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Version4 2021.05.28

**Introduction. Othello is a flip black/white game. Also known as Reversi. It is what the American gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. There is 4centre/4corners/4edges to fight for. Objective is to have as many same colour as possible.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Othello Players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Othello Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (01-01) iPhone (Yasushi Tanase) Othello Quest App.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (02-01) NIL.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) NIL.

**1.0 Basic Othello Strategies & Tactics:

Book: FEDERATION FRANCAISE D'OTHELLO by Emmanuel Lazard & FFO (French Othello Federation). Book no longer can find online.)

Source: Google Search Search + Self Cstan98.

  1. Reminder Strategies = Corner (C/X) + Line (Wedge) + Big Square.

  2. 0 Second Fast. So enemy cannot react.

  3. Strategy. Know. Favourable Exchange.

  4. Strategy. Move. Loud. Many flip frontier disc.

  5. Strategy. Move. Quiet. No flip frontier disc.

  6. Strategy. Move. Trap. Forced exchange of guaranteed corner.

  7. Strategy. Type. Frontier (Less External). Less external disc.

  8. Strategy. Type. Influence (Force Enemy). Force enemy many.

  9. Strategy. Type. Maximum (More Stables). More stable.

  10. Strategy. Type. Mobility (More Choices). More choices.

  11. Strategy. Type. Option (Keep Move). Keep enemy cannot.

  12. Strategy. Type. Parity (Last Move). Last move.

  13. Strategy. Type. Positional (Corner Edge). Corner + edge.

  14. Strategy. Type. Tempo (Wait Enemy). Wait enemy.

  15. War. Know. Disc Internal = More. Disc External = Less.

  16. War. Know. Disc Frontier. Next to empty spaces. Less.

  17. War. Know. Disc Square C. Edge next to corner. Don't.

  18. War. Know. Disc Square X. Diagonal next to corner. Don't.

  19. War. Know. Disc Stable. Unable to be flipped. Like corner.

  20. War. Know. Edge Balanced. All 6 same edge.

  21. War. Know. Edge Balanced-Un. Incomplete 5 same edge.

  22. War. Know. Edge Swindle. Make use of unbalanced edge.

  23. War. Know. Edge Weak.

  24. War. Know. Wedge. Flank by 2 sides. Odd = good. Even = bad.

  25. War. Know. Corner/C-Square/X-Square/Edge War(1/2/3/4 Space Wedge) With Straight/Diagonal Put/ Last Second Line/Outer Square/Inner Square.

  26. War. Plan. Control Centre. Big/small centre.

  27. War. Plan. Control Corners.

  28. War. Plan. Control Diagonals.

  29. War. Plan. Control Edges.

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