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**Cstan98 Goals Setting.

If you do not have any goal/target. The you definitely miss the goals/targets. So Foundations of Success Cultivation are Goals-Setting.

  1. Balance Goals Allocations.

    Zen Master: balance!!! Balance!!! I currently 50% weightable for 2 life goals. 50 % Mental (Knowledges) + 50% Physical (Sex).

  2. Abandon Useless Goals.

    Do Housekeepings. Some old goals may not be necessary anymore.

  3. Breakdown Goals.

    Break Big Goals into Simple Step-By-Step Goals. To eat a Big Cake. You first need to break it into smaller pieces.

  4. Concentrate Firepowers.

    If like last time me find 4 goals same time too split firepowers. Concentrate on 2 instead.

  5. Do & Adjust.

    Do-Action Goals <<->> Adjust Goals = Do-Action Goals -> Adjust Goals -> Do-Action Goals -> Adjust Goals ->....

  6. Do Best Each Day.

    Do Your Best each day. Then Sleep Best each night to do best tomorrow again.

  7. Perfect.

    Be More & More Perfect. Better & Better. Faster & Faster.

  8. Reminder

    Use iPhone Apple Notes

  9. SMART Goal Setting.

    (01) Specific. What?

    (02) Measurable. How?

    (03) Achievable. Which (Resources)?

    (04) Revelant. Why?

    (05) Time-based. When?

  10. Target.

    Set Goals Objectives.

  11. Visioning.

    Imagine what is like when you reach your goals.

  12. Conclusion - Think Big.

    Think Big. Become Big. Think small. Become small. Your Call. You Decide.

*Brian Tracy Goals-Setting Success Cultivation.

Ebook Source: https://www.briantracy.com (Brian Tracy International) - EBook - 14 Step Goal Setting:

  1. Decide Key Areas.

  2. Write Down Goals.

  3. Set Deadline.

  4. Constraints/Obstacles.

  5. Resources Needed - Knowledges.

  6. Resources Needed - People.

  7. Resources Needed - Tasks.

  8. Organize List Plan.

  9. Resources Needed - Steps.

  10. Daily Important Task.

  11. Self-Discipline.

  12. Visualization.

  13. 10 Goals Exercise.

  14. Major Definite Purpose.

**Website - briantracy.com :

Ebook Source: https://www.briantracy.com (Brian Tracy International) - EBook - SMART Goals:

  1. Specific. What?

  2. Measurable. How (To Measure)?

  3. Achievable. Which (Resources)?

  4. Relevant. Why?

  5. Time Bound. When?

  6. Action Plan Milestones.

  7. Goal Planner (Planning & Control).

  8. Goal Journal (Focus).

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