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Concepts Knowledge Cultivation.

Everythings are about concepts/logics.


  1. Certainty Error.

    Life is 100% to exist. If it is 99.9%. As time goes infinitely by. Life does not exist.

  2. Cyclic Error.

    Past create Future. Future create Past.

  3. Syntax Error.

    Life is a Syntax Error.


  1. Big Syntax Error.

    Life may be a syntax error. We can never exist.

  2. Creating GOD.

    GOD may be trying to create Himself.

  3. Creation & Destruction.

    There are cycles of destructions because of satan the devil.

  4. Eternal.

    GOD World is Eternal & the Light.

  5. Parallel Universes.

    There are sub-worlds created by satan the devil in One Real GOD World.

  6. Simultaneous Existences.

    We exist all at the same times.

  7. System Crash.

    Once someone destroy the Origin of life. The system crashes.

  8. Voidness.

    Everything go to voidness except souls.


  1. Exist Angels.

    They firmly believe in GOD & trying to save as many souls as possible.

  2. Exist Heaven.

    GOD Domain. Actually a future world we need to fight for.

  3. Exist Hell.

    The satan domain. Stupid he cannot create heaven worlds.

  4. GOD Always Good.

    From Holy Bible.

  5. GOD Always Pure.

    From Holy Bible.

  6. Judgement.

    Finally come & no longer tears in GOD People. From Holy Bible.


  1. Fight Court Cases.

    Learn to fight mental court cases with satan the devil in Heaven Court all the time.

  2. GOD Laws.

    Justice is for your own protection.

  3. Sincerity Programming.

    With Pure Heart, you can change program GOD Laws.

  4. Terms - Do Not Negotiate.

    Learn not to negotiate mentally with satan the devil. Cstan98 Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists Stroke.

  5. Terms - Reverse.

    The you use these terms on Us. We can use those terms on you also.

  6. Testing.

    GOD is testing the Laws. What can work. What cannot.

  7. Total Chaos & Pure Evil.

    The satan the devil only create pains & sufferings. A complete stupid idiot.


  1. False/True.

    Is it false or true?

  2. Life & Death.

    Are you afraid of death?

  3. Money.

    Move by money?

  4. Power.

    Move by power?

  5. Sex.

    Move by sex?

  6. Trust.

    Who to trust?

This World.

  1. Aliens.

    Aliens Empires co-live with us & are fighting each other.

  2. Beach Sand Atom.

    Our Universe is just 1 of GOD World beach sands atomic structure.

  3. Beta Worlds.

    We are living in experimental worlds of GOD ideal world.

  4. Dream In Dream.

    We are in a very long dream illusion.

  5. Computer Game.

    We are characters in a computer game.

  6. Cyborg.

    We may be one. Born thinking We are BI (Biological Intelligence) Humans.

  7. Energy.

    We are all atoms make of energy.

  8. Fabricated City.

    We are under control by a Big Brother Corporation/Government.

  9. Fighting - Evolution.

    Selection of the Fittest.

  10. Fighting - Selection.

    Selection of the Good. Best of the Best.

  11. Ghost World.

    We are all dead already.

  12. Magic World.

    We are under magic spells.

  13. Matrix.

    We are all in a computer virtual reality.

  14. Place - Heaven.

    May be in Heaven. Heaven is invaded 100 Creations ago.

  15. Place - Hell.

    May be in Hell. Trap by satan who has no power over you.

  16. Place - Mars.

    May be in Mars. Thinking you are on Earth.

  17. Truman Show.

    We are all in an alien live tv show.

  18. Year 203242483631286328632017.

    May not be actually in Year 2017.

  19. Zoo.

    We are all in an alien zoo confinement.

Time Space.

  1. Butterfly Effect.

    Small change in past. Big change in future.

  2. Change History.

    Everyone is changing history. Why not you?

  3. Cyclic Prison.

    Need to solve the problems to get out.

  4. Disturbance In The Universe.

    Something big happens.

  5. Future Feedback Loop.

    You write a song by looking into your future song.

  6. Instant Effect.

    Effects are felt instantly.

  7. Invisibility Effect.

    Operative agents have researched invisibility technology.

  8. Now Is Future Past.

    At this moment. We are actually the future past history.

  9. Path Branchings.

    One Path leads to other unique paths.

  10. Power Of Now.

    Now is most important.

  11. Ripple Effect.

    Changes in history come in waves.

  12. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

    Tendency for things to happen. Happen.

  13. Teleport Effect.

    Future agents are teleported back to now to change/protect history.

  14. Time Loop.

    Time repeat until problems solve.

  15. Time Space Disturbance.

    When someone try to change history.

  16. Time Travel Effect.

    With time travel. Everything become very complex.

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