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Version2 2018.03.00

Master Of Orion 2. A Computer Game.

*The me Cstan98 learns a lots from this Computer Game. You learn how to build Civilizations that colonize planets in the Galaxy. You also learn about new technologies that this planet have not invented yet. Me thinks this Computer Game is written by an Alien from other advanced planet. You can download this important government stimulation game at Google search 'download master of orion 2' (may have computer virus). Best is buy the original Computer Game Software. Rumours a new Version is due to Apple App Store.

Lessons Learnt.

  1. Colonization.

    You need a big population to colonize other planets.

  2. Increase Money1.

    Increase money credits by developing technologies to increase production.

  3. Increase Money2.

    Increase money credits by building financial structures like galaxy currency exchanges, stock markets.

  4. Increase Population.

    Increase the population, by increasing the food & housing supply.

  5. Population.

    The greater the population, the greater the GDP.

New Technologies Learnt. Planet Earth technology can improved a lots by following below paths.

  1. Advanced City Planning.

    Cramp more population per planet.

  2. Advanced Damage Control.

    Advanced damage control for space ships.

  3. Advanced Government.

    Better teamwork government structure.

  4. Alien Management Centre.

    To colonize & integrate aliens.

  5. Android Farmer.

    Robot farmer.

  6. Android Scientist.

    Robot scientist.

  7. Android Worker.

    Robot worker.

  8. Artemis System Net.

    Space mine fields to attack attacking space ships.

  9. Artifical Planet Construction.

    Able to construct a planet.

  10. Astro University.

    To teach the population.

  11. Atmospheric Renewer.

    Change polluted atmosphere to clean atmosphere.

  12. Autolab.

    Advanced Research Laboratory.

  13. Automated Factory.

    Semi-robotics factory.

  14. Automated Repair Unit.

    Self repair the damages inside the space ships.

  15. Battlestation Star. Star Fortress.

    A space outpost for protecting the planet & for space ship construction.

  16. Biomorphic Fungi.

    Fungi for foods.

  17. Biosphere.

    Facility to increase population capacity on a planet.

  18. Colony ship.

    Moving 1 million colonists to colonize other planets.

  19. Core Waste Dump.

    Dump the whole planet pollution waste into the core.

  20. Deep Core Mine.

    Mining the planet core. Careful this has been causing earthquakes recently.

  21. Doom Star Construction.

    Moon sized space ship construction.

  22. Evolutionary Mutation.

    Your race evolve to gain benefits traits.

  23. Freighters.

    Supply space ship moving foods to other planets.

  24. Fusion Drive. Anti-Matter Drive.

    Faster space ship engine.

  25. Gaia Transformation.

    Turn your home planet into a paradise Gaia planet.

  26. Galactic Currency Exchange.

    To increase galactic economies.

  27. Galactic Cybernet.

    Galactic internet for R&D (Research & Development).

  28. Ground Batteries.

    Ground laser batteries to attack attacking space ships.

  29. Heightened Intelligence.

    Increase overall IQ of population.

  30. Holo Stimulator.

    For fun & R&D (Research & Development).

  31. Hydroponic Farm.

    Grow foods on water farms.

  32. Microbiotics.

    Genetics medicine to increase lifespan of people.

  33. Outpost ship.

    A smaller colony ship without the 1 million colonists.

  34. Microbiotics.

    Vaccine immune to bacteria.

  35. Planetary Gravity Generator.

    Artificial gravity to normalize gravity.

  36. Planetary Supercomputer.

    Supercomputers to increase R&D (Research & Development).

  37. Pleasure Dome.

    For ethical games & funs. May make the population soft.

  38. Pollution Processor.

    Facility to process & reduce pollution.

  39. Radiation Shield. Flux Shield. Barrier Shield.

    Planet shields to protect from attacking lasers weapons.

  40. Recyclotron.

    Recycle waste for production.

  41. Research Laboratory.

    Increase R&D (Research & Development).

  42. Robo Miner Plant.

    Robot Miner to increase planet production.

  43. Robotics Factory.

    100% automated factory for increase production.

  44. Scout Lab.

    For analyzing space monsters.

  45. Soil Enrichment.

    Make planet soil more fertile to plant foods.

  46. Space Academy.

    Train good space ships Officers.

  47. Space Port.

    A space port to land space ships for trade.

  48. Star Gate.

    For space ships to teleport jump.

  49. Stealth Suit.

    Invisible suits.

  50. Stellar Converter.

    Giantic laser to attack doom stars.

  51. Stock Exchange.

    To increase money supply.

  52. Subspace Communications. Hyperspace Communications.

    Space ships able to communicate even when they are in hyperspace.

  53. Subterranean Farm.

    Grow foods below the grounds.

  54. Telepathic Training.

    Able to read mind training.

  55. Terraforming.

    Change the planet climate to better climate.

  56. Titan Construction.

    Large space ship construction.

  57. Adamantium/Neutronium/Titanium/Tritanium/Zortrium Armor.

    Better space ship armour.

  58. Transport.

    Troop carrier space ships.

  59. Transporters.

    Teleport troops into enemy space ships.

  60. Universal Antidote.

    Cure all diseases. Increase population.

  61. Uridium Fuel Cells. Thorium Fuel Cells.

    Extend range of Space ships.

  62. Virtual Reality Network

    Artificial reality for fun & R&D (Research & Development).

  63. Weather Controller.

    Control planet weather to make it better for food production & living.

  64. Xeno Psychology.

    Study alien psychology for alien diplomacy.

Strategies Learnt.

  1. Cashflow. Build many cash producing facilities to make your Empire cash rich.

  2. Debt. Once in debt, stop production. And use the money to pay up all debts.

  3. Foods & Housing. To increase the population, you need to produce enough foods & build enough housing for the population.

  4. Specialization. Some planets specialize in foods, money, starfleets, ... production, ...

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