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*GOD Stand On Alcohol.

  1. Do Not Inherit Kingdom Of GOD.

    1 Cor 6:9-10. Apostle Paul: "do you not know the unrighteous do not inherit the Kingdom of GOD? Do not be deceived! The drunken ... do not inherit the Kingdom of GOD." Those who do drink alcohol cannot enter Heaven Kingdom of GOD.

*Cstan98 NLP Of Drinkers Problems.

  1. Cannot Face Problems Head-On.

    Drinkers want to escape problems. After drinks. Problems become worse. Need more drinks. The cycle repeat.

  2. Low Self-Esteem.

    You notice drinkers have a more successful Husband/Parents/Siblings/Wife. Unable to take these kind of shames. So they escape reality. And want to go to sleep faster.

  3. Too High IQ.

    Drinkers are high IQ people. The their current life is too low IQ for them. They get bored. And want the high thrills of alcohols.

  4. Too Soft To Work.

    The drinkers just want excuses that tomorrow they are too drunk to go to work.

Cstan98 Quit Alcohol.

  1. Controlled Thoughts.

    Controlled Thoughts is the Foundation of all Quit Addictions Cultivation.

  2. Face Problems Head-On.

    Understand next day after drinks. The problems are still there. In fact. Become worse. Because you are not facing problems head-on to solve them.

  3. Grace & Works.

    JESUS CHRIST/GUAN YIN may give you rains (Grace). But if you don't do your parts to farming (Works). You can get your rice harvests? Don't bull s. So Grace + Works.

  4. Keep Throwing Alcohols.

    If you buy 6 cans pack. After 1 mouth. Empty throw away rest 5.9 cans. At first. Confirmed still buy another 6 packs again. But soon. You discover. At first is buy 6 cans every 2 weeks. Keep throwing. Then buy 6 cans every 4 weeks. Throw. Then buy 1 can every month. Keep throwing. When you feel the pains of wasting money. You gain better & better control.

  5. Scold Person.

    Scold nagging person (who ask you to work) before alcohol. Not after alcohol. You do no need drinks to scold the problem. You just scold her/him. Drinkers are just cowards who don't dare to be angry without drinks. You just say sorry after scolding (without drinks).

  6. Start Small. Think Big.

    Do not think you can work full time job immediately. Think 2-3 work days per month first. Then next month. Work 1 week, 2.5 weeks, ... And so on.

Discomfort Triggers:

Know uncomfortable things that start chains of events leading to alcohol.

  1. Depression.

    Recognize. Rome do not build in one day. Especially if you stop building for the last 30-40 years.

  2. Failures.

    Before that next failure. By right. GOD gives you a few days training times beforehand to prepare. Treasure every second of that few days.

  3. Friends/Places.

    Avoid friends/places with alcohols cans.

  4. Nagging.

    Before that person nag (like every 7-14 days). You should start working one day. Right?

  5. Sleep.

    When you sleep more than you need. Confirmed relapses.

  6. Soft.

    Train Yourself 100/1000 Times harder each second. Or are you going to remain a coward forever & ever.

Rationalization Excuses:

Know that some failure logics are the main causes of our relapses of alcohol.

  1. I Cannot Do It.

    Even a Dog has his days. Look at me Cstan98. The me fails BBA (business degree) Honours program. The me is homeless 3 times near GUAN YIN Temple. Unable to quit 22 years of masturbation & pornography addictions for more than a week. Do me a Dog says die. You just keep standing up. After each fall. Fight harder & stronger. Soon the enemy satan the devil gives up making you fall.

  2. I Cannot Live Without Alcohol.

    Does a baby borns with a beer bottle? You cannot is because you keep saying you cannot.

Resources: YouTube.

YouTube: 'Thai Quit Drinking' Video. It says. You poor. Depressed. So drink. That is why poor. Depressed. Drink again. Repeat. Each cycle. Problems become bigger. You become more depressed overwhelmed.

Therefore. Must break cycle. Become. You poor. You work. Get money. Work harder. Get money. Repeat. Pay off debts. Buy foods for Children/Wife. Go Education. Go Business. Teach Country/People/Village. Become Millionaire.

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