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English-Chinese Translation Lao Zi. 老子.

Original Author: Lao Zi. 老子.

Original Texts base from: https://www.gushiwen.org . (古诗文网) - 道家类 - 老子.

My Meanings base from: me Cstan98.

<It is reported. To live to 300+ years old Taoist Cultivation. They must memorize the whole Lao Zi. And recite in their sleep. And they spend most of the 300+ years in sleep reciting.>

*Gushiwen Lao Zi Summary.

Be well versed. If You want to live a long life.

  1. 道可道/非常道.

  2. 圣人无为.不善不美.

  3. 弱其志.不尚贤/不贵货/不可欲.

  4. 同其尘.道冲不盈.

  5. 天地不仁.万物为狗.

  6. 谷神不死.

  7. 圣人外其身而身存.

  8. 上善若水.

  9. 功遂身退.

  10. 玄德如婴儿.

  11. 无用.

  12. 五色令人目盲.

*老子. Lao Zi.

Chinese Texts Source: https://www.gushiwen.org (古诗文网) - 道家类 - 老子.

No translations here. You need to know Chinese language to reach my Dan.

  1. Step 1: Memorize Divisons 1-2 (Chinese Texts).

  2. Step 2: Memorize Chapters 1-81 (Chinese Texts) Key Points.

  3. Step 3: For Each Chapter. Understand Original (Chinese Texts) Essences.

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