Cstan98 Money Cultivation - Planning

Cstan98 Money Cultivation - Planning

Version 2018.03.00

*The Perfect Christian Objective of Planning Money.


(02) For JESUS CHRIST Bearing Other People Cross.

(03) For Self HOLY SPIRT.

  1. (1) Pay GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM First.

    At first harvests of month. Clear all your Tithes Obligations to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. 10%. For me Cstan98 at 2017 end times. This includes 10% overall to CSTAN98 (Church) which defines Every Member can administer part/all of Her/His Tithes by bearing those CSTAN98 B&W (Black & White) Tithes which are Merits Money, to a JESUS CHRIST Church, to a GUAN YIN Temple, ..... Holy Bible: "do not steal from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM."

  2. (2) Pay Taxes Second.

    Don't owe satan the devil satanic taxes. If he overcharges (confirmed always does). We Angels buy somethings from his kingdom.

  3. (3) Pay Yourself Third.

    Revised from market Pay Yourself First. You should always put Your Savings Budget aside first. Because when end of month everythings come. Confirmed no money to save for Children Education, House, iPhone, Mac Laptop, .....

  4. As Few Free Things As Possible.

    If You cannot afford to buy that free things. Don't receive them. Because each free gifts transactions. You have to account them as revenues. Mean need to pay additional GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Tithes & satanic taxes. If You buy them. They are accounted as expenses. Full stop. Under current Tithes & taxes l/Laws. You can only breakeven when You receive as few free gifts as possible.

  5. Balanced Allocation.

    Plan Give Same. Currently for me Cstan98. Trying to give monthly same excess amount to GUAN YIN Temple, JESUS CHRIST Church, Mother, Self Savings for 50% House, Wife.

  6. Before Reinforcement Don't Used Finish.

    Before the next batch of foods/money/toileteries/..... reserves come. Don't use completely finish.

  7. Cut & Cut Expenses.

    Forecast accurately for Next Month (Accurate Budget). Cut & cut for this month (Under Spend). Spend to increase farming (Don't Leftover to next month.)

  8. Cycle Days.

    Accountings done each 1 Day. Haircut every 10 days (For Singapore, me uses Japanese EC House). Because my Incomes are weekly. So plan expenses to only 1 week.

  9. Cycle Months.

    For Budgets. It is One Month Cycle. Next Month. Next Next Month. One time. Then no need to track. Leave everythings to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  10. Cycle Years.

    For Strategic Plannings. There are this Current Year & next Year. After that, it is meaningless to plan more than that. One time. Then no need to track. Leave everythings to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  11. Do Not Debts/Loans.

    Don't business loans/credit cards/loan sharks/share margins. For House. Try to buy one shot with cashflows surpluses. Then step by step upgrade to better & bigger ones.

  12. Do Not Over Next Month.

    JESUS CHRIST: "do not have extra gold & silver in your belt." My Cstan98 Understanding is that satan the devil uses your extra banks deposits to take over your companies, stock markets. The he is using Our Resources to attack Us. So go JIT (Just In Time). Do not have extras. Trust in GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM providences.

  13. Error Check All Deficits.

    When there are sudden deficits negatives in your Budgets Calculations. They may be not that worse. Just errors.

  14. Error Check All Surpluses.

    When there are sudden surpluses positives in your Budgets Calculations. Don't be so happy first. It may be mistakes in calculating. Need to confirm they are not errors before spending.

  15. First Seek Righteousness.

    (00) JESUS CHRIST: "first seek GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Righteousness. And all things are added to You." My Cstan98 Understandings =

    (01) Doing GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works.

    (02) Perfect doing all the Right Things.

    (03) Then all GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Kingdom Gifts Things are then given to You.

  16. Forcing Deficits.

    Use forcing deficits (not enough money). To force Your Potential to cut cut expenses. You do not know that You can cut foods for 10 days just to have money to buy foods for Your Children. Excel to the Next Level of Spiritual Consciousness.

  17. GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Remove Desires.

    Charles Stanley Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please remove all desires which are not GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Will. Amen."

  18. Leap Of Faith.

    By right. JESUS CHRIST asks Perfect Christians to leave tomorrow to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM. For me Cstan98. Can only leave next week.

  19. Micro/Macro Management.

    Do Pennywise = plan to the last cent. Or Leap Of Faith = let tomorrow foods come tomorrow.

  20. Money Rhythm.

    Use money like dancing cha-cha. Spend Fixed $20 Daily = if need taxi $5 , spend less on foods & drinks + if no taxi $0 , spend more on foods & drinks. Every beginning of month. Pay GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM First. The satanic taxes second. Yourself third. Always hip-hop left right left into Money Rhythm Habits.

  21. More & More Accurate/Faster.

    Make Your Forecasting Calculations more & more accurate/faster.

  22. Multiple Incomes Streams.

    Always keep on increasing Your Incomes Streams. For me Cstan98. They are blogging tithes, consultancy, free gifts, part-time works, tuitions, wife allowances, ..... incomes.

  23. Needs Important/Priority.

    Are the needs things to spend really that important/need to be spent first?

  24. Objective: Don't Owe Free Things.

    Calculate free things values for incomes taxes (don't owe satan the devil). Calculate free things values for tithes (don't owe angels).

  25. Objective: Don't Owe Satan The Devil.

    Careful of all contracts you sign. Like credit cards/employments/phones/services/..... Don't go to Hell for $1cent. Just because you are not careful enough.

  26. Objective: Don't Owe Taxes.

    Taxes are from satan the devil. There are Wars going on. We need to give more to satan the devil to buy over his satanic kingdoms faster to GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM.

  27. Objective: Don't Owe Tithes.

    Tithes are needed from GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM, JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT. Angels are fighting all the time. Fund Their Ministries Operations aggressively to tide the Wars to Our Advantages.

  28. Objective: Don't Get Pregnant Unless You People Are Perfect.

    If you married/unmarried couple are not perfect yet. Like no educations, clothings, foods, jobs, looks, money, sexual performances, ..... Your children are a DNA (genetic) snapshots of your current bad states. They grow up same state as you. So don't get pregnant until You Two are Perfect. To have Perfect Offspirngs.

  29. Objective: Farming.

    Angels are Creative Forces. We add values/create/farm/produce. Keep on farming aggressively to fund Angels to fight these Wars.

  30. Objective: Outwit Satan The Devil.

    Napoleon Hill: "to be rich. You need to outwit satan the devil." GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM wants Us Angels to be rich. Right. But the anti-christ satan the devil wants us to be defeated. Do not want god plans to come to pass. So it is Our Angels Jedi Duties to make this Creation of Wealth Plans to come to pass.

  31. Objective: Pay Own Monthly Living.

    Be a Man. Do Your part to provide for Your Household. As least breakeven Your own expenses. Let Your wife solves Her expenses. Children below 21 years old. Subsidies Them a bit. Train Them to pay for Own Monthly Living.

  32. Objective: Pay Co Own 50% House With Wife.

    House should be fully paid 50%-50% from both side Husband & Wife. Try not to divorce. Or else don't know what happen to that house.

  33. Report: Assets.

    Reports should reflect Assets. Current Net Worth for money values. Current Inventory Quantities for things.

  34. Report: Budgets

    Reports should tell You whether you are on track, overspent, underspend for this month Budgets.

  35. Report: Cash flows.

    Reports should show cash flows are positive or negative. If deficits. Earn more. If surpluses. Spend more to increase farming capacities.

  36. Report: Forecasts.

    Reports should forecast every possible scenarios things at worst states. Then cut & cut to meet the cashflows. Forcast this current month, next month, next next month to end of year & next year. Adjust until no deficit forecasts. Decrease your wants.

  37. Report: Free Things Calculations.

    Reports should show how you calculate free things to show to e/Everyone like Churches (Angels), IRAS (income tax bodies), satan the devil (to scare the Hell out of him), .....

  38. Report: Liabilities.

    Reports should show current liabilities. Clear them fast. The they should not be there in the first place.

  39. Report: Savings

    Reports should show savings. For me Cstan98. Only CPF (Singapore Government compulsory savings for housings, retirements, medicals).

  40. Self Sustained Living.

    Train Children, Self, Wife to be Self-Sustained Business Units. Or else confirmed bankrupt died. The satan the devil uses money to kill us not to have eternal lives.

  41. Spending Self-Worth.

    Note that We Humans need some little money to spend to maintain Our Self Worth. Then it stops there. Not too much definition. Not too little definition. Spend wisely. Spend effectively. Spend to do GOD JEHOVAH PROGRAM Works.

  42. Upgrade.

    Keep on upgrading for Children, Self, Wife. Like App, Books, Business Farmings, Clothings, Drinks, Exercises, Educations, Foods, Houses, iBooks, iPhones, Mac Laptops, Martial Arts, Movies, Music, .....

  43. Within Means.

    Live within your means. If You cannot afford. Don't buy.

  44. *Conclusions.

    To survive on satanic planet earth. You need to be money savvy. Because satan the devil uses money to kill us not to get Eternal Life.

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