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Version2 2020.12.15

**Cstan98 Jedi Training - Basic:

Cstan98 Jedi - Build NLP Database

Cstan98 Jedi - Fight!

Cstan98 Jedi - Fight Court Case

Cstan98 Jedi - Learn From The Force

Cstan98 Jedi - Military M16 40/40

Cstan98 Jedi - Military Operations

Cstan98 Jedi - Mind Reading (Telepathy)

Cstan98 Jedi - Police Face Recognition

Cstan98 Jedi - Police Operations

Cstan98 Jedi - Radar Scan

**Cstan98 Jedi Training - Counter:

Cstan98 Counter 6 (With Jedi 5 Commandments)

Cstan98 Counter Blue Energies Draining (With Jedi do not steal Commandment.)

Cstan98 Counter Confusion (With Jedi 5 Commandments.)

Cstan98 Counter Curse (With Jedi 5 Commandments.)

Cstan98 Counter Death (With eye even do not even blink.)

Cstan98 Counter Fear (With face them head-on.)

Cstan98 Counter Satan The Devil (With face him head-on.)

Cstan98 Counter Self (With You are Your worst enemy.)

Cstan98 Counter Sex (With every night delicious monogmay Marriage sex.)

Cstan98 Counter Sleep (With wake up Soldier. That is an Order.)

**Cstan98 Jedi Training - Survive:

Cstan98 Survive - Alien Invasions

Cstan98 Survive - All Out Tactical Nuke

Cstan98 Survive - Apoclaypse Terminators T1000

Cstan98 Survive - Apoclaypse - Vampires

Cstan98 Survive - Apocalypse - Zombies

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Avalanche/Landslide

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Earthquake

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Famine

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Fire

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Flood/Tsunami

Cstan98 Survive - Disaster Hurricane/Typhoon

Cstan98 Survive - Epidermic Virus

Cstan98 Survive - Planet Earth Asteroid (Collision path.)

Cstan98 Survive - Planet Earth Rogue (Out of solar system orbit.)

Cstan98 Survive - Planet Earth Deathstar (Turning to asteroids.)

Cstan98 Survive - Rapture & Tribulations

Cstan98 Survive - Situation Air Crash/Car Accident

Cstan98 Survive - Situation Assault

Cstan98 Survive - Situation Hostage

Cstan98 Survive - Situation Terrorism

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