Cstan98 Letter To Lost Sheep


Version3 2020.12.05

Dear Lost Sheep:

  1. Favourite Sheep.

    We The Flock knows you are JESUS CHRIST Favourite sheep. Because He abandons Us to look for you high & low.

  2. We Are Attacked Hurt.

    Do you know while JESUS CHRIST is away looking for you. We bigger Brothers/Sisters Sheep have to fight off fierce tigers/lions while JESUS CHRIST is away. And many of Us have gotten attacked/hurt.

  3. Please Do Not Boast.

    So please do not boast of your great adventures in deep valley & high mountains. We all along have stayed faithfully inside the Flock. Do You hear Us boast?

  4. Please Do Not Adventure Out Again.

    So please do not tell Us your intention to adventure out again. Because JESUS CHRIST confirms look for you again. Because We are tired of your misadventures.

  5. If Only.

    If only you have stayed inside the Flock. JESUS CHRIST most likely increase 100 sheep to 1000 sheep by now. The you waste so much of Our time.

  6. What Wrong Staying Inside Flock?

    What wrong staying inside the Flock? JESUS CHRIST feeds Us good drinks/foods. Fight off our predators.

  7. Stop Listening To Demonic Voices.

    Can you stop listening to demonic voices that outside the Flock is better?

  8. Can You Be A Good Sheep.

    Can You be a good obedient sheep like all of Us. Because many young sheep may follow your bad example. Thinking it is more brave glamourous.

  9. We Love You.

    Understand We The Flock still loves You. According to JESUS CHRIST Commandment. But Our patience has limits.

  10. *Conclusion.

    Lost sheep = are downtimes.

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