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Version4 2021.03.25

**Introduction. Chinese Chess is China equivalent of western International/English Chess. It is what the Chinese gameplays to build up Their strategies codes.

  1. Careful of playing Chinese Chess with PLA (People Liberation Army) Xi. It is rumoured that those who are able to beat this China Number 1 Player. All get remove/torture. He uses Chinese Chess to decide how to remove/use You. Win = show You can beat Him. Not Win = show You can let Him win.

  2. Trying to make Everyone good Chinese Chess Players. We Jedi need all the help We can get to beat satan the devil.

**Cstan98 Chinese Chess Trainings:

  1. (01) Fight = lose/win real players.

    (???) iPhone (Dong Truong Quang) Chinese Chess - Play Xiangqi Online App.

    (???) iPhone (Longo) Chinese Chess / Co Tuong (Action Chinese Chess) App.

  2. (02) Train = with iPhone AI (Artifical Intelligence).

    (???) iPhone (Longo) Chinese Chess / Co Tuong (Action Chinese Chess) App. 10 Level Classic.

  3. (03) Study = as much as possible.

    (03-01) iPhone (Longo) Chinese Chess / Co Tuong (Action Chinese Chess) App. Endgames Puzzles.

**1.0 Basic Chinese Chess Strategies & Tactics:

Source: Google Search Search + Self Cstan98.

  1. Reminder Strategies = War (Know/Plan) <> Depend (Option/Priority/Strategy/Style).

  2. *See Cstan98 Game - Chess.

  3. 0 Second Fast. So enemy cannot react.

  4. 顺. Flow.

  5. 紧上. Tight (Formation) Up.

  6. 上兵. Pawn For Horse - 2nd/4th/Centre.

  7. 行炮. Expressway Cannon.

  8. 行车. Expressway Car.

  9. 行马. Expressway Horse.

  10. 炮乱. Canon Chaos.

  11. 炮吃马. Canon Eat Horse.

  12. 连-炮炮. Crosslink Canon-Canon.

  13. 连-车车. Crosslink Car-Car.

  14. 连-马马. Crosslink Horse-Horse.

  15. 连-兵兵. Crosslink Pawn-Pawn.

  16. 连-象象. Crosslink Elephant-Elephant.

  17. 连-士士. Crosslink Bishop-Bishop.

  18. 连-车马炮兵象士将. Crosslink Car-Horse-Canon-Pawn-Elephant-Bishop-King.

  19. 吃抽-车马. Eat-Fork Car-Horse. Horizontal/vertical.

  20. 吃抽-炮车. Eat-Fork Canon-Car. Horizontal/vertical.

  21. 吃抽-炮马. Eat-Fork Canon-Horse. Horizontal/vertical.

  22. 吃抽-士. Eat-Fork Bishop. Diagonal.

  23. 吃抽-象. Eat-Fork Elephant. Diagonal.

  24. 吃抽-将. Eat-Fork King. Diagonal.

  25. 吃抽-兵. Eat-Fork Pawn. Horizontal.

  26. 吃挡-炮. Eat-Trap Canon.

  27. 吃挡-车. Eat-Trap Car.

  28. 吃挡-马. Eat-Trap Horse.

  29. 吃免费. Eat Free.

  30. 车攻. Car Die Attacking.

  31. 车挡. Car Die Blocking.

  32. 车动. Car Die Deflecting.

  33. 车离. Car Die Unblocking Attacking/Blocking/Deflecting.

  34. 将-炮马. Checkmate Canon-Horse. Horizontal/vertical.

  35. 将-车马. Checkmate Car-Horse. Horizontal/vertical.

  36. 将-车马炮. Checkmate Car-Horse-Canon. 1 line.

  37. 将-双炮. Checkmate Double Canons. Horizontal/Vertical.

  38. 将-双车. Checkmate Double Cars. Horizontal/vertical.

  39. 将-死车. Checkmate Dead Car. Horizontal/vertical.

  40. 将-死炮. Checkmate Dead Canon. Horizontal/vertical.

  41. 将-死马. Checkmate Dead Horse. Horizontal/vertical.

  42. 将-将. Checkmate King. Sight.

  43. 将-兵. Checkmate Pawn. With. Horizontal/vertical.

  44. 将-兵将. Checkmate Pawn-King. Horizontal/vertical.

**Puzzles = iPhone (Longo) Chinese Chess / Co Tuong (Action Chinese Chess) - Endgame Puzzles App.

Basic Tactics = 15.

**iPhone (Doudou) 象棋藏经阁1 App - Training Lessons:

Lesson - 象棋怪招速胜法.

Below are my own Cstan98 study notes. Not mean to replace actual course.

  1. 妙弃双车001. (Die 2 Car - Canon-Canon Checkmate.) Car block elephant/horse. Final canon-canon checkmate.

  2. 妙弃双车002. (Die 2 Car - Car-Horse Checkmate.) Car die deflect bishop. 2 canon lines checking. Final car-horse checkmate.

  3. 妙弃双车003. (Die 2 Car - Canon-Horse Checkmate.) 2 cars die deflect bishop/king. 2 canon lines checking. Final horse checkmate.

  4. 妙弃双车004. (Die 2 Car - Take Out Many Pieces.) Car die deflect elephant/bishop. 2 canon/king line checking. Pawn take car.

  5. 妙弃双车005. (Die 2 Car - Canon-Canon+Car Checkmate.) Car bait car. Canon block 2 horses. 2 lines car + canon-canon checkmate.

  6. 妙弃双车006. (Die 2 Car - Canon-Horse Checkmate.) Canon abandon car. 2 canon lines with same horse checking. Final canon-horse checkmate.

  7. 妙弃双车007. (Die 2 Car - Canon-bishop Checkmate.) Car die deflect bishop/king. To 2 canon lines with same horse checking. Final canon-bishop checkmate.

  8. 妙弃双车008. (Die 2 Car - Car-Horse-Canon Checkmate.) Car die deflect king. Canon-canon line possible checkmate. Final car horse canon checkmate.

  9. 妙弃双车009. (Die 2 Car - Pawn-Horse Checkmate.) Car die deflect elephant. For canon. Car away bait car. For canon down. Pawn king line. Final pawn-horse checkmate.

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