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Version4 2020.12.07

**Introduction. Mastermind is codes breaking game. It is what the Russian gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. If You want to guess enemy codings sources patterns. Well versed is a must.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Mastermind players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Mastermind Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (01-01) iPhone (XL Software Solutions) Code Guess Mastermind App - New Quiz - Easy.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (02-01) NIL.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) NIL.

**1.0 Basic Mastermind Strategies & Tactics:

  1. Reminder Strategies = System + Reason + Refine.

  2. Feedback. Black.

    Correct. Keep pin answer position.

  3. Feedback. White.

    Correct but wrong position. Change pin answer position.

  4. Feedback. None.

    Wrong. Not one of pin answer.

  5. App - New Quiz - Easy. Problem Solving Steps.

    (01) Most Answers. That mean some are correct. Some are wrong position. Some are not in.

    (02) Zero Answer. That mean those colours are not options.

    (03) Other Answers. Reasons by eliminating possiblities.

    (04) Combine Steps 01-03. Give best guess.

    (05) Refine Guess. If wrong. Re-do Steps 01-03 with extra new data.

  6. App - New Game - Classic. Problem Solving Steps.

    (01) System. Start with standard starting system guess. 1234.

    (02) Secondary. By keeping black answer. Change white answer position.

    (03) Interchange. Adjust secondary guess. Take away wrong answer.

    (04) Best. Permutations all possibilities to get all correct pins. In least combinations answers.

    (05) Refine. If wrong. Re-do Steps.

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