear ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT very greatly.

  258. Teachings - Joseph Prince.

    (00) Senior Pastor Joseph Prince Teachings.

    (01) Grace Gospel. JESUS CHRIST dying on the Cross. Have already taken all shames/sins of Our PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) addictions.

    (02) No More Condemnations. When We get rid of all these shames of our addictions sins. We can feel relieve of big share of Our burdens. This prevent Us from going back to Our addictions for relief.

  259. Testimony.

    Be prepared. When You give Testimony in Blog/Church/Temple. That You have quitted PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). The demons attack You with more stronger temptations. The demons do not like GOD Role Model Angels. High profile Angels are attacked. This is what happen to me Cstan98. When me teaches others how to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) in this Website Cstan98. Become heavily attacked by demons. With many potential relapses & stronger temptations from demons. When You successfully quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Do not become too proud. The demons attack You again. When ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT is silent because You have become too proud. *ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT never leaves you. Just becomes silent when grieve with your sins.

  260. Think Noble Thoughts.

    (01) Replace your mind of dirty thoughts with Noble Thoughts. How are you going to quit masturbation & pornography. If you still think of filthy thoughts all the time? Be Fully Of Noble Thoughts.

    (02) Phil 4:8. Apostle Paul: "finally. Brothers and Sisters. Whatever is commendable/just/lovely/pure/respectful/true. If something is excellent/praiseworthy. Think About These Things.

  261. Toilet Water.

    'Porn Again Christian, Ebook'. Why settle for toilet water? When you can drink GOD Living Water. Why settle for sinful pornography? When you can have ordained Marriage Sex by GOD.

  262. Treat Wife Well.

    Treat Wife well. Whole day. Everyday. When your Wife is comfortable in love with you that day. More chance that day. She says yes to marriage sex. With marriage sex. Mean less chance of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  263. Trust GOD In All Little Things.

    All little things matter. GOD wants Total Surrender of all Your Little Things. Total Surrender is very scary. Because You are trusting an invisible GOD who you do not see. This is what GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST calls Faith. If Son JESUS CHRIST is so Good. Then His Father in Heaven GOD is same. If You still don't trust GOD. Then put all Your Faith to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. It is through GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST who leads you to Father GOD.

  264. Try Not To Web Filter.

    Face problems head-on. Rely on GOD. Not web filter. This is because web filter bans you from seeing Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)y Websites. Like this Webpage because of the keywords 'PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)'.

  265. Under Temptations - Say Out Thoughts Each Logic To Wife.

    When under temptations. Say out logic to Wife. For example. To Wife: "me currently tempted to see Flipboard sexy photo channel." Wife: "it is a sin." After 1 hour. To Wife: "don't know why. I have strong need to see well-rounded breasts." Wife: "dear. It is a sin." Next morning. To Wife: "me finds You more beautiful after not seeing sexy photo." Wife: "thank you dear."

  266. Use ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT To Pass Temptations.

    Use ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT to let you pass through temptations. Do not use your own strength. Pray = "I can do all things through GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST who strengthens me."

  267. Wake Up Wife.

    If in the middle of the night. The you feel horny. Wake up your Wife. Ask Her to have sex with you. Do not have masturbation sex by your Wife. Try to have marriage sex by inserting even limp small p organ. It becomes bigger doing.

  268. Walk With GOD.

    To quit masturbation & pornography. You must walk with GOD closely. Talk to Him. Do what please Him. Because PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) is such a tricky addiction = very difficult to quit. Mean that you must follow GOD completely. Not even a single thought must deviate from His Instructions. Not even a single thought.

  269. We Have An Enemy Who Want To Kill Us.

    (01) If You are GOD People. Recognize that there is real enemy (demons). Who wants to kill our souls in hell. Is here to bring our souls to hell to kill our souls. Is responsible for all temptations you have experienced to unable to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Be on your guard. We have an enemy that is all out to kill our souls. We must give everythings we got to return defence stroke to this enemy. Be ready. We are under attacks all the time.

    (02) 1 Peter 5:8-11 "be Sober And Alert. Your enemy demons. Like roaring lion. Is on the prowl looking for someone to devour. Resist him. Strong In Faith. Because you know that your brothers and sisters. Throughout the world are enduring the same kinds of suffering. And. After You Have Suffered for a little while. GOD of all grace who calls You. To His Eternal Glory in Christ Himself confirm/establish/restore/strengthen you. To Him belongs the Power Forever & Ever."

  270. We Have Victory All The Time.

    Holy Bible: "We have victory all the times through JESUS CHRIST. I can do All Things through JESUS CHRIST who strengthen me."

  271. Wife - Breasts Every Night.

    Bath/masssage/pet/play/see your Wife breasts every night. Do not watch pornography other females breasts. If you are not married. Try to get married as fast as possible to Wife breasts.

  272. Wife - Wife Revealing Clothings.

    The me Cstan98: "me is addicted to pornography." Doctor: "you just ask your Wife to wear revealing clothings. The effects are the same." Doctor is right. How can your with clothes on Wife fight with all those naked females in pornography every night? You need all the weapons you can get. Best Wife Effects is ask Your Wife to stay naked for 15+ minutes.

  273. Wife - Sabotage Rebooting.

    Understand while rebooting. Your Wife may sabotage your efforts. Thinking that are best for you. When you make life changes in rebooting.

  274. Willing To Die For.

    If You are willing to die for GOD/GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT/Your Wife/... You are willing to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for Them.

  275. With Sins. Blessings Are Cursed.

    (01) Malachi 2:1-2. "and now. O priests. This commandment is for you. If you not hear. And if you not take it to heart. To give glory to My Name. Says the LORD of hosts. I send a curse upon you. And I curse your blessings. Yes. I have cursed them already. Because you do not take it to heart."

    (02) If you still continue sinning PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Taking JESUS CHRIST dying at the Cross in vain. GOD curses your blessings.

  276. With Sins. Blessings Goodness Are Withheld.

    (01) Jeremiah 5:25 "your sins have stopped these good things from coming from GOD."

    (02) Psalm 84:11 "for GOD is our Protector. GOD gives us favours and honours. GOD withholds no good things from those who do not sins."

  277. With Sins. Prayers Are Ineffective.

    (01) Psalm 66:18 : "if you have sins in your heart. GOD does not have heard you."

    (02) Repent all sins from your heart. So that GOD can hear your Prayers. Cut off PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) sins. So that GOD can hear your Prayers.

  278. Work Busy.

    When you are alone in the house. You need to keep yourself work busy. Always keep yourself occupied like reading good Books/iBooks/Internet Websites/writing your Website/...

  279. Work Performance.

    Internet. Salesperson Company sends out Sales Team to countryside for 3 months regularly. Away from their wives. Salesperson observes that the best Sales Team secrets = They abstain from PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). It seems if you abstain from PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Your Work Performances peak.

  280. You Don't Ask. You Quit

    You don't ask GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST to help quit masturbation & pornography. You quit.

  281. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT - Anoint With.

    We need ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT to come & anoint us. So that We can have more self-control/wisdom. To prevent breasts cleavages/pornography addictions relapses. Prayer: "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT please anoint me (with Self-Control Character & Wisdom in this fight of masturbation & pornography addictions, ...)"


    When ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT comes. You cry naturally. Because ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT feels so much sufferings in all human beings. Cry with the ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. Cryings clear the sins & wash our Souls.


    For ZEN SPIRIT to get rid of masturbation & pornography from your Life. First. You need to yield to the ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. It is very difficult at first. Because you hear loudly from satanic spirits most of time. Than hearing from the Small Voice of ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. You just keep on hearing Small Voice of ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT. Small Voice of ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPRIIT = voices only tell you the right things to do. Stop listening to lustful spirits. Start listening yielding to the ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT.

  284. *Resources - Benefits Of QuitPMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) (EBooks).

    3 Free Pdf Ebooks from Reuniting.info Website. Google Search: 'reuniting.info quit masturbation ebooks'. It is about testimonies of males who have successfully quit masturbation & pornography. They become more social popular. They talk to people more. Socialize better. Some even have a girlfriend. These are blue materials. And drain your Cultivation energies making you less energy. Do not save these pdf courses into your harddisk.

  285. *Resources - Cstan98 Other Related Quit Masturbation & Pornography Webpages.

    See Cstan98 Zen Stories - No Adultery .

  286. *Resources - Porn-Free Online Study.

    Like to recommend a very good Online Study. Google Search: 'porn-free.org online courses'. These are blue materials. And drain your Cultivation energies making you less energy. Do not save these pdf courses into your harddisk.

  287. *Resources - Reddit r/NoFap 400,000 Strong Community.

    Like to recommend a very strong support forum Reddit r/NoFap. Just download Reddit iPhone App. If you no time for social media. Just surf headings everyday.

  288. *Resources - Ryan Wynder Overcome Pornography Program.

    If you need formal information of your PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) through counselling. Just Google Search: 'ryan wynder overcomepornography.com'. These are blue materials. Don't download anythings. Finish program fast. Last check. It is no longer available online.

  289. *Resources - Website 'Reboot Nation .Org'.

    For free support forum members.

  290. *Resources - Website 'Your Brain On Porn'.

    For many free rebooting materials. Check out recovered addict stories & rebooting tools sections.

  291. *Resources - Website/YouTube Channel 'Universal Man'.

    Many good YouTube NoFap video. Check out his website link free PDF Book 'Reboot Regimen'.

  292. *Resources - YouTube 'The Great Porn Experiment'.

    Good YouTube introduction video to NoFap Movement.

**Discomfort Triggers:

Know uncomfortable things that start chains of events. Leading to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  1. Alone.

    You surf pornography when you are lonely & bored. Best is plan your time effectively. Keep yourself productively busy. Use Apple Notes to plan a busy recycled Daily To-Do List.

  2. Boredom.

    You have nothing better to do. Find something to do. Plan your Goals & Life Daily To-Do List. Read Books/Internet/Write Website.

  3. Depression.

    Depression means lack of drive. You need to find back your lost aims in life. Go back to beginning basics. Reorganize.

  4. Disappointments.

    When disappointments pains come. The you want to escape to pornography. Don't. Reason that they are facts of life. You need to face them head-on to grow stronger. To have more solid character.

  5. Failures.

    When failures setbacks come. The you want to escape to pornography. Don't. You stand up again & fight. No matter how many times you fall. Each time you stand up & fight.

  6. Habits.

    Habits like after surfing the internet. Surf pornography. Break the habits. Re-condition yourself. Change your habits.

  7. High Sex Drive.

    Quit taking sugared drinks (quit even coke light/coke zero/pepsi light). Sugared drinks make you very horny.

  8. Internet.

    Careful when you surf internet especially at night. Because internet are full of xxx videos temptations.

  9. Long Time.

    You have quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 34 days. It is time for a relapse. Wrong. Push further & further. Until You quit forever & ever even after death.

  10. Low Bored IQ.

    When you are bored with low IQ life. The you turn to PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Have many High IQ Things in your Life = High IQ Internet Websites/News (careful of breasts cleavages)/Weekly Movies/ SMS chat (careful of talking not your wife females in private group)/... High IQ Jobs like Founder & CEO Jobs/planning your Goals/Tasks writing Website/...

  11. Money/Things.

    When you worship love greed money/things of this world. ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT becomes grieved. Blessings/Protections from GOD stop.

  12. No Aim/Purpose.

    With nothing to do. The your mind wanders. This is when demons attack your weak mind. Organize Your Life. Plan Your Life more efficiently & effectively

  13. Persistent Urges.

    You keep saying strong no to temptations for days/hours. Learn to say no. You need to say no forever & ever. Not only 3 hours for example.

  14. Rejection.

    Go to female that loves you. Not female that you love. 2 Ways Courtship = she courts you + you court her + she courts you + you court her + ...

  15. Sleep.

    Sleep breaks willpower. Lesser willpower mean higher chances of relapses. Solve all sleep problems sources like sleepy foods/raw tap waters/...

  16. Stress.

    Don't use pornography to reduce stress. Stress mean extra energies. Divert them to better uses.

  17. YouTube.

    Careful when You watch YouTube educations/trainings videos. Because if you have watched xxx YouTube videos before. It suggests other xxx YouTube videos. Causing you relapses into masturbation & pornography.

**How To Look Females With Purity.

1 Timothy 5:2 "older women as mothers. Younger women like sisters - with complete purity." How do you look females with purity when you are conditioned to see females with lust for 30+ years? Here How:

  1. You look at Everyone including females/males old/young ... in the eyes.

  2. Then. In your heart. If it is a older male = you say older brother. If it is a younger male = you say younger brother. If it is a older female = you say older sister. If it is a younger female = you say younger sister. After that. See honestly like dangerous females/mean fighting males/... Better avoid.

  3. The Solution here is You need to see everyone with pure heart. Not only just sexy females with a pure heart. If you only see sexy females with a pure heart. The you relapses with lustful thoughts again.

  4. Good Luck! You need to do the Solutions for days/years depend on how serious is your heart adultery lustful thoughts.


Pray these Prayers Daily. They help.

  1. Prayer To Erase Memory.

    Prayer = "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please erase all my PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) lust memory (like breasts cleavages/google image search/internet/ sexy females/xxx pornography pictures/xxx pornography videos/YouTube/...)"

  2. Prayer For Intergenerational Sins.

    Prayer = "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please clear all my intergenerational sins (of grandparents/parents/step-grandparents/step-parents. Some grandparents are actually step-grandparents. And some parents are actually step-parents. Because of babies swapping in hospitals...)"

  3. Prayer To Remove Roots Sins.

    Prayer = "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please remove all my PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) roots sins (like lust to see big breasts/breasts cleavages/pornography/sexy females, to escape problems/self-pleasure/...)"

  4. Prayer To Remove Soulties.

    Prayer = "GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please remove all my PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) soulties (like breasts cleavages/ pornography pictures/pornography videos/ sexy females on the iPhone/Mac Laptop/street/...)"

**Rationalization Excuses:

Know that some failure logics. Are main causes of our relapses of PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  1. Everyone Sins. We Are All Imperfect Sinners.

    JESUS CHRIST: "You are to be Perfect just as Our Heavenly Father is Perfect." The imperfect sinners give excuses. Perfect Christians walk the talk.

  2. Holy Communion Make Me Horny.

    The satan the devil puts sex drugs inside your Holy Communion. Have faith in Holy Communion. Keep on taking until he is punished. So much that not dare put sex drugs anymore.

  3. I Can Always Quit Later.

    Relapses mean you cannot quit.

  4. I Deserve A PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)y Break.

    Do not go back relapsing into PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Stick with Your Plan to quit pornography totally.

  5. I Need An Erection.

    Do not use artificial naked females photos/videos to get an erection. Use natural spontaneous to get an erection.

  6. I Need To Feel Good.

    Feel good by keep on doing right things. Not wrong things.

  7. I Need To Release Some Steam.

    On heat steams are good for Jobs Performances.

  8. I Need To Research On How To Play My Wife.

    No PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) adultery to have big p organ to play Wife better.

  9. I Need To Sleep.

    Sleep mean you little death. Do not die.

  10. Just A Bit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Only. Only Once.

    You are talking to a addict here. What does a bit of heroin do to ex-heroin addict? What does a bit of beer do to ex-alcoholic addict? So therefore. What does a bit of pornography do to ex-pornography addict.

  11. Just Sexy Females Photo. Not Pornography.

    Called Edging. A small break means big breaks are coming relapsing.

  12. My P Organ Is Small.

    Some are born smart. Some are born stupid. Current technology says study to become smart. Current don't have known technology to increase p organ size once reach 51 years. Why don't you be first inventor to find the HIV Cure?

  13. My Wife Is Small Breasts.

    If your Wife is small breasts. Do you rob the bank because you have no foods to eat? Do you cheat in exam because you do not study last night? Brothers. Accept the current siutations. And concentrate firepowers to do something about the problems.

  14. My Wife Is Ugly.

    If your Wife is ugly. Do you rape your more beautiful neighbour female wife next door? If you are ugly. Do you disfigure your face more? Brothers. First you accept. And be contented. Second. You learn to know what are sources of your problems. Then. You concentrate firepowers to solve those problems.

  15. Need PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) To Get Rid Of Sex Drive.

    Use controlled thoughts/marriage sex/no sleep forgetfulness/prayers to GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST/ resisting demons to get rid of sex drive. Don't use PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  16. No PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) = No Meanings In Life.

    Find new exciting things to do. Don't stay same borings.

  17. One Single Lustful Thought Don't Matter.

    It is just that first one single lustful thought. That breaks your total controlled thoughts Cultivation. Causing PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) relapses.

  18. PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Are Forgivable Sins.

    You can try. So long you think they are forgivable. You can never quit. No negotiation. One little PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) sins leads one big avalanche of big sins. It is stonable sins. Just that little one.

  19. PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Help To Solve My Problems/Stress.

    You are escaping from problems/stress. This worsen the problems/stress & make them bigger like alcohols/drugs abuse. Face the problems bravely & solve them.

  20. PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Is Light/Little/Small Sins.

    How do you define light/little/small? Should you molest touch other female breasts. Just touch once. Once only. It is very light/little/small sins. Understand that once you start breasts here and there. You become a loose playboy. All your years of Jedi Monk No Adultery Cultivation go down to waste. Just that little small sins. Don't look down on light little small sins.

  21. See Females Breasts Cleavages Are Normal Males Behaviours.

    When you see your Wife breasts cleavage. It is normal. When you see other females breasts cleavages. It is a sin.

  22. See Pornography Don't Hurt My Wife.

    Not true. Most Wives are feel inferior/hurt if their husbands see pornography.

  23. See Sexy Females Are Normal Males Behaviours.

    If you treat sexy females as your daughters. It is ok. But if you rape them with your eyes. It is a sin.

  24. Without PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Life Is Boring/Meaningless.

    JESUS CHRIST: "be a shining city on top of the hill. Giving Lights to the dark world (to find meanings in Life)." Find meanings in Life by walking a full of light Perfect Christian life. With high IQ Zen Life.

**Your Tongue.

Holy Bible: "be careful of your tongue. What you say are binding." Therefore. Say:


    (01) Do not say: "I have spirits of masturbation & pornography in me." = those spirits re-enter you.

    (02) Say: "ZEN SPIRIT/HOLY SPIRIT in me."

  2. I Can Quit.

    (01) Do not say: "I can never quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)." = you never able to quit.

    (02) Say: "I quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm)."

  3. I Do Not Fall.

    (01) Do not say: "I have fallen 1000 times. Fall again." = you fall again.

    (02) Say: "I do not fall."

  4. I Need Bigger P Organ.

    (01) Do not say: "I need a bigger p organ." = you start seeing sexy research video/touching p organ relapse again.

    (02) Say: "I am contented with my current p organ size. It is GOD Will. Not my will."

  5. I Need Daily Longer Marriage Sex.

    (01) Do not say: "I need to do daily marriage longer sex session." = you start seeing sexy research video/touching p organ relapse again.

    (02) Say: "it is ok even me has no sex. It is GOD Will. Not my will."

  6. I Quit Forever & Ever.

    (01) Do not say: "I quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) for 2 weeks." = you relapse tomorrow because only 2 weeks.

    (02) Say: "I quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) Forever & Ever."

  7. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST Get Rid Of My Sexual Urges.

    (01) Do not say: "I have so many sexual urges." = your sexual urges stay.

    (02) Say: "dear GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST. Please get rid of all my sexual urges."

  8. Quit Can Be Done.

    (01) Do not say: "PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) are so difficult to quit." = they become very difficult to quit for you.

    (02) Say: "Quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) can be done."

  9. *as Perfect Jedi Monk We must watch what We say with Our tongue. When you tell the truth. Tell them godly.

  10. *as Super Perfect Jedi Monk (Archangels). We must watch what We think. Because Our Thoughts are talkings. But sometimes We are talking drunk or sleepy. Who (demons) puts alcohols/sleeping medicines?

**Quit Masturbation & Pornography Diet.

To increase chances of winning these battles with PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm). Know what you eat.

  1. Do Not Drink Coffee After 6pm.

    If You drink coffee after 6pm. The you stay awake many urges. And cannot sleep whole night. (*Warning: make you less energetic at night.)

  2. Do Not Drink Sugared Drinks.

    If you drink sugared drinks (including coke light/coke zero/pepsi light). The you have many sexual urges. And feel horny all the time. (*Warning: make you less energetic.)

  3. Do Not Eat Meat.

    Meat make you too horny to resist temptations. And early ejaculations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  4. Do Not Take Chocolate.

    Chocolate make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  5. Do Not Take Durians.

    Durians make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  6. Do Not Take Eggs.

    Eggs make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  7. Do Not Take Night Snack.

    Night snack make you horny at night. (*Warning: make you less energetic at night.)

  8. Do Not Take P Organ/Sex Enhancement Medicine.

    The p organ/sex enhancement medicine make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  9. Do Not Take Salted Things.

    Salt/Salted Eggs/Salted Fish/Soy Sauce/... make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  10. Do Not Take Seaweeds.

    Seaweeds make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  11. Do Not Take Vitamins Supplements.

    Vitamins Supplements make you too horny to resist temptations. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  12. Drink British/Green/Oolong Tea.

    Tea make you very straight. (*Warning: make your p organ small.)

  13. Retake Back.

    After you quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) & go back to marriage sex on day one. Retake back above sex foods (except meat). To make your p organ bigger. And marriage sex at every night. If you are not married. Then it is suggested not to take the above sex foods. Until you are married.

**YouTube Motivation Video.

  1. Improvement Pill - NoFap Benefits Timeline - (No Nut November Challenge).


    (01) The me Cstan98 watches this video every morning. To motivate me to quit PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm).

  2. Matthias won Grundherr - DON'T START No Fapping if you DON'T KNOW these 3 Things | How to STOP Relapsing.


    (01) Females are attracted to this kind of reddish face radiant male face.

  3. Team Fearless - Don't Quit.


    (01) Understanding willpower & increase keystone habits are ways to quit masturbation & pornography.

  4. Great Leaders Do What Drug Addicts Do | Michael Brody-Waite | TEDxNashville.


    (01) Authentic True. Announce in rooftop You are recovered M&P addict. And proud of Your recovery.

    (02) Surrender Outcomes. Surrender to GOD after You done Your best.

    (02) Uncomfortable Works. Recovery is hardworks.

**Archive - Cstan98 PMO (Pornography Masturbation Orgasm) A Sample Journey block:

PMO Days Journal:

***Just be ready for a nightmare roller coaster once you start to Quit.

  1. (00) Relapses. After seeing P for 2 days. Lose hearing GOD Voice. Because fallen into satan the devil kingdom grips.

  2. (00) Relapses. Need totally no sleep 0 hrs. To quit PMO. Because same system of discipline.

  3. (00) Relapses. From 25/05/2019. Everyday either marriage sex or M on Wife Choy body to sleep. Status: Routine Project cancelled.

  4. (00) Relapses. Once me Cstan98 M. Prayers not as effective. Get very sleepy from drinks. Simply no GOD protections.

  5. (00) Relapses. M without P. Apostle Paul: "use ordained marriage sex to release sexual tensions. Not other unordained means."

  6. (00) Relapses. P don't feel right. Apostle Paul defines P as lust of the flesh. GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST defines as already commit adultery in the heart. But enjoying solid female bodies eye candies have always been my diet.

  7. (00) Relapses. Trying out M without PO. To enlarge p organ. The me Cstan98 thinks Doctors in YouTube is right. No M does not make your p organ bigger. M does not make your p organ bigger. Quitting PMO does not make your p organ bigger. The me needs to find another way to make p organ bigger.

  8. (00) Insights. Thinking to try out onion + ginger juice. To enlarge p organ. ZEN SPIRIT tells me not to try. First. The me Cstan98 is vegetarian. Many onion make me has blood disorders. Also give me bad body odour. And darker skin.

  9. (00) Insights. Trying out water melon + pomegranate juice. To enlarge p organ. The me Cstan98 thinks internet Doctors are right. Home made viagra juice is not viagra. The me thinks of going to Chinese Medicine Shop to ask for big p organ medicine. Same time pray to GOD to ask ZEN SPIRIT to guide me to have 8 inches p organ.

  10. (00) Insights. The me thinks can only quit PMO. Only when me has a 8 inches p organ. The me has been going around in cycles of PMO/Rebooting. Because of having a 2 inches small p organ.

  11. (00) Relapses. PMO seems to be attacks by satan the devil. When GOD wants to give You better things.

  12. (00) Relapses. There seem to be underwear which is spelled to give me many urges. Be careful. GOD protects righteous Christians. But give sinners to lusts.

  13. (00) Relapses. Because see breasts cleavage in iPhone games. Huge urges to see full rounded japanese breasts.

  14. (00) Relapses. Because wife masturbation for me. Chaser effects.

  15. (00) Relapses. Because become too energetic due to change in drinks routine.

  16. (00) Insights. May allow Youtube 'Japanese Breasts Feeding'. And iPhone Sex Scriptures sexy photos. Or else. No meaning in life. In unable to see well rounded breasts.

  17. (00) Insights. Sleep flat. Recite: "quit PMO. Quit PMO..."

  18. (00). Have x345 counts of looking pornography picture for more than 1 second.

  19. (RebootDay01). Foundations of quit PMO. Aim for everyday 0 hrs sleep. Quit PMO controlled thoughts all the time. Revise this Website every morning after breakfast.

  20. (RebootDay01). Have pact with Wife Choy. If every that night no marriage sex. Then Panda goes use sexy movies/pictures P to cultivate. Panda is over sex. Need to release sexual tensions.

  21. (RebootDay01). M on Wife body everyday. Become sleep better. But smaller p organ.

  22. (RebootDay01). GNC Healthy Testosterone supplements make Wife Choy more receptive to have daily marriage sex. Because more enjoyable. Less boring. These supplements may be my cure to quit PMO. By substituting with daily marriage sex.

  23. (RebootDay01). It seems rebooting. Need Testosterone supplements to make marriage sex works. So that We need not PMO to get a bigger p organ. If We can have the real things. Why We go for artificial fake things.

  24. (RebootDay01). Is killing animals for foods murders? Is looking at nude breasts photo for high adultery? Don't define according to this world. Define according to highest level GOD.

  25. (RebootDay01). GNC Healthy Testosterone make my p organ 1 inch bigger. So there is no wish to make p organ bigger by PMO. Do not know all along me Cstan98 is trying to make p organ bigger. By looking at PMO. My problem definitions should be small p organ. Not lustfulness.

  26. (RebootDay01). Have x0 counts of looking pornography picture for more than 1 second. Trick is have Quit PMO of not looking at pornography pictures. For more than 1 second in Goals/To-Do List/Daily Habits Reminders.

  27. (RebootDay01). The me Cstan98 is always retested by GOD. For higher responsibilities. Pass those Tests.

  28. (RebootDay01). Find need to be like GUAN YIN/JESUS CHRIST looks at female bodies without adultery. PMO relapses seem to cause more PMO relapses.

  29. (RebootDay02). To me Archangel Panda: please lead a good example for every Little Ones Children Little Angels. Because Every Little Ones is watching.

  30. (RebootDay02). Have morning wood x2. It seems quit PMO controlled thoughts 24 hrs a day. Is the path to morning woods.

  31. (RebootDay02). It does not take efforts to natural flow to PMO. It takes efforts to quit PMO.

  32. (RebootDay02). If me Cstan98 cannot quit PMO. My Wife Choy does not trust me new found wealth. And sabotage my business cashflows operations. Only way to gain new cashflows. Is to quit PMO to gain Her trust.

  33. (RebootDay02). While sleeping. Not pressing on p organ. Help in resisting urges.

  34. (RebootDay02). Rebooting back. Is seeing naked breasts adultery? Want to see more naked breasts = adultery in heart. I think so.

  35. (RebootDay03). Once stable in rebooting. Push on. Now x0 more than 1 second in P & real females.

  36. (RebootDay03). Have x0 counts of looking pornography picture for more than 1 second. Even smooth rebooting. Do not automatic mode. Still careful controlled thoughts of less than 1 sec pornography pictures.

  37. (RebootDay03). Gospel of Grace seems to be responsible for these 18 days cycle of rebooting. Sins are confirmed forgiven. Why quit PMO? Going same time with Gospel of Perfection.

  38. (RebootDay03). Punishments for PMO are very severe. Very tired for 6 days.

  39. (RebootDay03). Thinking using AV sex movies as training movies. But there are side effects. Read next day journal.

  40. (RebootDay04). Need to revise daily this webpage to be on fire to quit PMO.

  41. (RebootDay04). Don't automatic mode. Keep on manual mode. Controlled thoughts. Push it!!!

  42. (RebootDay04). Seeing P. But don't go into MO. Seem to increase discipline. Last time. Since see P. Might as well MO. If see P. Just listen YouTube music video to fall asleep. Next day. Ok.

  43. (RebootDay04). Starting to feel energetic back.

  44. (RebootDay04). The me Panda is not just admiring female flowers. The me Panda each acting out an av sex movie on each female. The av sex movie training is confirmed from satan the devil. Not from GOD.

  45. (RebootDay05). Sleep whole day does not mean no P. Because you forget what you have dreamed.

  46. (RebootDay05). Interesting life mean = life full of temptations. Boring life mean = no temptations but nothing get done. Zen Master: "balance! Balance!"

  47. (RebootDay05). Effects of av sex movie. Is making every male committing av sex movie adultery sins. On every real female he sees on the street. No wonder Panda Blessings are withhold by GOD. This got to stop!!!

  48. (RebootDay05). High of rebooting better than high of seeing pornography (relapses).

  49. (RebootDay06). Push it!!! Don't break streak days. By going back P only or M only.

  50. (RebootDay06). Soon reaching Day 18 back again. Then become itchy urges to see g cup full rounded breasts. Must plan know how to go over phase. The me Cstan98 thinks uses marriage sex.

  51. (RebootDay06). Looking at all males/females young/old people in the eyes. Seem to lessen effects of av sex movies effects in adultery beautiful females.

  52. (RebootDay07). Many strong urges to PMO. Choy Wife says can marriage sex tonite. See what happen.

  53. (RebootDay07). Conserving energies. Doing marriage sex starting day 18.

  54. (RebootDay07). See 'Reasoning: Is Looking At Females Consider Adultery'.

  55. (RebootDay08). GNC Healthy Testosterone seem to increase p organ girth. Not length. But this is enough for me to stop urge to use PMO to increase p organ size.

  56. (RebootDay08). Start to spontaneous erections back.

  57. (RebootDay08). Start to get marriage sex urges back.

  58. (RebootDay09). Have 2 consecutive days of marriage sex. Less on heat to see PMO. Because can sleep naturally. Furthermore p organ girth still big enough.

  59. (RebootDay09). Energies surge. So far no over to see pornography urges.

  60. (RebootDay09). Resisting urges to see pornography.

  61. (RebootDay10). When drink impotence drugged drinks. With p organ become smaller. More urges to P to have bigger p organ. Actually drinks should be countered with drinks. And not with P.

  62. (RebootDay10). Morning spontaneous erection. Have marriage sex to prevent pornography urges. Morning spontaneous erections may be sign of possible marriage sex.

  63. (RebootDay10). The urges to see pornography become now only 20%.

  64. (RebootDay11). Stick to no breasts P. Don't adultery with breasts P.

  65. (RebootDay11). Marriage sex may increase pornography urges. Not reduce. No choice. But to space out marriage sex sessions.

  66. (RebootDay11). May have to accept Singapore impotence drinks acts (laws). To reduce sex urges.

  67. (RebootDay12). Make use of sleepy drugged drinks.

  68. (RebootDay12). Drink top 50% of ice black coffee. To ward off sleepiness.

  69. (RebootDay12). Fall sick. Sleep whole day. Become many urges.

  70. (RebootDay13). Try to get hard wood morning erection to quit PMO.

  71. (RebootDay13). Sleep do not press p organ. Recite: "quit PMO. Quit PMO."

  72. (RebootDay13). Need to get out of house. As much as possible.

  73. (RebootDay14). Try to cure PIED to have natural erections marriage sex sessions. It is said it takes 9 months rebooting to have marriage sex. It takes 14 months for touch to get spontaneous erections.

  74. (RebootDay14). Urges to see to see other females figures. First warnings signs.

  75. (RebootDay14). Urges to see other females breasts. All past pornography conditioning.

  76. (RebootDay15). Marriage sex O. Have Wife to M for me to get erection before marriage sex. Wife M not define as M.

  77. (RebootDay15). Starting to see av sex movies on all females on street. Cycle is repeating.

  78. (RebootDay15). Strong urges to see well rounded g cup breasts. Must force to recondition.

  79. (RebootDay16). It gets easier each passing day of rebooting. Just don't break streak discipline.

  80. (RebootDay16). Need to do things better/faster. Increase self worth. Or else. Go back depression. Want to see pornography.

  81. (RebootDay16). Weekly marriage sex to look forward to. Make enduring urges more feasible.

  82. (RebootDay17). Do most difficult task at moment hand. Condition self to face problems head-on.

  83. (RebootDay17). Strong determined conditioning. Make a person resilient from PMO.

  84. (RebootDay18). Almost die of heart attacks. Because of sex supplements. Is increasing p organ size really worth it?

  85. (RebootDay18). Ask Wife Choy to masturbate for me. After ejaculation. Become very horny full of urges.

  86. (RebootDay19). Quit PMO even in sleep.

  87. (RebootDay20). Gingko make chronic fatigue people worse. Only for energetic people.

  88. (RebootDay21). To cure PIED. Need 9 months to have normal sex. Need 14 months to be sensitive to touch for erections. That is for 25 years old. For me Cstan98 50 years old. The me thinks x2.

  89. (RebootDay22). Each day flatline. Low energies just want to sleep.

  90. (RebootDay23). Mood swings. Depressed. Then anger wants to fight with Wife/Governments.

  91. (RebootDay24). Without PMO. No meanings in life.

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