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*This Cstan98 Knowledge Website defines Jedi Soldier as Someone fighting for the Force in Army (Footsoldiers), Air Force (X-Wings) & Navy (Starfleets).

**Objectives Of Jedi Armed Forces:

  1. Better Than Satan The Devil.

    JESUS CHRIST: "if you cannot fight better than satan the devil. You cannot enter the Kingdom of God." So You need to fight better & smarter. A Jedi Soldier is a good Frontline Trooper.

  2. NLP - 6.

    To counter 6 confusions. Jedi Soliders must 100% do not problem & 100% solve all problems.

  3. NLP - Blue.

    To counter blue drainings. Jedi Soliders must 100% do not steal.

  4. NLP - Demons.

    To counter demons spirits entering Our Bodies. Jedi Soldiers must not have any free or satanic items.

  5. NLP - ISIS (Is Shits Is Shits).

    If You NLP ISIS (is shits is shits). They are too brainwashed in their doctrines. We need to be more brainwashed in Perfect Christianity & Zen than them. Their sex drives are so strong to have polygamy sex they do anythings. We need to have so strong love drives for Our Families that We protect Them in any costs. They are very stealth. We need to 100% do not lie to know where how what why are they. To beat them. Jedi Solider Commands have to do better than them.

  6. NLP - Nazi.

    If You NLP Nazi. They fight fast. They have armours protections. They have centralized cohesive commands. They have firepowers. They have technology upgrades. They move fast. They have teamwork. They have well trained generals. To beat them. Jedi Solider Commands have to do better than them.

  7. NLP - Roman.

    If You NLP Roman. They have superior technology than their enemies. Their footwears are light (they can travel faster & further). Their footwears have better grip (they not fall during combats). Their shields can stop flaming arrows (their armours are portable & handy). Their swords are sharp (they have better blades). Centralized Commands. Effective Logistics. High Speed Highways. Keep on repeating Roman Srokes. To beat them. Jedi Soldier Commands have to do better than them.

  8. NLP - Star Wars Empire.

    If You NLP Star Wars Stormtroopers. They are cloned reproduced very fast & many. We need to reproduce & train Our Yearly Monogamy Marriage Children faster & more. Their star destroyers & TIE (tie) fighters are produced very fast. We need to robotics factory Our Starfleets & X-Wings faster. Their technology upgrades are very fast. We need to upgrade Our Own Technology faster. Effective centralized commands. We need to have better Centralized Commands. They have generals & officers academy. We need to train Our Generals & Officers better. The dark emperor & darth vader are very well trained. We Jedi Soldiers need to be better trained. To beat them. You have to do better than them.

  9. Z - Continuous Improvements.

    There is always rooms for improvements. Better Logistics. Better Operations Management. Better Skills. Better Strategies. Better Training. Better Weapons. Lesser Food. Lesser Sleep. Lesser Water. The Lists go on.

  10. Z - Perfection.

    Be like me. Score 40 out of 40 M16 Shooting. Better still. 100 out of 100. 1000 out of 1000. The Next Generation Jedi Soldiers must be better than the current generation.

  11. *Conclusions.

    May the Force be with You, Jedi.

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