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Teacher: many all through the years.

<these are all insights & lessons I learnt over the years.>

**Martial Arts Basic Summary.

Be well versed. So you can learn all Martial Arts fast.


Martial Arts range from blocks/kicks/punches/side-steps. It is about attack/defence. It is better to practice everyday for 1000 years to become a 1000 dan Master. Than get killed in 3 years as a 3 dan master.


**Daily Trainings:

  1. PT (Physical Trainings).

    (01) Push Up.

    (02) Sit Up.

    (03) Squat.

  2. Evades.

    (01) Body-In Down/Up.

    (02) Body-In Right/Left.

    (03) Side-Step Back/Front.

    (04) Side-Step Right/Left.

    (05) Side-Step 180 Degree Left/Right 90 Degree.

    (06) Side-Step 180 Degree Cloclwise/Anti-Clockwise 180 Degree.

  3. Disarms.

    (01) Knife Down. Disarm.

    (02) Knife Up. Disarm.

  4. Blocks.

    (01) Shaolin Punch-Block Right/Left.

    (02) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate High Block Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (03) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Double Block Punch/Strike High Right/Left.

    (04) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Block Middle RightHand/BackRightHand/LeftHand/LeftBackHand Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (05) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Block Low Punch/Strike Low Right/Left.

    (06) With Block. Later Punch/Strike At All Directions.

    (+) With HandPull. Later Punch/Strike At All Directions.

    (07) Elbow Shoulder Right/Left.

    (08) Horizontal Sweep Right/Left.

    (09) Diagonal Sweep Right/Left.

    (+) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Side Step Inside Block Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (+) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Side Step Outside Block Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (+) With Turn Sweep.

  5. Punches.

    (01) 9Points Punch. NW/W/SW/N/Centre/S/NE/E/NS. Right/Left.

    (02) 9Points Strike. NW/W/SW/N/Centre/S/NE/E/NS. Right/Left.

    (03) To Head - Direct Straight Head. Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (04) To Head - Chest. Punch/Strike Right/Left.

    (05) To Head - Throat. Punch/Strike. Right/Left.

    (06) To Head - Top/Right/Bottom. Punch/Strike Right.

    (07) To Head - Top/Left/Bottom. Punch/Strike Left.

    (+) TKD(Taekwondo)/Karate Double 2 Punch/Strike. Right/Left.

  6. Kicks.

    (01) Jumping Double Front Kick. Right/Left.

    (02) Jumping Double Axe Kick. Right/Left.

    (03) 9Points Kicks. NW/W/SW/N/Centre/S/NE/E/NS. Right/Left.

    (04) To Groin Right/Left.

    (+) Double Front Kick Right/Left.

    (05) Roundhouse Kick Upper/Middle/Lower Right/Left.

    (06) Crescent Kick Right/Axe/Left. Otuside/Inside. Right/Left

    (+) Hook Kick.

    (+) Side Kick.

    (+) Back Kick.

    (+) Jump Back Kick (should be) = Back + Jump (instead). Not Jump + Back.

  7. KO (Knock Out) Drills.

    (+) Japanese. LRLR Punch + One Kick.

    (+) Japanese. LRLR Kick + One Kick.

    (+) Liver. L High Punch + L Liver Punch.

    (+) Mike Tyson - Peekaboo LRLR + LR Punch.

    (+) Mike Tyson - Peekaboo LRLR + RL Punch.

    (+) Mike Tyson - Peekaboo RLRL + LR Punch.

    (+) Mike Tyson - Peekaboo RLRL + RL Punch.

    (+) Mohammad Ali - Dance Like Butterfly Stink Like Bee.

    (+) New Combinations.

  8. Elbows/Kicks-Advance?.

    (+) Spinning Hook Kick. (Back + Hook. May Injury.)

    (+) Tornado Axe Kick. (Back + Axe. May Injury.)

    (+) Tornado Roundhouse Kick. (Back + Roundhouse. May injury.)

    (+) Elbows.

    (+) Knees.


  1. A Bit A Day Is Better Than Give Up Half Way.

    Aim Practice 10 for each Basic Movement everyday. Then add Basic Movements.

  2. A Bit Here & There Mean A Lots Everywhere.

    A bit block tweak here. A bit kick tweak there. Add up a lots overall.

  3. Aim Straight For KO (Knock Out).

    Train to KO (Knock Out) all enemies fast.

  4. Become.

    (01) Better & Better.

    (02) Faster & Faster.

  5. Daily Training.

    Martial Arts is not how much you know. But how much You train everyday.

  6. Do Basic Movements Right.

    'Karate Kid, Movie'. It is about doing basic movements right.

  7. Do Not Get Injuried.

    Never get injuried during combat or peace time

  8. Don't Exhaust Yourself.

    Don't exhaust yourself during combat or peace time. Because next second there may be another enemy.

  9. Don't Overwhelm Yourself.

    Don't overplan to stop you from trainings.

  10. Don't Scare Yourself.

    Don't scare yourself to death because of a major defeat setback. Everyone has them.

  11. Everyday Practice.

    Tune your body engine. Train light everyday. Morning & night.

  12. Fighting Shoes.

    For outside. The me Cstan98 wears Converse black shoes. Recently. Ask the salesgirl selling the shoe: in fighting martial arts. Shoes tighter or looser better. Answer: tighter. They become looser as months go.

  13. Inputs & Outputs - Energies Reserves.

    Reserves some body for quick bursts of energies.

  14. Inputs & Outputs - Foods & Drinks.

    Delicious foods & drinks to fight further & further.

  15. Inputs & Outputs - Sex.

    Delicious (but not much) sex to fight further & further.

  16. Improve Daily Routine.

    Add useful trainings steps. Remove redundant trainings steps.

  17. Kicks Vs Punches.

    Understand 1 Kick Practice = 10 Punches Energies Used. You cannot practice as many.

  18. Let Enemy Attack You - A Wall.

    Let enemy attack a wall. Train to be one.

  19. Let You Attack Enemy - A KO (Knockout).

    Let you KO (Knock Out) enemies fast. Train to be one.

  20. NLP All Martial Arts.

    (01) Aikido. About arch-points pressings.

    (02) Boxing. About punches KO (Knock Out).

    (03) ???Jiu Jitsu.

    (04) Judo. About throws.

    (05) Karate. About hands.

    (06) ???Krav Maga.

    (07) MMA (Mixed Martial Arts).

    (08) Muay Thai (Kick Boxing). About elbows & knees.

    (09) Shaolin. About daily routine trainings.

    (10) Tae Kwon Do. About kicks.

    (11) Wing Chu. About daily wooden dummy fightings.

  21. PT (Physical Trainings).

    (01) Knucke Pushup. Everyday 20.

    (02) Straight Situp. Everyday 20.

    (03) Stationary Squat. Everyday 20.

  22. Push Further.

    Too easy = not motivated. Too hard = you give up.

  23. Step By Step Foundation To Advance

    A mountain is climbed by the first step. But you need to climb each day at least one step to reach the top.

  24. Steps - Fighting - Test Predict Counter.

    (01) Test = backward/forward, hand/leg, left/right, ... movements.

    (02) Predict = enemy attack, defence, freeze, which & how hand, leg, ...

    (03) Counter = revelant movements back.

  25. Steps - Training - Do Monitor Adjust.

    (01) Do = Just Start.

    (02) Monitor. Measure.

    (03) Adjust. Exhausted = rest a bit. Slacking = push harder.

  26. Time.

    (01) Time To Drink. Drink.

    (02) Time To Eat. Eat.

    (03) Time To Fight Fast. Fast.

    (04) Time To Fight Slow. Slow.

    (05) Time To Learn. Learn.

    (06) Time To Organize. Organize.

    (07) Time To Rest. Rest.

    (08) Time To Train. Train.

  27. Train

    Left-Right Brain. Able to use both left & right directions. Hands & legs.

    Back-Front Brain. Able to use both front & back directions. Hands & legs.

  28. Use See.

    (*) Eyes To Hear. Ears To See.

    (01) Mirrors.

    (02) Shades Of Colours Movements.

    (03) Shadows.

    (04) Smells.

    (05) Sounds.

    (06) Steps Movements.

    (07) Windows.


Martial Arts. Build characters (mean integrity). Build disciplines (mean confidence). Build staminas (mean more energies).

**Insights - Daily Martial Arts Trainings:

(*) Better & Better = Faster & Faster + Harder & Harder.

(*) Faster each movement breathing. Faster the movement.

(*) Need to drink Filtered Ice Water a lots. For energies.

(*) Need to eat 4 Coffee/Meals a day. For energies.

(*) Need to practice as if outside conditions. If can. At lease once same outside clothings, shoes, ...

(*) Need to trainings add step by step. Too little = too boring. Too much = crash & burn.

(*) Need to trainings restore as fast as possible (if halt stop). You may be able to go back that last day training routines. Need not start all over again.

(*) Need to wear Footwear. Or else blue drained.

(*) Need to wear Uniforms. Or else blue drained.

All Jedi Do What Is Fit.

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