Cstan98 Gentleman Cultivation


Version3 2019.02.25

Gentleman Cultivation.

  1. Inner Shirts.

    It is reported to be 3 layers. Prevent energy drains. In hot Singapore. Recommend 2 layers.

  2. Fear Sins.

    Do not do even little sins like masturbation & pornography to become a true Gentleman.

  3. Holy Bible.

    Well-versed & follow Holy Bible all the time.

Gentleman Codes Of Honour.

  1. Better State.

    After You Gentleman leave. That Company/Person/Place/Situation/Thing has to be better than before.

  2. Do Not Make Children/Female Cry.

    Gentleman should try best not to make Children/Females cry.

  3. Do Not Take Advantage.

    Do not take advantages of other people. Unless that person is a ruthless enemy. But give him chances first. Sometimes need to kill one to save many.

  4. Do Not Touch.

    Do not touch females (must courtship & marry), males (best is everyone. Because 20th century. The males can be bisexuals, gays, transgenders, ...), self also (include masturbation & pornography).

  5. Fairness.

    Tips good service. Pay good products. At fair prices.

  6. Honesty.

    Do not take bribery money. Do not pick up ground money.

  7. Lady First.

    Open door for Lady. Stand up whenever a Lady leave the table.

  8. Marry A Victorian Lady.

    Ultimate Objective of Gentleman Cultivation is to marry a Victorian Lady to have godly offsprings Children.

  9. Respect Other Gentleman Courtship.

    If another Gentleman is courting Her. Respect the Courtship Ownership. Because it is not easy to court a Lady. Unless the Lady tells You formally She does not want that Gentleman to You. Those females who are interested in many Males are not worth the time.

  10. Virginity.

    Virgin until Marriage.

  11. Well Dressed.

    Dress as best as possible to show that You can take up more Responsiblities.

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