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<Why me Cstan98 wants you to have a education mini-certification BBA (Business Administration degree) majoring in Operations Management. Because everythings in this world are Operations Management. Playing strategy computer games. Running a Unit like business/family/government/writing Ebooks/... Operations Management is applied in every activity in this world. But if your passion is in engineering. Then by all means go for engineering degree. You need a passion for what you study. To do well in that study.>

<Give the Textbooks due relevant respect. When can afford. Buy Hardback Ones.>

**Cstan98 Mini-Certification Certificate Topics:

Cstan98 Art - Crafts <not able>

Cstan98 Art - Music <not able>

Cstan98 Language - English (Textbook: Want To Learn English? by Stephen W Bradeley)

Cstan98 Language - Native Arabic <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Chinese (Textbook: Collins Easy Learning Mandarin Chinese Characters by Collins Dictionaries)

Cstan98 Language - Native French <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native German <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Hindi <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Japanese <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Malay <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Russian <not able>

Cstan98 Language - Native Spanish <not able>

Cstan98 Science - Biology (Textbook: Biology by Neil A Campbell)

Cstan98 Science - Chemistry (Textbook: Chemistry by Steven Zumdahl)

Cstan98 Science - Geography (Textbook: Geography by David Waugh)

Cstan98 Science - History (Textbook: Brief History Series)

Cstan98 Science - Mathematics (Textbook: Modern Engineering Mathematics by Glyn James)

Cstan98 Science - Physics (Textbook: Practical Physics by G. L. Squires)

**Cstan98 Mini-Certification Degree Topics:

Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification - ACCA

Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification - BBA

Cstan98 Education Mini-Certification - CIMA

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Computer Science <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Counselling <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Early Education <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Education <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Engineering <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Laws <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Political Science <not able>

Cstan98 Bachelor Of Sports <not able>

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