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Star Wars Jedi Cultivation.

  1. Always Send In Best Jedi Units.

    Always send in best Jedi Units against best enemy units.

  2. Check All OS (Operating System) Codes Bypass.

    If Shown Correct Bypass All The Time. That Jedi Set That System New Rules. If Not. Punishments.

  3. Dare To Fight Worst Enemies.

    Like dark emperor/darth vader/other satanic knights.

  4. Fear Sins.

    Do not do even little sins like masturbation & pornography to become a True Jedi.

  5. Fight The Strongest Enemy Protect The Weakest Friendly.

    Fight strongest enemy. Protect weakest Subject.

  6. Jedi Codes.

    Read & follow the Jedi Codes everyday. 5 Jedi Codes:

    (01) Do Not Kill. Unless no choice.

    (02) Do Not Steal. Why quote ideas.

    (03) Do Not Adultery. Not even masturbation/pornography.

    (04) Do Not Lie. To get 100% accurate Reports.

    (05) Do Not Problem. So not to get problems.

  7. Jedi Heaven.

    Those who follow & practice the Jedi Codes go Jedi Heaven to join the Force. Even the repented Darth Vader also go Jedi Heaven if You watch Star Wars Movie correctly.

  8. Must Resist Temptations.

    Especially when send to escort a solid Princess.

  9. Must Resist The Dark Side.

    Careful Of. The greed for more authority/glory/powers.

  10. Rankings:

    (1) Jedi Trainee.

    (2) Jedi Knight. A qualified Jedi.

    (3) Jedi Master. Teacher of Jedi.

    (4) Jedi Emperor. A Jedi Sage-King who looks after all Jedi Trainees, Jedi Knights & Jedi Masters.

    (5) Jedi God. A Jedi Heaven God who takes care of all Jedi. Humans or Angels.

  11. Should Best Jedi Train Best Or Worst Units? Or Both? Or Rotate?

    Best is 1 year under each Jedi Master.

  12. Under A Good Jedi Teacher.

    Jedi calls Them Jedi Masters. If You follow a Good Jedi Master. You become a Good Jedi. If you follow a dark side master. The you become a dark side knight.

  13. Understand Order.

    The disorder is also a kind of order. The order is also a kind of disorder. The Objectives are for Everyone to realise Their Full Potential. Not just one or two realize their full potential.

  14. Use The Force.

    Let The Force Guide You. Some Jedi need intensive Jedi Trainings. Some Jedi do not need intensive Jedi Trainings. These Jedi are borned with The Force.

  15. Weapon - Lightsaber.

    Very well.

  16. Weapon - X-Wing.

    Very well.

  17. Willing To Go Through Very Intensive Jedi Trainings.

    For Jedi to survive the toughest war zones. They need to go through the toughest Training Programs.

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