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Arguments Knowledge Cultivation.

Counter all anti-GOD Kingdom arguments on the market in modern times.

  1. 100% Robotics Factory Do Not Create Unemployment.

    There is an argument that 100% robotics factory cause unemployment. This is the same argument that electronic computer word processor causes the loss of typist jobs. Advancement in technology create more high tech jobs. 100% robotics factory create more posts like CAD/CAM (Computer Assisted Design/Manufacturing) designer/programmers, engineers, scientists, ... Moreover, 100% robotics factory lower the prices of goods like Delivery Drones, iPhones, MacBooks, Motor Cars, Robots Workers...

  2. Holy Bible Stand - Gays.

    If GOD wants gays. He creates 2 adams & no eve. Why He creates 1 Adam & 1 Eve? We stick to the Original Bible Plan.

  3. Holy Bible Stand - Lesbians.

    If GOD wants lesbians. He creates no adam & 2 eves. Why He creates 1 Adam & 1 Eve? We stick to the Original Bible Plan.

  4. Holy Bible Stand - Meats Eatings.

    If GOD wants meat eating. He create a McDonald meat fastfood restaurant in Garden of Eden. Why GOD does not create McDonald meat fastfood restaurant? We stick to the Original Bible Plan. (*animals are to be played with & calm Us down.)

  5. Holy Bible Stand - Polygamy.

    If GOD wants polygamy. He creates 1 Adam & 3000 Eves. Why He only creates 1 Eve? We stick to the Original Bible Plan.

  6. Holy Bible Stand - Prostitutes.

    If GOD wants prostitutes. He creates 1 Adam, 1 Eve & 3000 high-class prostitutes. Why He creates 0 prostitutes? We stick to the Original Bible Plan.

  7. IQ Is Not Purely Genetics.

    (01) Some: "IQ is genetic. When you are borned, your IQ is already decided." Scientist Thomas Edison say: "1% is inherited IQ. 99% is Hard Works." The me cstan98: "50% is inherited IQ. 50% is Hard Works."

    (02) Why most high IQ parents have better IQ children?

    (02-01) High IQ parents are more educated. Their children have better upbringings. Their children are taught how to research, study, use computer & internet, ...

    (02-02) High IQ parents have a headstart. They have more money to send children to expensive good Schools, Tuitions, ... Buy expensive iPhones, MacBooks, Textbooks.

    (02-03) If High IQ parents are to give money resources & teach upbringing an average IQ kid. The average kid also become smarter later in life. This is what this Cstan98 Website is doing. Increasing everyone Intelligence. IQ is 50% borned + 50% learned.

  8. Know Rights.

    Do everyone has the rights to kill you? Rights to steal your wealth? Rights to rape your wife? Rights to lie to you about your children safety? Rights to create problems to your country? Of course not. United States Rights should be based on Holy Bible. Notice: in the word RIGHTS, there is a word RIGHT. Only Right can be Rights.

  9. No Meats Eatings Bankruptcy.

    There is an argument. That no meat eatings on this planet. Bankrupt the economies. The my Cstan98 Understanding: making foods allocations, distributions & harvestings to vegetarians plants. Increase supplies of foods. Lower costs of living. Mankind benefits more of switch from meats.

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