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YouTube: https://www.howcast.com (Howcast) - Sports & Fitness - Learn Basic Self-Defense Moves & Techniques.

Teacher: Carlos Jimenz.

<never heard of Kajukenbo before. But after learning in Howcast. This martial arts seem more practical than Taekwondo/Karate (hard). Kajukenbo is (balanced hard/soft).>

**Howcast Kajukenbo Summary.

Be well versed. If You want to live through a fight like knife.

  1. Thank You Howcast Teacher = Carlos Jimenez.

  2. Mental Prepare.

  3. Don't Scream At Attacker.

  4. Attacked In Dark Alley.

  5. Break Fingers.

  6. Takedown.

  7. x3 Self-Defence Tips.

  8. x3 Pressure Points.

  9. Anti-Knife Slashing.

  10. Anti-Knife Forward Stabbing.

  11. Anti-Knife Downard Stabbing.

  12. Anti-Bear Hug.

  13. Anti-Wrist Hold.

  14. Attack Face/Throat/Chin/Neck.

  15. Attack Ear/Eyes.

  16. Attack Groin.

  17. Attack Knee.

  18. How To Punch.

  19. How To Leg/Feet.

  20. How To Elbow.

  21. How To Knee.

  22. How To Palm Strike.

  23. How To Hammer Punch.

  24. How To Pinch.

  25. How To Block Punch.

  26. How To Shin Kick.

  27. How To Ear Clap/Pull.

  28. How To Toe Stomp.

  29. Use Heel.

  30. Use Key.

  31. Use Pen.

  32. Use Umbrella.

  33. Use Book.

  34. Use iPhone.



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