Cstan98 Doctor Scientist Cures


Version3 2020.12.01

<*Disclaimer: me Cstan98 tries my best to provide Doctor Scientist Cures medical knowledge bases on best know. Not a trained physician. And am bound to error. Readers please read with discretion. Guided by Zen Spirit & Holy Spirit to give below Doctor Scientist Cures.>

Doctor Scientist Cures

**Cstan98 Boiled Virus Vaccine.

  1. *Boiled Virus Vaccine =

    1 Cup Boiling Water + Patient Virus Saliva + After 10 Minutes + Drink Everyday.

  2. *Flu Cycle =

    Not Bathing & Not Brushing Teeth >> Sore Throat >> Cough >> Flu.

  3. *Mass Vaccine =

    Put Boiled Virus Vaccine Into Public Tap Water + Public Reboiled (just in case).

  4. **Combined Sciences.

    You need to be all-knowing to solve problems (they call it wise).

  5. **Master Mind.

    Game. Know the source codes (reasons) for the event or the experiment.

  6. *Say Why.

    For Cures, when you say Why the Cures. People accept faster when the Why is correct.

  7. **Understand Best Cures Are Natural.

    No need abusive surgery. Just Natural Corrections.

  8. **Understand Sins Are Illness Roots.

    Understand that all sicknesses arise because of a sin cause.

**Cstan98 Why Don't Penis Implant.

  1. Chess Fork = Implant Come Out/Rot P Organ.

    Don't p organ implant. It is chess fork. If you keep knocking your p organ implant. The implant comes out. Damaging p organ. If you don't keep knocking your p organ implant. Get cold p organ. It rots & falls off. Because of no blood enter damaged blood vessels inside p organ.

  2. Chess Fork = Female Unable Pregnant/Retarded Babies.

    Don't p organ implant. It is chess fork. When female has many violent sex with p organ implant. Unable to have babies. Because of scars cuts at vagina walls. Fertilized egg unable to attach to vagina walls. Even if female gets pregnant. It is retarded babies. Because sperms quality are bad. Due to damaged p organ structure.

**Cstan98 Commonsense Cure

  1. Acne Cure1 =

    Stop Masturbation & Pornography (masturbation cause hormone imbalance).

  2. Acne Cure2 =

    Less Meat (meat are toxic) + More Vegetables + Wash Face With Soap 2 Times Daily (wash face morning & night).

  3. Acne Cure3 =

    Less Facial Cleanser (so that you wash sticky facial cleanser away from your face. Best is used Palmolive soap).

  4. Acne Cure4 =

    Use Only 1/100 Inch Of Tube Facial Cleanser (as little facial cleanser as possible).

  5. Acne Cure5 =

    Do Not Use Burning Acne Cream (it burns good skin also).

  6. Acne Cure6 =

    Squeeze Out The Pimples White Heads + Minimum Hard To Not Leave Scars (to stop swelling of pimples).

  7. Acne Inside Ear Cure1 =

    Wash Outside Ears (so ear oils not flow inside ears).

  8. Acne Inside Ear Cure2 =

    Do Not Use Medication Creams Inside Ears (let ear acnes burst & dry themselves).

  9. All Illness Cure =

    Slowly Drink One Cup Of Boiling Water A Day (boiled virus vaccine).

  10. ALS Cure =

    Do Not Diving (excessive divings injure nerves cells).

  11. Alzheimer Cure =

    Keep Brain Mentally Active + Keep Body Physically Active (active body = active mind).

  12. Asthma Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus in lungs).

  13. Asthma Cure2 =

    Breathe Slower & Shallower (Russian technique).

  14. Asthma Cure3 =

    Eat & Drink More Slowly (when you eat & drink fast = fluids & food particles enter your lungs condensing water).

  15. Blindness Cure =

    Confucius 24 Filial Stories. Drink Fresh Deer Milk (must be fresh from mother deer).

  16. Brain Damage Cure =

    Let Patient Sleep Years Comma (natural sleepings cure brain damages).

  17. Baby Crying Cure1 =

    Sometime Due To Mosquito Bites Or Bed Ticks Bites (there is always a reason when baby cries).

  18. Baby Crying Cure2 =

    Sometime Due To Itchy Baby Clothings (baby skin is very sensitive. You need special baby laundry detergent.).

  19. Baby Crying Cure3 =

    Do Not Injury Beat Up Baby (further injuries cause baby to cry even more).

  20. Baby Down Syndrome Cure1 =

    Give Born To Baby Fast Once Water Break (CO2 in baby's brain increase).

  21. Baby Down Syndrome Cure2 =

    Do Not Baby With Old Males Sperms Donor (old males their sperms are defective).

  22. Baby Down Syndrome Cure3 =

    Do Not Baby With Sex Drugs (sex drugged sperms are defective).

  23. Baby Vomit Blood Cure =

    Surgery To Take Out Swallowed Battery (acids from swallowed battery cause vomit blood).

  24. Backache Cure1 =

    Less Sex Ejaculation (out seminal bone fluids).

  25. Backache Cure2 =

    Drink Soya Drinks (add calcium) + Do Not Drink Coke & Caffeine Drinks (caffeine cause calcium depletion).

  26. Backache Cure3 =

    Eat Chocolate & Nuts (yang heaty + calcium) + Eat & Drink Less Yin Cold Foods & Drinks.

  27. Baldness Cure1 =

    Reduce Sexual Ejaculations To The Minimum + Stop Sex Drugs (ejaculations decrease zinc amount).

  28. Baldness Cure2 =

    Be Monogamy Marriage Faithful + Balanced Meals With Nuts (nuts have optimum levels of natural less toxic zinc).

  29. Baldness Cure3 =

    Put Your Own Saliva On Your Bald Head + Rinse (enzymes in saliva digest & stimulate blocked follicles).

  30. Baldness Cure4 =

    Do Not Use Styling Gels (styling gels make hairfalls).

  31. Baldness Cure5 =

    Do Not Hairs Weavings Implants (implants permanent damage hairs follicles and weaved hairs soon turn white dead).

  32. Bathroom Fall Cure1 =

    Spray Wash All Soap Residues After Each Bathing (walls & floors soaps residues cause slippery falls).

  33. Bathroom Fall Cure2 =

    Why Walls Also (because Walls soaps residues come down to the floor).

  34. Bathroom Fall Cure3 =

    Spray Wash All Soap Residues After Each Washing Machine (washing machine soapy water residues cause slippery falls).

  35. Bathroom Fall Cure4 =

    Do Not Bath & Washing Machine At The Same Time (double soapy from bath soap & washing machine soap).

  36. Bigger Breasts Cure1 =

    Less Sexual Fire + More Male Love (love feelings secretes female hormones).

  37. Bigger Breasts Cure 2 =

    Husband Fingering Wife Vagina For 10 Minutes Every Day With Love (love orgasms secretes female hormones).

  38. Bigger P Organ Cure1 =

    No Masturbation + No Pornography + No Adultery + No Polygamy (less sexual fires).

  39. Bird Flu Cure =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + Less Angry (anger lower immune system).

  40. Bite In Tongue Cure1 =

    Eat Slower (especially delicious foods so that won't bite tongue).

  41. Bite In Tongue Cure2 =

    Finger dig & Suck Out Foods Particles From Bite Cut (foods particles stuck at bite of tongue prevent healing).

  42. Blemishes Cure1 =

    Do Not Use Hair Shampoo To Wash Face & Body (hair shampoo seem to cause blemishes).

  43. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loudly (clear mucus in lungs).

  44. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure2 =

    Blow Each Nostril By Covering The Other Nostril, Then Both Nostrils.

  45. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure3 =

    Then Sleep With Back High On Pillow + Breathe Out Through Mouth.

  46. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure4 =

    Use Mouth Suck Blocked Nose Sinus & Fluids From Nose (spit out these saliva).

  47. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure5 =

    Eat Slower (food particles enter nose cause blocked nose sinus).

  48. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure6 =

    No Cold Shower (a few days after cold showers you have blocked nose flu).

  49. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure7 =

    Work Stand Up Sit Down Upright Daytime (mucus do not enter into lungs).

  50. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure8 =

    Brush Teeth Or Rinse Mouth & Blow Nostril Immediately After Foods (foods particles not enter nose).

  51. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure9 =

    Need To Wash Teeth Before You Sleep (food particles from teeth go up to the nose).

  52. Blocked Nose (Sinus) Cure10 =

    Eat One Food Mouthful + Swallow + Then Another Mouthful (eat too fast, foods particles go to nose).

  53. Blood Cancer Cure1 =

    Do Not Take Chive, Garlic, Leek, Onion, & Shallot (especially low meat eaters).

  54. Blood Cancer Cure2 =

    Fruit Juices Fasting (only fruit juices diet).

  55. Blood Cancer Cure3 =

    No Sex With Animal (animal blood cells enter human body causing white blood cells to attack own red blood cells).

  56. Blood Cancer Cure4 =

    No Child-Adult Sex (foreign blood cells enter human body causing white blood cells to attack own red blood cells).

  57. Blood Cancer Cure5 =

    No Big Organ Sex (foreign blood cells enter human body causing white blood cells to attack own red blood cells).

  58. Blood Cancer Cure6 =

    No Foreign Blood Cells (foreign blood cells enter human body causing white blood cells to attack own red blood cells).

  59. Blood In Shit Cure =

    Do Not Eat Hard Objects Like Bones (the hard objects become shits cutting your rectum).

  60. Body Rashes Cure1 =

    Wash Away Semen & Urine From Body With Many Soap Many Times.

  61. Body Rashes Cure2 =

    Change To New Clothings Daily (semen & urine in clothes cause rashes).

  62. Body Rashes Cure3 =

    Change Drying Towel Weekly (semen & urine in towels cause rashes).

  63. Bone Ache Cure1 =

    Drink Solution (10 Thin Slices Of Ginger + In 1 Cup Boiling Water + After Cooling Take Out Ginger + Add Honey).

  64. Bone Calcium Loss Cure =

    Exercises (reduce bone calcium loss).

  65. Bone Degeneration Cure1 =

    Less Meat Balanced Diet (blood correct acidity for calcium absorption).

  66. Bone Degeneration Cure2 =

    Correct Sunlight Exposure (for natural vitamin D).

  67. Bone Marrow Cancer Cure =

    Do Not Blood Transfusions Too Much (bone marrow confused what cells to produce).

  68. Born Blind Cure =

    Pregnant Mother Do Not Masturbation Intense Orgasms (always masturbation intense orgasms blind the baby).

  69. Breasts (Female) Cancer Cure1 =

    No Abortion + No Miscarriage (sudden stop in breasts milk cells creations cause breasts cancer).

  70. Breasts (Female) Cancer Cure2 =

    No Animal HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) (meat animal hormone causes cancer).

  71. Breasts Pains Cure =

    Do Not Take Excess Sugars (excessive sugars go to breasts & become acids).

  72. Cancer Cure1 =

    0% Meat + More Virtues (meat intake mutate cells DNA).

  73. Cancer Cure2 =

    Less Artificial Sugar + Less Sugar + Take Instead Honey (sugar is cancer-feeder).

  74. Cancer Cure3 =

    No White Salt + Take Instead Sea Salt (normal salt white agent is toxins).

  75. Cancer Cure4 =

    No Milk + Take Instead Soya Drink (milk mucus is cancer-feeder).

  76. Cancer Cure5 =

    No Meat (meat diet create acidic environment for cancer).

  77. Cancer Cure6 =

    Less Meat (meat diet create unkillable tough cancer cell walls).

  78. Cancer Cure7 =

    More Fresh Vegetables + Fruits + Nuts + Seeds + Whole Grains (create alkaline environment for anti-cancer).

  79. Cancer Cure8 =

    Fresh Vegetables Juices (provide live enzymes for cellular level).

  80. Cancer Cure9 =

    Green Tea + No Coffee (green tea is anti-cancer, while coffee caffeine is toxins).

  81. Cancer Cure10 =

    Purified Water + No Distilled Water (purified water is anti-cancer, while distilled water is alkaline bad for cancer).

  82. Cancer Cure11 =

    No Vitamin Supplement (don't know what are inside vitamin supplements).

  83. Cancer Cure12 =

    No Animal Hormone (animal hormones like HRT & insulin cause cancer. We need plant based hormones).

  84. Cancer Cure13 =

    Less Anger + More Forgiving (anger builds pro-cancer alkaline environment).

  85. Cancer Cure14 =

    Exercises + More Water (fresh air & water intakes destroy cancer cells).

  86. Cancer Cure15 =

    Japanese Cure. Fresh Potato Juices (can cure many illnesses).

  87. Cancer Cure16 =

    (wash 3 potato. Cut away the poisonous potato eyes. Grind juice from small potato cuts).

  88. Cancer Cure17 =

    No Animal-Based Sex Drugs (most potent animal-based sex drugs cause cancer in the long run).

  89. Cancer Cure18 =

    Above Steps Reduce Cancer Cells Radar Signature + Lower Chances Of Cancer Relapses.

  90. Cervix (Female) Cancer Cure =

    Smaller P Organ Less Violent Sex (stop hitting the cervix).

  91. Chest Red Spots Cure1 =

    Your Vegetarian Diet Still Contain Bit Of Impure Meat (your body telling something).

  92. Chest Red Spots Cure2 =

    Wash Chest With Soap Many Times & Rinse Many Times After Soap + Repeat (to get rid of sweat particles).

  93. Chest Red Spots Cure3 =

    Bath Daily (to clean wash body daily).

  94. Clear Complexion Cure =

    Drink 1 Lemon Piece Juice With Water Daily (fruits acids daily intake).

  95. Clogged Arteries Cure1 =

    Islamic Cure. Apple Vinegar + Garlic Juice + Ginger Juice + Lemon Juice (1 cup each, drink mixture daily for 1 month).

  96. Clogged Arteries Cure2 =

    (ginger + garlic = grind & boil & filter to get juice).

  97. Colon Cancer Cure1 =

    Detox The Colon First Before Medication (clean toxins inside colon).

  98. Colon Cancer Cure2 =

    Fasting With Drinking Lots Of Water (clean toxins inside colon).

  99. Constipation Cure1 =

    Less Meat + More Vegetables & Water (meat only diet causes constipation).

  100. Constipation Cure2 =

    Lemon Slices Into Honey Inside Glass Bottle In Refrigerator + Use Some Solutions Each Day Mix Drinks (confirmed shits).

  101. Cough Cure1 =

    Drink Pineapple Juice Without Ice (pineapple juice seems to get rid of cough).

  102. Cough Cure2 =

    Drink Hot Boiled Tap Water (contain cough boiled virus vaccine as cough virus is boiled with hot tap water).

  103. Cough Cure3 =

    Do Not Take Ice Cold Drinks + Do Not Cold Air-con (coldness worsen cough).

  104. Cough Cure4 =

    Cough Out Saliva Virus On Tissue + Sneeze Out Nose Fluids On Tissue (virus need to leave body).

  105. Cough Cure5 =

    Bath Daily (Flu Cycle = do not bath & brush teeth >> sore throat >> cough >> flu).

  106. Cut In Tongue Cure1 =

    Wet That Spot With Saliva (Saliva Make The Cut Spot Heal Faster).

  107. Cut In Tongue Cure2 =

    Close Teeth Together Nicely In Sleep (So Not Make Further Cuts In Sleep).

  108. Cut In Tongue Cure3 =

    Use Finger Wash The Cut Out Of Food Particles (it is the food particles which prevent healing).

  109. Deficiency Sickness Cure1 =

    Do Not Depend On Supplements (Need Real Carbohydrates, Fats, Minerals, Proteins,& Vitamins).

  110. Deficiency Sickness Cure2 =

    If Vegetarian. Take Eggs & Soy Proteins.

  111. Deficiency Sickness Cure3 =

    Well Balanced Diet Including 20% Eggs, 80% Fruits & Vegetables + Cooking Oils + Salt.

  112. Deformed Limbs Cure1 =

    Baby In The Womb Should Not Masturbation (loss of seminal fluids retard baby development).

  113. Deformed Limbs Cure2 =

    Childhood Should Not Mastrubation (loss of seminal fluids retard child development).

  114. Deformed Limbs Cure3 =

    Mother Should Keep Baby In The Womb Occupied By Talking To Them (baby hears what mother says. They are one).

  115. Deformed Limbs Cure4 =

    Mother Should Abstain From Sex With Husband During Pregnancy (so that baby has less sex drive hormones).

  116. Deformed Limbs Cure5 =

    Mother Should Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy (so that baby & mother have less sex drive hormones).

  117. Dementia Cure1 =

    Totally No All Medications (some medicines cause dementia. Forgetting is worse than dying).

  118. Dementia Cure2 =

    Drink Very Cold Ice Water + Eat Good Foods (Ice = harvest sharp mind waters. Good Foods = mean drugs free).

  119. Dementia Cure3 =

    Need To Throw Away All Satanic Items Of Patient (satanic items drain memory cultivation).

  120. Dementia Cure4 =

    If The Satanic Item Goes To The Museum, The Museum Become Cursed Also (it is better you destroy all satanic items).

  121. Dementia Cure5 =

    Personal Administer Use All Money Of Patient As JESUS CHRIST Money (the patient owns satanic money draining memory cultivation).

  122. Dementia Cure6 =

    Delete & Close All Email Accounts Of Patient (the patient has satanic emails that drain memory cultivation).

  123. Dementia Cure7 =

    Delete & Close Facebook Friends & Groups (the patient has satanic Facebook friends that drain memory cultivation).

  124. Dementia Cure8 =

    Delete All Files From Computers (the patient has satanic computer files that drain memory cultivation).

  125. Dementia Cure9 =

    Do Not Eat Drink Not Touch Not Breathe Pesticide & Rubbish (bad chemicals deformed bones).

  126. Dementia Cure10 =

    Purpose In Life For Old Age + Things To Do (need things to occupy the mind).

  127. Dementia Cure11 =

    Apple Numbers Masturbation & Pornography Monitor Spreadsheet (learn how to monitor own m&p relapses).

  128. Dementia Cure12 =

    Apple Numbers B&W Tithes Spreadsheet (learn how to safeguard own B&W Tithes Money).

  129. Dementia Cure13 =

    Apple Numbers Tithes & Incomes Calculations Spreadsheet (learn how to calculate own tithes & taxes obligations).

  130. Dengue Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate dengue virus).

  131. Dengue Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + 0% Meat (mosquito attract by smell of meat intake in sweat).

  132. Dengue Cure3 =

    Vegetarian After Down With Dengue (this is because the dengue virus multiply slower with less meat in blood).

  133. Depression Cure1 =

    Eat More Food (get more energy) + Sleep More (get more energy).

  134. Depression Cure2 =

    Cut Down Sexual Ejaculations Including Masturbations (cut down loss of energy).

  135. Depression Cure3 =

    Find Friends To Counsel Your Problems & Pray For You (cultivation heart problems need cultivation heart cures).

  136. Diabetes No Blood Clotting Cure =

    More Vegetarian (vegetarians blood clot faster).

  137. Diabetes Cure1 =

    Do Not Drink Or Eat Sweet Taste Things Even They Say They Are Sugar Free.

  138. Diabetes Cure2 =

    Fasting (proof = fasting before blood sugar test lower blood sugars).

  139. Diabetes Cure3 =

    Fasting (no additional blood sugar means your kidney & pancreas insulin can take a break to heal).

  140. Diabetes Cure4 =

    Take Whole Cow Liver From Cows Eating Fresh Grass & Water (heal liver IGF production).

  141. Diabetes Cure5 =

    Do Not Take Too Much Cow Livers (excess liver IGF cause cells cancer tumors).

  142. Diabetes Cure6 =

    Do Not Too Much & Too Little Sugars (too much sugar without insulin cause dizziness).

  143. Diabetes Cure7 =

    Do Not Too Much & Too Little Insulin (overdose of diabetes medicine without foods cause coma).

  144. Diarrhoea Cure1 =

    Shits Out Everything + Take Diarrhea Medicine (must good diarrhea medicine).

  145. Diarrhoea Cure2 =

    Drink One Cup Of Hot Boiling Water Slowly (boiled virus vaccine).

  146. Diarrhoea Cure3 =

    Stop Completely All Medicines & Foods (restart inputs only when diarrhea healed).

  147. Diarrhoea Cure4 =

    No Cold Drinks (cold drinks virus strains are the most deadly).

  148. Diarrhoea Cure5 =

    Eat only Vegetarian Sign Foods (satan the devil dare not put laxative diarrhea medicine into Vegetarian Foods).

  149. Diarrhoea Cure6 =

    Wash & Eat An Solid Apple (bite & throw away the damages sections of apple).

  150. Diarrhoea Cure7 =

    Do Not Eat Or Drink Milk Based Products (milk, vitagen, yogurt cause diarrhea).

  151. Diarrhoea Cure8 =

    Pray To JESUS CHRIST: "In the name of JESUS CHRIST. Please cure my diarrhea. Amen."

  152. Diarrhoea Cure9 =

    Pray To JESUS CHRIST: "In the name of JESUS CHRIST. Please give me a ring of protection. Amen."

  153. Diarrhoea Cure10 =

    Wear Adult Diaper (when going back to work. Just in case you too late shits into your pant or underwear).

  154. Diarrhoea Cure11 =

    Visit Toilet To Shit At Each Stop (before out, start train station, stop train station, work place, drink, meal, ...)

  155. Diarrhoea Cure12 =

    Drink Less Water To Cure Your Colon (drink less water heal your colon to absorb more water).

  156. Diarrhoea Cure13 =

    More than 26 hours of diarrhoea = food poisoning. (Need to take food poisoning medicine dosages.)

  157. Diarrhoea Cure14 =

    If blue/indian people give you that diarrhoea stomach virus. (Don't approach more blue/indian people for more drinks/foods/medicine.)

  158. Dirty Female & Male Cure1 =

    Playing Dirty Female Vagina & Male P Organ Cause Impotence.

  159. Dirty Female & Male Cure2 =

    3 Months To 3 Years Faithful Monogamy Marriage Sex (know initial ping-pong effects).

  160. Dirty Female & Male Cure3 =

    Clean Shower + Clean Water + Detox + Vegetarian (daily).

  161. Dirty Female & Male Cure4 =

    Do Not Polygamy (if you unable to satisfy all your wives, they dirty their vagina)..

  162. Dirty Female & Male Cure5 =

    Do Not Animal Products Sex Drug (meat particles semen dirty vagina).

  163. Double Sex Organs Baby Cure =

    Close Cousins Do Not Have Sex (incest baby genes cause baby double sex organs).

  164. Drugs Abuse Cure =

    1 Month In Prison Rehab (need to be in compulsory lock-up to quit drugs withdrawals).

  165. E. Coli Cure =

    Do Not Put Animals Gene To Improve Vegetables DNA (e. coli go eat & contaminate the parts of the animal plants).

  166. Ear Have Insect Cure =

    Use Wet Towel Close Ear (hopefully the insect fly out stick to wet towel).

  167. Ear Have Water Cure =

    Lie In Bed Head Towards Affected Ear Until All Water Come Out (longer wait time means longer time for water to leave).

  168. Ear Hole Infection Cure =

    No Water Into Ear Hole (wet ears holes cause ears infection).

  169. Ebola Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate ebola virus).

  170. Ebola Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + No Animals Sex (new Ebola virus variants enter human population).

  171. Enlarged Lymph Nodes Cure =

    Stop Eating Plastic (plastic materials input cause enlarged lymph nodes).

  172. Eternal Life Cure1 =

    0% Impurities Icing Pure Water + Vegetarian Diet (just do not get kill-in-action).

  173. Eternal Life Cure2 =

    Spread JESUS CHRIST Gospel (those who spread the gospel all look very young).

  174. Eyebrow Cure1 =

    Do Not Pluck Eyebrow (plucking eyebrow make problems worse).

  175. Eyebrow Cure2 =

    Sometimes Dry Finger Line + Sometimes Wet Finger Line (get the effects).

  176. Eyes Cataract Cure1 =

    No High Cholesterol (cholesterol deposits on eyes cause eyes cataract).

  177. Eyes Cataract Cure2 =

    No Heavy Smoking (smoking deposits on eyes cause eyes cataract).

  178. Fat Cure1 =

    Cstan98 Base On Workload Diet. Basically outputs = inputs. And inputs = outputs. In order no weight gains.

  179. Fat Cure2 =

    Less Drink + Less Food (more drink make the intestines expand fat to want more foods).

  180. Fat Cure3 =

    Less Artificial Sugars Diet Drinks (artificial sugars cause secretion of insulin which make you hungrier).

  181. Female More Beautiful Cure =

    More Love By Husband (you get more beautiful in love).

  182. Female More Sexy Cure =

    More Sex By Capable Husband (you need a very capable loving husband for love orgasms hormones).

  183. Fever Cure1 =

    Need Cold Water Head As Soon As Many As Possible (or else brain damages).

  184. Fever Cure2 =

    Then See Cure Flu (flu is better than brain damages).

  185. Fits Cure1 =

    Do Not Damage Brain (hits on brain damage brain tissues causing fits).

  186. Fits Cure2 =

    Do Not Brain Surgery (brain surgery damage brain tissues further causing more fits).

  187. Fleshing Eat Virus Cure1 =

    Do Not Eat Raw Animals/Human Meat (raw meat flesh eating virus enter body).

  188. Fleshing Eat Virus Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + No Meat (raw meat flesh eating virus mulitiply in meats eating body environment).

  189. Flu & Cold Cure1 =

    Bath Head & Body With Cold Water To Cure Fever (then cure flu & cold. Flu better than brain damage).

  190. Flu & Cold Cure2 =

    Cough Out Saliva Virus On Tissue + Sneeze Out Nose Fluids On Tissue (virus need to leave body).

  191. Flu & Cold Cure3 =

    Cough Out Sore Throat Foods Particles On Tissue Every Time You Eat (to cure sore throat).

  192. Flu & Cold Cure4 =

    Drink Cup Of Boiling Water Slowly (boiled virus vaccine).

  193. Flu & Cold Cure5 =

    Must Bathe With Soap (no bathing with soap = flu virus enter skin).

  194. Flu & Cold Cure6 =

    Must Brush Teeth Twice Daily (no brushing teeth = flu virus enter sore throat).

  195. Flu & Cold Cure6 =

    May Need Bath & Change Clothings Many Times (when body is sweating out viruses).

  196. Flu & Cold Cure7 =

    Do Not Cover With Blanket (become blocked nose trapping in more viruses).

  197. Flu & Cold Cure8 =

    Do Not Cover With Mask (virus need to leave body to be less infectious).

  198. Flu & Cold Cure9 =

    Drink Many Fruits & Vegetables Juices (need especially many Vitamin C).

  199. Gall Bladder Stones Cure1 =

    Drink At Least 2 Cups Of Apple Juice Daily (fresh/packaged apple juices seem to soften gall stones).

  200. Gall Bladder Stones Cure2 =

    Eat Salty Enough Diet Daily (high salt contents in digestions seem to open bile duct bigger for gall stones to come out).

  201. Gall Bladder Stones Cure3 =

    Sleep Lie On The Right (gall stones gravity force out of gall bladder bile duct).

  202. Gastric Cure1 =

    Drink Milk Or Eat Biscuit Or Bread Before Gastric Pains (alkaline neutralize gastric acids).

  203. Gastric Cure2 =

    Swallow Saliva (saliva is alkaline, gastric juices are acidic).

  204. Gay Orientation Cure =

    Heterosexual Sex Orgasm Conditioning (when you orgasm, you like what you see).

  205. Genetic Mutation Cure =

    Sins Deteriorate Genes + Virtues Improve Genes(GOD Laws exist).

  206. Good Life Cure =

    Sinless Lifestyle + Virtue Religion (GOD bless you).

  207. Gum Infection Cure1 =

    Must Brush Teeth Day & Night (no teeth brushing let virus build up in gums).

  208. Gum Infection Cure2 =

    Do Not Teeth Brushings Too Hard (use tiny bristles soft toothbrush).

  209. Gum Infection Cure3 =

    Use Correct Teeth Brushings Method (correct teeth brushings do not injure gums).

  210. Hair Loss From Coffee & Bread Dieting Cure =

    Less Stress + Include Delicious Foods Like Eggs In Diet.

  211. Hairfall Cure1 =

    Less Sex Ejaculations (many sex ejaculations cause hairfall baldness).

  212. Hairfall Cure2 =

    Use Oil Control Shampoo To Wash Away Hair Oils (hair oils block hairs follicles causing hairfall).

  213. Hairfall Cure3 =

    Wash Oily Hair Daily (to reduce hair oils which cause hairfall).

  214. Hairfall Cure4 =

    Short Hair (less hair breakages).

  215. Hairfall Cure5 =

    Rinse Clean All Shampoo Completely (shampoo residue damage hair scalp causing hairfall).

  216. Hairfall Cure6 =

    Use Less Shampoo (as shampoo residue cause hairfall).

  217. Hairfall Cure7 =

    Use Tiny Little Bit Of Hair Styling Gel Not Touching Hair Scalp (lessen hairfall).

  218. Hand Foot Mouth Disease Cure1 =

    Clean Child Care Centre Of Children Shits & Urine (dirty excreted chemicals cause infections).

  219. Hand Foot Mouth Disease Cure2 =

    Teach Children To Shit & Urine In The Toilet In Child Care Centre (so no shits & urine in child care).

  220. Hardened Spike Hair Cure =

    After Wash Hair + Put Olive Oil On Hair + Cover Towel For 10 Minutes (to soften) + Wash Away Olive Oil Completely.

  221. Have Many Daughters Cure =

    Learn To Play Your Female Wife Well (know how to play your Wife well give you female daughters).

  222. Have Many Sons Cure1 =

    Do Not Play Too Much Females (playing too much females give you many females daughters for other males to play).

  223. Have Many Sons Cure2 =

    Monogamy Marriage (single Wife monogamy Marriage gives good Sons).

  224. Headache Cure1 =

    Lower Blood Pressure + No Night Wet Head (head blood vessels burst).

  225. Headache Cure2 =

    No High Cholesterol Foods (headache means a stroke is coming for high blood pressure persons).

  226. Headache Cure3 =

    No Tap Water From Tap (tap water contains chemicals which give headache).

  227. Headache Cure4 =

    Eat Panadol Medicine (dilate head blood vessels to prevent stroke in head & cure headaches).

  228. Headache Cure5 =

    Sleep More (not enough sleep cause headaches).

  229. Headache Cure6 =

    Eat One Celery Stick Daily (celery lower your blood pressure giving you less headache).

  230. Headache Cure7 =

    Less Angry (frequent anger increase your high blood pressure).

  231. Heart Attack Cure1 =

    Less Sex Drugs (more & more sex drugs cause heart attacks).

  232. Heart Attack Cure2 =

    Low Oils Diet (oils fats clogged the arteries & heart valves).

  233. Heart Attack Cure3 =

    Some Body & Hand Posture Press Hard On The Heart (do not press on heart that give heart attacks).

  234. Heart Attack Cure4 =

    Do Not Some Hand Posture (like hand washing asshole) & Some Body Posture (like front body chest pressing bed).

  235. Heart Attack Cure5 =

    Need To Take Heart Attack Medicine Also During Heart Attack (especially you have a history).

  236. Heart Attack Cure6 =

    Do Not Take Oils Supplements Lile Fish Omega Oils (careful of fatty supplements).

  237. Heart Valve Problem Cure =

    Not Drink Too Much Calcium Overdose (calcium deposits in heart valves).

  238. Height Cure =

    When Teenager Swim A Lots (exercises during teenage makes the adult tall).

  239. Hiccup Cure =

    Drink Water + Hold Breath For 20 Seconds (repeat until cure).

  240. High Blood Pressure Cure1 =

    Less Eggs + Less Meat + Less Seafood + More Hunger + More Tea (decrease blood glucose).

  241. High Blood Pressure Cure2 =

    Vegetarian Diet With Eggs (vegetarian diet low cholesterol can take eggs).

  242. High Blood Pressure Cure3 =

    Eat One Celery Stick Daily (celery lowers blood pressure).

  243. High Blood Pressure Cure4 =

    Drink Green Tea (tea lower blood pressure).

  244. High Blood Pressure Cure5 =

    Less Angry (angers increase high blood pressure).

  245. High Blood Pressure Cure6 =

    Fasting (proof = fasting before blood pressure test lower blood pressure).

  246. High Blood Pressure Cure7 =

    Take New Medicine First Before Taking Old Medicine (old expired high blood pressure medicines are not effective).

  247. High Blood Pressure Cure8 =

    Do Not Take Evaporated Or Skimmed Milk (they are concentrated cholesterol).

  248. High Blood Sugar Cure1 =

    Drink Green Tea Instead Of Sweet Or Diet Drinks (tea lower blood sugars).

  249. High Blood Sugar Cure2 =

    Take New Medicine First Before Taking Old Medicine (old expired high blood sugar medicines are not effective).

  250. High Blood Sugar Cure3 =

    Do Not Take Evaporated Or Skimmed Milk (they are concentrated sugars).

  251. High Cholesterol Cure1 =

    If You Eat Many Eggs Then Tightness In Your Head (likely a stroke in head coming. Stop eggs).

  252. High Cholesterol Cure2 =

    Less Meat + More Rice & Vegetables Diet (meat is the cause of high cholesterol).

  253. High Cholesterol Cure3 =

    Drink Green Tea (tea lower cholesterol).

  254. High Cholesterol Cure4 =

    Eat One Celery Stick Daily (to lower high cholesterol).

  255. High Cholesterol Cure5 =

    Fasting (proof = fasting before cholesterol test lower cholesterol).

  256. High Cholesterol Cure6 =

    Take New Medicine First Before Taking Old Medicine (old expired high cholesterol medicines are not effective).

  257. High Cholesterol Cure7 =

    Do Not Take Evaporated Or Skimmed Milk (they are concentrated cholesterol).

  258. High Fever Cure =

    Bath Body & Head With Very Cold Water (cure Flu & Cold later. Better than low IQ brain damage by high fever).

  259. High IQ Cure =

    When 3 Years Old Younger, Pray To GOD For Wisdom (child high pure heart level wishes prayer come true).

  260. High Triglyceride (Oil In Blood) Cure1 =

    Stop Oil Supplements Like Primrose (primrose = a vegetarian oil supplement).

  261. HIV Cure1 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + Less Adultery (new adultery increase new HIV variants) + No Gay Sex (HIV enter cuts).

  262. HIV Cure2 =

    Totally No Adultery (high sex drive desires fires mutates HIV virus).

  263. Hunch Back Cure =

    Look Up to See Eye Contact (looking eye contact lift up your head).

  264. Hunch Back Pains Cure1 =

    Your Legs, Back & HandsUp Straight To The Wall (Back Facing Wall) In A Straight Line +.

  265. Hunch Back Pains Cure2 =

    Your Fingers Hand From The Wall Touch Your Toes +.

  266. Hunch Back Pains Cure3 =

    Your Fingers Hand From The Toe Go Up Back Touch The Wall Again +.

  267. Hunch Back Pains Cure4 =

    Repeat 10 Times (this straighten your back. *may dislocate shoulder if last time dislocated).

  268. Hyperactive Child Cure =

    No Sweet Things Including Carbonated Drinks (sugars = hyperactive).

  269. Impotence Cure1 =

    Totally No Masturbation & Pornography (masturbation cause damage to p organ blood vessels).

  270. Impotence Cure2 =

    Totally No Sex Drug (sex drugs cause damage to p organ blood vessels).

  271. Impotence Cure3 =

    Totally No Oral Sex (oral sex cause impotence).

  272. Impotence Cure4 =

    Many Eggs (chicken eggs stem cells to repair damaged p organ blood vessels).

  273. Impotence Cure5 =

    (if headache stroke or horny to do masturbation then stop eggs intake).

  274. Impotence Cure7 =

    No Adultery + Faithful Monogamy Marriage Sex (GOD adultery punishments are impotence & small p organ).

  275. Impotence Cure8 =

    Do Not Take Tea If Married (tea destroy sex drive hormones).

  276. Itch Between Groin & Leg Cure =

    Wash With Soap At Itchy Area, Dry With Tissues Papers + Repeat Until Not Itchy.

  277. Kidney Failure Cure1 =

    After Kidney Transplant, 3 Months No Sex.

  278. Kidney Failure Cure2 =

    Vegetarian (meat are poisons, taxing the kidneys).

  279. Kidney Failure Cure3 =

    Non-Sugar Green Tea (tea reduce blood sugars, resting the kidneys).

  280. Kidney Failure Cure4 =

    Monogamy Marriage (polygamy ejaculations are taxing to the kidneys).

  281. Kidney Failure Cure5 =

    Virtues (virtues give long lifespan).

  282. Kidney Failure Cure6 =

    No Sex Drug (sex drugs are very taxing to the kidneys).

  283. Kidney Failure Cure7 =

    Fasting No Food No Water (no intake help insulin making cells to recuperate).

  284. Kidney Failure Cure8 =

    During Fasting If Stomach Gastric Sip Some Water (some water dilute the gastric juices).

  285. Kidney Failure Cure9 =

    Drink Lots Of Water Daily Before Kidney Failure (many water dilute the blood making the kidney work less harder).

  286. Kidney Failure Cure10 =

    No Over/underdose High Blood Sugar Medicine Before Blood Tests (need accurate blood tests results).

  287. Kidney Failure Cure11 =

    Good Water Input (best is many Ice Non-Drugged Water).

  288. Kidney Failure Cure12 =

    Good Urine Output (if you don't urine, toxins build up in the kidneys).

  289. Killer Flu Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate killer flu virus).

  290. Killer Flu Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + Less Cold (drink more hot drinks + warm clothings).

  291. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure1 =

    Stop Taking Vitamins Supplements (weak kidneys unable to digest the supplements, ureas produced).

  292. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure2 =

    Balanced Diet To Replace Vitamins Supplements (more natural minerals & vitamins dosages).

  293. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure3 =

    Lose Weight (when you are fat, your body weight press down on your kneecap).

  294. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure4 =

    Use A Knee Guard When Walking (you need to measure your knee size to buy the correct size kneecap guard).

  295. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure5 =

    Apply Anti-Inflammatory Gel On Painful Kneecap (the gel take away the uric acids crystals deposits).

  296. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure6 =

    Crouch Bend Painful Knee + Rub Anti-Inflammatory Gel On Painful Area (disperse the pains).

  297. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure7 =

    No Glucosamine Supplements (they are like excess vitamins supplements.).

  298. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure8 =

    No Glucosamine Supplements (replace glucosamine supplements with soy drinks calcium).

  299. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure9 =

    (glucosamine supplements cure kneecap pains at first. After that make kneecap pains worse).

  300. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure10 =

    Less Meat & Less Eggs (less proteins ureas deposits on kneecaps).

  301. Kneecap Pre-Gout Pains Cure11 =

    Keep Bending Knee (to loosen stiff joints for lesser pains).

  302. Leg Cramp In Bed Cure1 =

    Press Bended Stand Half Leg While Sleeping On Bed (less serious legs cramps).

  303. Leg Cramp In Bed Cure2 =

    Come Down From Bed Stand Both Legs On Ground (more serious legs cramps).

  304. Leprosy Cure =

    Put Sulphur On Affected Skins (a treatment found by French Regiment Soldier).

  305. Liver Cancer Cure1 =

    Eat Whole Cow Liver From Free Cows Eating Fresh Green Grass & Fresh Water (to repair the damaged liver).

  306. Liver Cancer Cure2 =

    Why Free Cows, Fresh Grass & Fresh Water (so that the cow liver cells are functional & potent).

  307. Liver Cancer Cure3 =

    No Toxin In Foods & Drinks For Liver To Rest (alcohols & meat contain toxins).

  308. Liver Cancer Cure4 =

    Do Not Needle Take Sample From Liver (this damage liver further complications).

  309. Liver Failure Cure =

    No Over/underdose High Cholesterol Medicine Before Blood Tests (need accurate blood tests results).

  310. Long Term Flu Cure1 =

    Bath Daily With New Clothes (no reabsorption back of flu virus from sweat).

  311. Long Term Flu Cure2 =

    Do Not Lie Down All The Time (when lie down mucus go into lungs).

  312. Long Term Flu Cure3 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loudly (to clear mucus in lungs).

  313. Long Term Flu Cure4 =

    Must Eat Balanced Meals (you need foods to increase your immune system).

  314. Long Term Flu Cure5 =

    Wash Hands After Toilet (to prevent flu virus enter through eyes, nose & mouth).

  315. Low Blood Count Cure =

    See Blood Cancer Cure (low blood count is because white blood cells kill many foreign red blood cells).

  316. Low Potassium Cure =

    No Over/underdose High Blood Medicine Before Blood Tests (need accurate blood tests results).

  317. Low Sodium Cure =

    No Over/underdose High Blood Medicine Before Blood Tests (need accurate blood tests results).

  318. Lower Sexual Desire Cure =

    Drink Green Tea (tea make you more straight).

  319. Lung Cancer Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus in lungs).

  320. Lung Cancer Cure2 =

    No Inhale Of Poisonous Gases + No Smoking + Vegetarian.

  321. Mad Cow Disease Cure =

    Do Not Feed Cow With Meat (vegetarian cows go mad when they eat meat).

  322. Malaria Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate malaria virus).

  323. Malaria Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + 0% Meat (mosquito attract by smell of meat intake in sweat).

  324. Malaria Cure3 =

    Vegetarian After Down With Malaria (this is because the malaria virus multiply slower with less meat in blood).

  325. Medication Sleepiness Cure =

    Take Ice Black Coffee (only to counter at sleepiness).

  326. Menopause Dryness Cure =

    Before Sex. Ask Your Wife Rinse Bath Vagina With Soap (become moist wet).

  327. Menstruation Too Much Cure =

    No Pineapple (eating pineapple causes menstruation blood too much).

  328. Mental Illness Cure1 =

    No Masturbation (artificial orgasms seem to cause mental illness).

  329. Mental Illness Cure2 =

    Not Too Little Not Too Much Mental Medicines (under & over dose of mental medicines both cause relapses).

  330. Mental Illness Cure3 =

    When Totally No More Masturbation, Slowly Step-By-Step Cut Down Mental Medicine Dosage.

  331. Mental Illness Cure4 =

    No Teleport Tic-For-Tac Drains Of Brain Bloods (loss of brain bloods cause mental illness).

  332. MERS Cure1 =

    No Adultery (sex adultery mutate MERS virus).

  333. MERS Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + No Camel Products In Foods (no camel milk, camel product sex drugs, ...)

  334. MERS Cure3 =

    Ban All Camel Foods & Drinks Products (camel products have been put into common foods & drinks sources).

  335. MERS Cure4 =

    Use Dry Tissues Don't Use Wet Tissue (wet tissues contain viruses).

  336. Mouth Ulcers Cure1 =

    No Leftover Foods Materials Contact In Mouth (leftover food contacts create ulcers).

  337. Mouth Ulcers Cure2 =

    Finger Or Suck Food Particles Away From Ulcers (foods particles prevent healing).

  338. No Morning Erection Cure =

    No Masturbation & No Pornography (more energetic).

  339. No Mole Cure =

    Do Not Have Leftover Foods (Like Rice) After Meals (it works).

  340. No Pregnant Cure =

    After Sex On Ovulation Day 90 Degree Upside Down For 45 Minutes (husband semen flow down into the ovaries).

  341. Nose Bleed Cure1 =

    Put A Cold Towel On Forehead (cool down blood pressure).

  342. Nose Bleed Cure2 =

    Lie Down With Chin Higher Than Nose (this stop blood flow).

  343. Nose Bleed Cure3 =

    Lower High Blood Pressure & Bathe Daily (not bathing causes dirt on skin raising body heatiness causing nose bleed).

  344. Nose Bleed Cure4 =

    Less Late Nights (late nights seems to cause the blood to go to the head).

  345. Nose Cancer Cure1 =

    Eat Slowly (so foods do not enter nose cavity).

  346. Nose Cancer Cure2 =

    Blow Out Nostril Jammed Foods By Covering The Other Nostril With Fingers.

  347. Nose Cancer Cure3 =

    Blow Out Nostril Jammed Foods Immediately (longer it becomes hardened & stuck).

  348. OCD (Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder) Cure1 =

    Increase Self-esteem (low self-esteem trigger to clean all the time).

  349. OCD (Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder) Cure2 =

    Quit Masturbation & Pornography (many cases of quitting masturbation, their OCD is gone).

  350. OCD (Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder) Cure3 =

    Stop Sexual Sins + Deliverance Confessing Of Sexual Sins (body less dirty, need not clean body).

  351. OCD (Obsessive Cleanliness Disorder) Cure4 =

    (sexual sins include child sex, oral sex, sex with animals, with multiple partners, ...).

  352. Oily Hair Scalp Hairfall Cure1 =

    Wash Hair Daily With Oil Control Shampoo (shampoo to get rid of hairs oils).

  353. Oily Hair Scalp Hairfall Cure2 =

    Rinse Away Shampoo Longer Time (residue shampoo cause hairfall).

  354. Oral Mouth Cancer Cure =

    No Oral P Organ Sex (big p organ hitting the mouth & tongue cause cancer).

  355. Oesophagus Cancer1 =

    Leftose Medicine On Fasting (leftose medicine remove inflammation of the walls of oesophagus sticking together).

  356. Oesophagus Cancer2 =

    No Milk & No Sweet Drinks (milk & sweet drinks create mucus sticking oesophagus walls together).

  357. Oesophagus Cancer3 =

    Glucose Solution Dripping (until do not feel pains in oesophagus when drinking water).

  358. Ovaries (Female) Cancer1 =

    Do Not Remove Ovaries + Remain Faithful Monogamy Marriage (marriage sex to reduce sexual desires).

  359. Ovaries (Female) Cancer2 =

    Both Husband & Wife Take Ovarian Virus Vaccine Medicine (virus ping-pong effects).

  360. Ovaries (Female) Cancer3 =

    If The Husband & Wife Remain Marriage Faithful After Many Years Can Be Cured (body cure itself).

  361. Ovaries (Female) Cancer4 =

    No Animal Hormone HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy they cause cancer).

  362. Ovaries (Female) Cancer5 =

    Less Stress + Think Health Positive (stressful thinkings that upset the hormones production).

  363. Ovaries (Female) Cancer6 =

    No Dirty P Organ + No Dirty Semen (many partners dirty males p organ & semen spread the ovarian virus).

  364. Ovaries (Female) Cancer7 =

    No Artificial Lubricants (some vagina lubricants have chemicals that cause ovarian cancer).

  365. Ovaries (Female) Cancer8 =

    Ovarian Cancer Should Be Treated Like VD (male is infected with ovarian cancer virus also).

  366. Ovaries (Female) Cancer9 =

    No Dirty Female Vibrator (ovarian cancer virus spread to the vibrator).

  367. Ovaries (Female) Cancer10 =

    Wash Vagina Daily Especially Menstruation (menstruation blood infection cause ovarian cancer).

  368. Ovaries (Female) Cancer11 =

    No Dirty Sex Drugs (husband sex drugged semen cause ovarian cancer).

  369. Ovaries (Female) Cancer11 =

    Happily Married More Success (one single premartial re-infected sex means years of abstain go to drain).

  370. Pancreatic Cancer Cure1 =

    Do Not Sex Drugs For Intense Sex (these toxic drugs spoil your pancreas).

  371. Pancreatic Cancer Cure2 =

    Do Not Eat Chive, Garlic, Leek, Onion, & Shallot (especially low-meat vegetarian diet).

  372. Parkinson Cure =

    No Drug Abuse (drug abuses cause permanent brain damage).

  373. Penguin Walk Cure =

    Stop Masturbation (masturbation create injury to nerve at walking joints).

  374. Phlegm Choke Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus in lungs).

  375. Phlegm Choke Cure2 =

    Spit Out All Phlegm Until No Phlegm + Blow Your Nose + Rinse Water Out Mouth Phlegm (especially after taking foods).

  376. Phlegm Choke Cure3 =

    No Blanket (seem with blanket need to go toilet spit out phlegm every 15 minutes).

  377. Phlegm Choke Cure4 =

    Everyday Sit Up & Stand Up Working For 12 Hours (so phlegm go downwards).

  378. Phlegm Choke Cure5 =

    Mix 80% Boiling Tap Water + 20% Cold Tap Water = Drink (best is drink 100% hot boiling water slowly).

  379. Phlegm Choke Cure6 =

    Do Not Take Phlegm Medicine (if suspected sabotage).

  380. Phlegm Choke Cure7 =

    Pray To JESUS CHRIST: "In the name of JESUS CHRIST. Please cure my phlegm in my throat & lung. Amen."

  381. Phlegm Choke Cure8 =

    Pray To JESUS CHRIST: "In the name of JESUS CHRIST. Please give me protection from satanic attacks. Amen."

  382. Phlegm Choke Cure9 =

    After Foods Do Not Lie In Bed Need Brush Teeth (foods particles in nose cause phlegm).

  383. Phlegm Choke Cure10 =

    After Foods Do Not Lie Horizontal (foods particles go down from nose to lungs).

  384. Phlegm Choke Cure11 =

    Stack Up Pillows High To Lie Back (keep your nose up, mucus go down stomach).

  385. Phlegm Choke Cure12 =

    Spit Your Phlegm To A Plastic Bag Near Your Bed (sometimes spitting is your body trying to spit out evil spirits).

  386. Plague Cure1 =

    Cut Both Ends Of Onion Bulb + Put That Onion Bulb In A Dish In Room (the onion bulb absorb plague virus).

  387. Plague Cure2 =

    After 1-7 Days Throw Away That Black Infected Onion Bulb Away + Repeat (do not eat that virus infected onion bulb).

  388. Pneumonia (Water In Lung) Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus in lungs).

  389. Progressive Blindness Cure =

    Do Not Intense Long Masturbation Orgasms (strong masturbation make you blind).

  390. Prostate Cancer Cure1 =

    Stop Sexual Ejaculations (too much sex cause prostate cancer).

  391. Prostate Cancer Cure2 =

    Take Reduce Prostate Gland Medicine (to reduce prostate gland size).

  392. Prostate Cancer Cure3 =

    Do Not Surgery Remove Prostate Gland (removing prostate gland cause permanent impotence).

  393. Prostate Cancer Cure4 =

    Be Monogamy Marriage Faithful + Do Not Polygamy + Do Not Sex Drugs (reduce sex loads).

  394. Prostate Cancer Cure5 =

    Use Plant-Based Insulin Injection (animal hormone replacement causes cancer).

  395. Radioactive Nuclear Fallout Cure =

    At Least 3 Years Vegetarian Diet (Vegetarian diet builds radioactive resistance).

  396. Rashes Cure1 =

    Always Wash Hands With Soap After Urine & Shitting Or Else Touch Body Become Rashes.

  397. Rashes Cure2 =

    Always Wash Hands With Soap After Washing Asshole Or Else Touch Body Become Rashes.

  398. Rashes Cure3 =

    Clean Bedding Sheets + Clean Dry Clothings.

  399. Rashes Cure4 =

    Clothings Detergent Or Vegetarian Foods May Be Dirty (go directly to sources).

  400. Rashes Cure5-01 =

    Soap Wash With Rinise Each Step (01) Hands + (02) Soap + (03) Hands + (04) Soap (don't ping-pong viruses).

  401. Rashes Cure5-02 =

    Soap Wash With Rinise Each Step (05) Rashes + (06) Soap + (07) Hands (repeat until rashes pains gone).

  402. Rashes Cure5-03 =

    Soap Wash With Rinise Each Step (08) Hands + (09) Soap + (10) Hands + (11) Soap (don't ping-pong viruses).

  403. Rashes Cure5-04 =

    Toilet Paper Dry (12) Rashes + (13) Hands (or else virus spread to towel).

  404. Rashes Cure5-05 =

    Change (14) Clothings (or else old clothings virus go back rashes).

  405. Rectum Blood Cure1 =

    Less Meat Diet + More Water (only meat diet causes very hard shits hard on the rectum).

  406. Rectum Blood Cure2 =

    Porridge (watery foods creates soft shits easy on the rectum).

  407. Rectum Blood Cure3 =

    No Bone Foods Intake (hard bones foods in shits cut the rectum).

  408. Retarded Babies Cure1 =

    Under Gene Therapy Males Do Not Donate Sperms Or Have Babies (manipulated dna are not good dna).

  409. Retarded Babies Cure2 =

    Very Old Males Do Not Donate Sperms Or Have Babies (some evil demons million years old still want babies).

  410. Retarded Babies Cure3 =

    The Babies Are Swapped In Hospital (your healthy Children are living under other p/People).

  411. Retarded Babies Cure4 =

    Incest Marriage (don't know your wives are your daughters or half-sisters because of adultery polygamy system).

  412. Retarded Babies Cure5 =

    Must Born Baby Once Water Breaks (long term delaying medicines cause baby brain damage due to lack of oxygen).

  413. Retarded Babies Cure6 =

    Do Not Polygamy Sex Drugs (many sex drugs ejaculations create retarded sperms).

  414. Rotten Ear Cure1 =

    Use Water To Wash Away Soap Residue In Rotten Ear (it is the soap that makes the ears rot).

  415. Rotten Ear Cure2 =

    Wash Spectacle Handles With Soap & Water (dirty spectacle handles make the ears rot).

  416. Saliva Many Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus in lungs).

  417. Saliva Many Cure2 =

    Urine More (saliva come from urine absorption from urinary bladder).

  418. Schizophrenia Cure1 =

    Stop Masturbation & Pornography (artifical orgasms cause schizophrenia).

  419. Schizophrenia Cure2 =

    Take Table Spoons Grape Juice Wine Same As Mental Medicine To Sleep (do not get too drunk).

  420. Schizophrenia Cure3 =

    Drink Black Coffee In Mornings Get Rid Of Hangover (to stir up your morning days).

  421. Schizophrenia Cure4 =

    High IQ Life (need high IQ Life to prevent masturbation & pornography relapses).

  422. Schizophrenia Cure5 =

    No Too Long Low IQ Sleepings (too many low IQ Life cause masturbation & pornography relapses).

  423. Schizophrenia Cure6 =

    Do Not Tell Lies (so that you have accurate Reports the persons sources of the v/Voices).

  424. Semen Leakage In Urine Cure =

    Stop Completely Heavy Masturbation & Pornography (you need to cure your loose semen gate valve).

  425. Sensitive Teeth Cure =

    Do Not Whiten Teeth (whitening teeth chemicals destroy teeth enamel layer making the teeth sensitive).

  426. Shingle (生蛇)Cure1 =

    Do Not Sex Intercourse When Menstruation (the dirty blood absorb by the p organ cause diseases).

  427. Shingle (生蛇)Cure2 =

    Before Sex. Ask Your Wife Rinse Bath Vagina With Soap (become moist wet).

  428. Shingle (生蛇)Cure3 =

    Green Tea + Vegetarian (dirty meat sweats worsen the Shingle patches).

  429. Shingle (生蛇)Cure4 =

    Do Not Have Sex With Shingle Persons (Shingle is sexually transmitted).

  430. Shoulder Dislocation Cure1 =

    Put Back By Doctor + (Universal Sling + Slant Up Bed + Drink Soya Drink For Calcium) For 3 Weeks.

  431. Shoulder Dislocation Cure2 =

    (No Universal Sling + Slant Up Bed + Drink Soya Drink For Calcium + Do Not Up X Hand) For 3 Years.

  432. Skin Rashes Cure1 =

    Spray Perfume On Clothings Not On Skin (some perfumes give skin rashes).

  433. Skin Rashes Cure2 =

    Use PH 5.5 Shower Foam (balanced ph is better for skin).

  434. Sleep Stop Breathing Cure1 =

    Sing Church Worship Songs Loud (clear mucus blocking lungs tubes).

  435. Sleep Stop Breathing Cure2 =

    Day Time Sit Up & Stand Up Working (clear mucus blocking lungs tubes).

  436. Sleep Stop Breathing Cure3 =

    No Alcohol + No Smoking (alcohol & smoking enlarge the nasal blocking air).

  437. Sleepiness Cure1 =

    Many Outside Ice Water + Less Home Tap Water (clean Ice Water make you more energetic).

  438. Sleepiness Cure2 =

    Less Free Things (demons zap your energies when you use free things).

  439. Sleepiness Cure3 =

    Do Not Keep Old Things Like Whatsapp Posts (demons zap your energies when you keep rubbish).

  440. Small Flesh Cut Cure =

    Cut Must Expose To Air (air is a very good blood clotting chemical).

  441. Small Intestine Pains Cure =

    Take Anti-Inflammatory Medicine Leftose (leftose cure small intestine walls inflammatory).

  442. Small Size Male Cure =

    Eat more + Less Sexual Ejaculation (input more than output).

  443. Smelly Armpits Cure1 =

    Wash Armpits Strongly Daily During Bath With Soap (bacteria buildup produce smell).

  444. Smelly Armpits Cure2 =

    Do Not Powder Armpits & Do Not Spray Armpits (coverage bacteria buildup produce smell).

  445. Smelly Armpits Cure3 =

    Do Not Powder Body & Do Not Soap Body Too Much (body powder & soap layers block pores produce smell).

  446. Smelly Armpits Cure4 =

    Vegetarian No Meat Diet (internal bacteria buildup produce smell).

  447. Smoking Cure =

    Smoke 5 Packs Of Cigarettes (50 Sticks Per Time) In 10 Mins (Taiwan Military punishment style).

  448. Snoring Cure =

    When Sleeping Lie Body At Side (Noise Become Softer).

  449. Sore Throat Cure1 =

    Must Brush Teeth At Night (do not brush teeth at night = sore throat).

  450. Sore Throat Cure2 =

    Must Bathe With Soap (bathing without soap = sore throat virus enter through skin).

  451. Sore Throat Cure3 =

    Cough Out Sore Throat Foods Particles On Tissue Every Time You Eat (to cure sore throat).

  452. Stroke Cure =

    Change Habits Like Drinking, Meat, Sex Drugs, Smoking, ... (if don't change habits may get second stroke).

  453. Superbug (Antibiotics) Cure =

    Stop Taking Antibiotics (build up your immune system to cure sickness without antibiotics help).

  454. Tap Water Virus Cure1 =

    Drink 80% Hot Boiled Tap Water & 20% Cold Unbolied Tap Water Black Coffee Every Morning (boiled virus vaccine).

  455. Tap Water Virus Cure2 =

    Drink Hot Boiling Tap Water Slowly Or Hot Boiling Dispenser Water Slowly (if not enough boiled virus vaccine).

  456. Teeth Whitening Cure =

    White Caramel Toothpaste (add white protection on teeth, not remove colours from teeth).

  457. Throat Cancer Cure1 =

    Do Not Public Speakings Too Much (over-stretch your voice give throat cancer).

  458. Throat Cancer Cure2 =

    Do Not Drink Too High Temperature Drink Like Near Boiling Point Too Fast.

  459. Throat Cancer Cure3 =

    Do Not Have Oral Sex (p organ hitting throat give throat cancer).

  460. Tiredness Cure1 =

    Eat Many Delicious Foods Like Eggs & Meat (delicious foods give high energies).

  461. Tiredness Cure2 =

    Do Not Masturbation & Pornography (too many masturbation ejaculations make less energies).

  462. Toothache Cure1 =

    The Toothbrush Must Be Tiny Bristles & Soft (for better teeth cleanings & lesser gums damage).

  463. Toothache Cure2 =

    Brush Teeth Morning & Night With Good Toothbrush & Toothpaste (that do not give toothache).

  464. Toothache Cure3 =

    If No Toothbrush, Rinse Teeth (water forcing out teeth food after each meal).

  465. Toothache Cure4 =

    See Dentist To Extract The Tooth (last resort).

  466. Trigger Finger Cure1 =

    Do Not Crack Sounds Finger Joints (this cause finger joints damages).

  467. Trigger Finger Cure2 =

    See Cure Grout Cure (may be grout at finger joints).

  468. Trigger Finger Cure3 =

    Apply Anti-Inflammatory Cream At Finger Joints (to reduce swelling).

  469. Tuberculosis (TB) Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate TB virus).

  470. Tuberculosis (TB) Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + Cocktail Medicine Like HIV Cure (boiled virus vaccine can cure many diseases).

  471. Tummy Cure =

    Do Not Take Sweet Things (because your weak kidneys secrete water to your tummy whenever you take sweet things).

  472. Tumor Cure =

    Take 蛇草水 Daily + Slowly Drink Boiling Water Daily (蛇草水 a kind of chinese herbs water. Boiling Water = Boiled Virus Vaccine).

  473. Urine Cure1 =

    Sit Do Not Stand (standing press on bladder cause urine faster).

  474. Urine Cure2 =

    Do Not Walk Too Fast Slowly Walk (fast body movements cause urine faster).

  475. Urine Cure3 =

    Sleep (sleeping cause less urine production).

  476. Urine Many Cure1 =

    Many Green Tea (strengthen kidneys).

  477. Urine Many Cure2 =

    Stop Masturbation & Ejaculation (sex causes many secretion of kidney water).

  478. Urine Many Cure3 =

    Less Frequent Sex (sex causes many secretion of kidney water).

  479. VD (Venereal Diseases) Cure =

    Faithful Marriage (no ping-pong effects).

  480. Weight Control Cure =

    Give Your Extra Foods Fat Money To Thinner Poor Hungry People (sell your fatness).

  481. Whiter Baby/Adult Cure1 =

    Do Not Block GOD Light (you become darker when you block GOD Light).

  482. Whiter Baby/Adult Cure2 =

    Drink Lots Of White Soya Drink (fair Chinese becomes snow white).

  483. Whiter Baby/Adult Cure3 =

    Eat Lots Of White Tofu Foods (fair Chinese becomes snow white).

  484. Wife Abuse Cure1 =

    Do Not Eat Spicy Chili Especially When Unable To Ejaculation (heaty things seem create hot temper).

  485. Wife Abuse Cure2 =

    Jog Faster Together With Wife Walking (exert out excessive energies with Wife Togetherness).

  486. Wife Fat Cure1 =

    Have More Sex With Wife + Even Petting Breasts Help (sex satisfaction means less greed for foods).

  487. Wife Fat Cure2 =

    Hug Wife More + Kiss Wife More + Love Wife More (love satisfaction means less greed for foods).

  488. Zika Cure1 =

    No Adultery (adultery sex mutate zika virus).

  489. Zika Cure2 =

    Boiled Virus Vaccine + 0% Meat (mosquito attract by smell of meat intake in sweat).

  490. Zika Cure3 =

    Vegetarian When Infected Pregnant (because the zika virus multiply slower with less meat in blood).

  491. Zombie Virus Cure =

    3V = Vegetarian + Virgin + Virtues At Least 3 Full Years Before Virus Infection To Become Carrier Only.

**Modern Medical Discoveries

  1. Cause Of Female Breasts Cancer =

    animal HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) [United Kingdom].

  2. Diabetics Type I Cure =

    Green Tea. (Strenghten Kidneys.) [Cstan98].

  3. Diabetics Type I Cure =

    Sex Fire Down + Kidney Water Up. (Sex Fire Down = not too many fire on sex. Kidney Water Up = decrease sex water ejaculation. so kidney water move up of body neutralizes sexual fire that moves down. In another word, less sex over-heat, or not matter how much kidneys you re-generate, also no use). [Taoism Medicine]

**Other "Findings" & My Answers

  1. Additional Vegetables Do Not Prevent Breast Cancer Relapse.

    It is not the vegetables you eat, but the amount of meat you eat that decide cancer. Cancer% = % of meat intake + % of meat hormone intake like HRT + % meat in salad cream + % meat component in tap water + ... The deadly the meat like alien meat or human meat, the deadly the cancer %.

**Should-Be This Planet Research Initiatives

  1. Clothing Fruit.

    Clothings Fruits pluck from trees as clothings. Clothing Fruit = clothings grow on trees, pluck your size & colour. Need advance Plant Genetic Improvements Knowledge.

  2. Egg Nutrition Fruit.

    Fruits with all the nutrients requirements pluck from trees as foods. Egg Nutrition Fruit = a fruit containing all the minerals & vitamins of a chicken egg. Need advance Plant Genetic Improvements Knowledge.

  3. Eternal Life.

    The me Cstan98 thinks it is just 0% impurities Ice Pure Water + no death-causing meat diet (Vegetarian) + many High GOD Virtues.

  4. Gaia Planet.

    Gaia planet is a beautiful ecosystem paradise home Planet. It needs to be well defended by a good Star Fleet. Need advance Environmental Technology.

  5. No Wars.

    Just No Kill + No Steal + No Adultery + No Lying + No Problem = Zero Sin.

  6. No Work.

    Humans no longer need to work on this Planet. Daytime = Christianity Cultivation. Nighttime = unmarried singles sleep alone, married couple sleep together. Only JESUS CHRIST Sage-King Government able to do this.

  7. Sage-King Government.

    Government by GOD. Following Holy Bible, Wisemen Classics, Science Textbooks & Management Textbooks.

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