Cstan98 Cute Japanese Cultivation


Version3 2019.07.30

Cute Japanese Cultivation.

  1. *Japanese Race. Founder = Taoist Master to save the Remnant China Virgins Princes & Princess from qin emperor by looking for external life elixir in Japan Island.

  2. 50%-50%.

    Confucian Strict & Sex Lose. The dark side & Light Force fighting all the time.

  3. Advance Sex.

    Most Advance Natural Sex Research Knowledges on the planet.

  4. Assigned Places.

    Everyone assigns Her/His Job Duties.

  5. Best & Worst.

    The Best & worst c/Chinese g/Genes p/People.

  6. Beautiful Sights.

    Females are pretty. Males are handsome. Living Quarters are zen-life.

  7. Clear Organization Chart.

    Clear stable social orders.

  8. Cute-Cute Children.

    The Little Ones like adorable things like Hello Kitty/Pokemons/...

  9. Delicious Foods.

    Nice foods build for Solid Marriage Sex.

  10. Emperorship.

    The bad/Good e/Emperor decides Fate of Country.

  11. Forever Zen.

    Continuous Improvements for Race to survive.

  12. Hardworking.

    Very productive.

  13. High Quality.

    Japanese is famous for good innovative products.

  14. Housekeeping.

    No clusters. No rubbish.

  15. Samurai Codes.


  16. The Best For The Kind.

    The Emperor implements the Best Things for the good of Citizens.

  17. Zen Masters.

    Many long traditions line High-Level Teachers guidings.

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