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How To Ideal Weight.

At first it is to sharp reduce weight. Then it is a full stop. Not to lose/gain weight. It takes very high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) to ideal weight.

  1. Black Coffee + Cheapest Vitamins Supplement.

    (01) Drinking Black Coffee (without sugars & creamer) The Whole Day + Eating Cheapest Vitamins Supplement In The Morning = make you lose weight. You feel energetic the whole day, need not eat so much to stay awake. The me Cstan98 loses 2kg in 2 months.

    (02) If you drink coffee but do not take vitamins supplement, you become very tired. Because coffee burns away all minerals & vitamins very fast to produce body energies.

    (*) Note. If you have vitamins supplement overdoses & weak kidneys. Uric acids crystals are deposited into your kneecap. Making them very painful to bend. Then you need to stop taking vitamins supplement totally until the kneecap pains are gone. Still remain taking Black Coffee the whole day. After the kneecap pains are gone, take back the cheapest vitamin supplements. Repeat to lose weight.

  2. Do You Want A Change?

    To improve your Self-Esteem & Self-Image.

  3. Drink Fresh Milk Every Night.

    Fresh Milk make you detox shits out everythings. *Note: it is Fresh Milk, not HL or UHT.

  4. Eat Balanced Diet.

    Do not overeat. Do not eat when not hungry.

  5. Eat To Conform Belt.

    Once ideal weight. Wear a belt always at the same belt hole. When too tight, eat less. When too loose, can eat more. Eat to conform the belt. Do not increase dress/trouser size.

  6. Extreme Dangers.

    (01) British Female Die. Doctor cut colon of fat female to reduce her weight. Die. So no artifical surgery.

    (02) Salts although make you more full & less hungry. Also make you high blood pressure & horny. You may die younger. So optimum salty.

  7. Food Intakes Confusion.

    (01) IQ Test. To achieve a solid sexy/solid female/male figure/body, really need discipline high IQ.

    (02) Sometimes Change Become Worse. Sometimes get worse when changing.

    (03) When you overweight, you need below average food intakes to burn fat. When reach ideal weight, you need average food intakes to maintain ideal weight. Which means a Adjustment to achieve average food intakes.

    (04) When you underweight, you need above average food intakes to build fat. When reach ideal weight, you need average food intakes to maintain ideal weight. Which means a Adjustment to achieve average food intakes.

    (*) If You do not give up, You soon get the hang of it.

    (*) If You strongly want to solve a problem. It can be solved.

    (*) The first few Experiments, confirm failures & worse relapses.

  8. Health Benefits.

    After my Girlfriend (now Wife) loses 14kg to 59kg, some of her health problems disappeared:

    (01) Her Diabetics Improve. Her blood sugar counts lower because of better diet.

    (02) Her Knee Cap Pains Disappear. Because of reduce body weight on her knee cap.

    (03) Her Uncontrollable Wet Urination On Underwear Gone. No fat tummy press on bladder.

    (04) She Is More Attractive. And me Cstan98 loves her more.

  9. Ideal BMI (Body Mass Index).

    (01) The BMI is calculated to be [weight(kg)/{height(m)*height(m)}].

    (02) Ideal Male BMI. The me Cstan98 thinks the ideal male BMI is 24.0. Because too fat, you have erections problems because fat people have erections problems. And too thin, you are too weak to have erections.

    (03) Ideal Female BMI. The me Cstan98 thinks the ideal female BMI is 23.0. Because too fat, you female have a tummy. And a tummy decrease the p organ penetration length feel. For example, male p organ is 4 inches, male tummy is 1 inch & female tummy is 1 inch. Then the p organ penetration length feel during marriage sex = 4 inches - 1 inch - 1 inch = 2 inches. And when the female is too thin, her breasts size become smaller.

  10. Imagine What The Foods Do To You.

    Before eating the foods, imagine what the foods do your body. Do the fats increase your cholesterol levels? Is it too big a portion that increase your weight? You need to read a lots (all knowing) to predict the effects of all foods eat. Then you decide whether to take the foods.

  11. Myths & Facts

    (01) Myth. The your mother: "someone marry even a big fat female like you because of love when you grow up."

    (01) Fact. The me Cstan98: "male marry big fat female to have resources to play thin females."

    (02) Myth. Big fat wife: "my husband makes love to me show that he still loves me."

    (02) Fact. A male friend: "it is like making love to a ugly fat pig. If it isn't for her pocket money .... (more complaints)."

    (03) Myth. Males like prostitutes because of male sex drive.

    (03) Fact. Female prostitutes need to maintain thin figure to still have their incomes.

    (04) Myth. Movie stars are stupid idiots who starve themselves to death.

    (04) Fact. If the movie all fat females, no male go & see. All female stars lose their jobs.

    (05) Myth. B&W Jedi confirm marry me regardless of my weight size.

    (05) Fact. The me Cstan98 cultivates 500 years of Virginity is to marry a solid figure Japanese female with g-cup breasts.

    (06) Fact. Most females are willing to marry males of the same fat weight.

    (06) Fact. Most males are not willing to marry females of the same fat weight.

  12. Not Too Fat. Not Too Thin.

    Some females after a long time weight loss, become too thin ugly. Then, you just need a eat a bit more gain weight back. At ideal weight, you just eat the same everytime. You just look at the mirror, you like your body to gain or lose more weight. Many mirror feedbacks.

  13. Promise Flowers.

    The me Cstan98 assures you males still prefer His Wife to be the body shape at your marriage time. My Cstan98 Promise: "if You return to that last body shape when Your Husband gives you flowers. He starts giving you back flowers."

  14. Regularly Exercise.

    If you eat & sleep, confirm become fatter. Stay awake, do work or walk exercises.

  15. Regularly Weigh.

    So you know what factors influence your weight conditions.

  16. Religion: Confucian Optimum Mean.

    Eat not too much, eat not too little.

  17. Religion: Taoism Natural Is Tao.

    Natural like just nice foods intakes the Tao Way.

  18. Someone You Love.

    The me Cstan98 believes you can endure poverty, wars, ... so long Someone You love still love You & with You. Your weight control greatly increase of meeting that Someone. This time fat, next time also fat. This time give up, next time also give up. We should end everything now!

  19. Step By Step.

    (01) Confidence. For 1 month, maintain current weight.

    (02) Experiment. Experiment with your foods input & exercises output.

    (03) Inputs = food intake. Less Or More? For example, more salty delicious vegetables may mean less food.

    (04) Outputs = exercise, sex, job stresses. Less Or More? For example, more blogging may mean less eat stress.

    (05) Research To Experiment Better. By Books, Internet, Same Case Successful Friend, ...

    (06) Think Creatively. For example, if you are 500 pounds, create your own USA Sumo competition.

  20. Steps.

    (01) 100% no sweet drink (only ice lemon tea, isotonic drinks, milk, natural fruit juices, tea, water, ...)

    (02) Daily Foods Inputs Target.

    (*) Beware that people laugh at your bigger weird clothings when you lose weight successfully.

    (*) Downgrade dresses/shirts size when enough money saving.

    (*) Repeat weight loss + shirt size downgrade.

  21. Stomach Size.

    For a long period of time of eating a lots, your stomach size increases because of the huge foods load. Therefore, when starting to diet, you feel very hungry because of the huge stomach size. But after 1 month of low food intake, your stomach size decreases. Your body gets used to smaller food intake. So it is easier to eat the same amount of foods daily. Increasing the food intake one day (e.g. sunday), the small stomach size increases after that. Making you want to eat the same many amount of foods for the rest of the week.

  22. Stop More Weight Gain Now.

    If you are 100 kg, you need decrease foods input to remain less 500 pounds tomorrow. Commonsense? Fat people don't want to face the facts.

  23. Stop More Weight Loss Now.

    If you are 42kg, you need increase foods input to remain more 42kg tomorrow. Commonsense? Thin people don't want to face the facts.

  24. Taiwan Female Marriage Expert Advice.

    No matter how tired You (Wife) are. When Your Husband wants to make love to You. You must give him. Or next time, he goes & finds other avenues. Then the marriage fatness problems begin. Because sex loads are gone. You (Wife) grows fatter.

  25. Take Small Step Daily.

    For example lose 0.1kg daily. Work out to lose 3 kg per month. 36 kg per year.

  26. Weight Control Is An Art.

    Too Thin Female. Most females after they become thinner at ideal body. They still further thinner until no male look at her. And she still keeps on thinner. Thinking she is looking better.

    Too Fat Male. Most males after they become fatter at ideal body. They still further fatter until no female look at him. And he still keeps on fatter. Thinking he is looking better.

  27. When Hungry.

    When hungry, slip a bit of ice drinks to fill stomach. Careful not to drink too much, or your stomach become over-sized.

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