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*Reasonings Knowledge Cultivation.

Anglican Church: "reasonings/scriptures/traditions."

General OS (Operating System).

  1. 1 Case = 3000 More Cases.

    Once there is 1 Case. Most likely 3000 more Cases.

  2. Backward & Forward.

    Take step backward = die. Take step forward = die. No move = die. Solution = take 1 step backward + take 1 step forward + to come back same position = live.

  3. Beginning To End.

    In beginning. Break simple. In the end. Combine complex.

  4. Both Scolding.

    Do right get scolding. Do wrong also scolding. Might as well don't do, right?

  5. Bottleneck Concept.

    Sometimes the whole operation is decided by one factor.

  6. Compare.

    If people do to me I cry. So if I do to people. People cry also.

  7. Consistent/Change.

    For this situation. How many % change/consistent?

  8. Control Experiment.

    If 0+X, get Y. Then plus X get Y.

  9. Do 1 Less Thing.

    1 less thing to do is better than 1 more thing to do. 无事胜有事.

  10. Do Something.

    Something to do is better than nothing to do, right?

  11. Do To You.

    The s/h/S/He does to other people. Same do to you.

  12. Die Everythings.

    Do this = die. Do that = die. Might as well don't do anything, right?

  13. Die Fight Or No Fight.

    Fight = die. No fight = die. Might as well fight for a chance to live.

  14. From This Logic.

    Following this logic. It implied other things same.

  15. Front Car Accident. Behind Car Careful.

    Don't repeat other people obvious mistakes.

  16. Guess.

    You can actually guess how people do it. If you are smart = studied very hard & all knowing.

  17. Imagine Person XYZ Is Here.

    What S/He does to solve the problems?

  18. Important/Priority.

    At this moment. Should do important/priority things first?

  19. Lesser Of 2 Evils.

    If demon10 charges 10% interests. The demon05 charges 5% interests. Of course choose demon05.

  20. Mention Self.

    Normally. A person mentions his own things because he already know the things.

  21. Now & After Same.

    If now do not release your money. After also not release your money.

  22. Parallax Error.

    Sometimes you hear/see wrongly.

  23. Reminders.

    Use simple reminders like on alarm to remind you to wash clothes at 12 midnight.

  24. Repeat.

    Mistakes tend to repeat. Things tend to stay the same. When you do nothing.

  25. Same Kind Are Together.

    Same kinds flock together.

  26. Since It Is Improving Fast.

    Since it is improving fast. Leave the system alone. Check later.

  27. System.

    You need a system to run things.

  28. Tendency.

    Tendency to happen. Happens.

  29. Test.

    Test the model/theory.

  30. Treat Others What They Want To Be Treated.

    People normally treat ways they want others to treat him. Good or bad.

  31. Who Is The Problem?

    If person argue with everyone. Then s/he is the problem. If s/he argues with L only . Then L is the only problem. If s/he argues with 50% of the people. Then 50% s/he and/or 50% of the people is/are the problem/s.

  32. Wolf Cry Wolf.

    The eat sheep wolf warns the sheep of eating sheep wolf.

  33. Worse.

    When presidential candidate is bad. When become president worse.

  34. Worse2.

    Do is bad. Don't do is worse, right?

  35. Worse - Still.

    When ask mop floor is bad. Then ask easier sweep floor bad also.

*BASIC Programming Language.

  1. AND.

    You And Bill Gates are both humans.

  2. END.

    Program Ends.

  3. EQUAL.

    If your wealth is Equal to Bill Gates. You are as rich.

  4. FOR/NEXT.

    For I = 1 to 10. Next I. (*repeat I from 1 to 10.)


    If your wealth is Greater than Bill Gates. You are richer.

  6. IF/THEN.

    If you are better than Bill Gates. Then you are richer than Bill Gates.

  7. LESS.

    If your wealth is Less than Bill Gates. You are poorer.

  8. OR.

    You are either Bill Gates or not Bill Gates.

  9. PRINT.

    Printing: becoming richer than Bill Gates.

  10. REM.

    This is Remarks.

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