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*This Cstan98 Knowledge Website defines Sage-King Founder as Someone founding a Company or Country Empire with the Objectives of creating a Better World Environment for Everyone.

**Objectives Of Sage-King Founder Empire:

  1. Better Worlds.

    Your Sage-King Founder Objectives should be to create somethings better. A Better Method. A Better Product. A Better Service. A Better World. Without a Good Growth Model which is better than other people, how are you to sustain your empire. If not better. Everyone wants to remain in the Old Empire which is doing fine. Why join your empire?

  2. Brand Name.

    Start with a Good Brand Name. Build It vigourouly. Protect Your Brand Name with Ethics/Integrity/Loyalty/Perfection/Trustworthiness/... Must not let anyone of your employees tarnish Your Brand Name. For pirated sub-brands. Let them be. The they are under different founders & ceo. But they must declare they are not the main-brand. If they stubbornly want to imposter. Then direct all their lawsuits to them. It is their wars. Not Ours.

  3. Coach & Guide.

    All those working for You Sage-King Founder wants to be like You. If not. They won't be working for You. So. Coach & Guide Them to become like You. While You upgrade to a Better Person. Then Cstan98 Repeat Stroke.

  4. Own 100% Of Your Company.

    You need to 100% own Your Company Child all the time. Even when married to a Good Hamster Queen. Even when have Good Children. Have clear legal Will instructions who have 100% of that Company Child when You die. It is best You pass 100% Company Shares to One Person only at a time like to Queen/eldest Child/next eldest Child/... (irregardless of sex type of Child.) The clear legal Will instructions should lay down the Chain of Events.

  5. Perfection.

    Sage-King Founder is a Perfect Person. The Empire should become Better & Better. Faster & Faster. If you don't move forward. The you are going backward. You don't do it. The someone does. If You don't improve. The someone gets your job.

  6. Promotion & Demotion.

    Sage-King Founder promotes & demotes Generals & Officers correctly. Telling the reasons why publicly to prevent future mistakes. If that general & officer need to be demoted. That person should not be there in the first. Think many steps ahead. If You think You need to demote that person. Don't employ that person the first place. If You think that Person grow all the times even at a slow pace. Employ that person. 'Top Gun. Movie'. Iceman: "ice cool. No mistake."

  7. Sage-King - Intersting Jobs For Everyone.

    Sage-King Founder wants an Intersting Job. So create Interesting Jobs for all Your People in Your Empire. Confucius: "make Everyone Male/Female has a Job to do."

  8. Sage-King - Good Queen For Everyone.

    Sage-King Founder wants a Good Queen to have godly Children. So help all Your People in Your Empire to get happlily monogamy married to have godly Children. Confucius: "Sage-King Government is just about foods & sex."

  9. Sage-King - Nice Foods For Everyone.

    Sage-King Founder wants Nice Foods to eat. So give a nice good Salary to all Your People in Your Empire to buy foods. Confucius: "Sage-King Government is just about foods & sex."

  10. Self-Sustained Fundings.

    It is recommended Sage-King Founder does not bank loans, ipo shares markets, take shareholders, ... to get the fundings. If You cannot afford it. Don't grow. If You can afford it. Grow. Cash-flows must be self-sustained. Cash-flows must be strong. You must be frugal. Make every penny counts. Grow Step-By-Step. Spend On Assets to further Growth. Do not spend on liabilities to further degrowth.

  11. Start Something Out Of Nothing.

    Sage-King Founder starts a New Empire from nothing. They have the Calculations/Creativity/Foresee/Guts/Vision/Wisdom/... to start Something out of nothing. Founders do not steal & are famous for being very creative.

  12. Start Your Own Company.

    Do not hostile take-over other people companies children. Give Birth to Your Own Company Children. Start with One Company Child First. If Your Company Child is well-managed & have very rich money funds. Cstan98 Repeat Stroke to start many Companies Children.

  13. Take Risks.

    Sage-King Founder takes risks. They do things when it is not Their Business. They go out of Their comfort zones. They hear the Cries of the People. They push themselves out of Their Boundaries. They see the Needs of the People. Make a Choice. Make a Decision. And a Empire is borned that day.

  14. *Conclusions.

    Starting an Empire is easy. It is the defending part that is difficult. Because satan the devil attack all Sage-King Founders whose Empires are a threat to his satanic empire.

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