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How To Be Sage-King CEO.

This Cstan98 Knowledge Website defines Sage-King CEO as Someone running a Company with the Objectives of creating Jobs for His People & to farm foods to create a bigger economies cake for Everyone. Not for profit maximization, but to breakeven always for cake growth for Everyone.

**Objectives Of Sage-King CEO Companies:

  1. To Better & Faster Company Operations.

    Cstan98 Forever Improvements Stroke. We keep doing faster & better. Lower Our Goods price better. Make Our Goods quality better. More efficent Productions Operations. Our Accountings better & faster. The Lists go on forever. If You do not aim to be a more & more perfect Sage-King CEO. Do not become a ceo in the first place. Because your company cannot survive.

  2. To Breakeven Companies Operations.

    Sage-King CEO is to breakeven the Companies Operations. Objectives are not to earn a fat ceo salary. But to keep the Companies alive. To keep the Jobs of His People (His Employees). My Cstan98 Recommendation = 50% To The People Sharing + 50% To Company Growth. Company Growth = Better Methods/Technology/Training, More Assets/People, R&D (Research & Development) to expand, ...

  3. To Build Future Sage-King CEOs.

    We Sage-King CEO need to coach & groom more Future Sage-King CEOs. Who coach & groom even more future Sage-King CEOs. This is Our way to increase Everyone cake.

  4. To Contribute Government Tax Revenues.

    When We Sage-King CEO Companies contribute to the Country Government Tax Revenues. There is a greater chance that Government can govern better. But if Sage-King CEO is unable to run Our Small Companies properly. Don't expect Our Sage-King Emperor able to run His Big Country Government properly.

  5. To Contribute To Society.

    We Sage-King CEO gains from Our Jobs are not material wealth. But sense of accomplishments to contribute back to Society.

  6. To Create Mass Jobs.

    People need Foods. Farmlands create Foods. Business Companies are Modern Times Farmlands. Business Companies need to breakeven to be Live Working Company. To breakeven Live Working Company needs a Wise Sage-King CEO. Wise Sage-King CEO does not go for expensive ceo private jets, big house, big retirement portfolios, fast cars, ... We go straight to the point = to create mass jobs for the People.

  7. To Increase Cake.

    We Sage-King CEO to increase cake of Our People (Our Employees). We need to increase cake of Our Company. To increase cake of Our Company. We need to increase cake of Our Country Economy. To increase cake of Our Country Economy. We need to increase cake of Our Planet. And so on.

  8. To Lower Costs Of Living (Company Goods).

    If We Sage-King CEO is unable to lower Our Company Goods Price. Don't expect other companies to lower Our costs of living (other companies goods prices).

  9. To Production Greater Than Consumption.

    According to 'The Great Learning, Confucian Classic'. To build Country Wealth = Production must be greater than Consumption. Therefore. We Sage-King CEO should increase Productions (increase productivity, increase sales, increase technology, ...) & decrease Consumptions (decrease unnecessary companies chaos, costs, frauds, wastes, ...) at the same time.

  10. To R&D (Research & Development) For Better Worlds.

    We Sage-King CEO contribute a part of Company Funds to R&D (Research & Development) for Better Technology. For Faster Technology. For Better Worlds for Everyone. Let those who want to fight others fight themselves. We just concentrate on R&D (Research & Development) for better Productions.

  11. *Conclusion.

    Virgin CEO: "let do it."

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