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**Physical Books:

The me revise the content pages everyday. Confucius: "revise old to know new daily."

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

***Daily Revisions.

  1. (Textbook) (SPH) Lee Kuan Yew.

    All Singapore Initial Problems.

  2. (Textbook) (McGraw Hill) Strategic Management 4e.

    Strategy = Internal <> External.

  3. (Textbook) (Pearson) Operations Management.

    Operations = Plan <> Control.

  4. (Textbook) (Pearson) Corporate Finance.

    Profit = Revenues - Expenses.

  5. (Textbook) (Pearson) Marketing Management.

    Marketing = Branding + Protect.

  6. (Textbook) (AHRI) Human Resource Management.

    HR (Human Resource) = Retain + Use.

  7. (Textbook) (Palgrave) Management & Organization.

    Organize Structure >> To Manage.

  8. (Textbook) (John Hayes) The Theory And Practice Of Change Management.

    Change <> Don't Change.

  9. (Textbook) (Newman) Business Communication.

    Communication = Talk + Write.

  10. (Textbook) (Oxford IB) Biology.

    Biology = Plants + Animals.

  11. (Textbook) (Oxford IB) Chemistry.

    Chemistry = Organic + Inorganic.

  12. (Book) (Hector Garcia) Ikigai.

    Ikigai = Value For Work.

  13. (Book) (Akemi Tanka) The Power Of Chowa.

    Chowa = Balance Harmony.

  14. (Book) (Euny Hong) The Power Of Nunchi.

    Nuuchi = Eye Measure.

  15. (Book) (Brian Tracy) Change Your Thinking Change Your Life

    Change Your Thinking.

  16. (Book) (Brian Tracy) Goals!

    Goals >> Daily Actions.

  17. (Book) (Brian Tracy) No Excuses!

    Just Do It!!!

  18. (Book) (Brian Tracy) Speak To Win.

    Speak To Kill.

  19. (Book) (Brian Tracy) Time Power.

    Count Every Second.

  20. (Book) (Robert Greene) The Laws Of Human Nature.

    Human Nature.

  21. (Book) (Robert Greene) Mastery.

    Disciple >> Teacher.

  22. (Book) (Robert Greene) The 48 Laws Of Power.


  23. (Book) (Robert Greene) The Art Of Seduction.


  24. (Book) (Robert Greene) The 33 Strategies Of War.


  25. (Book) (PACKT) cPanel.


  26. (Book) (PACKT) Web Host Manager.


  27. (Book) (Diana Richardson) Slow Sex.

    Sex = From Below To Right Side To Top To Left Side To Bottom.

  28. (Book) (Tim Ferriss) Tools Of Titans.

    NLP Experts.

  29. (Book) (Napoleon Hill) Keys To Success.

    Success Theory.

  30. (Book) (Napoleon Hill & W. Clement Stone) Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.

    Postive Mindset.

  31. (Book) (Eckhart Tolle) The Power Of Now.


  32. (Book) (Joseph Murphy) The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.


  33. (Book) (Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams) The Multi-Orgasmic Man.


  34. (Book) (Mantak Chia & Rachael Carlton Abrams) The Multi-Orgasmic Woman.


  35. (Book) (Mantak Chia & Michael Winn) Taoist Secrets Of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

    Sex Energies.

  36. (Book) (Chian Zettnersan) Taoist Bedroom Secrets.

    Sex Secrets.

  37. (Photocopy) (DEA) Elite Inlfuence.


  38. (Photocopy) (DEA) Import Xperts.


  39. (Photocopy) (SFM) Assessing Your Lifestyle Thermostat.


  40. (Photocopy) (SFM) Marketing Blueprint Worksheet.

    Marketing Mix.

  41. (Photocopy) (SFM) Customer Avatar.

    Customer ID.

  42. (Photocopy) (SFM) 1 Page Productivity Planner.

    Productivity Planner.

  43. (Photocopy) (SFM) The Power Of Bridging.


  44. (Photocopy) (SFM) The 4 Key Steps In The SFM Sales Funnel.

    Sales Funnel.

  45. (Photocopy) (SFM) Steps Of Marketing System.

    Msrketing System.

  46. (Photocopy) (SFM) Chapter1-5.

    Chapter Modules 1-5

  47. (Photocopy) (Careers Connect) Manage Your Professional Brand.

    Unqiue Selling Proposition.

  48. (Photocopy) (Careers Connect) Sample Customized Resumes.

    Resume Writing.

  49. (Photocopy) (國學) 孫子兵法.

    Sun Zi.

  50. (Photocopy) (國學) 三十六計.

    36 Strategies.

  51. (Photocopy) (Stuart Ross) Attraction Marketing.

    Branding = Attract Customer/Money.

  52. (Photocopy) (SFM) Glossary Of Terms.

    Terms Of SFM (Six Figure Mentor).

  53. (Photocopy) (Stuart A. Lichtman) Cybernetic Transposition Mini-Course.

    Success Thinking Model.

  54. (Photocopy) (DEA) List Building For Profit.

    List For Money.

  55. (Tyndale) Aplication Study Bible - New King James Version.

    Study Bible.

  56. (Hendrickson) Matthew Henry's Commentary On The Whole Bible.

    Commentary Bible.

  57. (John MacArthur) The MacArthur Topical Bible.

    Topical Bible.

  58. (Crossway) Gospel Transformation Bible.

    Gospel Bible.

  59. (John Hagee) NKJV Prophecy Study Bible.

    Propehcy Bible.

  60. (Frank Charles Thompson) The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible.

    Chain Reference Bible.

  61. (Capstone) The Republic.

    Republic Democracy.

  62. (Capstone) The Science Of Getting Rich.

    Rich Science.

  63. (Capstone) Think And Grow Rich.

    Rich Model.

  64. (商务) 现代汉语词典.

    Chinese Dictionary.

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