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LKY Singapore Government.

Heaven Tao Senior Elder. (一贯道新毅组何老前人): "LKY Government is very near Sage-King Government. Singapore is a Buddha Country." Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy: "it is all about Enlightened Dictatorship." The me Cstan98: "You just follow the Right Car to the Airport if You don't know the ways." *Note: LKY dies in action by taking out life supports (cannot take the sufferings for attacking a Kid). You guess who is that Singapore Kid. Do not mess around with Kungfu Panda. Guan Sage No Adultery Scripture: "front cars accident. Back cars be careful." *Note: follow dead emperors methods, die as pigs & dogs. Follow fall sick emperors methods, fall sick. Follow Eternal Life Emperors Methods, live forever.

The LKY Singapore Government Policies:

  1. 100% Iron Hand.

    LKY runs the Singapore Country with 100% Full Force.

  2. All Cultures.

    Races news & traditions can be accessed from the media here.

  3. All Religions.

    Good Religions on this planet have bases here.

  4. Clean City.

    A working cleaning workforce & a money fine punishment system for littering.

  5. Clean Tap Water.

    LKY makes supply of clean tap water.

  6. Continuous Improvements.

    Stride for continuous renewal to keep country competitive.

  7. Control - Birth.

    When poor country, 2 children per couple. When rich country, encourage to birth more.

  8. Control - Car.

    Use COE (entitlements) bidding certificate to control numbers of cars.

  9. Control - Gun.

    No guns are allowed for common citizens.

  10. Control - Land.

    The government buys back from the people before prices go up.

  11. CPF (Central Funds).

    Build a co-payment scheme from employer & employee for old pension retirement purposes.

  12. Cstan98.

    The me is a product of Singapore, must admit even though has conflicts with LKY.

  13. Details.

    LKY is very attentive to the tiny operational things of each Government Policy.

  14. Do The Impossible.

    LKY does the impossible = tiny Singapore with no natural resources.

  15. East Meet West.

    This is where the eastern world meet the western world, same as HK.

  16. Educated Workforce.

    The labour force is trained very hard as manpower is her only resources.

  17. Education.

    Build a credible education system bases on international British GCE standards.

  18. Facility - Coffeeshops.

    Many are built to place many small food stalls.

  19. Facility - Hawker Centres.

    Many are built to place many small food hawkers.

  20. Facility - Wet Markets.

    Many are built to place many small suppliers foods stalls.

  21. Family Building Integration.

    LKY aligns Nation Building Goals same as everyone Personal Life Aims.

  22. First World.

    LKY turns a third world country into a First World.

  23. Foreign Investments.

    Build a secured country to attract foreigner money capitals.

  24. Garden City Trees.

    LKY: "the trees build trust in investors to come here."

  25. Give Life For.

    LKY gives His Whole Life to Singapore Country. Singapore is His everythings.

  26. Harmony - Racial.

    LKY ensures all r/Races go towards the same Nation Building Goals.

  27. Harmony - Religions.

    LKY ensures all r/Religions go towards the same Nation Building Goals.

  28. High IQ Life.

    Bring in international TV, libraries books, movies, ... to stimulate the population.

  29. Hub.

    It is a hub for everything, namely airport, communication, culture, entertainment, seaport, ...

  30. Industrial Parks.

    Build industrial parks for foreign companies to rent factory & office spaces.

  31. Infrastructure.

    Build electricity & water, roads, sewerage, tv & internet cables in all areas of country.

  32. Internal Security Acts.

    An old British law acts which imprisons society threatening people.

  33. Job Opportunities.

    Create many jobs here, in fact many jobless Chinese Malaysians come here to work.

  34. Language - Main English.

    Select English language as the main language medium which is international.

  35. Language - Mother First.

    For the top 10%, the mother tongue is also a first language like English.

  36. Language - Mother Second.

    Everyone is trained in English & a second mother tongue language.

  37. Local Industry.

    Government protects them first, then let them competes internationally.

  38. Market Competition.

    Use market economy competition to drive prices of goods down.

  39. Medical.

    Highly advanced medicine expertises here.

  40. Meritocracy.

    To be promoted to Ministers & Officers, you need to prove yourselves academically & on the ground.

  41. Military.

    Build a credible defence force from scratch to protect foreign investments.

  42. Military - Cheap.

    LKY uses national servicemen & the best cheapest military upgrades seem fit.

  43. Ministers.

    Able to attract & select the best fit of candidates into his government.

  44. No Corruption.

    Build this strict rule into his government. Best in Asia for years.

  45. NTUC (Tax Free) Supermart.

    Build a tax-free cooperative public entity which sets the cost standards of basic goods.

  46. Organized Religions.

    LKY Government is very careful that all Religions run according to Nation Building.

  47. Pornography Censorship.

    Censor the information medium like pornography to keep the society pure.

  48. Public Housing.

    LKY builds many cheap HDB (government flats) for the people.

  49. Questioning.

    LKY asks all the right questions from His ground Officers & Ministers.

  50. Respect For Leaders.

    LKY is very particular about Respect For Leaders to build trust in the Ladership.

  51. Road Fees.

    The government charges ERP (Electronic Road Pricing) for car roads uses.

  52. Rule By Laws.

    Singapore has one of the strictest Civil Laws on this planet (if include hidden ones).

  53. Safe Environment.

    Has a capable police force to make the city almost crime free.

  54. Scanning Environment.

    Scan the local & international all the times for new opportunities & threats.

  55. Scholar Officers.

    The smartest school students are given scholarship to study aboard before joining government.

  56. Shopping & Recreation Centres.

    Setup many shopping centres & recreation centres to keep the population happy.

  57. Solid Police Control.

    LKY Government has Enlightened Controls to secure Singapore Country.

  58. Solid Social Control.

    LKY Government has very Enlightened Controls to prevent breakdown of the Country.

  59. Strong Foreign Reserves.

    It has strong foreign reserves especially from LKY eras.

  60. Tourism.

    First country revenues & still is.

  61. Trade.

    Initiate a free zone & port for international tradings.

  62. Transit Train.

    Build MRT mass rapid transit trains to speed up common transportation time.

  63. Wisdom & Tacts.

    LKY is full of intelligence (IQ) & tactics (EQ). Everyone needs to NLP (capture correct) His Thinkings.

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