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*Jedi - Fight!

A Jedi fight train fast/hard/smart. As many times as possible. And the Best Unit is sent for each Combat Mission.

  1. 50%-50%. 100%.

    For Fightings. Jedi has 50%-50% Rule like 50% Confident + 50% Humble. 50% Do Not Kill + 50% Kill. Has Like 50% Rule. Do Not Adultery (with Monogamy Marriage Sex some day). Has 100% Rule. Like Do Not Lie (except too fast needy inaccurate reports).

  2. 3C = Communication Command Control.

    A Jedi always fight to protect His 3C = Communication + Command + Control. This is the basics to fight as a Working Jedi Command. Communication is how to report to Our Superiors. Command is how We work as a Team. Control is how We function as a cohesive unit.

  3. A Cent For A Cent.

    We Jedi Do Not Greed Steal. Every cent now is the same as every same cent then. We do not argue to earn exchange more. Jedi Do Not Greed Money Stroke.

  4. A Thing For A Thing.

    Let say the enemy exchanges his lightsaber with our. And blue drain us saying the lightsaber is his. We just say our lightsaber is exchanged one to one for his lightsaber. And destroy drain his cultivation for the loss of blessings due to loss of our lightsaber.

  5. Ask Many Questions.

    We Jedi need to ask satan the devil as many questions as possible. So that he lies & does not have accurate reports to fight.

  6. Careful Of Free Things.

    Careful of free things. They are either blue drainings. Or are strongholds of demons spirits entering Our Bodies.

  7. Careful Prosperity/Sinful Gospel.

    Careful of sinful gospel = everyone are imperfect & bound to sins (spiral down more & more sins). JESUS CHRIST Perfect Gospel: "We are to be Perfect. Just as Our Heavenly Father in Heaven is perfect." Careful of prosperity gospel = we are here to enjoy life (spiral down seek more & more pleasures). The me Cstan98: "We are all here to do GOD Works."

  8. Controlled Thoughts. Break Addictions.

    Use strict Controlled Thoughts to break addictions like masturbation & pornography.

  9. Do Not Return To Vomits.

    JESUS CHRIST: "do not return to vomits. Or you keep on vomiting." A Jedi never go back once fired from the clan. Go forward. The Next New Place is arranged by the Force to be better if We endure the old bad place to the last minute.

  10. Enough Energies.

    100% do not steal to counter blue drainings. Be full of energies. 100% do not need to sleep is a possible dream goal.

  11. Erase Sins Memory.

    If Your sins memories are too much. Pray to JESUS CHRIST to erase Your sins memories.

  12. No Secret Room.

    JESUS CHRIST: "do not enter secret rooms alone when people say JESUS CHRIST is there." Go in as a team.

  13. Push On With Cross.

    JESUS CHRIST: "take up Your Cross & push on."

  14. *Conclusions.

    These are the Basic Cstan98 Jedi Fighting Techniques.

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