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Christianity Money Matters.

  1. 10% To GOD.

    (01) When you receive your Monthly Incomes. You need to reserve 10% to give JESUS CHRIST. Do not steal GOD money. And get the Blessings.

    (02) It is 10% to JESUS CHRIST. Not 10% to church or pastor. Confirm with your Pastor. Be careful of pastors who say you are giving to god. The satan the devil also calls himself god. You just confirm: "JESUS CHRIST. Right?

    (03) If you are Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Perfect Christians. Give 1% to Cstan98 B&W (Black & White) Fees.

    (04) If you earn less than $1000 , & want to give 10% JESUS CHRIST Tithes, 1% B&W (Black & White) Tithes & pay Income Taxes. Then you should be prepared that you not have enough to have Emergency Funds least say Savings. But be assured. After you give Them. GOD bless you enough to earn more coming.

  2. Accepting JESUS CHRIST.

    When me Cstan98 accepts GOD. JESUS CHRIST & HOLY SPIRIT into my life (& my body). My life (& my body) are filled full & less no more vacuum for gold/money investments. The me reads the JESUS CHRIST Gospel Matthew earnestly & with wise understanding. Become wiser. Do not look to them so importantly as before. Your spiritual life increase & materialistic desires decrease. You no longer despise yourself for being poor. But feel rich with those new found Spiritual Blessings & Gifts. Why don't You give Them a Try?

  3. Contentment.

    Holy Bible: "Godliness + Contentment = is Great Gain." If you lead a holy Christian Life & very content. Then you lead a very Happy Life. Count Your Blessings = Daily Foods + Honest Job Earning Incomes + Loved Ones + No Persecution Of Christians + No World Wars + Tribulations Have Not Started + Save Part Income. Contentment = Live within your means + No Over Big Desires To Incur Debts. Why Godliness is not enough & you need Contentment? Because holy Christian Life if you are not contented. The you become very unhappy. The you blame GOD & other people for things you are unable to get. These bring unhappinesses. Therefore. Both so that you have a big gains of Happiness in your life.

  4. Discipline Routine.

    To be rich. You need to be a Routine & Discipline Guy. Wake up as early as possible to start each new day. Everyday update daily my Cstan98 Knowledge Website. Good Perfect Christians are Discipline Routine People.

  5. Do Not Invest In Satanic Stock Markets Or Other Things.

    The me Cstan98 comes across a 60 years old man who still need to work. The reason. He lost all his retirement money in the satanic stock markets. Do not greed for higher investment returns. Put all your money in the Compulsory Government Retirement Savings Accounts. Try to use default investements for these Accounts. If have to micro-manage. Go for 4% return = not too high (risky) + not too low (Retirement Plans achieveable). Do not invest in high returns instruments. They are all satanic. The satan ceo know that Rapture is Coming. All these satanic planet earth money instruments become useless to raptured Christians.

  6. Do Not Rob GOD.

    Holy Bible: "why you rob Me GOD of My Tithes & Offerings." We need to give Our 10% Tithes for Our next round of Daily Foods Blessings. If you stop giving 10% Tithes. The your Daily Foods Blessings just stop there. Therefore. For countless & unlimitless Daily Foods Blessings. Give 10% Tithes every month. So that the cup overflows always.

  7. Either GOD Or Money.

    Notice that when You lead a Blessed Perfect Christian Life. Then you plan to get more money. Then all GOD Blessings stop. All Hell breaks lose. Why? Holy Bible: "you can either worship GOD or mommon (money). Cannot both." To continue Your Blessed Perfect Christian Life. You must give up to get more these worlds money. When greed for these worlds money. the you grieve the HOLY SPIRIT. Then the blessings stop. Either GOD or money. Decide wisely.

  8. Endtimes Windfall.

    If GOD makes you have a windfall of huge amounts of money during endtimes. Check for liabilities like 10% JESUS CHRIST Tithes, government retirement, income taxes, ... & pay them first. Quickly pay finish all your debts like credit cards, gamblings, ... loans like car, house, study, ... If you do not have a House. Buy the smallest House (with basic renovations). You can afford better house with a full lumpsum payment later. Do Not Incur Debts When You Buy A House. Buy the smallest House Fully Paid. Not the bigger on loans instalments. If you have not fund finish funding your Retirement Funds (of everyone in your Family including Babies). Calculate how much you need & fully fund it (if can Early Retirement for everyone better still). If you have not fund finish funding your Education Funds to Business Administration Degree (of everyone in your Family including Babies). Calculate how much you need & fully fund it. Then write Legal Wills for everyone in Your Family. That when You or Your Family die or rapture, all Your Assets go to JESUS CHRIST. This helps JESUS CHRIST to buy back assets/government rights/lands/souls/... from satan the devil faster.

  9. Faithful In Little Things.

    Book. If You are Faithful in Little Things given by GOD. Only then GOD entrust Big Things to You. Be very careful to the every GOD Penny. So that GOD entrust You with His Dollars.

  10. Fear GOD.

    All those Perfect Christians who are rich. The me Cstan98 thinks They fear GOD greatly. They do not even little sins. 100% sinless actions. JESUS CHRIST: "be Perfect. Just like my Father in Heaven is Perfect."

  11. GOD Guide Us Forever.

    Psalm 48:14 : "for GOD. Our GOD. Is our Defender forever! He guides us forever!" Do not worry too much for money problems. Let GOD be your Guide. You just Holy Bible/Holy Communion/Prayers/talk to GOD. Do Your Best. And GOD does the rest.

  12. GOD Make Me Richer When I Manage & Save Money Better.

    When me Cstan98 manage saves my money better by lowering my expenses costs. GOD increases my capacities to earn more. It seems people like Bill Gates & Warren Buffett. They are so blessed by GOD because They manage Their money better. GOD only gives You more money when You prove that You do not anyhow spend.

  13. GOD Nature To Bless.

    Holy Bible: "it is GOD Nature to bless." If you are Children of GOD. You need not worry. GOD nature is to bless His Children.

  14. GOD Need Businessmen.

    Books. We know GOD needs Christians & Pastors. Likewise. GOD needs Businessmen & CEOs to run Businesses Companies Farmlands to fund His Churches Operations. So You are still serving GOD by being a Businessman CEO.

  15. GOD No Waste.

    My Cstan98 Understanding. GOD is not a wasteful GOD. If your iPhone smartphone is still working. GOD does not give upgrade you to another. You need to wait for that iPhone smartphone to spoil. Then GOD then gives You a new iPhone. The me Cstan98 discovers this after praying so many times for a new iPhone. GOD does not answer. So long my current smartphone is working. 04-2017. After my Samsung S6 spoiled. The me gets a new gold iPhone7. The Best Thing goes to the Best Man who can wait.

  16. GOD Provide Needs. Not Wants.

    From my Cstan98 5 Years Christian Experiences. GOD gives You Perfect Christians Your Needs. Not your wants. For example. The my windows 7 laptop crashes for 2 months. Unable to update this Cstan98 Website. Then. GOD allows My Wife to buy me MacBook Air Laptop. Self-repaired my windows 7 laptop (still unstable) so that I can edit all my Excel files/... But GOD does not give me my wants. Like a $5,000 monthly salary, To buy $3,000 worth of Google Playstore Ebooks/iPhone/... If You are Perfect Christians. Be rest assured GOD provide Your Needs. But not your wants.

  17. GOD Retirement Plan.

    Holy Bible: "GOD takes care of you. Even when you are old & white hairs." Do not trust in your Retirement Funds. Trust in GOD. For Us Perfect Christians. We should not labour too hard to save for Retirement. Because GOD takes care of Us when We retire. Therefore. Just save the minimum for Retirement Planning. For example. 10% save in monthly Compulsory Country Government Retirement Savings. Leave the rest to GOD.

  18. Goodness & Mercy.

    Psalm 23:6 : "surely your goodness & mercy follow me all my days." If you follow GOD. 100% GOD goodness & mercy follow You for Your rest of Your life. This means You need not worry too much about money. Because GOD provide all that you need.

  19. Honesty Earnings.

    Be 100% Honesty. GOD does not give you sinful windfalls. GOD only gives You Honesty Earnings. Windfalls = Surprise Wealths. You are expected to be like Holy Bible Joseph = save 7 years of Good Harvests for 7 years of famine. You are expected to save Honesty Earnings for rainy years ahead. Be Honesty in every transactions. You are expected to return all Your Debts/Taxes Dues. Do not cheat. GOD hates sins. To receive GOD Blessings. Be a 100% Honesty Perfect Christian.

  20. Lovers Of GOD.

    2 Timothy 3:1-5: "this know also. That in the last days perilous times come.... Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of GOD. Having a form of Godliness. But denying the power thereof. From such turn away." We are called by JESUS CHRIST to be Lovers of GOD. Not lovers of pleasures (including money). You need to love GOD more than money & pleasures. It is ok for you to be ok financially not rich. Even when all the evil demons around you are rich. Be content & a Lover of GOD. You have GOD & your Daily Foods = that is enough sufficient for you. Because We Perfect Christians are supposed to be apart from the worlds.

  21. Marathon Race.

    Books. Let say you have a hard time finish running the 42 km marathon race. After the finish line. Do you keep on running? Likewise. Let say your Money Goal is to save $1million. Then. After saving that. Do you still keep on running the money marathon race to have 2/3/... millions. Therefore don't. After you reach Your Money Goals. Then it is time to semi-retire to do GOD Works more full-time.

  22. Money Question - How To Balanced Money Management?

    Squander << Give + Save >> Hoarding. Give as much as possible. But do not squander all your money that You become a burden to the Church. Save enough to get by. But do not hoarding greedy for more money savings. Greed for money is the root of all evil. The Key is Balanced = Give but do not squander + Save but do not hoarding.

  23. Money Question - Should Christians Give All Money Away?

    JESUS CHRIST asks us to give up everything we own & follow Him in Holy Bible. Then should we give all our money away? Holy Bible also says the Early Church gives money back to the Christians so that They can get by. Therefore. Give all that you can but you must have enough Daily Expenses.

  24. Money Question - Should Christians Save Money?

    Is it you have no faith in GOD if you save for the future. Proverbs 21:20 : "there is desirable treasure and olive oil in the dwelling of the wise. But a foolish person devours all he has." So Holy Bible says We need to save for a rainy day. Luke 12:24 : "Consider the ravens: They do not sow or reap. They have no storeroom or barn. Yet GOD feeds them. How much more valuable are you than the birds!" Also Do not save too much.

  25. Must Work.

    Apostle Paul: "if you do not work. Then you do not eat." Every Christian must work. To eat. It is Apostle Paul Commandment. No one should be idle. Expecting Church/Government/Wife/... to feed you. GOD: "You toil for Your Own Daily Foods." Although me Cstan98 does not have a Full-Time Job, but me Cstan98 still works (updating this Cstan98 Knowledge Website everyday to motivate all those B&W - Black & White Perfect Christians who listen to my Cstan98 Voice). The me still toils for my Daily Foods (although it may seem it is my Wife feeding me this Goldfish). GOD works in mysterious ways.

  26. No GOD Beggar.

    Holy Bible: "have you see any Child of GOD begs for foods on the street." No. One of Holy Bible Promise is that if you are a Child of GOD. You never begs for foods in the street. Because GOD provides for all His Children. You need not worry too much if you follow GOD. GOD provides all your daily needs.

  27. No Money Without JESUS CHRIST.

    Philippians 4:13. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." You can become money rich with the help of JESUS CHRIST. JESUS CHRIST: "without Me. You can do & have nothing."

  28. Not Tomorrow But Today.

    Matthew 6:34. JESUS CHRIST: "therefore do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." How GOD works = for today all out the best + leave tomorrow to tomorrow. One day at a time.

  29. Our Loved Ones.

    Our loved ones are the most Valuable Assets. Much more valuable than your gold/house/money/stock markets shares/... Do not talk about money all the time. There are Things more precious than money. And money are useful only when our Loved Ones are safe & well. JESUS CHRIST: "what is the value of you earning the whole world when you lose GOD & your loved ones." Give thanks to GOD when you still have your Loved Ones still with you. You earn more money is because you can exchange money for clothings/foods/housing/... for Yourself & Loved Ones. If your money cannot exchange for them. What is the use of your earned money? If you earn the whole world. But you do not have a single person who loves you. What is the point? So having Someone who cares about You is more important than money.

  30. Power To Get Wealth.

    Holy Bible: "the Power To Get Wealth is given by GOD." Pray to GOD to give you more Power To Get Wealth. Although some satanic governments on this planet earth controls money. But the Power To Get Wealth is given by GOD. So go to the Source. Prayer: "dear GOD. Please give me more Power To Get Wealth. Amen."

  31. Queen Do Not Change.

    JESUS CHRIST: "do not divorce." When You are poor. Your Queen is willing to marry you & make you rich. After you become rich. The you have many temptations to change your Queen to a more beautiful/sexy/submissive queen. Don't. Stick to your Queen. 'Top Gun, Movie': "You never never leave Your Wingman." When napoleon has his Queen Empress Josephine. The he has the whole europe under his feet. After he changes Queen. The he loses his empire. Do Not Change Your Queen. Cstan98 Old Stroke. Christian Marriage Vow: "for rich or for poor. For fat or for thin. For old or for young. I pledge you my faithfulness." It is only at the death of your Queen. Then you can remarry. If I am you. I try very hard to save my Queen from dying. If your Wife is very fat/nagging. Play sex your Wife more. Love/Sexual Satisfactions make Wife better.

  32. Queens Do Not Add.

    Holy Bible: "one male & one female GOD creates in His Marriage System." The polygamy exhaust you because of too many sex with all your queens. Making you unable to focus your sex firepowers concentrations. Your queens become fat & nagging. Also. The your children numbers increase tremendously. Making you unable to focus your trainings firepowers concentrations on all your children. Cstan98: "polygamy is the source of all problems. Monogamy is the best. Trust in GOD Marriage System Plan & Will."

  33. Rapture.

    (01) JESUS CHRIST: "during Rapture take away. The those who go back to his house to take his coat are killed. Take his coat = take his properties. Like money in banks/gold/shares/... When Rapture. You must forget about your worldly possessions. If you still think of your worldly possessions. There is a chance you not fly to the sky with JESUS CHRIST.

    (02) 09/11/2012. According to end time prophecy. There is no 2012 United States presidential election = never come through. Major United States earthquake before 2012 United States presidential election = never come through. First Rapture before 2012 United States presidential election = never come through.

    (03) The me Cstan98 thinks We Perfect Christians need to start saving money for Retirement. Since no one can tell when is the First Rapture. Only GOD knows the timing. First Rapture may be 2050 for example. We need to plan for both Rapture & Retirement at the same time. You do not know which One comes first. Only GOD knows.

    (04) The me recommends You save In Your Country Government Compulsory Retirement Savings Plans. For these Defensive investments. The return should be around 4% p.a. Not too much (too risky). Not too little (cannot make it during Retirement).

  34. Satan The Devil Money.

    (01) The satan the devil use money systems to control us. Use enemies weapons to kill enemies. We can use their satanic money systems to kill & trap them. The satan the devil are actually very stupid & they fall under their own weapons.

    (02) The trick is we Angels must always remember money are still stupid harddisk space of 1 & 0 (bank accounts), stupid stones (diamonds), stupid metals (gold), stupid tree barks (papers), stupid oil products (plastic notes).

    (03) We Angels do not money for pleasure/power. We money for Daily Foods for Everyone. We money to buy training & technology to win back & hold our planets. Just remember Words of JESUS CHRIST: "give satan money to satan. Give GOD money to GOD." Following this advice. You feel much better. When the satanic government tax rates are so high & satan the devil swindle all of your money.

  35. Satan The Devil Vs GOD Money.

    Some seminars ask you to worship satan the devil. Then teach you how to use $5 as $5,000 . But condition is you must worship satan the devil. Understand that if you use satan the devil money working system. You most likely stay back after Rapture & Tribulations. To be re-tested whether you are for GOD or satan the devil.

  36. Seek The Kingdom Of GOD & His Righteousness First.

    Matthew 6:33. JESUS CHRIST: "but seek first the Kingdom of GOD and His righteousness. And all these things are added to you." You need to seek GOD Kingdom First & His Righteousness First = Seek GOD First + Act Out the Righteousness Actions. Then the rest of the things (like foods/house/money/wealth/...) are added to you.

  37. Talk To GOD.

    Everyone should learn to talk to GOD. (It is a small whisper in your head.) Talk to GOD about everythings in your Life. Ask GOD:

    (01) How to earn more wealth?

    (02) Please guide me.

    (03) What did I do wrong to be poor?

    (04) What should I do now?

    (05) Why am I so poor?

  38. Wealth Part On Death.

    1 Timothy 6:7. "for we bought nothing into this world. And it is certain we can carry nothing out." We cannot bring our wealth with us when we die.

  39. Wife & Children Teams.

    If you do Money Plannings by yourself for your family money matters. It never work. You/Wife/Children must work as a Cohesive Team. Involve big things purchases, debts re-payments, family monthly budgeting, .... with the whole team. Involve Everyone, even Your dogs, mother-in-law if She is living with You, ...

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