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Version4 2020.12.11

**Introduction. Uno is a children cards game. It is what the american Children gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. Uno is all about draw2-4/reverse/skip. There are colour houses/same numbers. Objective is to throw away all cards after saying Uno last card. But the iPhone App Version is very addictive expensive. Because of real money in-app purchases are needed. To increase Rankings faster.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Uno players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Uno Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (???) iPhone (Gameloft) UNO & Friends App.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (02-01) NIL.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) NIL.

**3.0 Basic Uno Strategies & Tactics:

  1. Reminder Strategies = Out All Cards Strategy <> Last Card Strategy.

  2. 0 Second Fast. So enemy cannot react.

  3. First Out Complex Cards. (Like Draw 2-4/Reverse/Skip/Wild.)

  4. First Out Same Colour. (Flow.)

  5. First Out Big Numbers. (From 9 To 0.)

  6. First Out More Colour/Type.

  7. Change Colour. To most cards.

  8. Increase Enemy. +2/+4 Draw. Derease own. Increase enemy. Same time.

  9. Last Card Uno. Challenge/remember.

  10. Throw More Same. Colour/Number.

  11. Waste Enemy Turns. Reverse/skip.

  12. Wild Card Last. If able.

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