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Cstan98 Jung Dayeon Diet Summary.

This Diet is based on a book written by Jung Dayeon about how she loses 20 kg. At the age of 44, she looks like a 21 years old female. Below is the summary of the chinese book '朔身女皇教你打造完美曲线 by Jung Dayeon'.

  1. 07-08 Small Meals A Day.

    Do not eat 3 big meals a day & starve yourself in between. You relapses & eat a lots. When hungry, eat one small meal. Wait 1-2 hours. If hungry, eat another small meals. Eat whatever you like. But made them 7-8 small meals a day.

  2. 15 Minutes Exercise A Day.

    Her book comes with a DVD to show you a 15 minutes exercise a day program to target specific areas of your body to get the figure you want.

  3. Announce You Are Slimming Down.

    You need to announce to everyone you are slimming down. So that your family & friends understand your diet & lifestyle changes.

  4. Build Muscles.

    You need to build muscles to increase your body metabolism to reduce fats.

  5. Clean Many Water Intake.

    The body is made up of 70% water. You need to replace them each day with clean water to exit the toxics in your body.

  6. Do Not Eat 3-4 Hours Before Sleep.

    3-4 hours before sleep, do not eat. Because a full stomach when you sleep. You have bad digestion & make you fat. Unless you are a male, eating night snack to have marriage sex that night.

  7. Eat Many Fibres To Detox.

    Eat many fruits & vegetables to detox the body of toxins.

  8. Good Sleep.

    Good sleep to renew your figure is vital to get the figure you want. When you sleep, the hormones are being secreted amount correctly.

  9. Hormones Secretion.

    Just like a baby who keep on eating the whole day to produce her hormones to grow. The secret to a solid figure, is to you eat what you want to eat (must be 7-8 small meals) to produce the hormones to produce that sexy curves body.

  10. Ideal Model Picture.

    Put your ideal body picture beside your picture in the fridge. Research & test to get that figure.

  11. If Wife Is Thinner.

    Jung Dayeon only starts to determined to get back that sexy figure. When She overhears Her Husband sleep talking: "if only You return to that last sexy figure (before pregnancy)." Then She realizes that Her Husband actually does mind about Her fat figure.

  12. Massage.

    Massage yourself or ask your spouse to do it to renew the dead skin & burn the fat. You need to feel a bit pains when you do the massage to get the effects.

  13. No Weighing Machine.

    When you lose weight, do not believe weighing machine. Believe in the mirror to get the figure you want. Getting the figure you want does not mean strictly lose weight.

  14. Not Need To Count Calories.

    Her method does not need you to count calories. You just lose 0.1-0.5kg (me Cstan98 thinks) per day.

  15. Not Thin Thin.

    Dieting is not being thin thin. It is about getting that sexy body you want.

  16. Plan Your Meals.

    For your 7-8 small meals a day. Keep some snacks in your bag for them. So that you not go too hungry & relapses big eating.

  17. Proteins Intake.

    To get the figure you want, you need to take sufficient proteins. Do not cut down on proteins totally. But also do not take too much proteins.

  18. Use Menstruation Days To Lose Weight.

    During female menstruation, the female loses lots of blood. Which is a good time to lose weight. Cstan98 Copycat Stroke. Use empty stomach sleeping, marriage sex, stressful working, thinking complexly to lose weight.

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