Cstan98 Gushiwen Strategy - 36 Strategies 三十六计


Version4 2020.11.16

English-Chinese Translation 36 Strategies. 三十六计.

Original Author: most likely from Sun Zi. 应该是孙子.

Original Texts base from: https://www.gushiwen.org . (古诗文网) - 兵书类 - 三十六计.

My Meanings base from: me Cstan98.

<Know enemy 36 strategies to stalemate.>

*Cstan98 36 Strategies Summary.

Be well versed. To counter/use.

  1. 瞒天过海. Hide From Emperor.

    If Your Emperor CEO meddles too much in frontline operations.

    (*Cstan98 Do First Report Later Stroke. Cstan98 Be Prepared To Be Death-Sentence Or Fired Stroke.)

  2. 围魏救赵. Surround A Save B.

    You may need to surround malaysia KL capitol to save Singapore. You may need to surround malaysia satanic palaces to save Singapore.

    (*Cstan98 Know What Enemy Value Stroke. Cstan98 Hit That Enemy Value Spot Very Hard Stroke.)

  3. 借刀杀人. Borrow Knife Kill A.

    The me Cstan98 has many Spirits Angels. JESUS CHRIST has many Human Angels. Therefore. Use JESUS CHRIST United States Marines & JESUS CHRIST United States Navy to take out swiss, isis, hindu, blue, ...

    (*Cstan98 Know What You Have What You Don't Have Stroke. Cstan98 Know What You Need What You Don't Need Stroke.)

  4. 以逸待劳. Relax While Enemy Busy.

    Always try to rest whenever possible. Then get up to fight again to keep enemies busy. Because one more busy enemy means Other Angels can take Their break.

    (*Cstan98 Always Fight Stroke. Cstan98 Always Rest Whenever Possible Stroke.)

  5. 趁火打劫. Rob During Fire.

    We Jedi Command does not steal. But enemies want to house fire Us to rob us. So We Jedi Command needs to put out the fire very fast. So We Jedi Command needs to prevent any attempt to start any fire.

    (*Cstan98 Alway On Guard Stroke. Cstan98 Alway Fast Fast Put Out Fire Stroke.)

  6. 声东击西. Sound East Attack West.

    We Jedi Command does not lie. So that We Jedi have 100% Accurate Reports. We Jedi Command lets the enemies lie. So that they have inaccurate reports.

    (*Cstan98 No False Stroke No Waste Movements. Cstan98 100% Do Not Lie To Have 100% Accurate Reports Stroke.)

  7. 无中生有. Something Out Of Nothing.

    It may mean creating bad out of nothing or creating good out of nothing. We Jedi Command does not create problems. So We concentrate Our Firepowers to keep on creating Good Somethings out of nothings like Huge GDP (Gross Domestic Product), Robotics Factories, Better & Better Technologies, Faster & Faster Strokes, More & More Happy Monogamy Marriages, Better & Better Educations, ...

    (*Cstan98 Keep On Creating Stroke. Cstan98 Do Not Create Any Problem Stroke.)

  8. 暗渡陈仓. Use Hidden Path.

    The satan the devil is a telepathic ex-archangel. The he always uses hidden paths to attack us.

    (*Cstan98 Do Not Lie To Know Satan The Devil Thoughts Stroke. Cstan98 Always Prepare Whatever A Possible Hidden Path Come To Light Stroke. Cstan98 Plan Everythings Stroke.)

  9. 隔岸观火. See Fire From Far.

    When ISIS (is shits is shits) loses their $2 trillions reserves in 2016 fightings with Panda. When blue loses their $1 trillion reserves in brexit 2016. We Jedi Command just watch the fire show. Do not help them.

    (*Cstan98 When Enemies Are In Distress It May Be GOD Is Helping Us Stroke. Cstan98 Good Countries Have Blessings Bad Countries Have Disasters Stroke.)

  10. 笑里藏刀. Laughter Hide Knife.

    We Jedi Command must be ready all the time for an enemy hidden knife. Even when the enemy angry, cries, laughs, quiet, smiles, ...

    (*Cstan98 Always Ready For A Sneak Knife Attack Stroke. Cstan98 Always Check For Hidden Knife to Secure Your Home Stroke.)

  11. 李代桃僵. Lose Small Save Big.

    Lose small unimportant money to save the overall big People Population. Lose small wars to win the overall big wars. Lose small legal cases to win the overall big legal cases. Lose huge (in fact all) money to let your family leave satanic lands.

    (*Cstan98 Prepare To Lose Something To Save The Big Picture Stroke. Cstan98 Prepare Many Things To Be Lost Before The War Start Stroke.)

  12. 顺手牵羊. Take Goat Also.

    We Jedi Command does not steal. But We Multi-Taskings. Listen Songs While Working. Breathe Out Stale Air While Practising Martial Arts.

    (*Cstan98 Do As Much Things As Possible All The Time Stroke. Cstan98 Double Strokes Triple Strokes All Stroke.)

  13. 打草惊蛇. Beat Grass Scare Snake.

    When snake is in nearby grass. It is very dangerous. Always scare the snake away. Have Yearly Combined Arms All Out Military Exercise to scare ISIS (is shits is shits). Have Yearly National Parade To Showcase Latest Weapons Upgrades. Shoot down north korea missiles as soon as possible once they enter friendly airspaces. Torpedo sink north korea submarines as soon as possible once they enter friendly seaspaces.

    (*Cstan98 Scare All Snakes Away Stroke. Cstan98 Beat Grass From Time To Time To Trust Stroke.)

  14. 借尸还魂. Borrow Useless Make Useful.

    Thin hungry people are potential assets. Confucius: "feed Them Foods. Train Educate Them. Give Them Jobs. Build Armies Defences. Expand Empires Through Money Productions."

    (*Cstan98 See The Potential Of Little Things Stroke. Cstan98 Think Cheapskate Stroke.)

  15. 调虎离山. Trick Tiger Leave Mountain.

    The tiger ceo is very strong in his hill. With dangerous cliffs terrains, forest covers, Homebase cave. So trick the tiger ceo to leave his hill with things like beautiful tigers females/foods/money/toys/trophies/...

    (*Cstan98 Every Enemy Has Weaknesses Stroke. Cstan98 Your Job Is To Have As Few Weakness As Possible Stroke. Cstan98 Do Not Leave Your HQ Unless Really Necessary Stroke.)

  16. 欲擒故纵. Want Capture Therefore Let-Be.

    To capture demons is to let demons be. Go slowly step-by-step to kill him. Let him enjoy his life now.

    (*Cstan98 Let Enemies Make The First Mistake Move Then Counter Strike With One Clean Strike Stroke. Cstan98 Do Not Make First Moves Stroke.)

  17. 抛砖引玉. Throw Stone Get Jade.

    Since We Jedi Command does not keep secrets. So outdated secrets are stones to Us. So We give enemies so much stones to get their jade (what they currently have). Actually We need not their Jade. We have thousands of Jades. Is just We want to update Our Databases about the enemies.

    (*Cstan98 Have More & More Jade To Use As Stones Stroke. Cstan98 Jade Are Just Stone Actually Stroke.)

  18. 擒贼擒王. Catch Thief Catch CEO.

    Once a CEO is captured. His Whole Command is destroyed. So We Jedi Command needs to train as many CEO as possible. While We upgrade to Senior CEO. Then to Overall CEO. Then to Super CEO...

    (*Cstan98 Train Everyone To Be CEO Stroke. Cstan98 Always Protect The Command Centre Stroke.)

  19. 釜底抽薪. Take Firewoods From Fire.

    Firewoods build the fires. So to decrease enemies fires. Take aways their foods farms, M16 factories, money sources, reproducting females, ... So to increase Our Fires. Increase Our Foods Farms, Happy Monogamy Marriages, Money Sources, Weapons Factories, ...

    (*Cstan98 Keep On Increasing Our Fire GDP Stroke. Cstan98 Keep On Decreasing Enemies Fire GDP Stroke.)

  20. 混水摸鱼. Troubled Water Catch Fish.

    Troubled Water = Many Problems Water. We Jedi Command does not create problems. So Our Water are always clear with no problems. When enemies create their own problems. It is time to take back Our Fishes (Our Kidnapped Children, Ransom Money, Stolen Technologies, ...)

    (*Cstan98 Always No Problem Stroke. Cstan98 Always Ready To Take Back Our Fishes Stroke.)

  21. 金蝉脱壳. Lose Hardware Save Software.

    Hardwares are cheap & difficult to repair. Softwares are expensive & important.

    (*Cstan98 Save Software To Put On New Hardware Stroke. Cstan98 Software = Our Core NLP Thinkings Stroke.)

  22. 关门捉贼. Close Door Catch Thief.

    To catch all thieves in a room. You need to close all doors/windows.

    (*Cstan98 To Secure A Room Close All Doors & Windows Stroke. Cstan98 Be Prepared The Mouse Thief Bite Destroy Everythings In The Room Stroke.)

  23. 远交近攻. Friend Far Attack Close.

    Sun Zi: "close enemy is easy to fight because of easy army logistics. Far friend is a help because it is not a threat."

    (*Cstan98 Try Make Everyone Your Friends Stroke. Cstan98 Then Take Out Those Hardcore Enemies Who Don't Want To Be Friend One By One Stroke.)

  24. 假道伐虢. Borrow Inside-Path Kill A.

    Use all possible paths to destroy enemies in one clean stroke. The Objective is better & better, faster & faster.

    (*Cstan98 Sometimes No False Stroke Is One False Stroke Then Real Stroke. Cstan98 Sometimes No Waste Movement Is One Waste Movement Then Fast Movement Stoke.)

  25. 偷梁换柱. Give Bad Take Good.

    The Best CEO gets the Best Pillars. He knows how to train bad pillars to become Good Pillars.

    (*Cstan98 All Are Good Pillars If You Know How To Train. Cstan98 Always Do Not Lie To Know Who Are Good Bad Pillars. Cstan98 Good Pillars Do Not Want Too Many Money Bad Pillars Keep On Asking Money Stroke.)

  26. 指桑骂槐. Point A Scold B.

    Attack = Too Hard On Enemies Stroke. Ignore = Too Easy On Enemies Stroke. Scold = Therefore Say Half-Stroke.

    (*Cstan98 Not Too Much Not Too Little Just Nice Stroke. Cstan98 Sometimes Need To Scold Until Enemy Cry To Save Her Stroke.)

  27. 假痴不癫. Fake Stupid Ignorance.

    Jedi Do Not Lie Stroke. But sometimes You do not know what to do. Temporary inactions. Sometimes the Solutions are optimum. Further actions create problems. So inactions.

    (*Cstan98 Let Enemies Scold You Idiots Whatever They Want Stroke. Cstan98 Later Enemies Know Who Is More Idiot Stroke.)

  28. 上屋抽梯. Up Roof Take Ladder.

    Jedi Do Not Create Problem Stroke. But always guard Ladder when on the roof. Do not go to the roof unnecessary.

    (*Cstan98 Do Not Take Other People Ladder Concentrate Protecting Your Ladder Stroke. Cstan98 Always Guard Your Laddder At The Same Time Doing Roof Operations Stroke.)

  29. 树上开花. Big Fake Formations.

    Jedi Do Not Lie Stroke. Let enemies lying big fake formations. You concentrate building Your Big Real Formations.

    (*Cstan98 Keep On Increase Real Formations = Monogamy Marriage To Increase Intgerity Troops + Upgrade Technology Stroke. Cstan98 Always Know What The Enemies Real Formations Are Stroke.)

  30. 反客为主. Guest Become Master.

    The satan the devil uses to be the master of this planet earth. See Stroke Copycat Stroke. Use satanic money to buy take over demons-infested planet earth.

    (*Cstan98 Keep On Empire GDP Productions To Buy Enemies Assets Stroke. Cstan98 See Stroke Copycat Stroke.)

  31. 美人计. Beautiful Females.

    For enemies beautiful females tricks to be ineffective. Always make All Friendly Males Troops each have a same more & more beautiful Wife. Make all friendly Single Males Good Males. So when enemies beautiful females come. These enemies beautiful females deflect.

    (*Cstan98 Monogamy Marriages To Distribute Females Stroke. Cstan98 Interesting Jobs To Distribute Males Stroke.)

  32. 空城计. Empty City.

    The me Cstan98 has a open secret policy. There is no secrets. The secrets that are not tell yet is because today not enough time to tell.

    (*Cstan98 Always Empty Open Door City To Scare Enemies Out Of Hell Stroke. Cstan98 No Secrets To Build Trust Stroke.)

  33. 反间计. Reverse Spy.

    Confucius: "welcome all visitors with warmness." Build a Good Country Environment so that all foreign enemies spies want to stay & not go back.

    (*Cstan98 It Is Too Risky To Reverse Spy Sending That Turn-Friendly Spy Back Stroke. Cstan98 All Troops Are Your Children Population Stroke.)

  34. 苦肉计. Self Suffering Trick.

    Jedi Do Not Lie Stroke. Know All Reports Stroke. No Waste Movements No False Stroke.

    (*Cstan98 Let Enemies Suffer As Much Self Sufferings Tricks As They Want Stroke. Cstan98 We Just Watch The Show Unmove Stroke.)

  35. 连环计. Trick Within Trick.

    A trick not a trick is a trick. A trick within a trick when you do not want to trick. A trick connect to a trick when you don't want any trick at all.

    (*Cstan98 When You Do Your Best Stroke Everytime All Wrong Moves Are Tricks Stroke. Cstan98 You Just Solve All Wrong Moves Quickly And Kill All Enemies Who Fall For Those Tricks Stroke.)

  36. 为上计. Withdraw.

    Sun Zi: "calculations." When calculations win, fight. When calculations lose, withdraw.

    (Cstan98 This Is Going To Be A Very Long Fight Stroke. Cstan98 Why Fight To The Death In The First Day Stroke.)

*三十六计. 36 Strategies.

Chinese Texts Source: https://www.gushiwen.org (古诗文网) - 兵书类 - 三十六计.

No translations here. You need to know Chinese language to reach my Dan.

  1. Step 1: Memorize Categories 1-6 (Chinese Texts).

  2. Step 2: Memorize Strategy 1-36 (Chinese Texts) Key Points.

  3. Step 3: For Each Strategy. Understand Original (Chinese Texts) Essences.

*Study Notes:

(*) How to memorize.

(01) State number & strategy name in chinese.

(02) If Day 1 can say out without referring. Each Day add another 5 strategies to 36.

(03) Need to use memories tricks to attach number to words names. For example. 20 = visualize 20 fishes swimming. Therefore 20 for Troubled Water Catch Fish. For example. 4 = 4 is dead tired. Therefore 4 for Relax While Enemy Busy (dead tired). For example. 14 = 4 sound like dead in chinese. Therefore 14 for Make (dead body) Useless Useful.

(04) Need finger to know current Strategy Number.

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