Cstan98 Good & Bad Policies Of LHL


Version2 2018.09.19

Policies Of LHL (Lee Hsien Loong):

  1. Bad - Expensive Seaport.

    LHL build Singapore super high tech new seaport. But 50% of world don't want to come. Why? Because expensive does not mean better. Especially 50% of sea trades are all from cost conscious 3rd worlds. Now. Only way. Is to cut port fees to breakeven from investments costs.

    (*Lesson: high investment costs/products prices do not mean higher incomes.)

  2. Bad - If Singapore Wars.

    2018. If Singapore wars now. Once whole Armed Forces activated. The bad ones use ammos to fight for girls. The good Ones don't know what to do.

  3. Bad - LKY Leftover Nightmares.

    LKY left behind a super high costs running government. And LHL must clean His Old Man rubbish bins.

  4. Bad - No Money Build More.

    2018 National Rally. Panda Interpretation. No patients in polyclinic. Because no money. Don't worry. We increase incomes taxes to build more polyclinics. LHL, Sir. Please don't do that anymore.

  5. Bad - Over-Developed.

    LKY leaves behind a super over-developed Singapore. Another MRT station does not cut transit time by 20 minutes. But mean same transit time. With more confusing MRT changing lines.

  6. Bad - Same Fees CHAS.

    From Hospital Admin Staff. The new CHAS medical card does not lower fees. The fees are increase. The subsidies become more. Everyone pays same fees like last times. Is just that old uneducated people think it is cheaper. Use more medical. The people bankrupt faster. The country medical system bankrupt faster.

  7. Good - Maintain LKY System.

    LHL has tried His best to maintain LKY System. LHL has already done His best for these 2 years (at 2018).

  8. Good - Start To Listen.

    If this Webpage is able published. It shows LHL is starting to listen.

  9. Good - Workaholic.

    As when LKY is alive. LHL is very workaholic. And works to His death to ensure LKY Singapore Government to survive.

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