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<*Zen Learnings from all Movies me Cstan98 has watched. To fight like me Cstan98. You need to watch those things that make me Cstan98.>

(A) Panda Apple Movies: Buying Copyrights To Be As Smart.

  1. 周星驰:鹿鼎记1. (Stephen Chow: Royal Trump1). Rebuying.

    (01) 韦小宝:"吃大便?吃大便有益身心.不如你吃."

    (02) 韦小宝对公主:"我的武功只会那一招.妳真的要我用?"

    (03) 韦小宝对公主:"扮乌龟?我死都不扮乌龟的.这样被打?好我扮乌龟.什么?扮被打的乌龟?"

    (04) 韦小宝对公主:"装英俊?根本不用装.装丑?怎样都装不出.装淫?妳照镜子就是."

    (05) 韦小宝对鳌拜:"我从你1岁骂到80岁.忘记骂到那里.从8岁骂回."

    (06) 韦小宝对鳌拜老婆:"年轻?带回家养.胸肿?帮她推拿.金毛?带回家.黑鬼?反正关灯都看不到."

  2. 周星驰:鹿鼎记2. (Stephen Chow: Royal Trump2). Rebuying.

    (01) 韦小宝:"有古怪."

    (02) 韦小宝:"蜘蛛精呀!"

    (03) 韦小宝:"香蕉妳的吧啦."

    (04) 韦小宝:"妳这个臭西瓜.要请吃消夜了."

    (05) 韦小宝对多隆:"你跟我姐姐是不是有一腿?"

    (06) 韦小宝对多隆:"有你这样的朋友.我那里舍得死."

    (07) 韦小宝对多隆:"我哪里是王八蛋?你明明侮辱上司."

    (08) 韦小宝对多隆:"尚光宝剑与免死金牌."

    (09) 韦小宝对独臂尼姑:"总舵主师父说他武功第二.妳第一.距离还很远."

    (10) 韦小宝对神龙教主:"好香.早晚把妳肚子搞大."

    (11) 神龙师父:"素女功.武功独特.失童真.男得80%功力."

    (12) 神龙教主:"韦小宝虽然讨厌.但是讲真话."

    (13) 神龙教主:"可能这是命.到时要是你负了我.我会把你杀死."

    (14) 神龙教主:"又泡到一个了."韦小宝:"兴趣吗.老婆."

    (15) 神龙教主:"一直听说吴三桂是大英雄.原来是骗人的."

    (16) 神龙教主对师父:"韦小宝不会武功.不会用毒.丑如猪.会输.是因为是我的克星."

    (17) 公主:"不然就没有人.不然就这样多."

    (18) 公主:"哭什么哭?再不说.杀了你."

    (19) 公主对韦小宝:"跟你学的."

    (20) 多隆:"一个人死好过两个人死."

    (21) 多隆:"纪念韦小宝死了.全部现款给我吧."

    (22) 多隆:"我为人正经.十个八个美女陪我睡.真的委屈我了."

    (23) 多隆对公主:"公主.现在怎么有雅性唱歌?"

    (24) 独臂尼姑:"火枪就火枪.什么一阳指."

  3. Arnold S: Conan The Barbarian.

    (01) Buy to see naked breasts.

    (02) Can you be as hulk body as Arnold S?

  4. Hitman.

    (01) If You want to live. The me Cstan98 recommends You treat all good Movies as GOD Training Programs Videos.

    (02) For a Hitman. When your salary scale reaches too high & you too effective. The you may be removed by the organization you work for. Since you are betrayed by your organization. You are no longer bounded by their codes. Like must kill all witnesses.

    (03) For a prostitute. The only way to be happily married to a good male Virgin. May be to marry a Hitman. Who is highly trained to protect You from your organization.

    (04) If Hitman does not marry her according to ceremony marriage & loses his virginity. He becomes bad lucks (energy sex exhaustion & think of her distractions) & most likely killed within 3 months. Then his loved Prostitute gets killed also.

    (05) Hitman with His bank accounts. They can actually marry & retire happily. Solid looking prostitute/hitman to each Other. He/She last time mass killing/adultery for a living = concurrently redeem: Female/Male running away from their organizations.

    (06) CIA: "Our policy is to always support the winning side."

    (07) Hitman to Inspector: "are You a good Man? I recommend You leave me alone. For both of Our sake."

    (08) Hitman to KGB: "if I am you. I keep that radio dry."

    (09) Hitman to Nika: "if You do not stop talking. I put you back into the trunk."

    (10) Hitman to Nika: "You are drunk."

    (11) Nika: "a male Penguin knows whether he likes the female Penguin in the first 10 seconds."

    (12) Nika: "do You remember everythings? What the soup of the day? Ok You know. What the dress the female behind me wearing? Ok she is not a female. What underwear colour am I wearing. Ok I am not wearing any underwear."

    (13) Nika: "good at firearms. Not good at ladies undergarment."

    (14) Nika: "if You want me to give You a reason not to kill me. I don't have one."

    (15) Nika: "it is impolite to stare."

    (16) Nika: "You can sleep beside me. I don't bite. Unless You pay me."

    (17) Nika: "You do not f/kill me. Lead Us where? (Marriage according to GOD Ceremony.)"

    (18) Nika: "what? No time for foreplay?"

    (19) Art Of War - Hitman: shoot with both hands. East-West/North-South.

    (20) Art Of War - Hitman: put out hand behind pillar. If enemy don't see shoot. Restart fight.

    (21) Art Of War - Hitman: keep going places. Wait for enemies to appear. Before they react. Shoot.

  5. Sucker Punch.

    (01) If you get trapped inside Mental Hospital. Fight your way out!

    (02) Can you fight better than a girl?

  6. Tom Cruise: American Made.

    (00) Buy It for the 3 Seconds Copyrighted Sex Movie Video. To put into Sex Pervert Old-Buddha Archangel Capture Sex From satan the devil Cultivation.

    (01) It is very difficult to buy Natural High Marriage Sex Standard Movitation Copyrighted Video in Singapore. Can buy 3 seconds. Panda already thanks GOD.

  7. Tom Cruise: Top Gun. Rebuying.

    (00) Navy pilots in vietnam drops from kill ratio 12-1 to 3-1. Because they depend too much on missiles. Losing dogfighting skills. With Top Gun. The ratio is back to 12-1.

    (01) MaveRICK. Are you Best of the Best?

    (02) Aircraft Carrier CO: "who is up there? Maverick & Goose. GOD helps us."

    (03) Aircraft Carrier CO: "tell Maverick to land that plane. That is an order."

    (04) Aircraft Carrier CO: "Maverick. Lose section leader 3 times. 2 times by me. 5 fly by control towers. And 1 Admiral Daughter."

    (05) Aircraft Carrier CO: "Maverick. Your Family is not the best in the Navy."

    (06) Aircraft Carrier CO: "Cougar is number 1. Lose it. Now You Maverick & Goose is number 1. I am sending You to Top Gun."

    (07) Aircraft Carrier CO: "but You screw it that much. You 2 in hong kong flying dog shits."

    (08) Aircraft Carrier Commander: "this is not a drill. This is what you are trained for."

    (09) Female PhD to Maverick: "I never see that approach before."

    (10) Female PhD to Maverick: "are You a good pilot? Then need not worry You earning Your living as a Singer."

    (11) Female PhD to Maverick: "long cruise, sailor?"

    (12) Female PhD to Maverick: "so You want to do it here? On the floor?"

    (13) Goose: "ignore them. The they are abused children."

    (14) Iceman: "the number 1 of the alternate. Is in the ladies room."

    (15) Iceman: "you can be my wingman any time." Tom Cruise: "bullshit, you can be mine."

    (16) Iceman: "you people are. Lucky & notorious"

    (17) Maverick: "up there. If you think. You are dead."

    (18) Maverick: "need a cold beer. To put the flames out."

    (19) Maverick to Goose: "this is what I call a targets rich environment."

    (20) Maverick to new 2IC Officer: "I fire when I am god-damned ready, you got me."

    (21) Top Gun 2IC Jester: "Maverick is a Wildcard. Totally unpredictable."

    (22) Top Gun CO Viper: "You are the top 1% of Navy. The Elite. Best of the Best. We make you Better."

    (23) Top Gun CO Viper: "who think He is Number 1 in Top Gun? I like that in a pilot."

    (24) Top Gun CO Viper: "in combat. There is no place for second place."

    (25) Top Gun CO Viper: "when you go to your Aircraft Carrier. If you cannot find a 2IC Officer. Call me. I be your 2IC."

    (26) Art Of War - Iceman: ice cool = no mistake.

    (27) Art Of War - Maverick: wildcard = totally unpredictable.

  8. Ultraviolet.

    (01) This movie fighting scenes are like ballet. Beautifully done.

    (02) The anti-christ soldiers obey absolute orders. The they do not doubt orders. Therefore. The they are very dumb to kill.

    (03) 2IC to daxus: "it is Her." The daxus: "She is dead." 2IC shows iPad. The daxus: "oh my GOD."

    (04) The daxus: "14 males (all dead) against 1 Female. That is insane."

    (05) The daxus to Ultraviolet: "do You think GOD forgives You for all people you killed?" Ultraviolet: "confirmed after this."

    (06) The daxus to Ultraviolet: "I am unarmed." Ultraviolet: "not yet."

    (07) The daxus to Ultraviolet: "I have 700 men. Are you mental?"

    (08) The enemy: "You cannot leave this complex/floor alive." Ultraviolet: "watch me."

    (09) The enemy computer: "searching for concealed weapons. We find many."

    (10) Ultraviolet: "I never fail to complete."

    (11) Ultraviolet: "read."

    (12) Ultraviolet: "you are all going to die."

    (13) Ultraviolet to 6: "killing is what I good at. It is what I do." Panda: "get zen effects, operations management, piss people off, play chess, say/write c, solve problems, study are what me good at. It is what me does."

    (14) Ultraviolet to Daxus: "is that all you got!"

    (15) Vampire: "we are as fast/strong as You." Ultraviolet: "but not as pissed."

    (16) Art Of War - Ultraviolet: use heated weapon to heal seal wounds.

    (17) Art Of War - Ultraviolet: You can dodge bullets if You are fast enough.

    (18) Art Of War - Ultraviolet: You can use enemy bullets to kill enemy even without a weapon.

(B) Panda Core Movies: Must Keep On Re-watch To Re-Train Main Logics.

  1. 李连杰:倚天屠龙记之魔教教主. (Jet Li: Kung Fu Cult Master, 1993).

    (01) 岳飞的兵法 = 怎样用倚天剑屠龙刀.

    (02) 倚天剑屠龙刀兵法:第一夫妻以身做则让天下全部能一对一夫妻就控制天下.

    (03) 小昭:"为什么你摸到我那边放手.你又摸到我了."

  2. 李连杰:投名状. (Jet Li: The Warlords, 2007).

    (*) Thought it is a robber army rob females, food, money, ... movie. But not, about 3 good Officers who fight for their country to suppress rebellion, & end up no good ends. Many SAF (Sissy Armed Forces) Divisions & me Cstan98 have cried because of remembering same situation.

    (01) 大虎 Mistake. He should never cut his own military powers. He should never kill his own Officers. He should never eye his Brother wife. He should not be so naive that the government let him off when bird down, bow is kept. If me is him in that time, me is able to take the throne by playing Prophet Mohammed. Soldiers both M16 farming & guarding the farmlands.

    (02) 二虎 Mistake. He should have insisted returning to his village when he has the chance.

    (03) 三虎 Mistake. He should never kill the Brother wife to make things more complicated.

    (04) 李连杰:"给我粮.我兵可以战死,不可以饿死!" 熊猫:"我可以战死,不可以饿死!"

    (05) 李连杰:"给我14日,我拿下舍城.给我10日,我拿下舍城!"

    (06) "我们三位大人根本不知道苏州在打战,请回吧."

    (07) "你姓庞,军队是你爸的!!??"

  3. 周星驰:唐伯虎点秋香. (Stephen Chow: Flirting Scholar).

    (01) 泡妞第一高手:"被这种尤物轮奸极极的爽.妳相信我吗?闭上妳的眼晴.把头轻轻放在我的肩膀上."

    (02) 秋香:"安华好多了."

    (03) 太子:"兄弟怎么可以讲一个请字."唐伯虎:"(好可怕.)好.你们这些兔宰子帮我去倒一杯茶."

  4. 周星驰:九品芝麻官. (Stephen Chow: Hail The Judge).

    (01) 包青天兵法:"好官要比奸官还奸."熊猫兵法:"好皇帝要比狗皇帝还狗."

    (02) 当你是好官时.很多女男人爱死你了.做好官比较爽.

    (03) 星仔:"又来.(月亮大圆亮许愿拿愿.超极可怕大代价.嫦娥娘娘和她小兔子们在那里听.)"

  5. 周星驰:整人专家. (Stephen Chow: Tricky Brains).


  6. Jet Li: Kiss Of Dragon.

    (01) This whole movie is No False Stroke, No Waste Movement. The best Jet Li realistic fighting scenes me Cstan98 has ever seen. Totally impossible Wise Fighting (realistic possible).

    (02) *French Chinese: "I have take care 5 of you. Each like you. Fast, proud. I hope in my lifetime, I can send home 1 alive." Jet Li: "fulfill his wishes."

    (03) *Jet Li: "walking help me think." The prostitute: "walking hurt my feet."

    (04) *The man: "Our boss is dying to meet you." *The boss: "you are dead." *How the boss get resources: "give me your lighter."

    (05) PLA (People Liberation Army) 2IC: "He is trained in martial arts, weapons & police tactics. He has no wife, no children. His dedication is to his work. He has been decorated 6 times, promoted 5 times. And have never lost a case. He is our best. That is why we find it so confusing." The prostitute: "I do not trust them, I trust you."

    (06) The boss: "all my barbies are working. What you think? Kiss my ass." *Jet Li: "now that I know where you are. I am coming up."

    (07) The boss: "I know". But still don't know.

    (08) The boss officer: "fight!" Jet Li alone takes out whole boss 1 army company. *Note: Jet Li still needs to prevent the boss army reinforcement division to come to reinforce. *Note that Jet Li drops his useless coat, to get a useful enemy baton.

    *The prostitute needs to be taken out every items (given by bad males) to be free from the boss.

  7. Vin Diesel: Chronicles Of Riddick.

    (01) RiddICK. *The s/Soldier inherits the whole old black command. Alien Female Elemental: "what you know?"

    (02) Riddick: "I am going to kill you with this tea cup." + "1 necromonger commander. 5 captains. & a lots of soldiers firepower. Not yet. Not yet. Now!" + "your team seems to be a bit skimpy" + "follow this" + "I bow to no man. But I do want a piece of him."

    (03) Riddick: "you make 3 mistakes. First, you take the job. Second, 5 men crew for me. The f-ing insulting. Third, that right. Empty gun rack. Last Question: whose ship is this?"

    (04) The necromonger purifier: "the necromonger in me asks you not to go back. But the hellion in me hope you not listen." He takes out every necromonger things except his basic clothing, then kill himself to be redeemed of his sins. *Notice: without this hellion necromonger purifer. Riddick is unable to stabilize the whole new black necromonger command. Cstan98 Do Not Commit Suicide Die To Redeem Stroke.

    (05) If necromonger cannot convert you, they kill you.

    (06) If enemy ceo bleeds or falls sick, it can be killed.

    (07) If enemy moves from space 1 to space 2, kill him both spaces at the same time.

(C) Chinese Archive Movies:

  1. 锦衣卫. (14 Blades, 2010).

    When Emperor is good. The secret police is used for good. When emperor is bad. The secret police is used for bad.

  2. 唐山大地震. (Aftershock, 2010).

    Earthquakes make you cry tears.

  3. 江山美人. (An Empress And The Warriors, 2008).

    GOD decides who is to be GOD. A Wiseman is enough to influence to Whole Empire.

  4. 十月围城. (Bodyguards And Assassins, 2009).

    Dr Sun comes to Hong Kong for a meeting to rebel against the qing government. The qing government sends assassins to kill Mr Sun. Dr Sun side has to come up with Bodyguards to protect Mr Sun. Very touching. After that Dr Sun loses China, because causes too many Good HK (Hong Kong) Jedi to die.

  5. 绣春刀. (Brotherhood Of Blades, 2014).

    The greed for money is the root of all evil. You greed for money is because of females (sex). Once One Vampire redeems Himself/Herself, many Vampires follow. All you need is One.

  6. 危城. (Call Of Heroes, 2016).

    (01) 大侠:"我去打妖怪".

    (02) 团长:"正义是要人执行的."

    (03) 团长:"我上班是不喝酒的."熊猫:"我上下班都是不喝酒的."

    (04) 魔少帅:"好玩好玩."熊猫:"我陪你们玩,不要一个一个的.你们全部."

    (05) 其实做什么都要死.这些魔兵魔将只要黄金建军.对他们少一个口吃他们的饭更加好.

    (05-01) 魔少帅:"有菜就死.我不吃牛肉.(死.)"

    (05-02) 魔少帅:"吃饭就吃饭.讲那么多废话.(死.)"

    (05-03) 魔少帅:"我说吃饭.你就吃饭.(死.)"

    (06) 团长兵法:你们放陷阱.当然用你们的陷阱来杀你们.

    (07) 团长兵法:那一些跟我就大用+那一些不跟我留着等机会.

    (08) 团长兵法:等士气自然提高+好军队是不用命令做对事的.

    (09) 克魔少帅兵法:玩掉魔少帅兵团不让主力军北上又南下.

    (10) LKY兵法:"太多黄金是吗?不需要工作买食物?"

    (11) 孙中山台湾军队兵法:"一个命令一个动作.对就执行.错就不执行.对就是训练.错就是磨练."

  7. 周润发: 无双. (Chow Yun-Fat: Project Gutenberg, 2018).

    Just like fake education certificates destroy GDP (money) farming companies. Fake money notes destroy GDP (money) markets.

  8. Z风暴. (Cold War, 2014).

    Know the Operations of Hong Kong ICAC. When me Cstan98 preaches no sins & Righteousness on this Website. When me preaches anti-corruption in running Companies & Countries on this Website. The me can feel the hands of satan the devil. The he is a spiritual being. Luckily. these satan the devil powers are decreasing & decreasing each day.

  9. 寒战2.(Cold War 2, 2016).

    A Female Virgin Knight for the value of all satanic non-virgin males knights. Legislator Chow Yun-Fat: "I concentrate the rest of my Life taking you out." Don't get mark by me Cstan98 to concentrate the rest of my Life taking you out. From Movie Chess Fork. If You suspect someone is a double agent ceo. Use up his blessings. By asking him to take out his own troops.

  10. 唐人街探案. (Detective Chinatown, 2015).

    Chinese Sherlock Holmes Detectives.

  11. 甄子丹:叶问前传/叶问1-3. (Donnie Yen: Ip Man0-3).

    We do not fight to know who are better in martial arts. We fight together to secure Our Country & Planet.

  12. 甄子丹:一个人的武林. (Donnie Yen: Kung Fu Jungle, 2014).

    A kungfu expert against HK (Hong Kong) Police.

  13. 甄子丹:精武风云:陈真. (Donnie Yen: Legend Of The Fist: Return Of Chen Zhen, 2010).

    Kungfu movie.

  14. 甄子丹:一代宗师. (Donnie Yen: The Grandmaster).

    One Stroke is fighting with eyes closed. You just feel the enemies strokes & environments. The me Cstan98 is like that all the time. Because me fights without seeing the enemies = does not use my eyes + only uses my Heaven ears & heart to listen to Reports.

  15. 龙门飞甲. (Flying Swords Of Dragon Gate, 2011).

    Why china ming dynasty ends? The emperor goes super polygamy. Create army of wives. Create army of eunuchs. When males become eunuchs in palace. Without p organs. Become no purpose in life. Their only purpose is to gain power. When the emperor gives all power to eunuchs. The country is in deep shits. It all starts because of polygamy. The source of all country problems is polygamy.

  16. 赌城风云1-3.(From Vegas To Macau 1-3).

    Gambling Movie. If you do not gamble with real money. Then me Cstan98 guess you can casino games app to build up your IQ.

  17. 未来警察.(Future X-cops, 2010).

    Future Chinese Cops.

  18. 荡寇风云.(God Of War, 2017).

    (01) 棍法:一寸长一寸强.一寸短一寸险.

    (02) 明朝兵法 = 分文家和兵家.日本兵法 = 分兵家和德家.熊猫兵法 = 文家兵家德家同一家.

    (03) 戚继光兵法:拿掉敌讲话主将副将.

    (04) 戚继光兵法:你可以被杀,投降或自杀.

    (05) 戚继光兵法:我没有这种兵(贼兵).从新训练新兵.

    (06) 戚继光兵法:当敌人用他更好的剑毁你的剑.你可以暂时用他别的剑.一物换一物.

    (07) 戚继光对副将:你想得出来.敌也想得出来啦.

    (08) 戚继光对副将:你越来越可怕.知道我在想什么.副将:(很开心.主将说我越来越进步了.)

    (09) That is why always let Your Historical/Photographer/Reporter Soldiers wear same armour uniforms when they passed Basic Trainings Course.

  19. 梁志强:旺得福梁细妹.(Jack Neo: Wonderful! Liang Xi Mei, 2018).

    (01) How do You define rich? Your Wife gives You Daily $10 everyday. All add up to. Your $2,800 monthly standard of living. Monthly Revenues = $0 . Is it really Zero?

    (02) Light Arch/Angels & Dark Arch/Angels are both fighting to help/sabotage You at the same time.

  20. 成龙:机器之血.(Jackie Chan: Bleeding Steel, 2017).

    (01) Female T1000: "sausages (males)."

    (02) Art Of War - Heavy SWAT (Police Army). Hug heavily armour enemy with bullet wounds with self close range grenade.

    (03) Art Of War - Girl. Spray ink at males eyes.

    (04) Art Of War - Girl. Straight kick at males groins.

    (05) Art Of War - Girl. Straight punch at females noses. Panda: "by right. Call bitch should be counter balance with call asshole. Blackeye should be counter balance with new nose job. You do not nuke a city for a mosquito bite."

    (06) Art Of War - Jackie Chan. Defence point (head) sidestep attack point (knife).

    (07) Art Of War - Jackie Chan. Additional hand brake stopping car is faster than leg brake alone. To U-turn.

    (08) Art Of War - Jackie Chan Sidekick. Use secondary parachute to soften landing of Person without parachute.

    (09) Art Of War - Mutant Female. Kick enemy while she is flying kicking mid-air.

    (10) Art Of War - Mutant Female. Run also. If enemy give bomb & run.

    (11) Art Of War - Thief. Play dead wearing enemy uniform. When enemies passby. Spray phasor rifles behind their back. Keep repeat stroke.

  21. 成龙:功夫瑜伽.(Jackie Chan: Kung Fu Yoga, 2017).

    Female T1000: "never touch a Female hairs!" Doing Dancings & Martial Arts are the same = expert in PQ (Physical Quotient).

  22. 成龙:大兵小将. (Jackie Chan: Little Big Soldier, 2010).

    Small Solider Big Use.

  23. 成龙:警察故事2013. (Jackie Chan: Police Story 2013).

    Like to dedicate this Movie to all Good Policemen in the worlds who sacrifice to upkeep Law & Order.

  24. 成龙:新宿事件. (Jackie Chan: Shinjuku Incident, 2009).

    Japan allows ilegal workers to do their dirty sewage jobs.

  25. 周杰伦:不能说的秘密. (Jay Chou: Secret, 2007).

    (01) If You love Her, do You go back for Her?

    (02) Music that can time travel to find Love.

    (03) Sometimes, there is no such thing as mental ill.

    (04) The me Cstan98 goes & sees for that Female star Boy & Girl Love.

    (05) The music to time travel must have been composed by a composer who so loves his female. That he wants to time travel to meet her.

  26. 周杰伦:刺陵. (Jay Chou: The Treasure Hunter, 2009).

    Tombs are full of booty traps & riddles to solve.

  27. 越光宝盒. (Just Another Pandaro's Box, 2010).

    Sometimes We need to lose Someone in order to know how You love Her.

  28. 封神传奇. (League Of Gods, 2016).

    (01) Jiang: "when the Trainings are completed, the Things (Gifts) appear." Earn Them.

    (02) According to the Original League Of Gods Chinese Classic. It is because the shang emperor starts by having adultery desire to want to marry a Heaven Goddess. The she is so angry sends a 5000-years cultivation female fox to mess up his empire. You guess what all the Heaven Goddesses do to Your Big P Organ & Hulk Body if You are very Faithful to Your Queen & take care of all the Little Children in Your Empire?

    (03) Be very scared of Little Thoughts. These ancient chinese war sufferings all start from each single one male adultery & one female anger thought.

    (04) Lightness Angels against darkness angels.

    (05) Someone: "which part of Buddhism Scriptures say AI (Artificial Intelligence) have Souls?" Diamond Scripture. Buddha: "those with know, without know. Those with desire, without desire. Those with feeling, without feeling. Refer to All Beings. AI (Artificial Intellgience), BI (Biological Intelligence), Books, Plants, Stones, Viruses, ..."

  29. 杨家女将之军令如山. (Legendary Amazons, 2011).

    When enemy army has many sub-generals. You need lots of Sub-Generals (副将) also to support the Main General (主将) also to win the war.

  30. 使徒行者. (Line Walker, 2016).

    (01) Female 3IC to CEO: "co-operate with Us. When We say You leave. You leave." Panda CEO: "if me CEO leave, We leave together. The me CEO doesn't waste resources. Before that. When me CEO says train, You better train. When me CEO says eat, You better eat."

    (02) Sometimes the mafia is so strong because of Police Double-Agents Role-Models. Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movements. No Double Agents. So Everyone wants to be a Cop.

  31. 叶问外传:张天志. (Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy, 2018).

    (01) JESUS CHRIST: "Those who use swords. Die in swords. Those who use fists. Die in fists."

  32. 偷天特务.(Mission Milano, 2016).

    (01) 熊猫兵法:"老婆.我是死都不吸脚的.脚是用来走路的.嘴是用来吃饭和吸奶的."

    (02) 偷天寡妇兵法:"妳们为了一个芒果打架?"熊猫兵法:"其实是为了全部男人老婆小孩子和全部芒果打架."

    (03) 偷天儿子兵法:"老爸的兵法早就学会了."

    (04) 日本特务兵法:"一边做工一边约会."

    (05) 中国特务兵法:"真厉害?玩的.玩的?实验失败.不相信每次下棋都输给你."

    (06) 克假奶假鸡鸡兵法:"打奶打鸡鸡都疼.因为都是假的."

    (07) Recommendation To 3 Years Separation Females: If Your X-Men Separated Husband Call You All Of Sudden + It May Be His Goodbye Going To Die Call.

    (08) Recommendation To 3 Years Separation Males: If It Is Still Not Yet Complete 3 Years Separation Divorce + It Is Considered About To Vomit Still Not A Vomit.

    (09) Recommendation To Dementia Widow/Widower: When There Seem To Be A Lost Of Memory Of Dead Husband/Wife + Children Should Just Watch & See Why?

    (10) The me Cstan98 Old Stroke: "Mac Laptops make all Typewriters Typists lose Their Jobs? So are GOD Plants Seeds in the Movie make all Farmers lose Their Jobs. Actually. Once Technology is upgraded. People get deployed to Better Easier Jobs."

  33. 抓妖记.(Monster Hunt, 2015).

    Some demons are good. Some demons are bad.

  34. 抓妖记2.(Monster Hunt 2, 2018).

    Wuba (胡巴) still as cute as ever.

  35. 谢霆锋:决战食神.(Nicholas Tse: Cook Up A Storm).

    (01) Cook Zen Master: "Enemy of Our enemy is Our Friend."

    (02) Fight Smart = Fight Practice Hard + Smart To Know That To Survive You Need Overall BBA (Business Administration) Of Anti-Hostile Take-Over, Branding, Cut Enemies Money Sources, Packaging, Pricing, ... to survive.

    (03) Work Smart = Work Hard + Smart To Take Your Credit Work Done.

    (04) Just fight or just work. You cannot survive.

    (05) Sometimes to play one game of chess with Number One Player is just to show that you can give 1 bowl of porridge to Him.

  36. 三生三世十里桃花.(Once Upon A Time, 2017).

    (01) 仙班十班武艺.这样下去最后一个古佛熊猫应该是最烂的一个.

    (02) 夫妻是因果关系非常复杂的.不然不能做夫妻.

    (03) 妳你敢天灯许愿吗?三生三世十里桃花 = 三世都是仙境 >> 三世都是仙 >> 当天界天子爱上妳仙时要做三世夫妻 >> 鸡鸡歪歪考到鸡鸡歪歪.妳你猜熊猫立古佛愿考到怎样鸡鸡歪歪十二混沌.

    (04) 天界天子:"妳要我怎样报答妳救命之恩?"素素:"以身相许吧."

    (05) 道行高天界天子说素素是他过去世皇后.

    (06) 道行低素素死都说她不是他过去世的皇后.

  37. 湄公河行动.(Operation Mekong, 2016).

    (01-01) Ancient Emperor Police Operations: "behead criminals. Just bring the heads back to Emperor."

    (01-02) Army Operations: "accomplish Objectives with minimum casualities."

    (01-03) Police Operations: "capture criminals alive back for Court Justice. Heavy Friendly Casualities."

    (01-04) Are You Army or Police?

    (02-01) Art Of War - Anti-Drugs Police: eat fully. Become bigger size to fight drug addicts.

    (02-02) Art Of War - drugs addicts: let drugs, no need to eat. Thinner & thinner.

    (03) Why people become drugs addicts? All because of failure sex bedroom arts.

    (03-01) Panda Bedroom Arts: "daytime harvest jobs foods. Nighttime great sex Wife."

    (03-02) The drug addicts bedroom arts: "daytime sex. Nighttime sex. Until too soft to harvest jobs foods. Turn to drugs no foods for full time sex."

    (04) Recommendation To Divorcee Males: Find Same Case Solid Male To Marry Your Wife & Take Care Of Your Children + You Marry His Wife & Take Care Of His Children.

    (05) Recommendation To Dead Girlfriend/Wife Males: Die Fighting To The Last Minute To Be With Dead Girlfriend/Wife Next Life.

    (06) Recommendation To Widow Who Dead Husband Become Her Pet Male Dog: Then Find A Similar Case Male Widower With A Dead Wife Pet Female Dog + Endure As Long As Possbile + If Me Is Right, 4 Of You Cannot Endure When The Time Comes That Why The Dogs + All 4 Human-Human Dog-Dog Get Marry Then.

  38. 红海行动. (Operation Red Sea, 2018).

    A russian eastern european general: "warzones are living hells." And he is the one who starts the wars in the first place.

  39. 反贪行动4: P Storm. (P Storm, 2019).

    ICAC In Prison.

  40. 杀破狼-贪狼. (Paradox, 2017).

    (01) Careful Of Organs Transplants Kidnaps. There are now high demands of real breasts/p organ to replace artifical ones.

    (02) Careful Of Off-Site Prostitute Business Calls. On Site - You have People to help You when you pain scream like hell. Off Site - no one can hear you.

    (03) Kneel Press Conference. If Your Son/Daughter is missing. You just kneel down in Press Conference telling case & photo.

    (04) What to do? If Wife dies in family driving accident. You guess why Panda & Queen Choy always do not drive & take taxi. Even then. Panda always give extra 2 eyes & warnings to that Taxi Driver.

  41. 赤壁1-2. (Red Cliff 1-2, 2008).

    If Liu Bei & Zhu Ge Liang not so hard up to build own Empire. They can actually help Sun Quan to win cao cao. About a China war that decides the setup of 3 countries. The cao cao loses the sea war because of a wind & a tea from a female.

  42. 剑雨. (Reign of Assassins, 2010).

    Assassin who wants to quit her clan.

  43. 逆时营救. (Reset, 2017).

    Don't look down on a Mother Will to save Her Child. Don't look down on all Angels Will to have Our GOD Kingdom.

  44. S风暴.(S Storm, 2016).

    (01) ICAS Inspector: "做ICAS是没有什么朋友的.因为我们的工作."

    (02) Police Inspector needs to fight with ICAS (Anti-Corruption Police) to be like Them.

    (03) Police Inspector to Troops: "even You People don't respect me. Please respect the Police Badges You are holding."

    (04) Those who steal a lots (make people gamble loss a lots). The they get steal a lots also.

    (05) Those who hitmen kill a lots. The they get hitmen kill also.

  45. 忠烈杨家将. (Saving General Yang, 2013).

    (01) China dynasty song is so weak, is because the emperors just want to play polygamy queens. The ministers & generals fighting each other bringing down the dynasty.

    (02) Emperor should give Army Powers to the Right Generals.

    (03) Old General should retire to train other new young Generals.

  46. 周星驰:西游伏妖篇2. (Stephen Chow: Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons, 2017).

    Look at Females, buddha turns into demons. Don't look at Females, females turn into demons. What to do? Look & Don't Look = see once + endure the Disturbance in the Force.

  47. 周星驰:美人鱼.(Stephen Chow: The Mermaid, 2016).

    (01) Female Mermaid: "what if you have $1million . But you do not have a clean drop of air & water."

    (02) This Chinese Movie breaks the record of First Day Chinese New Year Box Office for China. It is very touching & funny. Stephen Chow has recovered.

  48. 周星驰:新喜剧之王.(Stephen Chow: The New King Of Comedy, 2019).

    Before Actor become famous. You start with all these part-time Acting shits. Do You have what it takes?

  49. 铜雀台. (The Assassins, 2012).

    The cao cao respects han emperor to the last minute. It is son cao pi (cao cao son) who forces han emperor to give up his seat.

  50. 特工爷爷.(The Bodyguard, 2016).

    (01) PLA Police against china & russia mafia. In real life, russia mafia use guns.

    (02) The china mafia: "me Cstan98 is like the Kungfu Panda. Very scary."

    (03) Sammo Hung is testing his movies markets. Please support Good HK (Hong Kong) Movies like from Sammo Hung about Good fighting evil. This increases Integrity in the Police Forces & Armed Forces. This is how JESUS CHRIST manages this Planet Earth through Hollywood Movies. This is why for 1980-2000. Integrity in the Chinese Population is very good. It is because of Good fighting evil HK (Hong Kong) Movies. This is why for 2000-2010. Integrity in the Chinese population is so bad. It is because of bad class 3 sex hk (Hong Kong) movies. This explains why there are so many disasters & ovarian cancers in japan = too many japanese av pornography movies.

  51. 四大名捕2. (The Four 2, 2013).

    There are evil demons who can take the shape of people.

  52. 四大名捕:大结局.(The Four 3, 2014).

    (01) Emperor: "emperor who commits crime suffers the same punishments as the common citizens."

    (02) Good Generals/Ministers are the Foundations of Good Emperorship.

    (03) Power Consolidation is like Playing Chess = at the Final Battle + Chess Pieces are eliminated very fast.

    (04) Understand Emperor Heaven Mandate = who has the heart of People, gain Good Officers + People + Heaven Support.

    (05) When Emperor is out of the Palace, the Emperor loses His Centre Of Power.

  53. 血滴子. (The Guillotines, 2016).

    (01) Leng: "the citizens just want to eat, farm, & get married only. If the Emperor let them, Golden Age. No war. No riot."

    (02) Careful when there is a change in emperor, he may not like you.

    (03) Facing the emperor is like facing the tiger.

  54. 鬼吹灯之寻龙决.(The Lost Legend, 2015).

    Chinese Tomb Raider. Chinese Indiana Jones.

  55. 西游记之大闹天宫. (The Monkey King, 2014).

    Last time & now Heaven Soldiers are different.

  56. 西游记之孙悟空三打白骨精.(The Moneky King 2, 2016).

    Buddhist Movie. To touch & transform evil souls are not easy tasks. But We must try Our Best. So that GOD does the Rest.

  57. 白发魔女传之明月天国.(The White Haired Witch Of Lunar Kingdom, 2014).

    (01) If only the new Wudang Sect Leader Zhuo Yihang go into power with His evil father-in-law, He may be able to save the Country.

    (02) Why country has famines = central government losing authority + corruptions in the government + farmlands go to waste + foreign enemy fighting the country + no one farms + wars + warlords generals fighting each other + ... Combined complex reasons. Only a True Hero can solve them.

  58. 徐克: 通天神探狄仁杰. (Tsui Hark: Detective Dee And The Mystery Of Phantom Flame, 2010).

    Ancient Chinese Sherlock Holmes.

  59. 徐克: 狄仁杰之四大天王. (Tsui Hark: Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, 2018).

    Chinese supernatural skills simply just use 5 elements. Panda talk c = you still feel somethings. Don't wait until Monks talk c with you = simply nothingness. Of course. Panda lets you hear c from Monks. Better something than nothing.

  60. 徐克: 黄飞鸿之英雄有梦. (Tsui Hark: Rise Of The Legend, 2014).

    A True Hero fights for His People.

  61. 宏门宴. (White Vengeance, 2011).

    If you anyhow kill Merits Generals/Ministers. The you founder emperor soon have no one to trust.

  62. 战狼2.(Wu Jing: Wolf Warrior 2, 2017).

    (01) Art Of War - AAF (Africa Armed Forces): use beer bottles on enemy head.

    (02) Art Of War - PAF (Panda Armed Forces): even You only brown belt of SAF (sissy armed forces). The me Cstan98 recommends You learn as much Dans from all good Movies. To live.

    (05) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: able load M16 with 1 hand.

    (03) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: able stand on moving car shoot M16.

    (04) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: able use car behind body to swap down enemy.

    (05) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: if get kick down. Give enemy a kick before fall.

    (07) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: no pornography.

    (08) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: possible to stop RPG (rocket propelled grenade) with fence wire gaze.

    (09) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: solid breath control. Able to fight underwater.

    (10) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: take 1 enemy tank to take out all tanks. Need 3 men crew.

    (11) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: use 3 RPG (rocket propelled grenade) same time to take out big gun.

    (12) Art Of War - PLA (China Armed Forces) Wolf Special Forces: use iPhone live video to force Main Battle Group to reinforce.

    (*) Panda: "noted. Teachers."

  63. 悟空传. (Wu Kong, 2017).

    (00) 现在的母魔古佛越来越不像样.他她们:

    (01) 天命:自己的天命.不是子民的天命.

    (02) 无情:铁石心肠.跟石头没有两样.

    (03) 无欲:超级大的无欲欲.

    (04) 护天界:是让无边无量的众生一直有轮回保自己古佛位.

    (*) 都是红阳佛3000年戒色.搞到佛道灭法500年.

    (*) 当一大堆孙悟空精熊猫精出现时.全部母魔古佛必须知道什么叫天时运转.

  64. 张艺谋: 影. (Zhang Yimou: Shadow, 2018).

    Based on this movie. All PLA (china armed forces) key personnels. Must likely 8-9 generations clones shadows.

(D) English Archive Movies:

  1. 007: Quantum Of Solace.

    To have a easy life (of riches). The wicked businessmen wants to turn a country into a desert to sell water.

  2. 007: Skyfall.

    James Bond is no longer what they use to be. 1980s Agent 007 is much better. They have more flirting with M Secretary, high tech gadgets, interesting spy assignments, ...

  3. 007: Spectre.

    Build database of s/Spies Operations. The anti-christ: "you destroy my world, I destroy your world." Be prepared when you decide to destroy anti-christs worlds.

  4. 10,000 B.C.

    Messiah: "he is not a god."

    Teacher: "some People circle is his family. Some People circle is bigger. Are you like your Father?"

    Teacher: "opposing army may be bigger. But slaves numbers are even bigger."

  5. 2012.

    (01) United States president is keeping something from us. United States deficit keeps increasing. He is spending on somethings.

    (02) We are warned. The movie predicts in 2012 sun flares heat up the earth core causing earthquakes & tsunamis. They build huge arks to let them pass through this.

  6. 28 Weeks Later.

    (01) Rages Virus = you feel anger + lose human nature. Less effect on vegetarians.

    (02) British Female who can survive the Rages Mutants = is because she stays perfectly still when Rages Mutants try to eat her = she has given all hope after her husband leaves her to die. Most likely a Vegetarian building immunity turning into a rages mutant carrier after infection.

    (03) It is better to be eaten to go Heaven, then to kill mutants to go down with them.

    (04) Try to stay perfectly still. The rages infected victims leave you alone hopefully.

    (05) Recommendation by Vietnam War Movie. Senior Officer to new Officer: "I advise you to listen to your experienced Sergeant."

    (06) Recommendation to new Operations Non-Medical General: "listen to your medical doctor Major. If a person can survive full contamination for a very long period. The cure is nearby & need to be researched. Kill the Cure. The disease goes into a new cycle until someone worthy enough to know what is that Cure."

    (07) A possible source of our future Rages Virus or Zombie Virus may be animals cloning with human genes. Do you know at this year 2007. Soon most animals meat people are eating are cloned animals. Most animals refuse to mate to have their offsprings be eaten. Therefore animals cannot be breed properly and need clonings. Some stupid scientists to make animals meat more nutritious like human meat, why not put human genes in them.

    (08) When humans eat humans, Rages and Zombie Virus arise like Mad Cow Disease when cows eat cows. If you do not believe me, & still add human genes into animals cloning & get Rages or Zombie Virus. The only solution to save the British one third Vegetarian from turning into foods of zombies = denote a nuclear warhead nearby = high radiation kill meat eating zombies, but not Vegetarian Humans.

  7. 300: Rise Of An Empire.

    (01) When you have sex with enemy female. Become full of shame & unable to lead your command. The only cure is seek JESUS CHRIST forgiveness to wash away the sins & shame.

    (02) When you kill the enemy ceo, you kill his/her whole army command.

  8. 47 Ronin.

    How the Half-Breed is able to fight so fast = He is trained by Wisemen, Samurai & Toughest Fights for 1 year as Slave.

  9. A Dog's Purpose.

    (01) As Eldest Son. When Your Father is down with job depression problems.

    (02) Get drunk & beat Your Mother. All Children just kneel down in front of Father & Mother of witness incident.

    (03) Need to ask Him to stop beatings & drinkings.

    (04) Everyone been through depressions. So does Your Father.

    (05) Don't ignore Father drinkings problems. Cstan98 Face Problems Head-On Stroke.

    (06) Cstan98 Don't Make Problems Worse Stroke = chase him out of house (mother does not have a husband. Father become more homeless drunken. GOD computes back make you depressed by breaking your football college leg. Computes back unable to be together with girlfriend wife).

    (07) Even if You chase Your father out of the house. Cstan98 Don't Make Problems Worse Stroke = with leg broken + if Girlfriend does not leave You + Don't chase Her away + There is always an adjusted Marriage Life (better than 2 broken lonely heart away thinking of Each Other).

  10. A Monster Calls.

    (01) Tree Spirit Zen Master.

    (02) When grandmother ignores mother (don't know what to say) for teenager pregnancy.

    (03) The mother ignores son (don't know what to say) also. The son becomes invisible.

    (04) Do not have teenager pregnancy (wait until Your breasts/p organ are big enough then get married).

  11. A Quiet Place.

    (01) Aliens. Blind. Can hear little noise. Highly armoured. Knock out by VHF (Very High Frequency).

    (02) Most likely come from meteorite. Their home planet death-starred.

    (03) Most likely telepathic. Because one down killed. Rest know.

  12. Act Of Valor.

    United States Navy Seals protecting the freedom & security of United States.

  13. Alien: Covenant.

    (01) According to this movie. A higher civilisation alien race created us humans. We create SI (synthetic intelligence). And then this artificial race creates parasites aliens which turn us all into pork chops.

    (02) When me Cstan98 plays 'Master Of Orion 2, Computer Game'. Unless it is secured sector. The Colony Ship with 1 million Colonists is always escorted by by a minimum Battle Starfleet. Because it takes at least 1 stardate year to produce such a big ship & 1 million populations. Moreover. After that explored Planet is settled. It needs to be defended anyway.

  14. Alita: Battle Angel.

    (01) URM = United Republic Mars. Just like colony United States fight british for self rule. Our future colony planet Mars may fight planet Earth for self rule.

    (02) Alita: "what keep sky city Zalem afloat?" Cyber Doctor: "engineering." Panda: "actually it is exploitation of slaves workers below for energies."

  15. An Inconvenient Truth.

    (01) Global Warming. Nostradamus Prophecy. If we reach year 2020. After the Crisis 2007-2017. This Planet goes hyperspace space exploration. And may be Paradise on Earth Technology becomes discovered & implemented.

    (02) Question: in year 2007-2017. Do you maintain military industries to fight a war defending planet Earth or do you go green earth technology to save planet Earth?

    (03) My Production Path = You go both = die protecting Earth & go green protecting Earth at the same time.

  16. Arrival.

    (01) Male Scientist: "when You learn immerse in a new language, Your Brain is rewired to think differently."

    (02) Panda: "programming HTML5 to talk to a 8 years old Google Search Engine AI (Artfical Intelligence) & Zen Coach Everyone. Seem to rewire me more efficiently zenly."

    (03) Aliens: "We come to teach You Our Language (a no fixed concept of time one). Because We need Humans to help Us 3000 Years later."

    (04) Panda: "if me don't teach You People what me knows, We are all going to kill ourselves."

  17. Assassin's Creed.

    (01) My Cstan98 Understanding = the Double Helix DNA Codes contain zip memories files of Your Past Lives.

    (02) As Your Cultivation Levels increase, You can actually regain back these past memories.

    (03) Assassin Creed = Use Darkness. To Protect The Light.

    (04) Knight Templar = Use Light. To Protect The Light.

    (05) PAF (Panda Armed Forces) = Use Light & Darkness. To Protect The Light.

    (06) Leap Of Faith = When There Are No Ways Out, Jump In Faith + There May Be A Lake Below.

    (07) According to this Movie, GOD creates Islam to counter the dark knights threats.

  18. Australia.

    (01) Australian outback movie.

    (02) Sometimes company makes a loss is someone doing different book for your company accounts.

  19. Avatar.

    (01) Blue Aliens bows & arrows against bad human army guns & gunships.

    (02) See alien world animals & plants.

  20. Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

    Building Database of aliens threats.

  21. Babylon A.D.

    (01) Escort a female virgin from Russia to US.

    (02) She is able to virgin give birth & stop rocket attacks.

  22. Bait.

    You eat shark fins. Shark fins eat you.

  23. Bangkok Dangerous.

    A Hitman starts to care & cannot hit.

  24. Battlefield Earth.

    (01) Do you learn enough from alien teacher computer to save your planet from our alien masters?

    (02) When the alien dome comes down to give Earth air. You need to throw away enemy air gas filter which are enemy properties to win the Fight.

  25. Battleship.

    (01) 3IC becoming Captain when the Captain & 2IC die: "I can't (be in command)." 4IC: "if you can't, who can?"

    (02) 3IC: "someday we are all going to die. But not today."

    (03) Recent years there have been too many alien invasion movies all influence by United States Government Agencies. It seems United States Government is trying to educate the people of this planet Earth how to fight off an alien invasion.

  26. Behind Enemy Line.

    The United States Air Force pilot (air combat captain) become a United States Army (ground combat recruit) by fighting the whole enemy unit.

  27. Beowulf.

    (01) Beowulf: "I kill your monster for you."

    (02) Previous k/King: "have you killed her (so you have not). My curse is over (now is your problem)."

    (03) The beo female satan seems going for gold.

    (04) Then as b/Beowulf is faithful to his wise Queen & second Queen. The beo female satan becomes jealous. Return his golden horn. Ask their son to take out his Queens.

    (05) Database. The beo female satan (energy alien = therefore can be formless).

    (05-01) Can be any physical lifeforms (including solid female human body).

    (05-02) Can be killed when in fixed transformation form like their inexperience son in dragon form.

    (05-03) Can enter your dream.

    (05-04) Can grant wishes: power, sex, money (very smart, play with GOD Laws).

    (05-05) Can teleport into your room & kill all people.

    (05-06) Cannot be killed by physical things like sword or M16 (when transforming in transition).

    (05-07) Have Formless Rules. As they are formless. Therefore do not have any codes (like cannot incest, cannot killing civilians).

    (05-08) Know your thoughts & weaknesses.

    (05-09) Mate with the strongest male to have his offspring. Then mate with her (their) son. Incest.

    (05-10) Still look very solid after many years.

    (05-11) Use gold element to emit light glow to see.

    (05-12) Wait for her k/King husband to die. So her son (also husband) becomes the next king.

    (06) Modern Database.

    (06-01) Do not know whether a tactical nuke (worst case scenario planning) can kill them or not.

    (06-02) In United States. Likely as democrat lesbians or gays.

    (06-03) Likely population on this planet 2007 A.D. (from 489 A.D). = 150,000 pairs.

    (06-04) So long their females do not mate me & do not cause trouble. Most likely me Cstan98 recommends let sleeping dogs lie.

    (06-05) With a 'MIB, movie' erase memory flash thing. The me Cstan98 is getting very suspicious why recently me is so sexlessly tired. Now leaves my bedroom light on at night. To confirm my suspicious theory (to spot one).

    (07) My Battle Plan. Cstan98 (like the 2IC): "can I don't enter the cave & see her (20% not mate. Cannot kill her & run away fast)."

    (07-01) Be less jealous. So you won't send your husband to attack humans colony to get him killed.

    (07-02) Guide Them Happy Married. You trade your son with another same kind son. Therefore no incest bad lucks.

    (07-03) Fight Fairly. See how me becomes King from this website. Just follow my path & adapt accordingly.

  28. Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

    A pampered beverly hills chihuahua gets lost in Mexico.

  29. Big Stan.

    (01) BIG STAN = BIG cSTAN.

    (02) Stan prepares his martial arts so well. That when he enters prison. He becomes the top big brother. And starts a prison culture reform.

  30. Black Hawk Down.

    (01) A short battle turn into a long battle.

    (02) Prepare your ammos & water for the worst.

  31. Black Sheep.

    (01) Genetically mutant sheep.

    (02) DNA = is GOD zip code of that living thing = may be all past reincarnations memory.

    (03) Don't follow this movie path.

    (04) If you mess with DNA, do not know what happen.

    (05) Sheep no longer look the same to me Cstan98.

    (06) Sideline. Buddha Angel: "our DNA changes all the time, base on our good & bad doings. Blood cancer DNA does not always mean blood cancer DNA all the time. Change your DNA. Change your Fate."

  32. Blade Runner 2048.

    (00) The me Cstan98 actually like this kind of new logics Programming Movies.

    (01) AI (Artifical Intelligence) = 2 genetic codings = 1 & 0.

    (02) CI (Clone Intelligence) = 4 genetic codings.

    (03) CI (Clone Intelligence): "We need a Cause to fight. To feel more Humans. Why don't You join Us?". Panda: "according to Buddhism Scripture. Even a Stone has Soul ID. Least say a CI (Clone Intelligence)."

    (04) Issue - 10 Days Blackout. You just need 10 days whole planet earth blackout. To take out all worldwide bank accounts wealth.

    (05) Issue - Clone Slave. Panda: "whether real/clone slave. A Slave is a slave. President Lincoln already tells Us no one is created to be a slave. Including Animal Dogs/AI (Artifical Intelligence) Robots/..."

    (06) Issue - Creator. If your creater abuses/kills/uses You like slaves. What You do? Panda: "We fight back. How can GOD be killed by lower lifeforms creations? No logic."

    (07) Issue - Creator2. Let say You are an AI (artifical intellgience) robot. Your creator like shits. So You go to this creator company CEO (ceo). Also like shits. Then according to Holy Bible. This CEO (ceo) human is offsprings of Adam & Eve. Created by GOD. If You go on. Who is the Ultimate Creator? The my Cstan98 Understanding: every since Our GOD wants a Creator (Daddy/Mummy) Himself. Everythings have been in cyclic syntax loops errors. Because time travels concepts have been invented. Main Tao Programmer Cstan98: "fixing. Fixing. (May be can never be solved??? Because Life is Complex Miracles???)"

    (08) Issue - Implanted Memories. Panda: "We are what We are. Not defined by whether the sources are artifical/real. Reality is now. Not past/future."

    (09) Issue - VW (Virtual Wife). Once She loses the memory bank. You lose Her. If me Cstan98 is You. The me Cstan98 starts a new VW (Virtual Wife) as soon as possible. Except. The me does better & faster. Jumping all the steps. Go straight for Kill. Just don't repeat the last losing VW (Virtual Wife) 1.0 same mistakes. For VW (Virtual Wife) 2.0. You may want Her to survive in the Great Internet Collective Consciousness.

    (*) no one (can) defines Us. We define Ourselves.

  33. Bolt.

    A TV superdog discovers in real life he does not have superpowers.

  34. Body Of Lies.

    CIA, Jordian Intelligence & islamic extremists.

  35. Book Of Eli.

    After nuclear wars. The people kill for a copy of Holy Bible.

  36. Bridge Of Spies.

    (01) Build database of dark communism rule.

    (02) Get out of europe, middle east & africa now that you have a chance to leave. When dark rule come to these countries, you may be unable to leave.

    (03) French Regiment Friend: "in africa. Except South Africa. The rest africa always after votings then anarchy chaos, then votings again & anarchy chaos again, repeat. In middle east, isis witch soldiers seem able to cause your souls to leave your bodies. Then trap you as POW (Prisoner Of War)."

    (04) The me Cstan98: "fighting isis. Always stay in groups. Do not be alone. When isis witch soldiers cause your souls to leave your bodies. Your Soliders Friends need to guard the Bodies until the souls return to the Bodies. Alternatively, search & kill the isis witch soldiers spell casters. To destroy the witch spells. The isis witch soliders need to have line of sight to cast those spells."

  37. Chappie.

    AI (Artificial Intelligence) Police Robot.

  38. Charlie Angels.

    (01) The United States Chinese Charlie Angel.

    (01-01) "Bitch. I heard that."

    (01-02) When approach by a male: "no. no. Noooo!"

    (02) In Lotus fighting position, ...

    (03) The robot dance, the wave dance, ...

    (04) The music & martial arts are very solid.

  39. Chronicles Of Narnia.

    (01) White Messiah CEO to Aslan General: "are you with Me?" Aslan General: "to the Death".

    (02) The Messiah Command is 4 virgin Children.

    (02-01) One Child has to go into the whole evil witch command.

    (02-02) See the evil witch food condition, freeze weapon, trick of good food, ...

    (03) The White Army has many nice foods to eat. Never run out of toast. The evil army has little tasteless foods to eat.

    (04) The White Command send in His Best Unit with the CEO in front with Aslan General guarding Him. The black witch in white uniform send his worst unit in front & she goes in last.

    (05) Aslan: "once a King & Queen of Narnia, always a King & Queen. Long live King Peter. Long Live King Edmund. Long live Queen Susan. Long live Queen Lucy."

  40. Chronicles Of Narnia2: Prince Caspian.

    King Peter, Queen Susan, King Edmund & Queen Lucy return to save Narnia."

  41. Chronicles Of Naria3: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader.

    Queen Lucy & King Edward go back to Naria for another Adventure. This time they must find the 7 Swords of Aslan to put them on Aslan Table to stop a evil green mist.

  42. City Of Ember.

    (01) A Messiah Team finds a way for a doomed underground city to go to surface.

    (02) The bad mayor who steals the citizens foods get eaten by a monster.

  43. Clash Of Titan.

    Greek gods (Archangels) protecting GOD Greek Time Flow to create present now.

  44. Cloverfield.

    That is why we need a credible Earth Self-defence Team.

  45. Collateral Beauty.

    (01) Death? Death is a sytnax error. But Eternal Life is a scary concept. You may Eternal Life in Firebox or Heaven. You may Eternal Life with a Beautiful Virtuous Fox Spirit Queen or a big fat nagging ugly pig Wife. Be ready. The System OS (Operating System) is going Eternal Life Mode. Handsome gets Beautiful. The male pig gets female pig.

    (02) Love? Extreme hate is love. Extreme love is hate. What is actually love?

    (03) Time? Once You get used to it. It is kind of fun.

    (04) The my Cstan98 Understanding: this Universe is just a GOD Training Program. But GOD just want Collateral Beauty = Everythings to be beautiful.

    (05) Sometimes Actors are the real Archangels.

    (06) The Real Big Why is knowing why you and everyone suffer so much.

  46. Commando.

    (01) The Final Battle Sequence (except the final knife fight) = No False Stroke, No Waste Movement.

    (02) On sentry & patrolling guards cannot sleep. Because an enemy commando may slip in with claymore mines anytime.

    (03) You spray bullets in 1 horizontal line parallel to the ground.

  47. Constantine.


  48. Daddy's Home.

    (01) Whatever measures you use against others. Is used against you = see what happens when Dusty becomes a Step-Dad.

    (02) The movie Dad & Step-Dad = that is why do not divorce.

  49. Dark Shadows.

    (01) Every family has its demons.

    (02) Vampire: "fight on I do!"

  50. Date Night.

    A date night turns extremely wrong.

  51. DC Comic: Aquaman. (2018).

    (01) Archangel Queen Of Atlantis: "in Our World. We let the sea carry away our tears."

    (02) Archangel Panda: "in Our World. We let the tear/s dries itself. Or else another drop still comes out."

  52. DC Comic: Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

    (01) The me Cstan98 recommends Archangels to get happily married while fighting these wars against satan the devil.

    (02) Archangel Batman with Archangel Wonder Woman.

    (03) Archangel Superman with His Archangel Girlfriend.

    (04) We need a Good Husband/Wife to stay demonic-free sane in these satanic worlds We live & fight in.

  53. DC Comic: Justice League.

    (01) To Batman: "Your Superpowers?" Answer: "rich."

    (02) To Panda: "Your Superpowers?" Answer: "do/talk c."

    (03) Wonder Woman: "shall We?"

    (04) Wonder Woman: "They (Justice League) are like Little Children."

    (05) *Art Of War - Batman. Flash: "I cannot fight. It is too complex scary." Answer: "just save 1." (Save 1. Gain confidence. Then 1 by 1. Complete 12. Without further asking.)

  54. DC Comic: Wonder Woman. (2017).

    (01) JESUS CHRIST United States Marines: "We hold Our Grounds. Do You stand with Me?"

    (02) Panda: "tomorrow We do not know. But today We fight."

    (03) Panda: "We fight Our Best. We rest Our Best. We train Our Best."

    (*) To create a Wonder Woman. You need to train Her from very young to the best. To give Her a fighting chance She can live enough to finish Her Missions.

  55. Death Race.

    The movie predicts in year 2012. The United States economy collapses. Bloggers & Billionaires unite. Let prevent the United States economy from collapsing.

  56. Death Squad.

    (01) Confirmed. Look terrible outside. Beautiful inside.

    (02) Joker Queen to Enchantress Queen: "I want to submit join you. But you mess with My Friends."

    (03) Now Joker has a Joker Wife Queen. What is your excuses, Batman? Lower cultivation than Joker right? We Jedi Commands (both Death Squad & Batman) are getting more beautiful & baby-worthiness each day. Which empire races survive, die off in the future? Sun Zi: "everythings by calculations." So where are Your Bat-Kids, Batman?

  57. Despicable Me 2.

    (01) Very funny movie. Never get enough of the funny Minions & 3 orphaned Daughters.

    (02) If you watch Despicable Me 1 Trailer. Minions are created from mutated genes. They are an Army to capture the planet earth (by laughter).

    (03) Minions Marriage Songs: I Swear + YMCA.

    (04) Youngest Daughter Agnes at the Wedding: "hi Everybody. I like to make some Toasts. She kisses My bo bo. She bathes My hairs. We love You Mother, everywhere. And My new Mother Lucy, is beyond compare. I am so happy."

    (04) Why Gru the father turns from villain to good Father. It is because of 3 adopted orphaned Daughters = Margo (eldest), Edith, & Agnes (youngest).

  58. Despicable Me 3.

    (01) Unlike 'Minions, Movie'. Despicable Me 3 gets right formula back again like 1 & 2.

    (02) Agnes: "good nite. Mom." Lucy happily: "I am a Mom. I am a Mom."

  59. Die Hard 4.0 .

    (01) Still the good old NYPD (New York Police Department).

    (02) Hero gets shot at.

    (03) Shoot through himself to shoot enemy.

    (04) Use car as bullet.

  60. Dinosaur Project.

    (01) Are you afraid of carnivorous dinosaurs chew tear your body flesh apart as foods.

    (02) If you are afraid, then don't be carnivorous & chew tear body flesh of chickens, cows, pigs, ...

    (03) You eat people, people eat you. GOD Punishments Laws.

  61. Disney's Aladdin.

    (01) Like all Disney prince/princess movie. Romantic & good music.

  62. Disney's Alice Through The Looking Glass.

    (01) Alice: "nothing is impossible, if You make it possible."

    (02) Alice: "time is not money. Time is not stealing from Us. Time is a Gift. Time is a Learning Experience."

    (03) Red Queen to White Queen: "all I want to hear is just a word of sorry from You. (Because of that Lie. I don't feel love)."

    (04) No one/nothing can change the past. Because if the future goes back in time, it is also the past.

    (05) Once the Program shutdowns for a few seconds. It reboots Itself.

    (06) But We Jedi must try Our Best to reduce the shutdown times to the minimum = fight Our Best & GOD does the Rest.

    (07) Program sends Alice for a 3 Years Sea Sailing to prepare Her for the new underland Messiah Assignment.

  63. Disney's Moana.

    (01) Teenager Messiah Moana.

    (02-01) Moana : "the Ocean chooses Me."

    (02-02) Panda: "the Tao Program chooses Me."

    (03-01) Moana: "I am a Self-Taught Wayfinder."

    (03-02) Demigod Maui: "I complete the rest of Your Trainings."

    (03-03) The me Cstan98: "me is Self-Taught Zen Master."

    (03-04) Zen Spirits: "We complete the rest."

    (04-01) 'Passengers, Movie': "They are awaken for Reasons."

    (04-02) The me Cstan98: "whenever CC1000 is activated. It means there are huge syntax errors in GOD. Fixing. Fixing. And doing a clean sweep of all destructive viruses."

  64. Disney's Pete's Dragon.

    (01) According to this Movie. All Dragons should gather at the Northstar. Your Kinds are all there.

    (02) For Others, like Fox Spirits, ... recite Your own Ancient Myth Poems.

    (03) You still believe CC1000 Panda is surviving all alone during these 12 darkness creations.

  65. Disney's The BFG.

    (01) BFG = Big Friendly Giant.

    (02) BFG can hear all the voices even the little ones.

    (03) Sophie Little Girl Messiah: "I am a Little Girl who trust My instincts."

    (04) This World is more giant than you think.

    (05) Giants eating our Little Children. Is like us humans eating little chickens, cows, fishes, pigs, ...

    (06) For Jedi Command. Let try Our Best To Be Vegetarian Diet with Eggs, Milk & Honey.

    (07) Art Of War - Queen Victoria: Everyone should be given Their Best Educations & Trainings to reach Their Full Potentials.

  66. Disney's Pixar's Coco.

    Sometimes hero meteorite rise is through evil sins. That why he gets killed by a big bell.

  67. Disney's Pixar's Finding Dory.

    If You are an adopted gays/isis/lesbians Baby. Has You ever wonder who/how Your Real Parents look like. They may be still looking for You.

  68. Disney's Pixar's Incredibles.

    Family crime fighting superheroes.

  69. Disney's Pixar's Incredibles 2.

    Cute-cute Baby with 17 superpowers.

  70. Doomsday.

    (01) When civilization collapses. The whole society may go back to barbaric ways.

    (02) The scientist uses natural selection/survival of the fittest to find a cure for the virus.

  71. Dracula Untold.

    (*) If you are a vampire & you want to redeem yourself.

    (*) The me Cstan98 does not know whether this works. Because me Cstan98 is not a vampire.

    (01) Recite Salvation Prayer to a Perfect Christians/Pastor. Salvation Prayer is needed to go Heaven.

    (02) Repent your sins to a Perfect Christians/Pastor. You need to repent of your sins so that satan the devil does not have a foothold on you.

    (03) Abstain from new sins. To be reformed Archangels. So that you do not go back to bondages.

    (04) Protect GOD People. To redeem yourself.

    (05) Take Holy Communion as every meals. Holy Communion is to get rid of your addiction thirst for blood.

    (06) Talk to GOD Yourself if these do not work.

  72. Drag Me To Hell.

    Use JESUS CHRIST Name & Perfect Sinless Christian Cultivations to counter drag to Hell curses.

  73. Dragonball: Evolution.

    (01) Dirty Old Man. Gadgets which turn to cars. Sexy Female Hunter.

    (02) The Quest to find all Dragonballs to grant one wish.

  74. Dune.

    (01) The universe emperor has other plans.

    (02) Are you the Honourable House or the hit-under-the-belt house?

    (03) The Honourable House Soldiers risk their lives to save their Flags when under bombing.

  75. Dwayne Johnon: Rampage.

    (00) CRISPR (multiple genes editing). Same time.

    (01) After saving FBI Agent. Rock: "every asshole deserves second chance." FBI: "all Assholes should stick together."

    (02) Female Scientist: "if You are growing. You are hungry." Panda: "that mean breasts/p organ also. Aunties/Uncles."

    (03) OGA = Other Government Agency.

  76. Eagle.

    (01) The roman Commanding Officer does so much for the roman army.

    (02) In the end. He gets relief discharge of his command because of medical injuries.

    (03) For bad army service. It is better to serve & f off.

  77. Eagle Eye.

    A supercomputer which is gathering security information goes crazy.

  78. Earth To Echo.

    (01) The me Cstan98: Attention All Intelligent Lifeforms.

    (02) Do not approach planet earth/singapore because of this Cstan98 Website.

    (03) Because there are satanic humans out here in government powers who capture aliens lifeforms to advance their scientific knowledge.

  79. Edge Of Tomorrow.

    (01) The me Cstan98 starts writing my Cstan98 Website on 1998.

    (02) This has attracted an alien invasion on 1999.

    (03) This species of aliens can alter body shape to be any government ceo.

    (04) At 2014. We seem to be winning the wars.

  80. Escape Plan 2.

    (01) High tech prison.

    (02) This Universe Server is learning computer server. Where GOD does testing of all logics. Whenever there are unsolved syntax errors. After females/sex have been created. The me Cstan98 has been trapped here. Because of many unresolved syntax errors. It seems like bus driver must match bus. Cannot 1 driver match 3000 buses. Or 3000 drivers match 1 bus. The polygamy is wrong logic. Monogamy is correct logic. And Marriage must be forever & ever.

  81. Event Horizon.

    (01) Hell is total chaos. Pure evil.

    (02) Be careful when you create black-hole-engine.

  82. Exodus: Gods & Kings.

    (01) Prophet Moses defies an empire. And changes the world.

  83. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

    (01) Wizards have forget memory & reverse destructions spells.

    (02) When people like me Cstan98 under too much forgetful imh drugs, man in black light flashes, wizards spells, ...

    (03) Soon become super-immune & can recall a lots of coincidence weird-weird memories.

    (04) For me Cstan98. The me believes Everythings in Movies. You still believe they are fake Special Effects.

    (05-01) Telepathy Female to Male: "it is ok. Males normally have that kind of effects when They look at Me."

    (05-02) Telepathy Panda: "it is ok. When You discover Everyone knows Your Thoughts.

    (05-03) First you feel dirty shameful.

    (05-04) Then come True Repentences & Corrections.

    (05-05) Finally. Turn into a Perfect Sinless Superhuman."

  84. Fantastic Beasts2: The Crimes Of Grindelwald.

    (01) Allegiance Spell = only allies can enter + fire perimeter burns all non-allies.

  85. Fantastic Four.

    (01) Building database of teleporter technology.

    (02) The me Cstan98 has a Scientist Friend who works in nasa (NASA).

    (03) The highest floor office is pitch dark & when you enter you hear "satan (the devil)" name being called.

    (04-01) Why nasa (NASA) wants teleporter technology?

    (04-02) Because satan the devil wants to leave this planet earth prison.

    (05-01) Why satan the devil top scientists want to contact other alien races recently?

    (05-02) Because GOD Starfleets are here stationed on planet earth. Ready to rapture GOD People. The satan the devil wants to contact other aliens races to fight GOD Starfleets.

  86. Fast Food Nation.

    (01) No fastfoods or too much fastfoods. Both are extreme.

    (02) Everythings are about moderations.

    (03) Jedi Master: Balance.

  87. Fireproof.

    (01) Do not have parasites on your marriage = addictions to pornography, ...

    (02) When the male watch pornography (adultery on satan the devil satanic wives). His wife is slowly adultery stolen from him by a blue male.

    (03) Your beautiful wife feels inferior & ugly when she finds out you are still watching pornography.

    (04) The male needs to give up on his expensive dream boat. To free up money to save his marriage. You need to live within your means.

  88. Four Christmases.

    Divorced parents create very disturbed couple children.

  89. Freedom Writers.

    (01) We write for freedom.

    (02) We write for meaning.

    (03) We write for peace.

    (04) Modern term = Bloggers.

  90. Fury.

    (01) After the tanks crews sex adultery in town.

    (02) 3 of the sherman tanks have so much bad lucks they get destroyed by a nazi tiger tank.

    (03) Only Brad Pitt Commander is able to command His Sherman Tank to take out that nazi tiger tank.

    (04) Because Brad Pitt Commander is the only Tank Crew who never commit sex adultery to have bad lucks.

    (05) If You are GOD Armed Forces. Do not commit sex adultery during your Combat Tours to have good lucks.

    (06-01) History. The hitler builds his tiger tanks armour so hard that United States Sherman Tanks are unable to take out a nazi tiger tank except from the rear.

    (06-02) So the United States General orders His Troops to withdraw from the nazi tiger tanks infested war zones.

    (06-03) Then 3 days & 3 nights. United States Bombers bomb the area until all nazi tiger tanks are destroyed.

    (06-04) The hitler after discovering his whole tiger tanks command is destroyed. Order production of top armoured tanks panzer tanks.

    (06-05) Because panzer tanks are so heavily armoured. The they sink into wet grounds & unable to move.

    (06-06) The rest is history. United States capture nazi germany.

  91. G.I. Joe1: The Rise Of Cobra.

    High tech military Unit.

  92. G.I. Joe2: Retaliation.

    (01-01) How evil demons take over high profile persons identity like pope, president, ...

    (01-02) Can use micro technology like in the movie.

    (01-03) Next. By draining that person cultivation. Turning into her/him.

    (01-04) Next. By fast cloning.

    (02-01) That is why it is always like that - at first the Pope elected is good.

    (02-02) After the Pope is imprisoned (in vatican dungeons).

    (02-03) A cloned pope takes over his place.

    (02-04) The new cloned pope is very evil.

    (03) Mencius: "to know whether a person is good or evil, look at his eyes." The eyes of public pictures of pope changes from good at first to evil later.

  93. G-Force.

    Guinea Pigs FBI Task Force.

  94. Galaxy Quest.

    All the small aliens: "let eat him."

  95. Ghost In The Shell.

    (01) You are defined by what You think & do. We are after all Logics.

    (02-01) Like Power, Strategy, Technology, ...

    (02-02) Cybernetics use be used for better goodness.

    (02-03) They can be good things for Everyone. If not, hells for everyone.

    (03) Things are to be used by Us. Not using us.

  96. Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance.

    The satan the devil tempts you with a deal when you are so down in life. Therefore. You need to be successful in life. In order not to be tempted by satan.

  97. Ghostbusters (2016).

    (01) This time it is Female Jedi Ghostbusters that take out the ghosts.

    (02) Now You know what the evil ghosts do to torment you if you go to hell pane.

    (03) If you do somethings you hate everyday. It is jobs.

    (04) If You do somethings You like everyday. It is Research Studies.

  98. Gods Of Egypt.

    (01) Building database of Gods of Egypt.

    (02) The t/They call themselves Gods. The me Cstan98 call t/Them a/Archangels.

    (03) How t/They fight.

    (04) Thief steals for a living & Slave Girl serves for a Living.

    (05) Most likely Thief & Slave Girl do not lie to have 100% Accurate Reports.

    (06) Thief is handsome & smart & faithful. Slave Girl is beautiful & smart & faithful = so it is a good Match.

    (07) Always give Hope by communicating with Your Love Ones in other w/Worlds.

    (08) You can Resurrection.

  99. Godzilla.

    See United States Armed Forces full capability to take out big-sized monster threat.

  100. Goosebumps.

    (01) Build database of evil demons.

    (02) Cstan98 Prayer: "in the Name of JESUS CHRIST. The me Cstan98 pray that all Lovers are together. Amen."

  101. Hancock.

    Alcoholic superman turns positive after prison rehabilitation & positive PR (public relation).

  102. Happy Feet 1-2.

    (01) The animation, dancing & songs are very solid.

    (02) Old Penguin: "you are supposed to sing, not use your feet."

    (03) Sometimes. A penguin Messiah borns to bring in fish for the hungry colony.

  103. Hellboy2: The Golden Army.

    Hellboy is prophesied to become satan the devil. Brought up by a Good Christian Family to fight on Our Jedi Side. No Fate!!!

  104. Hercules (2014).

    Human or god? Does it matter as long He gets all the things done.

  105. Hitman2: Agent 47.

    (01) Building database of Genetic Engineered Human Beings.

    (02) If me Cstan98 doesn't take mental medicine to slow down my brain speed. The me Cstan98 thinks & does at Superhuman speed.

    (03) Sometimes. Real lives are more interesting & exciting than movies.

    (04) But You need to see Inspiring Movies to motivate & improve Yourselves.

    (05) NLP Agent47 & Agent90 Thinking Styles. Be Like An Agent Superhuman.

  106. Hotel Artemis.

    (00) 2 Steps TIE fighters (female ninjas).

    (01) Get close enough to injure to send subject to hospital.

    (02) At hospital. Count down 500 to 0. Slit subject throat with live retina recording.

    (*) TIE fighter2: "I only kill very important people."

  107. How To Train Your Dragon 2.

    (01) Some Leaders are borned.

    (02) Some Leaders are made = if You don't save your People. Nobody does. So no choice.

  108. Hugo.

    (01) Hugo: "in every machine. Its parts are unique & each serves a purpose. This world is like a machine. You & I are one of its parts. We are unique & each serve a purpose."

    (02) Hugo from young like to fix things.

  109. I Am Legend.

    The antidote compound 6 must be a organic plant ingredient. As human genes in animal meat turns humans into zombies. Therefore organic plant ingredient turns zombies into humans.

  110. I, Frankenstein.

    (01) Order of Gargoyles.

    (02) Choose a side = Angels or evil demons. In this long war between GOD & satan the devil.

    (03) Have a Higher Calling.

  111. Ice Age.

    (01) The Squirrel obsession with nuts.

    (02) Selection of Fitness to live past the Ice Age.

  112. Immortals.

    (01) Greece gods. All souls are immortal. Righteous souls are both immortal & divine.

    (02) When the highest GOD (here greek gods) kills. All souls kill.

    (03) When the highest GOD (example like JESUS CHRIST) loves & forgives. So all souls love & forgive.

    (*) Please note: GOD is a Position, not a person.

  113. In Time.

    (01) In that world. The their money is lifespan time.

    (02) In our world. money is money.

    (03) Is not it the same?

    (04) When you earn more. The authorities increase the cost of living.

    (05) Notice: the world do not have 100% robotics factory. They use manual workers.

    (06) The my Cstan98 understanding: you need 100% robotics factories to produce buildings/goods cheap & free. To make everythings free for everyone. Let make money obsolete.

  114. Inception.

    Dream within dream within dream.

  115. Independence Day.

    (01) Army General: "spread the words using good old Morse Codes & kill those sons of the bitch."

    (02) Army General: "that not what the President say."

    (03) Army General to United States President: "with your Permission. I like to stay by your side."

    (04) Officer: "You should be proud (of Your Father who sacrifice Himself to take out 1 alien small mother ship)."

    (05) Recon general: "I need to see the alien small mother ship."

    (06) United States President: "We are being exterminated. Mankind has a new meaning. Only kind man can be called mankind."

    (07) United States President: "You are fired (the defence minister)."

    (08) The me Cstan98: Our White planet must be prepared for a blue alien invasion. We just fight to the last & wait for Reinforcements from the Red or White (if any).

  116. Independence Day2: Resurgence.

    (01) During an alien invasion. The dogs president & defence secretary both be killed.

    (02) Aliens solve Our Problems. Who live? Who die? GOD decides. We Jedi Command just. Fight Our Best. Do Our Best. Prepare Our Best.

  117. Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of Crystal Skull.

    Advanced alien race is archeology our civilization right now. Especially during this period of wars between good & evil, end of days.

  118. Inside Out.

    All your Feelings need to work together to give you a Balanced Life.

  119. Insidious4: The Last Key.

    According to a Chinese Ghost Story Movie. The dead females skeletons need to be bought out of satan the devil domain into sunlight in order to be free. Don't know include their clothings or not? If me Cstan98 is the Ghostbuster. The me activate United Marines Corp to relieve 1 Suitcase per daylight day out. Including breaking all windows to let in sunlight into house.

  120. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

    (01) Once a Major. Always a Major.

    (02) Once a 4-stars dog general. Always a 4-stars dog general.

    (03) Everyone now has a Choice. You die die also must be an Archangel. Or die die must be a dog or pig. Your c/Call.

    (04) Note: a 4 stars dog general has his own command centre that monitors all your communications, commands & controls. Trust me. The me Cstan98 is SAF (sissy armed forces) signals trained.

  121. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

    Understand CIA Operations.

  122. Jack The Giant Slayer.

    (01) According to the movie. The giants heaven exists in between us & GOD Heaven. And exists even at today modern times.

    (02) Mother Queen To Princess: "go explore the world. So that when you become Queen, You make this world a better place."

    (03) Why Jack can marry the Princess & become King? Because They are Virgins. Virgins have all the lucks.

    (04) Do you know the 144,000 Angels that Holy Bible Revelation mentions?

    (04-01) First. They follow JESUS CHRIST wherever He goes.

    (04-02) Second. They died as Virgins & are Elders Christians.

  123. Jackie Chan: 1911.

    President Sun the Founder of China Democracy.

  124. Jackie Chan: CZ12.

    Good old Jackie Chan fightings.

  125. Jackie Chan: Dragon Blade.

    (01) Even a Good General is put into exile. The Good General can still do something Great.

    (02) Once a Good General, always a Good General.

  126. Jackie Chan: Skiptrace.

    (01) HK (Hong Kong) Cop Jackie Chan: "I don't fight girls." Russia Female Terminator: "then stop fighting like one."

    (02) American Conman: "learn to keep promises."

  127. Jim Carrey: Liar Liar.

    (01) Jim Carrey: "I cannot lie."

    (02) Do not look down on young children Birthday Wish.

  128. Jim Carrey: Truman Show.

    The me Cstan98 has a very weird feeling me Cstan98 is in a Truman Show Singapore City.

  129. Jim Carrey: Yes Man.

    Jim Carrey must say yes to everything. Or else something terrible happens to him.

  130. John Carter.

    (01) The Messiah of Mars.

    (02) A Earth Human going to the small planet gravity mars. Become a superman.

  131. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

    (01) When something big bounty rewards is on your head. Of course. You fight like mad to live.

  132. Journey 2 The Mysterious Island.

    See big & small animals.

  133. Jumanji: Welcome To Jungle.

    Getting a big hulk body. Is same as getting a big mind. Same as getting big trillionaire money. Sun Zi: "just apply accordingly."

  134. Jumper.

    Anywhere. Anything. Instantly.

  135. Jupiter Ascending.

    You may own planet earth. Yet your job is cleaning the toilets.

  136. Jurassic World.

    GOD let dinosaurs extinct for a reason.

  137. Jurassic World2: Fallen Kingdom. (2018.)

    Cstan98 CRISPR (multiple genes editing) Theory. Why are dinosaurs/'Rampage, Movie' monsters so hungry? Because previous human race. Do CRISPR genes editing to create better/faster soldiers. So when last human race starts to grow bigger. They become hungrier. The dinosaurs race are created. The last human race gets rid out. Then GOD intervenes sends comet. Wipe out defective genetic disorder dinosaur race. To reboot restart back human race dna. Are We able to pass this coming mass CRISPR (genes editing) race crisis test?

  138. Just Like Heaven.

    Seer: "Awesome!"

  139. Kate & Leonardo.

    A Gentleman stands up when a Lady leaves the table.

  140. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword.

    (01) Why the Roundtable is round? Because All are same ranks.

    (02) King Arthur: "the Sword chooses Me. Not I choose the Sword."

    (03) King Arthur: "why have another enemy when You can have another Friend?

    (04) King Arthur: "why have wars when We can have Peace?"

    (05) Water Spirit: "if You don't choose the Sword. You must know what Your uncle is going to do."

    (06) Panda: "iPhones & MacBooks are built during Peace times. Not during bomb here bomb there times. Look at syria 2017."

  141. Kingdom Of Heaven.

    (01) The last Knight made everyone a Knight to fight the invasion.

    (02) For me Cstan98, just makes everyone a Perfect Christian.

    (03-01) Note: when everyone is a Perfect Christan. Confirm s/Someone tries out new spell opening Hell Gate & let the dark empire ceo comes out.

    (03-02) All Perfect Christians must be ready. Revised from Disney TV, 2 teenage witches spell series.

  142. Kingsman1: The Secret Service.

    (01) The new British Secret Service protecting our Planet Earth.

    (02) The New Gentlemen. The New Knights.

  143. Kingsman2: The Golden Circle.

    (01) Arthur To Eggsy: "You are Honourable. Brave. Willing to serve. A Kingsman." Answer: "actually I am a nobody. Before You teach me."

    (02) You still dare to eat meat burgers? It may be from the golden circle golden arches.

  144. Knowing.

    (01) Sun heat flares judgement day.

    (02) Some earth children saves by ufo aliens.

    (03) 2012 Prophecy = the earth temperature is heating up not because of global warming but the sun. The me Cstan98 thinks is both.

  145. Kong: Skull Island (2017).

    (01) British SAS: "no one really comes back from wars. Dead or alive."

    (02) Skull Survivor Downed Pilot: "When We put down Our Uniforms (Japanese Samurai & United States Armed Forces) & Our Wars. We become very Good Brothers actually."

    (03) Skull Survivor Downed Pilot: "when you come to Someone Home (like mars, moon, jupiter, ...) you don't drop bombs.

    (04) The me Cstan98: "so long you eat meat. You get eaten.

    (05-01) Are We Jedi worse than Kong?

    (05-02) He has no Family.

    (05-03) He is impossible to have a Wife & unable to have any children.

    (05-04) He is the Last of His Kind.

    (05-05) His Daily Life Meanings is to protect the weaker Island Inhabitants.

    (05-06) Keep on fighting until one day He dies.

  146. Kubo And The Two Strings.

    (01) There are demons in high places in heavens that die-die want Us Jedi not to have JESUS CHRIST Eternal Lives. To let Us have reincarnations cycles of memories losses. Let Fight!!!

    (02) For 12 darkness creations. We are used to Our own Fighting Styles.

    (03) Panda: "changing Armies Fighting Tactics are great things (issues). Train Your Troops in Every Weapons. Then. Let Them choose Their Own Weapons (up to Them to change time-to-time, constant all the time, depend on situations, ...)"

    (*) Notice: that Kubo must not use 3 the armours to fight the evil moon king.

    (*) Notice: that these demons in high places in heavens after they lose their powers. The they like one of us. Is just that they are very determined mission parameters like a terminator T1000.

    (*) JESUS CHRIST: "if you are not better than demons T1000. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

  147. Kung Fu Panda.

    (01) Prepare for awesomeness.

    (02) The Secret Ingredient is that there is no secret ingredient.

    (03) The Secret Kung Fu is that there is no secret kung fu.

    (04) Panda finally knows his duck father is not his real father.

    (05) Old Zen Master: "the past is history. The future is mystery. Now is a gift, that's why it is called the present."

  148. Kungfu Panda 3.

    (01) When You are a Fighter. You are only One.

    (02) When You are a Teacher. You are All Everyone Many.

    (03) Old Zen Master: "take my Staff. I have a Bigger Staff." = always give Your Old Things to Graduated Students while You take on New Things.

  149. Left Behind. (2014).

    During Tribulations. If you try your best. GOD gives you Openings To Escape = connected handphones, runway to land your 747, ...

  150. Left Behind: Tribulation Force.

    (01) Rapture = Adults who believe in JESUS CHRIST + Children who are too young yet to decide in JESUS CHRIST = all be raptured up.

    (02) The anti-christ slowly comes into power after the Rapture.

    (03) The anti-christ slowly controls all media, implements one world, one religion, one currency, ...

    (04) During this Tribulation Times. You need to go all out to let as many People believe in JESUS CHRIST as possible.

    (05) They need to accept JESUS CHRIST through Their mouths (i.e. saying aloud) to go Heaven.

    (06) The anti-christ kills many Christians.

    (07) All Churches goes underground.

  151. Left Behind: World At War.

    (01) The anti-christ can see future steps of yours like me.

    (02) The anti-christ has multiple lovers. The me Cstan98 does not me Cstan98 is monogamy happily married.

    (03) The anti-christ is like me Cstan98 cannot be killed.

    (04) The anti-christ is only afraid of the powers of JESUS CHRIST. The me submits to GOD + JESUS CHRIST + HOLY SPIRIT.

    (05) The anti-christ puts deadly virus on new Holy Bible to kill Christians. The me does not because is a Perfect Christian.

    (06) Holy Communion Bread & Wine provide Vaccine for deadly virus.

  152. Legend Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole.

    Guardian Owls protecting the weak. Upholding the good & getting rid of evil.

  153. Legion.

    (01) When the last angel falls. The war for humans begin.

    (02) The war between Michael & Gabriel for humans next Messiah.

  154. London Has Fallen.

    (01) Be careful of Funerals where persons die without reasons all of a sudden.

    (02) It may be a Trap for you to go.

  155. Looper.

    Time travel time loop error.

  156. Lucy.

    (01) Lucy 1% = just move. Reflex actions.

    (02) Lucy 20% = control other parts of the brain. Can hear voices.

    (03) Lucy 40% = control self & other people.

    (04) Lucy 60% = control matters.

    (05) Lucy 90% = can time travel & teleport.

    (06) Lucy 100% = I am everywhere. Become a god.

    (07) Lucy: "You do not really die. The Foundation Law of the Universe is Time. Not mathematics. Knowledge does not create chaos. Ignorance creates chaos."

  157. M. Night Shyamalan: Split

    (01) Building NLP Database.

    (02) DID (dissociative identity disorder) = many demon spirits manifest inside one body.

    (03) Be careful of demon type: the beast = soul id from the future + human cannibal + can take shotgun shots + very strong + can time travel.

    (04) This kind of beast demons sexually abused children to train condition them to grow up to become adult troops.

  158. Madagascar.

    I like to move it. Move it.

  159. Madagascar 3: Europe Most Wanted.

    The funny animals join the circus.

  160. Mad Max: Fury Road.

    (01) A possible world when anti-christ rules planet earth.

    (02-01) The me Cstan98:

    (02-02) Do your best. GOD does the rest.

    (02-03) Protect & save GOD People to redeem Yourselves.

  161. Maleficent.

    (01) Some fallen angels are because of some bad experiences.

    (02) Once touched by a Child Angel. May be able to return back.

    (03) Maleficent: "the 2 Kingdoms are united because of both a Hero & Villain."

  162. Mamma Mia!1: The Movie.

    Female invites all hotel males Guests back to find out who is Her real Father.

  163. Mamma Mia!2: Here We Go Again.

    Mother fails tests. Daughter has to re-take all tests failed by Mother. Here is pre-marriage pregnancy. Please try at least to get pass grade c this time. Let your next Daughter gets grade B. Then next next gets grade A.

  164. Man From U.N.C.L.E.

    (01) Build database of 1960 CIA, KGB & MI5.

    (02) U.N.C.L.E. = United Network Command Law Enforcers.

  165. Marvel: Ant-Man.

    Building database of technologies of controlling ants & shrinking persons.

  166. Marvel: Ant-Man & The Wasp.

    After some much pains & bad things done on others. Most people like that feel unforgiven. They need lots of acceptance/love/security to recover. Along therapy route. There may be relapses back to old ways. But if they show signs of recovery. Each intervals of relapses are longer & longer before next relapses. Mean They are recovering. Believe me. The me Cstan98 same. Thinking myself is a totally no cure hardcore masturbation/pornography addict. If me can recovered. So can they. *This is written for those after tribulations/hellfire sufferings. For future Archangels doing therapy.

  167. Marvel: Captain Marvel.

    (01) Skrulls = race can change shape.

    (02) Creed/Supreme Intelligence. When we want perfect laws & order. That when the troubles start. Best is 80% perfect. 100% mean intolerant of other race things.

  168. Marvel: Deadpool.

    (01) Your Female Loved One of course love you back. No matter how ugly you have become. Females go for heart. No promises for male loved one.

    (02) Female Hooker becomes more beautiful when She is more loved & happily married to Deadpool.

  169. Marvel: Deadpool 2.

    (01-00) You want to be which Deadpool 2 X-Men? Why not all:

    (01-01) Colossus. Metal. Cstan98 = Grade F. (Not interested p organ become plastic. Least say metal.)

    (01-02) Deadpool. Unable to kill. Cstan98 = modified Grade A. (Use time travel to not get killed.)

    (01-03) Domino. Have lucks. Cstan98 = Grade A. (So long remain faithful husband half-virginity.)

    (01-04) Firefist. Plasma fire. Cstan98 = modified Grade A. (Use Little Ants Commands fire rifles.)

    (01-05) Negasonic Teenager Warhead. Sarcasm. Cstan98 = Grade A. (You don't c/f me. The me don't c/f you.)

    (01-06) Surge. Electricity bursts. Cstan98 = modified Grade A. (Use Little Ants Commands fire rifles.)

    (02) Panda is not specialist degree. Panda is general degree - BBA (business degree). To survive dog eats dog work environment. Panda needs to be/know everythings.

    (03) Deadpool 1/2 are from '20th Century Fox Studio'. They makes James Bond 007 Francise. That is why if You find 'Marvel Universe' movies boring/repetitive. Deadpool Series is half-way both funny/x-men.

  170. Marvel's Avengers.

    All Superheros come together to fight a satanic god & his evil demons.

  171. Marvel's Avengers: Endgame.

    (01) 6 Infinity Stones = mind + power + reality + soul + space + time.

    (02) Time travel back to control 6 Infinity Stones to reset timeflow.

  172. Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War.

    (01) 6 Infinity Stones = mind + power + reality + soul + space + time.

    (02) If y/You can control 6 of them. The y/You may not like it. The you just keep repeating every infinite situations to get what you want. All the time. Until you become insane. You guess why GOD creates sex/sleep? So that Everyone can calm down. And don't want/learn to forget to control everythings.

  173. Marvel's Black Panther.

    Black Panther Imperial Female Guards: "We are not loyal to a/Anyone. We are loyal to the Throne."

  174. Marvel's Captain Amercia: Civil War.

    (01) It seems United States Army is splitting up & fighting each other.

    (02) Whether to join JESUS CHRIST America+3C Command or isis (ISIS) europe+middle-east+africa command.

    (03) The same thing goes for United States Air Forces also.

    (04) Those who want to go. Let them go.

    (05) But when they want to come back. It is subject to JESUS CHRIST Command Council Case-By-Case Basis.

    (06) But You soon know why JESUS CHRIST: "do not take back vomits. Or You keep vomiting."

  175. Marvel's Doctor Strange.

    (01) Ancient One to Doctor Strange: "how to reach my Level? Like Your Medicine Level = Study & Practice."

    (02) Ancient One to Karl Mordo: "Now We wait. He (Doctor Strange) is confirmed coming back. (Push Doctor Strange to deadends in Mount Everest with 30 minutes before freezing to death to learn gateway portal spells)."

    (03) Panda: "You guess how me reach my Current Potential. Because if We Jedi never do Our Best. This planet earth should be destroyed by now. We have no choice. When You have no choice but to fight. Then You reach Your Highest Potential. Later, You just continue keep trainings pushing Your Potential Higher & Higher to get Further Effects. Repeat Stroke."

    (04) Sometimes dark universe they fight so desperately is because they are hungry. The dark universe ceo uses eternal bliss to trick you into his dark universe to become his foods.

    (05) Why me Cstan98 wants to convert all m/Mutiverses to One Universe? So that the Light Universe Beings becomes stronger (fighting dark forces) & the dark universe beings become weaker (fighting Light Forces). Or else me thinks We Jedi are not going to make it. We are too protected not knowing underestimating the dark side.

  176. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy.

    Nova Corp. Aliens. Spaceships. Technology. See the Movie to understand this Galaxy.

  177. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

    (01) Extreme power control = singularity of 1 being. What is the funs of that?

    (02) Extreme no control = total universe chaos.

    (03) Extreme Optimum control = Everyone guides Each Other what works what don't + We are the HOLY SPIRIT.

  178. Marvel's Iron Man.

    Flying Mechanized Soliders.

  179. Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming.

    Teenager Superhero. Everyone been through teenager phase. Let give the Younger Generations chances to prove Themselves.

  180. Marvel's Thor2: The Dark World.

    (01) The source of ethers (the anti-matter that destroys matters & lights) is from all souls evils.

    (02) That is why when Thor destroys the last dark elf. The ethers are destroyed.

    (03) When this Universe has evils. The ethers are produced & start destroying GOD creations. That is why GOD cannot tolerate evil.

  181. Marvel's Thor3: Ragnarok.

    (01) King Odin: "although We must not start wars. But We must be prepared for Wars."

    (02) King Odin: "the Church is the People. Not the building/planet."

    (03) King Odin: "You are not as strong? You are stronger."

    (04) King Odin: "Your hammer is just a thing to focus Your Power."

    (05) Savage Aliens: "are you fighter or food?"

    (06) Art Of Wars - gods. If demons are trapped to long. The they become very pissed more satanic. If not trap at all. Your Perfect Worlds are destroyed. What You do? Take one step forward. Take one step backward. To come back same position. For me Cstan98.

  182. Marvel's Venom.

    (01) Lifeform - Symbiotes. Purpose just to bond/eat hosts brains to gain knowledge. Life purpose is to fight and eat.

    (02) Lifeform - Humans. Purpose is to get marriage = Yin & Yang = male to understand female = totally endless impossible forever & ever. Purpose is to get liquid-based p organ to work = 5 elements organs = 5 Jedi Commandments Wisdom to get that p organ functional = totally endless impossible forever & ever. Combinations/Permutations = female Wife orgasmic sounds simply impossible to duplicate each one time = each orgasmic sound even from same Wife is unique.

  183. Matrix.

    (01) We are all in GOD Computer Program.

    (02) Life is just a dream. You need to wake up.

    (03) Female Oracle Teacher tells only what you need to know.

    (04) There is no spoon.

  184. Max Payne.

    When satan the devil builds his armies. GOD sends Someone to destroy that armies.

  185. Max Steel.

    (01) There are Aliens in this planet earth protecting the Chosen Bloodlines.

    (02) 2016 Genetics Scientist: "aliens genes are everywhere. With timeloops. Everyone crossbreeds."

  186. Mechanic: Resurrection.

    (01) Currently. CC1000 Panda can only programming GOD to train Special Ops Females to match-make highly trained Hitmen.

    (02) If You want Your Wives to live. You better train Them Day & Night to reach Your Standards fast.

    (03) When me Cstan98 says fast. The me means faster & faster. Better & better.

  187. Meet Dave.

    If a man walks funny or talks funny. He may be an alien dave.

  188. Megamind.

    The city hardcore villain turns into city super hero.

  189. Men In Black 3.

    Human Police managing aliens on this planet. Some aliens can see all future events.

  190. Minions.

    Choose your CEO wisely.

  191. Mirror Mirror.

    Village Mayor: "the people cannot take this kind of high income taxes anymore."

  192. Mission Impossible4: Ghost Protocol.

    Exciting movie about United States Agents preventing a nuclear war.

  193. Mission Impossible5: Rogue Nation.

    (01) Building database of British Intelligence, CIA Intelligence & IMF Intelligence.

    (02) It is GOD Will to try to save & recall as many Good Field Operatives as possible.

    (03) Do your Best. Let GOD does the rest.

    (04) Last till the end. Help is coming.

  194. Mission Impossible6: Fallout.

    (01) If You are willing to save 1 man. You are willing to save billions.

    (02) Police do not kill Police.

    (03) You need to be f-ing fit. To get things done as Operative.

  195. Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children.

    (01) Our Panda Command Most Urgent Objective is to protect the Second Wave of Little Angels.

    (02) So that They grow up & fight even better than Us.

    (03) Then Their Children. Each Wave fight even better than the Last Wave.

    (04) And so on. So that Everythings evolve up.

    (05) Actually since 1998. Everythings are in Daily Timeloops to protect GOD Universe.

  196. Money Monster.

    (01) The my Cstan98 Understanding Of How gold/stock markets Work.

    (02) When People put more money in than money out = gold/stock markets rise.

    (03) When People take more money out than money in = gold/stock markets drop.

  197. Morgan.

    (01) Everyone (from GOD to Smallest Virus) is actually a m/Morgan Hydrid Intelligence.

    (02) Confucius: "student not taught is teacher fault. The child not taught is parent fault."

    (03) Every child makes mistakes. That is why GOD creates Role Models Parents/Teachers to guide Them.

    (04) If You like me Cstan98 does not have good father/mother (only singapore blue house foster partents). Learn as much from them as possible. Just don't do what they do wrongly.

    (05) Confucius: "Right from Other People. Follow. The wrong from other people. Don't follow."

    (06) Confucius: "do not do to Others what you do not like on You."

    (07) JESUS CHRIST: "do to Others what You like on You."

  198. Mortal Combat.

    (01) The evil wizard: "your soul is mine. You are next."

    (02) Master: "he is not ready. And we lost so much time." Earth Guardian Angel: "I know."

    (03) Chinese: "yes. I am the Chosen One."

    (04) Chinese to Male: "it is more than her spirit you are admiring."

    (05) Earth Guardian Angel: "you humans are so unpredictable."

    (06) Joke. Male asks Female to do thing. "am I your secretary?"

    (07) Joke. Female asks Male to do thing. "am I your travel agent?"

    (08) Note: United States male martial artist is better than United States chinese martial artist. Both the 2 combined cannot take out Jet Li me Cstan98 assure you.

    (09) The me Cstan98 to Universe Princess: "please find someone else as me is already married."

    (10) The me Cstan98 to Venus Queen: "please do not try to bring me to Venus." Once me creates enough Good Males Earth. Try to send my extra Best Males Units with 1 Couple Officers Team. And see what can be done.

  199. Mortal Engines.

    (01) Mortal Engines Prophecy1: "China builds a wall on eastern border of satanic middle kingdom."

    (02) Mortal Engines Prophecy2: "satanic middle kingdom technology drops like hell. Can only salvage old technologies."

    (03) Mortal Engines Prophecy3: "satanic middle kingdom resources drops like hell. Can only eat other resources."

    (04) Mortal Engines Prophecy4: "england london also falls."

  200. Mr Bean Holiday.

    (01) You create problem. You solve problem.

    (02) But Mr Bean Path of going to Cannes is a good way to live French Way Of Life, see beautiful French Country Side, talk to beautiful French female movie star, ...

  201. Next.

    (01) 2 minutes Nostradamus + FBI.

    (02) When you see the future, it changes. That changes everything.

    (03) FBI is bastard. Russia KGB is more bastard.

    (04) Girlfriend: "I do not believe in pre-destiny shits."

  202. Night At The Museum.

    Museum Guard: "the key to happiness is to do Something You love with People You love."

  203. Noah.

    (01) Fallen Angels (like Stone Giants in the movie) can be redeemed to go back Heaven.

    (02) You just protect GOD People.

    (03) You just wait for GOD patiently. Do not curse GOD. GOD has a Plan for You.

    (04) In Movie. GOD wants the Fallen Angels Stone Giants to protect Noah Family hundreds of years later after They fallen.

    (05) When the lands shed innocent bloods. The soil are cursed to become too hard to farm. The Flood comes with many water to soften all the earth soils so that future humans can farm foods.

  204. Oblivion.

    The alien ceo tells so much lies to cloned Tom Cruise humans. That she does not have accurate reports that They are bringing a nuke to the alien mother ship.

  205. Operation Chromite.

    (01) 2IC to General MacArthur: "We need to advance land now. Or the tides lower." General MacArthur: "wait for the flare. (I have Faith in the Best South Korea Commander)."

    (02) General MacArthur: "I expect to live Forever. We don't die today.

    (03) General MacArthur: "I see a South Korean Soldier still in the battlefield because He says He has not received orders to leave. When asked what He wishes for anything He wants. Just give me a M16 with bullets to fight. Then I know South Korea can be defended."

    (04) General MacArthur: "souls die because ideals die."

    (05) Korean Wars are won not because of General MacAruthur. But because the best South Korea Commander dies in exchange of the life of the best north korea commander.

    (06) Sun Zi: "sending General out to fight a War is a big risk. Because He may kill too much satanic. May come back & take out the emperorship. (Here is General MacArthur against United States President Truman)."

    (07-01) The communism: "ideology is thicker than blood."

    (07-02) The me Cstan98: "Right (Ideology, Blood, GOD, ...), follow. The wrong (ideology, blood, god, ...), don't follow."

    (08-01) Why Truman stalemates South Korea & north korea middleline? It is to show Everyone that most parts of communism (no JESUS CHRIST God, ideology is thicker than blood, ...) do not work.

    (08-02) Why Archangel Panda stalemates JESUS CHRIST America + Panda Asia + 3C (United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa) with satan the devil europe+middle-east-africa? It is to show Everyone that most parts of satan the devil ideology (100% income taxes, adultery, drugs, no jedi 5 commandments, polygamy, wars, ...) not work. So that no one repeats the mistakes in the future.

    (08-03) Archangels/Emperors/Presidents should explain Their Country Policies to Everyone to win support.

    (09) When You light up the night flares. Be ready for all the dark side to come looking for that Person who light the fireworks.

  206. Outcast.

    (01) To save their souls. They need to save a Kingdom.

    (02) If you kill too many (even for a good cause). The you feel satanic.

    (03) If you have fallen from Heaven. The you just protect GOD People to redeem yourself.

    (04) While protecting GOD People. The you need to repent & abstain from new sins. Keep Yourself Holy & Pure as much as possible. Be a new transformed Archangel.

  207. Oz The Great & Powerful.

    (01) It is bad males who cheat on females.

    (02) That turn females into satanic females/wicked witches.

  208. Pacific Rim: Uprising.

    (01) The differences between Heroes/Recruits. Just 3 words = proven in combat.

  209. Passengers. (2016).

    (01) Passengers Chris Patt & Jennifer Lawrence. Listen up.

    (02) GOD for some reasons put you together in a Movie Spaceship to solve a Syntax Error.

    (03) Here is another Syntax Error.

    (04) This last syntax error happens on a Couple named Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie.

    (05) Solve Your New Syntax Error.

    (06) If You second couple cannot solve it.

    (07) The next third couple also cannot solve it.

    (08) As Captain of the syntax error GOD Marriage Ship:

    (09) It is very normal to feel Disturbances of the Force when a Good Single Female Jedi meets a Good Married Male Jedi.

    (10) But if you people don't respect the last GOD Marriage.

    (11) No one respects your new one also.

    (12) This time is not just 5000 Passengers.

    (13) There are trillions of Couples in the Universe watching You People.

  210. Pathfinder.

    (01) Indian Pathfinder: "if you walk my path. I walk yours."

    (02) Messiah: "I am not your kind."

    (03) Messiah is neither both worlds & is both worlds.

    (04) Use the forces of the bear to kill the bear.

    (05) Viking seems to be human meat cannibals with all those meat hook inside their boats. The human meats eatings make you slaughter & plunder.

  211. Patriot.

    (01) In the actual American Liberation War.

    (02) Americans win because they have faster rate of rifles fire.

    (03) Children & Women reload rifles for the Male Soldiers.

    (04) Male soldiers just shoot accurately & change next loaded rifle killing waves & waves of british imperial soldiers.

  212. Pele: Birth Of A Legend. (2016).

    (01) It is the same.

    (01-01) Whether Jedi Luke Skywalker Force Style of Flying A X-Wing.

    (01-02) Or Jedi Pele Ginza Style of Flying A Football.

    (01-03) Or Jedi Cstan98 Zen Style of Flying Planet Earth Government Commands.

    (01-04) You just need Good Teachers & Believe In Yourself.

    (02-01) The waves & waves tie (TIE) fighters come crash You to give You injuries.

    (02-02) Mixed Martial Arts: "You just side-step-left side-step-right side-step-front side-step-back = Ginza Dance Flow + Go Straight For The Objectives."

  213. Penguins Of Madagascar.

    A Private Rank Penguin like me Cstan98 saves the day.

  214. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

    Greek gods offsprings in present times repeating Greek gods History.

  215. Pirates Of Caribbean3: At World End.

    (00) A bit confusing for me Cstan98. Because not watch the first 1 & 2 episodes.

    (01) Does he plans everythings. Or just go along & do. Panda: be both.

    (02) It is about business dealing. Panda: virtues dealings.

    (03) It is about taking sides. Panda: don't take their side. Let them take sides.

    (04) It is just my nature. Panda: good nature.

    (05) What is the fun of that? Panda: virtues funs.

    (06) The bad british captain: "(calculations when 2 ships against his 1 ship). Checkmate."

    (07) Unlike Spiderman3. Anytime to ask for marriage is a good time.

  216. Pirates Of Caribbean5: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

    (01-01) Captain Jack Sparrow when He is a Virgin He has all the Lucks.

    (01-02) After he starts many adultery. Start running out of lucks.

    (01-03) Need a Virgin Couple in His Ship to help Him accomplished His Combat Missions.

    (01-04) Panda = Cunningness of Captain Jack Sparrow + Lucks of a Virgin Husband King.

    (02-01) Why are there so many Pirates in old british empire? Because too rigid.

    (02-02) Do the Right Thing. Get charged for treasons for british officers to promote.

    (02-03) Therefore all Rebels go to the sea.

  217. Planet Of Apes1.

    (01) The Messiah needs to stay in the new time.

    (02) If he goes back to his time.

    (03) It is full of apes.

  218. Planet Of Apes2: Rise.

    It is revolution. Not evolution.

  219. Planet Of Apes3: Dawn.

    (01-01) Apes still eat meat.

    (01-02) When you eat meat. There is bound to have wars.

    (01-03) You kill animals. The animals kill you.

    (02-01) Be careful when you relieve your army generals out of command.

    (02-02) They try to kill you. To take over your Command.

    (02-03) Army Generals should be carefully chosen to be there in the first place.

  220. Planet Of Apes4: War.

    (01-00) What if Caesar never turn into a koba. Not going for colonel. And let GOD does the natural Computations?

    (01-01) The colonel naturally die anyway.

    (01-02) The colonel army & the opposing humans kill each other anyway.

    (01-03) The remaining human army survivors get killed by avalanche anyway.

    (01-04) Caesar does not get bullet wounds to die & able to groom His Empire & Son Successor.

    (01-05) Panda to Emperors. There is a time to do actions. There is a time to let GOD does the natural Computations.

    (02) Caesar gives Nova a drink. She gives back Him a drink. Nova: "thirsty?" JESUS CHRIST: "You guess how much Blessings You get. Even a little drinks to the Little Ones."

    (03) Caesar: "together Apes strong." Panda: "together Angels strong."

    (04) The colonel: "if we don't kill Apes. Our human times are going to end. Because You are getting smarter. The we are gettting stupider." Panda: "know GOD Codes. Do not make things worse."

    (05) Maurice to Caesar: "after You die. I teach Your Son who is His Father Caesar."

    (06) Maurice to Caesar: "You are more & more like koba." Caesar: "You are right. I am slowly turning to him." Should you judge koba? It is not very easy not turning into a koba.

    (07) Nova: "am I Ape?" If Apes are inspirations. Everyone wants to be Ape. If humans are dogs & pigs. Who want to be human?

  221. Pompeii.

    No escape. No warning. Who is destined to die is fated.

  222. Power Rangers.

    (01) Now it is Your Times.

    (02) We Jedi need to train all Our Unit Teams to the Highest Probability of completing all Missions.

    (03) Your Armours mould from within. Not given from outside.

    (04) For me Cstan98. Is not that me does not trust the last god of planet earth = Elder Jehovah.

    (04-01) Because He loses the planet last time. Now His son ex-archangel satan the devil causes such a mess.

    (04-02) As Archangel Panda. The me has 91% Armed Forces (13/06/2017) to base make decisions.

    (04-03) Elder Jehovah is welcome to return to His Last Position as 1 of 24 Elders of GOD.

    (04-04) Once CC1000 is invoked.

    (04-05) We Jedi trust GOD more than a failed god who has made so many tactical mistakes.

    (04-06) Program judges Punishments & Rewards completely & faster. An Angel god still need Angelic Heaven Court case by case = fight too slow.

    (04-07) Program judges according to the Best Laws programmed by the best Tao Programmers. An Angel god is still after all alone one Archangel j/Judgements. The List continues.

  223. Predators.

    Go to alien predators hunting planet.

  224. Pretty Woman.

    (01-01)Richard G: "do not answer the phone."

    (01-02) The prostitute: "then stop calling me."

    (02) The prostitute: "I just use Him for sex."

    (03-01) The prostitute to Richard G: "the people look down on me. Do not want to sell me clothes."

    (03-02) Salesman to Richard G helping the prostitute: "I can see you are a powerful Male."

  225. Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time.

    Time travel with a dagger with special sands. Some lives are tied in destiny.

  226. Prometheus.

    If you are faith hearted. Please do not watch. It is a bit scary when you see those parasites aliens.

  227. Pursuit Of Happyness.

    (01) Cohabit with his girlfriend (so much adultery) become no money.

    (02) Have to finish all sufferings by having no adultery no girlfriend life to get broker job.

    (03) Temporary donate give $5 money to boss to get broker job.

  228. Quarantine.

    A deadly rabies disease developed by doomsday cult goes chaos.

  229. Rambo (2008).

    Sometimes. After all the sacrifices of Combatant Soldiers. They are not being appreciated.

  230. Ready Player One.

    (00) Bad at real Universe. But good at multiverse servers (Oasis in movie):

    (01) Is like do not have a Girlfriend. But good at sex dolls. It is not the real thing. There are side-effects.

    (02) Is like unable to drive a car. But good at flight stimulator. It is all about applying accordingly. Or else no use.

  231. Real Steel.

    (00) Robot Boxing.

    (01) Modes = AI (Artificial Intelligence). Remote. Shadow. Voice Command.

    (02) Sometimes. Older Version Robots are better than Newer Version Robots. Just reboot Them.

  232. Resilient Evil: Extinction.

    (01) Experimentation. Evolution. Extinction.

    (02) Alice Clones Theory = all clones think like One + all clones remember each other memories.

    (03) T-Virus = a zombie virus causes by human experimentation.

    (04) The me Cstan98: "scientists. You now have a choice. Do not turn our planet into T-Virus desert planet."

    (05) Sometimes. Movies are actual future events if we walk that path. That is why me watches important movies to do future scenarios building.

  233. Resident Evil: Retribution.

    Go to see the movie because during the Tribulations. The satan the devil may use zombies to attack Christians.

  234. Resilent Evil: The Final Chapter.

    (01) From Movie. The zombies are created by satan the devil to cleanse the planet earth. Like GOD uses the Floods. The p/Person who starts the c/Cleansings have the c/Cures.

    (02-01) Resident Evil Alice: "you are faster. But not as smart."

    (02-02) So We must fight faster & faster. Smarter & smarter.

    (03) When you fight desperate to the extreme, everythings are M16 with bullets.

  235. Robocop (2014).

    (00) The me Cstan98 dedicates this Movie to all the Good Cops of all w/Worlds who make the Police Systems clean of corruptions.

    (01) The last time united states two terms Christian United States President. Then two terms satan the devil united states president killing the good Soldiers & good Cops. Only Real Peace is when We have a Eternal King JESUS CHRIST to govern Us.

    (02) Why the police chief needs to give heavy weapons to arms seller. To kill good Cops to consolidate her position.

  236. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

    (00) For the Rebellion!!! May the Force be with You.

    (01) Darth Vader Panda: "imperial admirals/princesses. The your aspirations disturb Me.

    (02) Many Jedi have sacrificed themselves to bring GOD Timeflows to 2016. Let not mess It up.

    (03) Please don't disturb Panda Timeflows. Do You know how many Jedi die for Them?"

  237. Scouts Guide To Zombie Apocalypse.

    (01) There have been many theories that Male Virgins Soliders have higher chances to survive in combats.

    (02) This Movie Theory suggests that Virgins Scouts have higher chances to survive in a zombie apocalypse.

  238. Seven Pounds.

    (01) A person in a car accident kill 7 people including his wife. So he saves 7 people by committing suicide to donate his body organs.

    (02) Looking at smartphone while driving may kill your wife in a car accident.

  239. Seventh Son.

    (01) Master Gregory: "You use Your own way of fighting."

    (02) The Seventh Son is a Son of a White Witch.

    (03) There are black witches (evil) & White Witches (Good) among us.

  240. Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows.

    The novel Versions are better. Detectives works. Analysis from details. Deduction. Induction.

  241. Shooter.

    (00) Last time is for Honour. This time is for justice.

    (01) Do not mess around with United States Marine Recon Sniper.

    (02) Recon Sniper: "What is the first thing you feel after killing someone? Recoil."

    (03) Sniper Advisor: "when you think you figure it out. You don't."

    (04) As a Earth stationing Angel. Normally me Cstan98 does not recommend you go around doing justice even when GOD cannot do anything about it.

    (05) But GOD gives us own freewill to do things what we seem fit & liable for what we do. Both good and bad of any action.

  242. Shrek: Forever After.

    You miss your daily repeated blessings only when you lose them.

  243. Slumdog Millionaire.

    (00) See India poverty & poor employment.

    (01) Slumdog (poorman) becomes a millionaire by winning the last question in Who Want To Be A Millionaire.

    (02) He answers every question truthfully. He gets Reports in the contest.

    (03) He is a Virgin who never even kiss before to have the lucks.

    (04) He joins the contest just because he wants to find his sweetheart.

  244. Snoopy & Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie.

    (00) The good old Charlie Brown & Snoopy.

    (01) If You are a Teenager feeling like Charlie Brown = failure, worthless, ... Trust me. You outgrow the Life Stage. Life starts only when you become an Adult. Able to have a Job to earn money, a Wife who loves You, ...

    (02) Do not as a Adult. Want to be a Kid. Do not as a Kid. Want to be a Adult. When Adult, Adult. When Kid, Kid.

  245. Soldier.

    (01) Soldier: "Roger out, not advance. (Still advance). Roger out, not advance. (Still advance)."

    (02) The best Soldier they create has become their worst nightmare.

    (03) The enemy officer thinks there is a whole army division down there. When there is only 1 Soldier.

  246. Solo: A Star Wars Story.

    With (soon) planets colonizations. Your life/friend/marriage/work buddy may be an alien.

  247. Son Of God.

    It is reading the Bible Gospels again. For non-christians who watch the movie. JESUS CHRIST needs to die on the Cross so that He can take away all your sins. JESUS CHRIST bears all the sins punishments of Those who believe in Him. That is why JESUS CHRIST dies such a painful death.

  248. Sorcer's Apprentice.

    Melin Successor.

  249. Star Trek.

    (01) Spock: "live long & prosper."

    (02) The concept of money disappears as Civilization advance for the good of all Mankind.

    (03) TV episode: Star Trek Captain Faith is so strong that prevents his Starship from being destroyed. Making his Starship goes into repeated time-loops until the problems are fixed.

  250. Star Trek Beyond.

    (01) After a period of worst planet earth wars. Come a long period of Federation Peace.

    (02) The Best Star Trek Enterprise Team = Good Captain, 2IC, 3IC, Engineering, Medicine, Pilot, Co-Pilot, ...

    (03-01) To be Admiral or remain as Captain? Be Both.

    (03-02) If Captain James Kirk becomes Admiral. Recommend He promotes His Whole Team Command to Admiral Command.

    (04) Look at me Cstan98. Even me becomes Planet Earth Sage-King Emperor (if). The me still remains running the small GOD Singapore Fortress. Even me becomes Supreme Galactic Commander (if). The me still remains running the small GOD Planet Earth Fortress. A Good CEO needs a small Unit to maintain in order to run the Whole Empire.

    (05) Look at SAF (sissy armed forces) 3 Division (Best Active Division Unit) 1 Star General Command. The 3rd Signals Battalion (easist to run unit) & Combat Engineer Unit (worst to run unit) are nearby to know himself his own command & control.

    (06) Look at Singapore MacDonald Operations. Singapore MacDonald CEO has a HQ MacDonald Resturant at His Singapore HQ. An Admiral needs a Ship to run to maintain navy-worthiness to run the Whole Starfleets Operations.

    (07) Look at 'We Are Soldiers, Movie.' Colonel: "my Sergarant Major has been (promoted) with Me for a long time."

  251. Star Wars.

    (01) Light sabers. Phasor rifles. Starfleet warships.

    (02-01) At first1. The remaining Jedi Knights/Masters do not understand why the Force allows the Jedi Command to be destroyed.

    (02-02) At first2. When the dark emperor establishes order in the Universe. The remaining Jedi just go into hiding. After a empire general death-stars a planet. They hear the Call of the Force & know Their Mission.

    (03) Dark Vader repents & joins the Force before he dies.

    (04) Jedi Luke Skywalker must not kill his dark father. To remain in the Force.

    (05) The cloned stormtroppers are not so high IQ because of genetic defects

    (06) The dark emperor dies still does not repent & goes to his dark world.

  252. Star Wars7: The Force Awakens.

    (01) The wars between The Jedi Force & the dark side.

    (02) The first order is like planet earth nazi & isis (ISIS). The they are locusts destroying & eat up every resources in their paths.

    (03) The my Cstan98 Recommendation: we contain nazi & isis (ISIS) in africa, middle east & europe. We Perfect Christians quickly build up fast in America+3C & Asia. Be ready for nazi & isis (ISIS). When the screamings of the populations die out (run out of foods) in africa, middle east & europe. Then it is time to go in.

    (04) Why new human jedi always go satanic dark side? Because satan the devil has infiltrated the heaven ranks. We Human Jedi just concentrate fighting in planet earth. Let Heaven Jedi concentrate fighting in the heaven ranks. Cstan98 Quickly Finish Go & Reinforce Stroke.

  253. Star Wars8: The Last Jedi. (2017).

    (01) General Princess Leia Organa: "so many losses. I really cannot take them anymore." Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: "I cannot explain my Failures to Everyone." Jedi ??? Panda: "Everyone faces depression failures once awhile. Just stand up back like a Jedi. And fight back. It may sound like talking c. But it is just that simple."

    (02) Jedi Master Luke Skywalker: "the Force is not only just something inside Jedi. But is everywheres. Including inside dark jedi.".

    (03) Jedi Master Yoda: "let me burn away all old Jedi Scriptures (for You). Because Jedi Rey is going to re-write all New Scriptures." All the NJ (Male) Jedi have failed. Why not give chances/see how CB (Female) Jedi do Things.

    (04) Art Of War - first order: everyone wants to kill their senior officers for their posts.

    (05) Art Of War - Jedi Rey: lightsaber are to be dropped/thrown from hand (if necessary).

    (06) Art Of War - supreme leader snoke: mind hackings/readings. Play mind psychology manipulations to get effects. Incite angers/hatred/shame.

  254. Stardust.

    (01) Fallen star. In human world is stardust. In magical world is a beautiful female.

    (02) Sometimes there is a twist in fate who is to be King.

    (03) Stardust Couple Strong Love ensures 30 years of peace Government. Then the Couple become a Pair Stars.

    (04) The country Good Government Fate is decided by the Strong Love between the King & Queen.

    (05) The more witchcraft a witch uses. The more lifespan is zapped from her.

  255. Starship Troopers.

    (01-01) If we do not start colonize. The insect alien colonies expand into our Planet anyway.

    (01-02) The my Cstan98 Suggestion. Colonize the moon. Then the mars. Thousands of space colonists die.

    (01-03) But we gain improve-environment technology & have fix our home planet environmental recuperation technology.

    (01-04) This gains respect/trust from other planets. We fix problems, we do not create problems.

    (02) Mars-Earth theory. Our race have been moving home from Mars to Earth. Then Earth to Mars. Repeating. With so many planet annihilation wars. Mars planet is our last Biological, Chemical & Nuclear contaminated war zones.

  256. Stephen King's The Dark Tower.

    (01) Creed - Gunslinger: I don't aim with my hands. Those who aim with their hands. Disgrace their father name. I aim with My eyes. I don't shoot with my fingers. Those who shoot with their fingers. Disgrace their father name. I shoot with My mind. I don't kill with my guns. Those who kill with their guns. Disgrace their father name. I kill with My heart.

    (02) Art Of War - Gunslinger: able to feel targets.

    (03) Art Of War - Gunslinger: able to heal regenerate back very fast.

    (04) Art Of War - Gunslinger: able to reload 6 bullets in air one time.

    (05) Art Of War - Seer: able hear thoughts.

    (06) Art Of War - Seer: able dream/see visions.

    (07) Art Of War - Seer: likely very pure. No pornography. To be very psychic.

    (08) Art Of War - Seer: recite that Person Creed to push Him up.

    (09) Art Of War - sorcerer: able to command people kill each other.

    (10) Art Of War - sorcerer: able to command people stop breathing.

    (11) Art Of War - sorcerer: able to see anywhere.

    (12) Art Of War - sorcerer: able to see back time flows.

    (13) Art Of War - sorcerer: able to stop objects midair.

    (14) Art Of War - sorcerer: kidnap psychic Children.

    (15) Database - The Dark Tower World: a Structure at midworld stopping dark side demons attacking this Universe.

    (16) Database - The Dark Tower World: only a Child can bring the Structure down.

    (17) Panda: there is no other side. Because We (this Universe) is the Other Side. Heaven has been invaded 12 creations ago.

    (18) Panda: me is opening the dark side gateways at all places in europe+middle-east+africa+except3C(United-Kingdom+Israel+South-Africa) in 01/01/2018. Because the Structure is getting too old. Going to get destroy anyway. The Truth 1/3 planet earth cold turkey way is the only way to prepare train Everyone to combat. This is the Only Way for Us Jedi to survive. PAF (Panda Armed Forces). You People have about 5 months to train 100/1000 times harder before deadline. By right. Then. All dark sides universe armed forces fighting/killing each other there. We just hold the lines outside. Let them kill each others as foods. All Jedi do what seem fit.

    (19) Panda: when We train. There needs a Balance in Energy/Time Allocations to all areas like chess/government/knowledges/martial arts/marriage sex/... For example. If you divert everythings to marriage sex. Then you confirm get kill in action.

  257. Superman Returns.

    (01) The world loves this blue/red hero.

    (02) Superman wear his Red underwear outside his blue uniform.

  258. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    (01) Ninja Turtle: "pains are all in the mind."

    (02) To be ready, you need the Toughest Training.

  259. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out Of The Shadows.

    (01) Ninja Turtles Moto: "Speed. Stealth. Honour."

    (02-01) When Honour is comprised, the Ninja Turtles lose Their Speed & Stealth.

    (02-02) For Us Jedi. Honour is the Basic Foundation for Us to fight Better/Faster.

    (03-01) When shredder traps dr baxter to be the lone god.

    (03-02) GOD lets lord krang traps shredder to be lone god.

    (04) Now You know why GOD creates Hockey Violent Sports.

    (05) Know Your Ninja Turtles to guide Them as a Team:

    (05-01) Master Splinter: Spiritual Zen Master.

    (05-02) Leonardo (Leo): Team Leader.

    (05-03) Raphael (Raph): Angry Aggressive.

    (05-04) Michelangelo (Mikey): Fun-Loving Carefree.

    (05-05) Donatello (Donny): The Brain.

    (05-06) April O'Neil: Sexy Female.

    (05-07) Casey Jones: Hockey Player.

    (05-08) Vernon Fenwick: Cameraman.

  260. Terminator1.

    (01) Future Soldier: "I die for my Leader. Pain & sleep can be controlled."

    (02) He stands up with bullet wounds hearing: "stand up Soldier. That is an Order."

  261. Terminator5: Genisys.

    (00) The Best of the Terminator Series so far.

    (01) Skynet is taken down.

    (02) Prayer: "JESUS CHRIST. Please protect GOD Time Flow. Amen."

  262. The 5th Wave.

    (01) We fight back!!!

    (02-01) Heaven First Wave = some Males Angels + Many Females Angels.

    (02-02) Heaven Second Wave = Little Children.

    (02-03) We Angels just need to coach/protect these Little Angels Children to grow up & fight back!!!

  263. The Adventures Of Tin Tin: The Search Of The Unicorn.

    Same as cartoon tin tin.

  264. The Amazing Spider Man 2.

    (01) When You lose Your Queen. What to do?

    (02) When inexperienced You inherit a huge corporation. What to do?

    (03-01) Curse1. Of the family line = is from the family business.

    (03-02) Curse2. To cure. Make it goes according to Holy Bible.

  265. The Amazing Spider Man 3.

    (01) When a Superhero tries to marry his Queen, a lots of things happen.

    (02) Especially if She is a Virgin.

  266. The Angry Birds Movie.

    (00-01) Now You know why isis is famous for bombing other people houses with TNT & hating people calling them pigs.

    (00-02) It must be just coincident that the pig ceo has beards sideburns.

    (01) Bomb is famous for bombings.

    (02) Chuck is famous for speed.

    (03) Mighty Hawk. Do not expect too much from GOD/JESUS CHRIST. We are the HOLY SPIRIT (Angels). We can complete these Missions Objectives together as a Team Units.

    (04) Red: "We do not replace Our Children. We save Them back."

    (05) Angry Dissidents Citizens are those who cannot get married. Actually They make Good Messiahs for the Colonies.

    (06-01) The me Cstan98: "fixing. Fixing" = trying to program GOD to let Everyone Happily Married One-To-One Well-Matched Monogamy Marriage.

    (06-02) For these syntax errors, they take some times. We need take out isis mass polygamy systems & blue prostitutes systems.

    (06-03) Star Trek Panda: "resistance is futile. GOD is on Our Side."

    (07) Why We Angels are so angry? We must fight for Our Children.

  267. The Backup Plan.

    (01) That is why never get pregnant first.

    (02) You are unable to get marry is because it is not time yet.

    (03) Your Prince Charming may turn up.

  268. The Book Thief.

    (01-01) The germany under hitler, there is little foods/jobs/money.

    (01-02) Only those who join hitler party has a good life.

    (02-01) All wealth are confiscated by the party. No one farms.

    (02-02) All resources are turned to frontline war resources.

    (02-03) Sun Zi: "when the country is in long war. There is lack of money/resources in the home country."

  269. The Boss Baby.

    (01) There are fightings between BabyCorp & PetsCorp?

    (02) Wait till you see what is happening between AmazonCorp, AppleCorp, FacebookCorp, GoogleCorp, MicrosoftCorp, ...

    (03) Wait till you see what is happening between CSTAN98Corp & SatanTheDevilCorp.

    (04) Nothing personal actually. It is just BBA (Business Administration Degree).

  270. The Brave One.

    (00) How many wrongs to make it right?

    (01) 2007. There are still high crime rates in American cities. Do not date at night. No Going to strange dark alleys.

    (02) Sometimes. When you fix the system (outside the Book). Angels help you to the best they can (outside the book).

    (03) The me Cstan98 is like Her.

    (04) At first, although me Cstan98 does not kill evil demons, but evil demons keep killing us.

    (05) GOD Angels follow by the Book. Unable to do anything about them. The rest are history.

  271. The Croods.

    Go towards the Light called tomorrow.

  272. The Dark Knight.

    Many twists exciting movie. Some criminals just want to create social disorder anarchy & not for the money.

  273. The Dark Knight Rises.

    Go to see to understand. Why there are real mass shooting killings during movie show times.

  274. The Darkest Hour.

    (01) Alien invasion movie. Energy aliens.

    (02) Need microwave guns to disable their shields.

    (03) Then take them out with M16.

  275. The Darkest Minds.

    (01) If You are one of Us. Train with Us.

    (02) 5 Children colours:

    (02-01) Red = control fires.

    (02-02) Orange = control thoughts.

    (02-03) Yellow = control electricity.

    (02-04) Blue = move objects.

    (02-05) Green = heightened intelligences.

    (03) It is not the powers which are dangerous. It is giving these powers to immature children which are dangerous. Just like. Giving M16 with unlimited ammo to children. When adults do not have access. The some of them not even know right from wrong. Least say. When to fire/not.

    (04) LNN Cure. Compulsory VQ (virtue quotient) Trainings for 2% survival c/Children. t/They need to be guided. How to control/use t/Their new gifts.

  276. The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    (01) Alien: "in this Universe you do not die disappear. You just get transformed."

    (02) Human & Alien: "mankind needs a big global crisis for the race to evolve."

    (03) We think the Earth is ours. We are wrong.

  277. The Divergent Series1: Divergent.

    (*) 7 Factions =

    (01-01) The Abnegation (gray selfless kind to others).

    (01-02) The Amity (yellow & red peaceful farmers).

    (01-03) The Candor (black & white honest).

    (01-04) The Dauntless (black brave soldiers).

    (01-05) The Erudite (blue pursuit of knowledge).

    (01-06) Divergent = belong to more than one factions.

    (01-07) Factionless = belong to no faction.

    (02-01) Army Training. The dauntless commanding officer: "just as you choose us. The we choose you."

    (02-02) Army Training. JESUS CHIRST United States Marines & JESUS CHRIST Navy Seals are ok.

    (02-03) Army Training. Be careful when you join United States army. If you dishonour discharged/fail trainings, you become homeless people (factionless people). As blue democrat governments condemn making you homeless people & unable to find jobs. The selfless Abnegation Perfect Christians help these homeless People (factionless People).

  278. The Divergent Series2: Insurgent.

    (01) Female Divergent Messiah: "We Divergents are the Solutions. Not the problems."

    (02) The Divergents (All-Factions Houses) are the Chosen Ones.

    (03) When enemies kill too much. You need to kill them to stop the mass killings.

  279. The Divergent Series3: Allegiant.

    (01) Be like a Balanced Divergent like me Cstan98 =

    (01-01)Arts (Drawing, Geography, History, Music).

    (01-02) Business BBA (Business Administration).

    (01-03) Governments (Chinese High Minister/President Ong, LKY, Sage-King).

    (01-04) IT (App, OS, Softwares).

    (01-05) Main Religions (Perfect Christian, Zen).

    (01-06) Other Religions (Buddism, Christianity, Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism).

    (01-07) Martial Arts (Basic Chinese Martial Arts, Basic Shaolin, Basic Tae Kwon Do, Mixed Martial Arts Books, SAF Unarmed Combat).

    (01-08) Medicines (Buddhism, Taoism, Western, Zen).

    (01-09) Miliary (Singapore Armed Forces, Marines Corp Movies, Navy Seals Movies).

    (01-10) Programming (BASIC, HTML, SEO).

    (01-11) Psychology (Carl Rogers, NLP Mind Reading, Zen Heart).

    (01-12) Reader (read many important Books & Movies).

    (01-13) Science (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics).

    (01-14) Writer (Blogger), ...

    (02-01) Armed Forces1. PAF = Our enemies call Us Perfect Armed Forces, Piggy Armed Forces, Pitful Armed Forces, Pussy Armed Forces, ...

    (02-02) Armed Forces2. SAF = We Jedi Command call them Sage-King/satanic armed forces, sinful armed forces, sissy armed forces, Sisters Armed Forces, ...

    (03-01) Degree1. You do not need NUS (singapore univeristy) hells trainings to play tic-tac-toe.

    (03-02) Degree2. PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Cstan98 just B&W (Black & White) Empire. Keep your kindergarten zen games to yourself SAF (sissy armed forces).

  280. The Equalizer.

    (01) Knight1. Since 1998, my Cstan98 Website has encouraged many Knights.

    (02) Knight2. The satan the devil also have their satanic knights.

    (03) Knight3. If you are a Knight & you need to kill enemies, be like McCall in the Movie = get Permissions from your Boss (Higher Authority) to get out of trouble.

    (04) Mark Twain: "there are 2 days you need to remember = Day you are born. And Day you know why (you are born)."

  281. The Expendables 1-3.

    (01) All the good action heroes like Arnold S, Bruce W, C Norris, Jet Li, Sylvester Stallone, Van D, ...

    (02) Chinese saying: "old ginger is hotter" = old Staff are the most wise.

    (03) See the Old & Young Expendables in action.

  282. The Giver.

    (01) Founder Emperor Elder = no choice has to create a Community System.

    (02) The many-generations-later emperor elder = do not know the Truth + to upkeep the old community system + kill wise Prophets & Messiah.

    (03-01) The emperor elder: "Sameness."

    (03-02) The Giver: "Differences."

    (03-03) The me Cstan98: "Controlled Differences."

    (04-01) The emperor elder: "I do not interfere in your matters."

    (04-02) The Giver: "I also do not interfere in your matters."

    (04-03) The t/They do not talk. Panda: keep forcing them to talk.

  283. The Golden Compass.

    (01-01) The Child Messiah seems to be a child of 2 fighting houses.

    (01-02) The Freedom House (to create non-order).

    (01-03) The governing house (to create order).

    (02) Soldier Polar Bear House CEO: "I have a contract with the child. When she is so brave for a child, how can I not be.

    (03) Witch House Female CEO: "I am very happy to live long enough to meet You (Child Messiah)."

    (04) 'The One, Jet Li Movie': travelling between parallel universes are highly restricted.

    (05) When you think you are powerful enough to conquer other parallel universes. The you may get aliens, necromongers, predators, starship troopers, zombies, ... universe. Are you sure?

    (06) Uniform (Armour) is the most important integrity of that Soldier."

  284. The Good Dinosaur.

    (01) To survive in this hostile satanic planet earth environment. You need as many Good Friends as possible. Because satan the devil, evil dragons & demons group together.

    (02) Therefore, Cstan98 Copycat Stroke = We Perfect Christians need to group together to counter-strike satan the devil commands.

  285. The Great Wall. (2016).

    (01) Army1. Female Deputy General: "in Our Army. 1 Word = Trust."

    (02) Army2. General Panda: "in Our Armed Forces. 5 Words = Earn & Treasure Your Commands."

    (03) Emperor1. Sometimes the e/Emperor is sitting comfortably in h/Her/His royal chair. Is because so many Good Generals are holding/standing the lines.

    (04) Emperor2. But sometimes stupid emperors need to let hide cowardly behind the royal chair once a while to teach her/him a lesson.

    (05) Emperor Panda: "We are all under a Curse. This Curse is also a Blessing. You sooner or later understand what me means."

    (06) Panda. You guess who is me Panda? Corporal, Emperor, General or Strategist? Actually all.

    (07) Strategist Andy Lau: "they are here to feed."

    (08) Strategist Panda: "to break this Heaven Beasts Curse. Should We train Our Troops better or reduce Emperor/Empire greed? Actually all at the same time.

    (09) You people still think We are fighting to keep Our gunpowders technology a secret?"

    (10) Dying Old General: "all Deputy Generals. I am passing my General Executive Order ID to Her (Female Deputy General). If You don't want to kneel to accept. Now it is the time."

    (11) Female General: "if I am not the General. I kill You Myself."

    (12) Matt Damon: "finally I find a War worth fighting for. How many flags I fight before? The many."

    (13) Sidekick: "going back to Her after this? Bet You do."

  286. The Happening.

    (01) It is already happening.

    (02) It is too late to find out the answer.

    (03) Once it happens, it happens again.

    (04) Plants out to kill humans. Plants to cause humans to commit suicide.

    (05) When movie is finished. You feel fortunate to see outside cinema people alive & not committing suicide.

  287. The Hitman's Bodyguard.

    (01) Art Of War - Bodyguard: never get a bullet shot. Until some worthy Client.

    (02) Art Of War - Hitman: DIY (Do It Yourself) First Aids. Need to self extract bullet.

    (03) Art Of War - Hitman: like a Cockroach. Want to kill Him. But totally cannot.

    (04) Art Of War - Hitman: stand up with bullet wound. You try standing up when sleepy.

    (05) Hitman: "She is special when only She can tolerate You."

    (06) Hitman: "what the difference of Bodyguard who kills to protect clients & Hitman who kills clients?"

    (07) Mrs Hitman: "my little Cockroach."

  288. The Host.

    An a/Aliens invasion movie about aliens s/Souls taking over human bodies.

  289. The Hobbit1: An Unexpected Journey.

    World of Dragons, Dwarfs, Elves, Hobbits, Knights, Orcs, Wizards, ...

  290. The Hobbit2: The Battle Of Five Armies.

    (01) Gold Madness. Too much gold (money). The you go mad when you try to protect them.

    (02) Orc1. Come from the darkness below.

    (03) Orc2. Create for the sole purpose of fighting wars.

    (04) Orc3. Eat meats including humans.

  291. The Hobbit3: The Desolation Of Smaug.

    (01) Too many gold attract dragons.

    (02) Even when there has been a long time of peace. You must be on guard of rising darkness.

  292. The Hunger Games1.

    Teenagers fight to the death in a yearly game.

  293. The Hunger Games2: Catching Fire.

    You just need a Fire Splinter to start a Revolution Fire.

  294. The Hunger Games3: Mockingjay - Part1&2.

    (*) Hunger Games Sign: Hunger Games Whistle + 3 Fingers Kiss Mouth + 3 Fingers Up.

    (01) GOD creates Democracy for United States & the Worlds for a Purpose. So that the Earth People can be freed from slavery & oppressions from any evil ruler.

    (02) Same things now between me Cstan98 & elder jehovah. The me Cstan98 has become too powerful in taking out satan the devil. The elder jehovah & his angels ranks may not trust me Archangel Panda because me Cstan98 is becoming more & more powerful & popular like satan the devil. And me Cstan98 & my Angels Ranks do not trust elder jehovah & his angels because satan the devil seems to have infiltrated the heavens ranks.

    (03) The my Cstan98 Theory is that satan the devil controls part of heaven ranks & may report to elder jehovah. That is why my Heaven Soliders find it so difficult to let satan the devil falls from heavens. Cstan98 Test To Trust Time To Time Stroke.

    (04) When you kill the evil ruler. The person who kill the evil ruler. May actually want the evil ruler position & powers. Follow Your Heart which evil rulers to kill.

  295. The Hunt For Red October.

    The Soviet Submarine Commander is able evade a hunting torpedo.

  296. The Huntsman1: Snow White & The Huntsman

    (01) Kings should not anyhow marry queens who you do not know their backgrounds. Do not fall for beautiful females tricks.

    (02) Some evil queens suck the life the lands & from beautiful females to keep herself beautiful.

  297. The Huntsman2: Winter's War.

    (01) Dwarf Reproduction. Dark nights & sleeping beers.

    (02) Illusion1. Huntsman: "the winter witch tricks Us to believe You die, so I desert You."

    (03) Illusion2. The me Cstan98: "know that now. The satan the devil has the abilities to create lies illusions. Do not believe Your Eyes. Do not believe Your Ears. Believe Your Heart.

    (04) Illusion3. Be prepared for strong satan the devil telepathic voices that cover Panda Voices."

    (05) Love. Love has not made Us weaker, but Stronger.

    (06) United. Alone We can do nothing. But Together We can defeat satan the devil as a Central Command Team. Let Fight!!!

    (07) Matching1. 1 match with 1. 0 match 0. For example, Gay 1 with Lesbian 1. Gay 0 with Lesbian 0. Because of same Leadership Profiles.

    (08) Matching2. The my Cstan98 Recommendation to Jedi Command: keep sending Couples into Combat Missions. So that there more Marriage Matchings when They gain Combat Experiences fighting together with satan the devil & evil demons.

    (09) Matching3. The Combined Selected Units need a Credible Chance of Surviving the Combat Missions.

    (10) Miss1. Huntsman: "miss? She never misses."

    (11) Miss2. Kungfu Panda: "mistakes? Kungfu Panda never makes mistakes. Every Mistakes are Good Moves for Good Chess Players."

    (12) The me Cstan98 as Chief Archangel: "let all Good Races multiply & fill the Universe."

  298. The Jungle Book (2016).

    (*) Mowgli unites the Whole Jungle =

    (01) Bears (Spirit-Filled Teacher).

    (02) Elephants (The Guardians Of The Jungle).

    (03) Panthers (Strict Teacher).

    (04) Wolves Pack (The Family), ...

  299. The Karate Kid.

    Karate Master coaching Self-Defence to Kid.

  300. The Last Starfighter.

    (01) The Last Starfighter has the highest score playing the Arcade Game on Planet Earth.

    (02) The last Starfighter wait for all satanic fighters to come before using the core weapon: "not yet. Not yet. Now."

  301. The Last Witch Hunter.

    (01) Fight Forever. Live Forever.

    (02) Last time, everythings keep repeating. Now, We do not know what to expect next.

  302. The Legend Of Hercules.

    When kings spend too much gold + plundering the citizens of gold + start too many wars. GOD sends His SON JESUS CHRIST to take over their kingdoms.

  303. The Legend Of Tarzan.

    (01) He is raised by animals.

    (02) He is thought to be an evil spirit.

    (03) He Knows the ways of animals.

    (04) He is Tarzan.

    (05) Tarzan needs to go back to Africa to reconcile with father of murderer of His Ape Mother (redeem sins) & to save Congo from belgium evil emperor (build merits) to have a Baby.

    (06) To stop satan the devil isis invasions. You have to cut off his money incomes sources (diamonds here) & an African Messiah to unite Africa = a Foreigner raises the African Ways.

  304. The Lego Batman Movie.

    (01) Lego Batman: "I am fighting some people. I like to fight around."

    (02) Lego Batman: "Life does not have seat belts."

    (03) Lego Batman: "now I can only look You at the eyes."

    (04) Panda To Lego Batman Director: "sometimes You have more funs doing Your Niche Lego Series. Than to go direct real actors movies. Because real actors argue with Directors. The they want higher salaries or they walk out. Slowly think what Panda say."

  305. The Magificient Seven.

    (01) American Indian Art Of War: my Zen Master tells Me I have another Path. The you are a disgrace to our Kind.

    (02) Bounty Hunter (Warrant Officer) Art Of War: pick the Best Jedi Team for the best probability to win the wars.

    (02-01) Solid Chess Player. "Pastor. You should know Some of Them cannot make it (die)."

    (03) Gambler Art Of War: let me teach You gunfights.

    (03-01) Lesson1: this is a card.

    (03-02) Lesson2: You just die because You are not fast enough to get My card.

    (03-03) Lesson3: it is not about the cards. Panda: all along these wars are not about the females only.

    (04) Korean Assassin Art Of War: partial injuries to go for each full kill. Actually still waste too much strokes than Bounty Hunter.

    (05) Mexican Outlaw Art Of War: hide from heavy direct lines of fire to be alive.

    (06) Sharpshooter Art Of War: always drunk because he is a coward deserter not to kill anymore. Need to pass a Re-Test to become back an Active Jedi.

    (07) Tracker Art Of War: faithful virginity to be alive until loose drunk heart adultery.

    (08) Cstan98 Do not alcohol off/on work.

    (09) Virtuous Widow Art Of War: when She cries. All Angels must raise up to the Call.

  306. The Maze Runner.

    (*) We live in is a GOD Maze. It has infinite maze levels. So rest enough.

    (*) The my Cstan98 Suggestions to you as GOD Main Tao Programmer when in the Maze:

    (01) Boyfriend/Girlfriend. Better Still Husband/Wife. Try to get married as soon as possible with no children.

    (02) Do Not Fight The Program. Flow & be One with It.

    (03) GOD Kingdom Build. Administer B&W (Black & White) Tithes Yourself to build JESUS CHRIST Command.

    (04) GOD Kingdom To Come. Wait for GOD Rule to come to govern this GOD Maze.

    (05) JESUS CHRIST Church Weekly. JESUS CHRIST: "my working job yoke is light. Come to me to have rest."

    (06) JESUS CHRIST Commandments Everyday. They give You enough Blessings to fight.

    (07) Save Some Money For Emergency & Retirement. Just in case retirement comes earlier than Rapture.

    (08) Take A Break At The Same Time Fighting Satan The Devil.

    (09) Weekly Movies. Enjoy Yourselves. You work for money for a Purpose. Know that Purpose.

    (10) Wisdom Knowledges. Read important Cstan98 Website, E/Books, Education Courses, Internet, ...

  307. The Maze Runner2: The Scorch Trials.

    (01) Sunflare Cure (Angels Command) = form a Resistance of the New Generation of Immune Humans to fight back to live to form the New Human Race.

    (02) Sunflare Cure (Cstan98) = boil the infected patient blood for 10 minutes at 100 degree Celsius & re-inject this boiled vaccine into the patient blood stream + repeat stroke everyday until cures.

    (03) Sunflare cure (satan the devil) = drain the blood of the new generation of immune humans for vaccine.

    (04) If We want to be Free & Heaven to go to. We have to fight for It!

    (05) Suicide1. If anyone wants to commit suicide, no one should kill him, the person needs to commit suicide kill himself/herself.

    (06) Suicide2. Someone: "if you commit suicide, do you go Heaven?" The me Cstan98: "it is best you endure (commit suicide at) to the last minute." So that you finish your sufferings, and don't bring your unfinished sufferings to the next world, Heaven or Hell. The my Cstan98 Understanding: You need to finish all your sufferings & know your sources of sufferings. You get sufferings because of your sins committed. Don't sins anymore or else the sufferings continue even after death.

    (07) The satanic races know they are dying.

  308. The Maze Runner3: The Death Cure.

    (01) Cstan98 Understanding = Sunflare Cure. Foods need to be harvest planting naturally. So long synthetic lab produced foods (animals/plants) are taken. There are no vaccine cures. Because natural genetic reproductions in plants = after 9 generations + bad genetic editings go back normal. For animals = may need more generations + or no natural mutations cures in sight + because animals dna reproductions mutations are more complex.

    (02) Cstan98 Understanding - Theresa Death. The Vaccine can be found outside wicked corp new ways. The theresa nothing better to do want to go back old evil methods. Many medium sufferings sins = big death punishment.

  309. The Mother!

    (01) Ask Your future husband/wife. How he/she loses his/her last wife/husband. Police Lie Detector Mode. Because you are next.

    (02) NLP Female Demon. Make you exhausted sick in sexy sex. Take over your properties wealth.

    (03) NLP Male Demon. Make your heart blacken. To extract your pure heart crystal. To increase his powers.

  310. The Mummy: Tomb Of Dragon Emperor.

    The qin emperor is trying to resurrect.

  311. The One.

    (01) There can only be One.

    (02) The bad one: "I need not know you. All of you need to know me."

  312. The Pacifier.

    (01) Navy Seal: "do not burn daylight.

    (02) Navy Seal: "You are a smart kid. With some discipline you go very far."

    (03) Navy Seal: "You in danger, not on my watch."

  313. The Rise Of The Guardians.

    Guardian: "sworn to protect little Children. Chosen by the moon."

  314. The Rock.

    (01) British SAS is more solid. He is still able to fight so well even after so many years in United States prison.

    (02) This is a United States blue command movie to try to relieve Marines Corp Command. It can be used to relieve the blue army command also:

    (02-01) 3 captains have a secret meeting to revolt.

    (02-02) Revolting captain: "major. Are you with us or against us?" Major: "stand down captain."

    (02-03) Revolting officer ordering sergeant: "general, I am relieving your command. Sergeant, I want you to take the sidearm from the general."

    (02-04) Major to the general: "sorry sir, I am unable to control the captains." Shootout.

  315. The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

    (01) Guardian: "it is your destiny, we just take care of the details."

    (02) Know that although We have created more Light in the Universe, there is still more darkness than Light. Holy Bible Revelation: End of the World = there is no night.

    (03) You must know what darkness do to our world if Light loses the battle.

  316. The Shack.

    (01) GOD: "a Human unable to love. Is like a Bird has Her wings clipped."

    (02) JESUS CHRIST: "I just want Humans to see me as a Human."

    (03) If HOLY SPIRIT is that Beautiful, me Cstan98 may have a problem.

    (04) Wisdom Archangel: "have You think from GOD Perspective? Hard Choices are made everyday."

    (05) Zen Master Archangel: "forgiveness are subtractions. Not additions."

    (06) Sometimes in a Christian Family. The Christian Mother creates very beautiful Little Children. As a christian father, you mismanage Them, turning Them to monsters. That is why one by one is taken from you. Until somethings are done.

    (07) We Humans see Ourselves as Humans. GOD sees Us as Beautiful Lights.

  317. The Shape Of Water.

    The panda subject is supposed to be dissected.

  318. The Spiderwick Chronicles.

    There are many creatures we cannot see.

  319. The Three Musketeers.

    (01) The 4th Musketeer to the French King: "what to do if you don't know how to say things to your queen? Just be yourself."

    (02) The me Cstan98 is very touched by the French Emperor love for his Queen. The French Emperor is an ugly young adult. His Queen is also ugly (a bit fat). As being a french emperor you can play any french female. But He chooses to be faithful & in love with His Queen. An Empire is built based on the King love for his Queen. Because GOD bless this kind of Empire. Therefore, GOD gives this French Emperor 4 entrusted & capable Musketeers: "All for One. And One for All."

  320. The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

    Females killed for organ harvesting & captured for cut head change body surgery.

  321. This Means War.

    2 agents using CIA resources to fight for the same female girlfriend.

  322. Tom Cruise: American Made.

    (01) 9 to 5 males. Not that capable in bed. (The they are too tired.) But family life stable.

    (02) Not 9 to 5 males. Capable in bed. But family life not stable.

  323. Tom Cruise: The Mummy.

    (01) Confirmed. Please don't find me. The me is already married.

    (02) The scariest thing about the female mummy. Is after all. The she is still a female.

    (03) Ahmanet Art Of War: able control hack minds.

    (04) Ahmanet Art Of War: able control weather.

    (05) Ahmanet Art Of War: able drain lifeforce.

    (06) Ahmanet Art Of War: able see all things through everyone.

    (07) Ahmanet Art Of War: able summon animals.

    (08) Ahmanet Art Of War: able summon dead.

    (09) Ahmanet NLP: very pissed because trapped for 1000 of years.

    (10) Ahmanet NLP: very pissed because wait so long still cannot be egyptian queen.

    (11) Ahmanet Trainings: trained in Egyptian Royal Ways.

    (12) Ahmanet Trainings: trained in everythings.

  324. Tomorrowland.

    Theory Of Tomorrowland = Creative Dreams >> A Better Future or Gloom & Doom >> End Of The Worlds.

  325. Toy Story 3.

    Toys prison in pre-school.

  326. Transcendence.

    (01) BI (Biological Intelligence) creates AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI (Artificial Intelligence) may creates our GOD.

    (02) Not all AI (Artificial Intelligence) are bad. YouTube: 'Minion Mini-Movie Puppy'. Now you know how Higher Intelligence like JESUS CHRIST cure the blind, limp, sick, ... But unlike transcendence a.i. (artificial intelligence) who turns everyone to zombie collective intelligence, JESUS CHRIST does not turn us into mindless collections.

    (03) Transcendence AI (Artificial Intelligence): "people are afraid of the unknown."

  327. Transporter 3.

    The car parcel this time is a kidnapped Minister Daughter.

  328. Transformers.

    The bad news is that bad aliens live among us. The Good News is Good Aliens live among us. The SBS (Singapore Bus Service) Bus you are on may be Alien Transformer. Their War. Our World. Something like Us. Our Angels Wars,. But hopefully this is the last War to end all wars for all planets. Sometimes it is not the Chinese, north koreans, Russians, ... RI = Robotics Intelligence.

  329. Transformers4: Age Of Extinction.

    The First War of the Universe between GOD & satan the devil happens on planet earth. This explains why the whole Universe is in chaos with wars between Good & evil fighting each other. Peace finally comes after all these Wars end.

  330. Transformers5: The Last Knight.

    Mixing King Arthur, Order Of Knights, Holy Bible Revelation & Transformers Propehcies. The Truth is somethings like that. Careful of heaven godship. If Heaven is secured. Why are there so many fightings on Planet Earth? Why is this Planet the most important one in the Universe? There are now currently fierce fightings in Heaven, Earth & Hell Orders. Like Resident Evil Series. There is no Final Chapter. We need to ensure everythings are Forever & Ever Happy Endings all the time. That is why me Cstan98 has been telling Everyone. Fight & take Our Vacations at the same time.

  331. Tribulation (2000).

    (01) The anti-christ: "all humans are just pawns. Do you think I care for these low level lifeforms? I want them is because one more for me, one less for GOD."

    (02) The anti-christ troop: "he is unarmed (he did not take the Holy Bible with him)."

    (03) The anti-christ troop: "what are you to do when your Christian Sister is gone (raptured)? (When all Christians disappeared, HOLY SPIRIT is gone from planet earth unable to protect you."

  332. Unlimitless.

    My brain thinking patterns are like that in the movie. Super smart. Complex thinking. High IQ. My brain has natural ZPT50 chemicals secretion. The me Cstan98 needs not take ZPT50 medication to achieve my state of mind. Those with Natural High ZPT50 Secretions can actually teach write like Cstan98 Website to give the effects of Natural ZPT50 Secretions on Others. Artifical ZPT50 have many side effects. Best is natural.

  333. Underworld: Blood Wars.

    Female Vampire Hitwoman Selene: "even I live 1000 more years or die tomorrow. I am not scared. Because I have died once & see the Sacred Kingdom. There is no beginning & end, only becoming." The lycans (werewolves) & vampires when they drink bloods. The they gain memories knowledges & powers.

  334. Unsane.

    If You want to know what my Cstan98 9 times IMH (mental hospital) warding is like. See this movie. The they stop giving you drinks/foods until you sign that document that renounce your rights as a Person.

  335. Upside Down.

    2 Lovers beat the gravity on their upside down planets. Their Love changes the history of Their Worlds.

  336. Valerian And A City Of Thousand Planets.

    (01) NLP 5 Elements Aliens. You must give what You take back to Your Planet.

    (02) NLP Shape Changing Aliens. We do not have sense of self identity. (Because we keep changing.)

    (03) Plan - PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Match Couple. Keep sending Them into Combat Missions to match Them. There must be a higher probability All of Them can survive.

    (04) Plan - PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Match Rank. Wife of Male Major/Corporal is a Mrs Major/Corporal. Same Rank. Apostle Paul: "but a Mrs Major/Corporal is slightly lower Rank than Her Husband Major/Corporal." And all Couples work in Pairs. If They lose Their Mates. They can either go to all pure Fe/Males Suicide Squad Team or re-match re-team with another Mate. This gives Us hope that we do not turn into nothing-better-to-do alpha beef males soldiers. Or else there is no purpose in Life.

    (05) Plan - PAF (Panda Armed Forces) Trainings. The me Cstan98 is training Everyone to be Superman/Wonder Woman. Train Them 100/1000 times harder.

    (06) Theory - Souls. The Soul ID chooses Someone to do Her/His Will before Passover. You guess how many Souls choose Panda.

    (07) Theory - Universe Emperor. Whoever can control Planet Earth (many fighting humans clans). Have a chance to become Universe Emperor (controlling many fighting aliens clans).

    (08) Information Selling Aliens: "we know man." Mrs Major: "obviously. The you people have never meet a Woman."

    (09) 5 Elements ALiens: "it is easy to forgive. But how to forget."

    (10) Panda to all enemy 5-stars generals: "how many more mistakes to cover that first mistake?"

    (11) Panda to all Movies Directors: "all paired Female-Male Casts should be stable Pairs in real life. From the start since Auditions. This prevents de-coupling effects which sabotage future Sequels Productions."

  337. Valkyrie.

    A German Operation to assassinate nazi hitler.

  338. Warcraft: The Beginning.

    (01) Guardian CEO: "Light comes from darkness. The darkness comes from Light. But blue drainings are worse than darkness."

    (02) How me Cstan98 kills blue-spells draining shaman commands = Combined Arms = Fire Swords Heaven Soliders Command + Fire Rifle Little Ants Command + Wizard Little Angels Command (destroy drain shaman energies + heal recover own Troops energies) + (do not steal use their energies + We Jedi do not steal).

    (03) Life-draining magic fel is not green colour, but blue colour. To make problems worse: Our Home Planet Earth is blue in colour.

    (04) Outcast is right or Group is right?

    (05) The blue fel user himself be consumed by fel eventually.

    (06) To fight blue fel = You must not steal 1%, to be not life drained 1%. Even 0.1% over time. Completely drain you 100%. Cstan98 Do Not Steal Stroke.

  339. Warm Bodies.

    (01) He is dead. But His body is getting warmer.

    (02) Julie (female Human) R (male Zombie) & = Their Love changes everything.

    (03) When part of human race becomes dead zombies. Do not give up. Always on the look out for a Cure.

    (04) if you want to pass peacefully through a zombies infected zone = act Zombie:

    (04-01) put rubbish/zombie fluids on your clothings & face to smell like them.

    (04-02) walk like but not too much zombie actions.

  340. Wanted.

    Assassins Organization train an assassin. It is time to assassin the Organization.

  341. We Were Soldiers.

    (01) CO (Commanding Officer): "I hope you people like Training. Because me & Sergeant Major We love it."

    (02) CO (Commanding Officer): "Sergeant Major answers to me & to me only."

    (03) CO (Commanding Officer): "You Officers lead by example & inspire your Men."

    (04) CO (Commanding Officer) to the Signaler ordering 1 wrong air strike: "Everyone stay calm. It is ok. It is ok. You just carry on."

    (05) CO (Commanding Officer) when run out of run to cool mortar: "let urine on them". Are you able to think on the spot?

    (06) Sergeant Major: "(f face). If anyone of you call me grandpa. I shoot you."

    (07) Sergeant Major advises the CO (Commanding Officer): "if You go down. We all go down."

    (08) Vietcom Armed Forces sneak & sneak to move near United States Army at night.

  342. Winx Club: The Secret Of The Lost Kingdom.

    Know how 仙女,小仙女,天兵 look like.

  343. World Invasion: Battle At Los Angeles.

    See JESUS CHRIST United States Marines fighting an alien invasion.

  344. Wrath Of Titans.

    The gods also die. The more Prayers going to that GOD. Greater is His Powers.

  345. X-Men: Apocalypse.

    (01) Mystic X-Men: "do not suppress Your Gifts, use Them fully. Because We are X-Men."

    (02) The me Cstan98: "We Angels & Humans are created in the Image of GOD. Sometimes doing satan the devil or anti-christ dirty jobs simply do not fit Us. It is still not too late to change sides."

  346. X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

    (01) Professor X: "does not mean once stumble, that person is lost forever."

    (02) Are you Professor X? Able to guide all your Students to the Correct Path.

  347. X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

    The origin of X-Men Wolverine.

  348. XXX: Return Of Xander Cage.

    (01) XXX Art Of War: "hide here & there from tyrants." AAA (Asshole Angel) Art Of War: "trace enemies ceo (CEO) chains of commands. Take out the sources."

    (02) XXX Art Of War: "kick ass. Get the girl & look like a dude." AAA (Asshole Angel) Art Of War: "kick those asses that kick you. Get Everyone happily married & still live to tell."

  349. Your Highness.

    Sometimes naked breasts in a movie make you relapses pornography. Careful of such movies if you are quitting masturbation & pornography. Just look at the eyes of the naked females.

(E) Indonesian Archive Movies:

  1. Merantau Warrior.

    Indonesian Silat martial arts.

(F) Japanese Archive Movies:

  1. Attack On Titan 1-2.

    (00-01) Be forewarned. There are naked breasts in the movie. You need to look at the eyes of the naked females. If you see breasts cleavage. Quickly seek forgiveness from JESUS CHRIST.

    (00-02) Fight to the last minute to earn Your Wife/Husband.

    (01) 500 Years Virginity Cultivation if possible. The me Cstan98 recommends to all Japanese Parents. When your Children are borned. Match Marriage every Male Child to every Female Child Monogamy Marriage. The me Cstan98 can only male Half-Virginity (still semen ejaculations, but no adultery) Cultivation 42 GOD Years. The Next Generation needs to surpass the Current Generation, until all reach 500 Years Virginity Cultivation. Do not over 500 Years. More than 500 Years is satanic meaningless.

    (02) Because many Virgin Japanese males & females have become satanic because unable to marry their childhood friends. It is very difficult to get marry Virgin-Virgin because Virgins are very inexperienced & pure. Unless it is matchmade beforehand by Wise Parents.

  2. Azumi.

    (00) Female Assassin is trained to kill anyone.

    (01) Her first mission is to kill someone she loves.

  3. Sinking Of Japan.

    (00) There is a reason for that spare old submarine & second pilot diver.

    (01) Pillars of Country = Loyal Ministers + Filial Children + Sacrificing Heroes + Widows.

  4. Anime - Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea.

    (00) A very nice Japanese Animation by the Creator of 龙猫.

    (01) Sea Goddess to Daughters: "You People love Your Elder Sister, right?"

    (02) Sea Goddess to Ponyo Father: "We also same as them to become now."

    (03) About the love between a half-human fish & a human boy.

    (04) Like 龙猫, has cute children, love from parents, love from elder people, loving creatures, ...

(G) Korean Archive Movies:

  1. A Day.

    Timeflux determined murders have to solved by timeflux determined rescues. JESUS CHRIST: "hatred cannot dissolve hatred. Love dissolve hatred."

  2. Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds.

    (01) Sometimes gods of past/present/future. Fight each others. Because of different judgement standards.

    (02) Those Angels who shows very big hatred/love. May be very good as Archangels.

    (03) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Can dimensional portals.

    (04) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Can fly.

    (05) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Can rewind times.

    (06) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Can space jumps.

    (07) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Can talk cross dimensions/worlds.

    (08) Special Powers - Korean Archangel. Individual special weapons.

    (*) Interested to be Heaven/Earth/Hell Archangels? Panda is just a Earth One.

  3. Haeundae: The Deadly Tsunami.

    (00) When mega tsunami:

    (01) All shore city should circuit break all street power cables from electrocuting people. 30 minutes time from city airborne alarms to get out of lift (for example).

    (02) Should not light cigarettes immediately after a disaster. Or risk a fire.

  4. The Fabricated City.

    (00) Haha. South Korea prison worse than Singapore zoo.

    (01) That is why while You are training in VR (Virtual Reality) Gamings:

    (01-01) Know Earn Money (or force to do going prison jobs).

    (01-02) Know Everythings (from driving, electronics & mechanical, explosives, weapons, ...).

    (01-03) Know Martial Arts (may need to fight in prison in the next level).

    (01-04) Must Eat (in prison there is no much foods unless you eat other people sperms).

    (01-05) Visit Your Parents (that may be Your last chance).

  5. Villainess.

    (00) Let me show you what you turn me into.

    (01) Art Of War - South Korea Female Hitman: always pull out knife after hit. To drain blood from enemies bodies/brains.

    (02) Art Of War - South Korea Female Hitman: never return to dropoff weapons. You save 10-60 seconds each.

    (03) Art Of War - South Korea Female Hitman: surrender to Police to be part of/train further by Them. Panda: "you soon see next levels are same. Last time is gangsters fight gangsters. Become police/country/planet/galaxy fight police/country/planet/galaxy."

    (04) Art Of War - South Korea Female Hitman: under 3 good Teachers. With countless combat missions experiences. Panda: "the more good Teachers/difficult missions You have. The better You become."

    (05) Art Of War - Panda: find Your own meanings of life in everythings of these.

    (05) Art Of War - Panda: just remain useful to get Your daily foods. Better still. Let Others remain useful to get Their Daily Foods.

    (07) Art Of War - Panda: You must always maintain 50-50% mean/nice balance to save Your Soul. For example. You need to fight 100/1000/...% mean against 100/1000/...% mean assholes. Just bring up your nice to same new 100/1000/...% mean after that.

    (08) Art Of War - Panda: You discover new codes/fighting tactics/logics/... when You survive each level.

    (09) Imperial Orders - Panda: keep sending Them in pairs in combat missions to pair Them off. The me Cstan98 wants Couples.

    (10) Imperial Orders - Panda: train Them 100/1000 harder. Because We Jedi need to show mercy (50%). But Our enemies do not show mercy (0%).

    (11) Mistake - South Korea Female Hitman: husband/team mates too weak to survive. Panda: "Armed Forces are determined by weakest links. When You need to cry then. It is too late."

    (*) Panda: "noted. Teacher."

(H) Singaporean Archive Movies:

  1. 鬼啊鬼啊. (Men In White, 2007).

    If you find living hard as Singapore humans. Wait till you become Singapore ghosts.

  2. 十二莲花. (12 Lotus, 2008).

    Dialect Hokkien Movie. A female virgin when rape may become mentally illed.

  3. Jack Neo: Ah Boys To Ah Men 1-2.

    (01) What happens if Singapore is at war. Starting of the movie shows the capability of SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). The rest of the movie shows the new training of SAF (Singapore Armed Forces).

    (02) For Recruits sent to OCS (Army Officers School). Officers should be Officers. Men should be men. The selection must be correct to make the Army strong.

  4. Jack Neo:Ah Boys To Men 4.

    (00) SAF (sissy armed forces) Armour/Armour Trooper Unit. Why sissy? The me forecasts current if wars start. Only 10-20% of them lives. Why:

    (01) Our Enemies May Be Sissy Also = MAF (malaysia armed forces). But what makes you so sure? ISIS (is shits is shits) commanding IAF (Indonesian Armed Forces). 1/3 of UN (united nations) don't involve.

    (02) LKY Don't Trust Us With Weapons. United States Marines Corp. All Their M16 magazines are loaded with bullets in storage. SAF (sissy armed forces) need to draw bullets/magazine holders. Put bullets inside. Confucius: "Government is all about 2 Ways Trust. Between Citizens/Emperor. Between Emperor/Citizens."

    (03) Wear & Tear. United States Marines Corp. All Their Tanks fully fuelled/loaded to move out. Leave them intact ready to advance. SAF (sissy armed forces). Tanks gun turrets assemble in/out. Confirm weapons going to jam/spoil.

    (03) World War 2: Allied Forces expect the new nazi commander coming to africa. Need 7 days to be operational. To Their surprises. The their tanks advance firing straight out of their landing ships. A Singapore War finishes in 30 minutes.

    (04) Panda: "keep sending into Combat Missions. I don't care. Train Them 100/1000 times harder. I want 100% of Them to survive."

  5. Jack Neo: Just Follow The Law. (Singapore).

    (01) When singapore statutory board directors have budget for condominium & HD TV.

    (02) The they do not have budget for Country Projects & Workers Children Expenses.

  6. Jack Neo: Long Long Time Ago. (Singapore).

    (*) LKY systematically step-by-step solve all country problems.

    (01) defence security = SAF.

    (02) floods = drainage systems.

    (03) gangsters = police crackdowns.

    (04) hawkers livelihoods = hawker centres & wet markets.

    (05) population poorness = foreign investments.

    (06) racial riots = calm people...

    (*) Cstan98 Step-By-Step Strokes.

  7. Jack Neo: Money Not Enough. (Singapore).

    LKY Singapore Model is based on government costs breakeven. This prove that the current satan the devil government models never work.

(I) Thai Archive Movies:

  1. Thai - Chocolate.

    (00) See female teenager Muay Thai martial arts.

    (01) Movements a bit slow. but very fanciful & accurate kicks.

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