Cstan98 Knowledge Cultivation - Wonder


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Wonders Knowledge Cultivation.

Do You Life both a Wonder & full of Wonders.

  1. *Introduction: Know Wonders.

    Zen Master: "do You know what You breathe/drink/eat everyday? Treasure Them."

  2. Know Air.

    Why air is transparent? So that mom cat can see baby cat.

  3. Know Energy.

    Do you know energy need to come from somewhere? It can transfer from one form to another form. But over time. Energies dissipate. What are substaining the Universe Energies? What are the Sources?

  4. Know Human Body.

    Human Body is created to be perfect. Every cell, hair, organ, pore, ... has their Purposes.

  5. Know Light.

    Do you know the speed of light is constant? The highest speed in the Universe. Although you can teleport faster. But the speed of teleporting cannot be faster that that.

  6. Know Time.

    Do you know time can only travel forward? Not backward. You can go back in time. But there you are also forwarding from the future.

  7. Know Water.

    Why is water transparent? So that mom fish can see baby fish. Do you know water is created that it freezes downward. After a level. Cannot freeze further down. If it is freezes upward. The whole pond becomes frozen. So water lifeforms cannot exist.

  8. *Conclusion: After Know. More Confused.

    Zen Master: "at first. You take everythings for granted. After You know. You become more don't know. Feel more humble inferior."

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