Cstan98 GOD Basic OS (Operating System)


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*GOD Basic OS (Operating System)

GOD also known as Flow, Force, Karma (Cause & Effect Laws), Nature, Matrix, Tao, Zen, ... It is bascially used by gods to run & create the Universe.

  1. Basic 1: Good Ends Bad Ends.

    Good have Good Ends. The bad have bad ends.

  2. Basic 2: No One Is Above The Laws.

    No one is above the Laws. From the Highest GOD to the smallest virus.

  3. Basic 3: Small/Medium/Big Punishments/Rewards.

    Small bad small punshments. Medium bad medium punishements. Big bad big punishments. Small good small rewards. Medium good medium rewards. Big good big rewards.

  4. Law 1: Do Not Kill.

    Do Not Kill.

  5. Law 2: Do Not Steal.

    Do Not Steal.

  6. Law 3: Do Not Adultery.

    Do Not Adultery.

  7. Law 4: Do Not Lie.

    Do Not Lie.

  8. Law 5: Do Not Problem.

    Do Not Problems.

  9. GOD Position.

    GOD is not a being. It is a Position. To be. He/She needs to be at least & the best Old-Buddha Angel.

  10. Necessary Basic Things.

    Basic Things like Air, Daily Foods & Drinks, Trainings (to pass GOD Tests) are to be provided to Everyone. So that Life can exist at all times.

  11. Sincerity Password.

    To change GOD Laws. Password is Sincerity. Not the spelling. But the feeling. Higher the Sincerity. Higher the Password. Let say you are able to program a law. And the law turns out to have wrong punishments. You suffer because of your programming. Your sincerity level drops. You lose the programming password. This is the Ultimate Password Default.

  12. *Conclusions.

    Use these Knowledges wisely.

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