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Version2 2018.03.00

*Prophecies Knowledge Cultivation.

Whether Perfect Chrisitianity/Panda Zen. Cultivation is Foundations. But You also need to study Prophecies. To work towards Good Ones. And to prevent bad ones.

**Battlefield Earth Movie Prophecy.

  1. Fire Chariots In The Sky.

    You mean fighter jets.

  2. Foods Magically Appear.

    You mean 7-11 convenience stores.

**Cstan98 Capture Sex Prophecy.

  1. Bad Economy.

    When people fail sex tests to do mass adultery. Economy food systems collapse. 747, F35, ... falls because of pilots over-sex.

  2. Capture Sex.

    The me Cstan98 tries to capture sex from satan the devil. 500 years Virginity before marriage. Can (41 + 23 + 1 + 300 + ...)

  3. OK Economy.

    Those who still do not adultery & keep their virginity pure life have some foods to eat.

  4. Sex Gifts.

    If You are worthy after many Combat Trainings. GOD gives You a Wife/Husband 1-To-1 Monogamy Marriage Sex Gifts.

  5. *Remarks.

    The me Cstan98 does not have all days when majority of the people cannot even pass the basic sex examination test like masturbation & pornography. You not bored see naked breasts A, B, C, .... It is basically the same things just 2 balls & a hole. Just change here & there.

**Holy Bible Revelation Prophecy.

  1. 1st Judgement.

    The satan the devil & his evil demons lose their wars & cast down to darkness planet earth below. Archangel Panda prefer Panda Blackbox.

  2. 2nd Judgement.

    After 1000 years of JESUS CHRIST Millennium Kingdom Rule. GOD sitting in White Throne in Heaven judges. The satan the devil get release. The people are tempted again. Those fail are casted to Eternal Fire Hell. Archangel Panda refer Panda Firebox.

  3. 4 Horsemen.

    The 4 Horsemen may be the same Cute-Cute Archangel.

  4. 666 Mark Of Beast.

    666 mark of beast is some sort of implanted chip for money transactions. If you do not have that 666 mark of beast. Cannot transact like get salary food = you die in your Faith. JESUS CHRIST: "if can leave, better leave now. If cannot leave, get beheaded die than to bow to satan the devil." Using Panda Calculations of Merits Money. You cannot take them. You take satan the devil calculations. You keep on bearing his sins transactions after transanctions. It is an online money server.

  5. 1000 Years GOD Rule.

    That is why me Cstan98 is trying to stalemate to Year 3000 to find JESUS CHRIST to find GOD. Look for the SON JESUS CHRIST to know who is the FATHER GOD. But currently me Archangel Panda cannot confirm JESUS CHRIST. Are you higher than me?

  6. Antichrists.

    My Cstan98 Understandings: there are many anti-christs. All princes & princesses of satan the devil. The males anti-christs are easy to identify = mostly drug addicts & with impotent big p organ implants.

  7. Babylon.

    Last time. An island inside the triangle of Japan, South Korea & Taiwan. This island is capturing beautiful females as prostitutes, taking in all the nations hard earned money wealth, trapping souls. Rumoured a market of slain saints blood as detoxifying wines. From Internet Prophecy. When this planet Global Nations cannot survive its high income taxes. Russia lead the Global Nations to tactical nuke attack on Babylon. But my Cstan98 Understanding: GOD New Jerusalem can switch to GOD Singapore Fortress (for example). So can satan the devil babylon throne to switzerland.

  8. Babylon (United States) Destroyed.

    Mormon Holy Bible New Books: "United States is the New Jersualem." From Internet prophecy. The united states is babylon to be attacked. Who is correct? My Cstan98 Understanding: "throne of babylon shifts all the time. So if babylon shifts to united states. We nuke? If babylon shifts to australia. We nuke? Where got time? We Jedi push babylon step by step from JESUS CHRIST America+3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa) Command + Panda Asia Command to europe+middle-east+africa then finally to switzerland.

  9. Babylon World System/

    The current world system. We Angels need to farm like mad + the dogs & pigs just come eat & eat. If satan the devil thinks his babylon world system works. Prove it. We Jedi Commands push the babylon world system to europe+middle-east+africa except 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa).

  10. Eternal Life Apple.

    Eternal Life Apples technologies given to mankind. It may be just a Apple Mac Laptop.

  11. Fountain Of Youth.

    Fountain of Youth appear. It may be just JESUS CHRIST Iced Filtered Water.

  12. King Of North Vs King Of South.

    (01) My Cute-Cute Cstan98 Interpretation of who is king of north & King Of South. The king of north = ex-archangel satan the devil in switzerland throne. Because he is the strongest. If you don't believe, ex-archangel satan the devil, ISIS (is shits is shits) obama, dog president bill clinton, dying of sexual exhaustion pope, unknown president jimmy carter, unknown Russian Putin, unknown Philippines Durette, unknown China Xi Jinping, Bushes Administrations, .... fight it out among yourselves to show who is the real king of north. King Of South = Archangel Panda in GOD Singapore Fortress. Our Jedi Commands from the South is One Unified Commands because Everyone knows who is the Best Commander. Everyone trains very hard to be ready to replace the Best Commander just in case He dies in action.

    (02) As Your Supreme Galactic Commander of the South, Your 2017 Objectives are clear:

    (02-01) Push babylon world systems to europe+middle-east+africa except 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa).

    (02-02) Secure JESUS CHRIST America Command + Panda Asia Command as fast as possible.

    (02-03) Hold the lines at 3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa) even they get all-out tactical nuke.

  13. Left Behind.

    Those people who do not make the worthy. Are left behind by their love ones. The me Cstan98 to Angels. Some of them are not worth it. Sometimes to save a person. You need her/him to go through the Great Tribulations.

  14. Moses & Elijah.

    Prophets Moses & Elijah resurrect in New Jerusalem to fight anti-christs.

  15. One World Government.

    When majority of nations threaten to attack Babylon. A temporary peace treaty is made. The babylon wants to form an one world government in this planet. It is said this peace is temporary.

  16. People Who Pass Tribulation.

    A multitude of people who are pure & white pass the Great Tribulation & earn Eternal Life.

  17. Raptures.

    (00) There are 3 Types Of Raptures. Pre/Mid/End. One Type. Or Combinations. No one really knows. Time Magazine: "Time tells."

    (01) Pre Tribulations Rapture. Before the Tribulations, people disappear = teleport. Save by Angels, JESUS CHRIST ... These are the pure & accounted worthy. They need not suffer the Tribulation.

    (02) Mid Tribulations Rapture. During the Tribulation. Those who do not give in to satanic sinful practices are raptured.

    (03) End Tribulations Rapture. Those who fight with Archangel Panda to hold the 50% GOD Lines to the last minute.

  18. Tribulations.

    Time comes when left behind sinners christians are persecuted by satanic army. The satanic army tries to contaminate your souls like 666 marks/rape/sodomize/you cursing GOD ... to make you burden with sins so heavy you cannot go Heaven. Those who do not give in, get beheaded.

  19. Wars In Heaven.

    Archangel Michael fight in Heaven to drive satan the devil & evil demons down to Archangel Panda Planet Earth.

  20. New Heaven & Earth.

    A new Heaven & Earth are borned that wipe away every tears.

  21. *Remarks.

    (00) This Prophecy brings fear & hope.

    (01) Fear = if you have been doing evil. You need to repent now or face the Consequences.

    (02) Hope = if You have been doing good. You pass the Examinations Judgements.

    (03) Hope & Fear = if you are lukewarm. The y/You have a 50% chance to fail/pass. You need to be more firm in your Faith.

**Mars Boy (Boris Kipriyanovich) Prophecy.

  1. Korean Nuke Conflicts.

    A north korea/trump nukes exchanges. Turn into worldwide one. Turn planet earth to mars carbon dioxide environment. (No atmosphere.)

**Nostradamus Prophecy.

  1. Year 2007-2017.

    This Universe see Great Wars.

  2. Year 2012.

    The north korea attacks Japan & South Korea. It does not happen. Prophecy Fate can be changed. When Everyone Hearts turn Holy/Perfect/Pure.

  3. Year 2016.

    World War 3 starts in 2016. If it does not happen according to 2012. It means Prophecy Fate can be changed. Everyone Hearts must turn Holy/Perfect/Pure as much as possible.

  4. Year 2020.

    There is no more sickness. Space Travel between planets civilization are established.

  5. *Remarks.

    (00) This Prophecy brings fear & hope.

    (01) Fear = we may have to live survive in all-out tactical nuke environment to research to a remarkable environment.

    (02) Hope = if we survive to year 2020. We live in a remarkable time.

**NORAD Computer Game Prophecy.

  1. For 1000 years. Peace has been established. There are no enemy threats. United States Government disarm & disable NORAD. The enemies launch a nuclear first strike into United States. After that, an alien colony ship appear. All is too late.

**Other Religions Prophecy.

  1. Catholic Last Pope.

    According to Catholic, this current pope is the last pope. JESUS CHRIST suppose to re-take the Christ (pope) Position?

  2. Hindu. Dark Islam.

    According to hindu. The islam turns to anti-christ dark side religion division to attack Us Jedi.

  3. Japanese. Christ Live With Them.

    If Christ die-die must live in Singapore. Then, should He goes to Japan. Or Japanese come here.

  4. Japanese. Sinking Japan.

    If Japan suppose to sink. How is Christ suppose to live there.

  5. Jewish. Israel Rape.

    Israel Country is raped by Her enemies. All israeli tactical nuke weapons are fired landed on middle east countries.

  6. Jewish. Passover.

    There is a rumour that jewish priests murder christians, islamic, ... children during their passover as lambs.

  7. Mormon. Daniel 13th Chapter.

    According to Mormon. Their new Bible Book is the Daniel Secret 13th Chapter. Read their Bible from internet/YouTube. Don't approach them for a copy for obvious reasons.

  8. Mormon. New Jerusalem.

    According to Mormon. There is a New Jerusalem either in GOD United States Texas or Singapore. Read their Bible from internet/YouTube. Don't approach them for a copy for obvious reasons.

  9. Mormon. New Jews.

    According to Mormon. Perfect Christians are the New GOD Jews. Read their Bible from internet/YouTube. Don't approach them for a copy for obvious reasons.

  10. Obama Last President.

    The my Cstan98 Understanding: obama is the united states babylon last (dog) president. After that, all are United States New Jersualem Presidents. So are George H. W. Bush1 & 2 dogs presidents? My Cstan98 Understanding is that babylon throne is in switzerland. The ex-united-states is just a colony sub-country of babylon throne in switzerland. How does babylon system works: it needs Good United States President to farm a few years, then bad (dog) united states president to harvest the foods. Let Us Jedi liberate United States from babylon world system again. It seems We Jedi need to repeat Re-Tests all the time like United States Independence, then United States New Jersualem Independence, ... (?????)

  11. *Remarks.

    Prophecies are just Signposts of time flows yet to come. To fulfill or to change.

**Year Signpost Prophecy.

  1. 1999 End Of World.

    Delayed. Prophecies can be changed.

  2. 2003. First City Get Nuked.

    Delayed. Prophecies can be changed.

  3. 2012. End Of World

    Delayed. Prophecies can be changed.

  4. 2016. Recession End.

    It seems We Jedi need to stop value money so much. In order to stop the world great economic recessions & depressions.

  5. 2020. Federation Peace.

    Star Trek Prophecy. We need to last until 2020. To have Federation Peace. Money becomes obsolete.

  6. 3000. No Threats To Jedi Command.

    Star Wars Prophecy. For 1000 Years Federation Peace. There are no threats to Jedi Command. Then. A dark emperor & vader appear & wipe out the whole jedi command.

  7. *Remarks.

    Prophecies can be delayed & changed or self-fulfilling depend on the the People. 'Terminator1, Movie': "no fate".

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