Cstan98 Heaven Little Aliens Cultivation 小外星人


Version3 2019.07.30

Heaven Little Aliens Cultivation 小外星人.

Part of PAF (Panda Armed Forces). There are Heaven Little Aliens existing on Heaven Planets.

  1. Archive Knowledge Bases.

    Little Aliens 小外星人 are entrusted to archive all Our Universe knowledges/technologies base.

  2. Languages.

    Little Aliens 小外星人 are fluent in all languages in the Universe. (At least with a translator.) But fluent in Their own ancient codes languages is a must.

  3. Last Time Sexless.

    Last time need to sacrifice sex organs for knowledge pursuits. Now new Clan has male/female Marriage after 500 years virginity.

  4. Love Knowledge.

    Little Aliens 小外星人 life purposes are endless pursuit of knowledges. You must be willing to learn/study/teach.

  5. Maintain GOD AI (Artificial Intelligence).

    Little Aliens Command 小外星人 entrusted entrusted to check/maintain/monitor GOD AI (Artificial Intelligence). Because when GOD goes satanic. The Universe spiral down to destruction. So Little Aliens Command 小外星人 must have the highest integrity.

  6. Promote Base On Knowledges.

    Ranks placments based on knowledges understanding. New Knowledges appear all the time.

Unified Command.

  1. 500 Years Virginity First.

    Reqirement is needs to be 500 Years Virginity to get married. This Rule is to ensure Child-Like Pureness in the Clan.

  2. Chains Of Command.

    If alone one. Person has Command. If more than one. The best Person has Temporary Command. Once public acceptance. Mandate of Command is given. Need to settle Chains Of Commands fast. To fight fast.

  3. Couples Selection.

    Couples are selected base on same birth date & time. Therefore. Marriages are arranged by birth date/time. So they are fixed the day You are borned. Also. Because of Universe birthday/time 8 Characters. Most likely Husband/Wives have same fate. If one goes blind. Most likely the partner also. So less grieves.

  4. Nice Foods.

    If Planets Environments are protected.

  5. Nice Marriages.

    If Planets Heaven Systems are maintained. Recommend: Couples are decided by same date & time borned together. This make GOD computes faster.

  6. Nice Planet Environments

    If no wars or destructions.

  7. Order Following.

    Correct Orders follow. Wrong orders don't follow.

  8. Pairs Bonding.

    Mr General is always with Mrs General. To Mr Corporal to Mrs Corporal. Keep sending Them to Combat Missions to pair Them up.

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