Cstan98 Good & Bad Policies Of LKY


Version2 2018.09.19

Policies Of LKY (Lee Kuan Yew):

  1. Bad - Disable Chinese High.

    Because President Ong defends/supports Panda Cstan98 back in 1994-1998. Chinese High House has been systematically remove from ministerial powers. But what is out of LKY Calculations. Is that Chinese High House is the main backbone/lubricants of Singapore Government. Chinese High House is a House that dares to speak up when right. Keep mouths shut when there are better things to do.

  2. Bad - IMH (Mental Hospital).

    Now 2018. IMH (mental hospital) declares 98% of Singapore population to have some sort of mental disorders.

  3. Bad - Mass Alcohols In Drinks/Foods.

    Minister Goh Kim Swee has been discouraging alcohols inside population drinks/foods. But now. Alcohols are making whole population drunk from tap water to common drinks/foods.

  4. Bad - Remove Goh Kim Swee.

    Bad mistake to remove Big Minister Goh Kim Swee.

  5. Bad - Remove President Ong.

    Big mistake to remove Big Minister Ong.

  6. Good - Build Singapore.

    It is a fact. Without LKY. There is no Singapore.

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