Cstan98 Free Slim Down Program 免费减肥


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  1. 50kg = 110 pounds.

  2. 70kg = 154 pounds.

  3. 100kg = 220 pounds.

*For <50kg females:

  1. You should try to get married & give birth 1-2 children to gain natural big size breasts & curves.

  2. Or. Eat eat then slim slim. Repeat. To get the natural big size breasts & curves.

*For 70-100kg females:

  1. 妳是不是应该招.Shouldn't You Be Stroke.


    "Shouldn't you be ... (starting to lose weight)."

  2. 孩子招.Child Stroke.


    Child: "mom, can you lose weight? All my friends laugh at me, say my mom like a pig."

  3. 孙子兵法招.Sun Zi Military Stroke.


    Sun Zi: "(calculations) before war, you & that female fight for that old man, who win?"

  4. 为老公招.For Husband Stroke.


    For sake of marriage husband children, lose a bit weight won't die.

  5. 沈殿霞招.HK Fat Movie Star Shen Stroke.


    Why HK fat movie star Shen can, you cannot?

  6. 哈哈招.Ha Ha Stroke.


    Haha. Someone more pig than me.

  7. 老爸招.Father Stroke.


    Father: "you still eat, confirm cannot marry off."

  8. 老妈招.Mother Stroke.


    Mother: "if you continue eat like this, confirm fatter than pig."

  9. 老公招.Husband Stroke.


    Chinese Movie: "wife, your waist line is getting thicker."

Cstan98 Slimming Methods.

  1. Vegetarian. You become hungrier, eat more but won't get fat. See Cstan98 Vegetarian Slimming Diet.

  2. Green Tea. No sugar. Taste better than plain water. Tea extracts kill fats.

  3. Lemon Juice. Drink 1 lemon juice with water daily. Lemon juice kills body fat.

  4. No Sugar. Cut down most sugars drinks like coke, sprite. Drink DIY (Do It Yourself) fruits juices instead.

  5. Soya Tofu. Plant proteins to replace not taking proteins meats.

From 'The Secrets Of Skinny Chicks, Book'.

  1. Avoid Man Made.

    So long it is salty vegetarian, it is fine.

  2. Addict To Exercise.

    If have extra energies, do martial arts. You lose weight plus protecting Yourself.

  3. Back On Track.

    Always come back to your track plan.

  4. Body Metabolic Rate.

    Sex drive, stress, works pressure like website projects burning body weight.

  5. Burn All Calories.

    Exercises, Jobs & Marriage Sex your excess foods away.

  6. Cheat Once A Week.

    You need not plan the cheat. The cheat comes naturally.

  7. Clean Food Environment.

    The best food environment is you are energetic snacks full.

  8. Don't Plan Food Stops.

    Cut down foods, do not stop completely.

  9. Drink Water Like There No Tomorrow.

    The me Cstan98 recommends bottled non-sugar 1.5L Green Tea.

  10. Eat High Bulk Low-Calorie Foods.

    The me Cstan98 recommends very salty vegetarian foods.

  11. Eat Yummy Stuff.

    So long you can exercise & sex out those foods. Why not?

  12. Enough Proteins.

    The me Cstan98 recommends Soya Tofu plant proteins as good proteins substitutes.

  13. Exercise More Days Than Not.

    Window Shopping is a good starting exercise to declare your problem.

  14. Exercise Well On Feeling.

    Focus. Focus. Focus.

  15. Focus Good Things.

    Less Foods Diet + Fixed Daily Money Budgets.

  16. Focus Successes.

    Know when you can overcome one hunger, you can overcome all.

  17. Foods Journals.

    Record what you eat in your daily Blogging Website. You earn side-line incomes at the same time.

  18. Healthy Environments.

    Go to unfriendly environments who call you pig names.

  19. Healthy Snacks On Hand.

    The best healthy snacks is DIY (Do It Yourself) fruits juices.

  20. Holiday/Vacation Game Plan.

    The me Cstan98 disagrees. 1 day holiday = 5 days failure relapses.

  21. Integrate New Meat Replacements.

    Remember to take soya plant proteins like tofu as protein substitutes.

  22. Just One Cookie.

    The me Cstan98 uses daily money allowance to control my cookie numbers.

  23. Listen To Body.

    Focus on food rationing (money budget). Ignore the hunger thoughts. Get use to new routine.

  24. Mindset No Excuses.

    If you want to marry off, then stop giving yourself excuses.

  25. Mindset Skinny Chicks.

    Less Foods Diet + Daily Money Budget. Skinny Chick is the reward.

  26. New Tastes.

    The me Cstan98 recommends very salty things to replace sweet sugar things.

  27. No Emotional Eatings.

    Vent anger like practising martial arts or running, not by eating.

  28. No Emotional Problems.

    Do not vent anger & resentments inwards towards harming your body.

  29. No Sugars & Refined Wheat.

    Not taking sugar carbonated drinks decrease your weight by 50%.

  30. Plan Meals & Shop To Plans.

    Best is everyday the unexpected same, no uncontrollable surprises.

  31. Plan When Weight Up.

    Weight up = cut foods + more exercise. Weight down = can foods + less exercise.

  32. Portion Foods.

    Stick to foods rationing by using strict daily food money budgeting.

  33. Positive Self-Talk.

    Let the males laugh now. When I am G-Cup, I reject them all.

  34. Pregnancy Weight Under Control.

    The record is 1.5 weeks back to old good shape + curves.

  35. Reach Goal & Still Keep Going.

    Last time is to thin to marry off. Now is curves to look after children.

  36. Read Labels.

    Stay updated in label knowledges & nutrition effects.

  37. Research Restaurants.

    Eat only those which give cost-effective vegetarian foods.

  38. Research Risky Outings.

    If you stick to vegetarian diet, you are fine.

  39. Safe Weight Loss Products.

    The me Cstan98 disagrees. Just stick to cheap 100% natural vegetarian diet.

  40. Set Goals Plans.

    Know what you want, just get it.

  41. Smaller Meals.

    The more salty, the less meal portion you take.

  42. Stop Seeing Dieting.

    The me Cstan98 recommends you take it as a very challenging scientific problem.

  43. Support Network.

    If 1 fat female can, 3000 fat females also can.

  44. Trainings To Regimes.

    The me Cstan98 recommends light morning PT (10 knuckle pushups, 10 straight sit-ups, 10 stand couchs) exercises. Then martial arts routine.

  45. Wake-Up Call Total Daily Intake.

    Your full-length mirror is the best weighting machine who doesn't lie.

  46. Wake-up Call Portion Size.

    Ration your meal then stop.

  47. Weight Within Set Range.

    Your ideal weight should be around G-Cup breasts.

  48. Your Salad Friend.

    For me Cstan98. Children snacks & MacDonald sundaes are my best friend.

  49. Your Unique Body.

    The me Cstan98 disagrees. Even with Japanese genes, if you overeat = overweight.

  50. Yummy Replacements.

    Once you get the correct body effects, a boy gives you marriage funs.


Warning: More Deadly Strokes! Please Do Not surf below. You may become very angry.

*For >100kg females.

  1. 为什么看我网站?

  2. Why are you looking at my website?

  3. 猪是怎么死的?=肥死的.

  4. How pig die? = die too fat.

  5. 死肥猪.死肥猪.死肥猪.

  6. Big fat pig. Big fat pig. Big fat pig.

  7. 肥肥肥.猪猪猪.肥猪肥猪.猪肥猪肥.

  8. Fat fat fat. Pig pig pig. Fat pig fat pig. Pig fat pig fat.

  9. 妳现在应该吃不下吧?=免费减肥.

  10. You should angry until unable to eat? = free dieting.

  11. 请再看这里几次提醒.

  12. Please repeat surf this section again to remind self.

  13. 我是很认真的.死肥猪.

  14. I am very serious. Big fat pig.

  15. 所以才叫免费减肥 = 你非常生气 + 你免费减肥.

  16. That why it is called Free Slim Down Program = You Get Angry + You Free Slim Down.

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