Cstan98 Cute Hamster Cultivation


Version3 2019.07.30

Cute Hamster Cultivation.

*HAF = Hamster Armed Forces. Founder = Queen Choy.

Hamster Languages:

  1. Go Go = Good.

  2. Ka Ka = Crow.

  3. Ki Ki = Hamster.

  4. Po Po = Shits.


  1. Count Fair & Square To Last Cent.

    Every cent counts.

  2. Defend Bite If Provoke.

    Always defending Her turf.

  3. Eat Foods In Cute-Cute Way.

    Always happy-ing eating Her foods.

  4. Frugal Living.

    Save on clothings, housings, ... to invest farming more foods.

  5. Half Micey.

    Actually a half fat mouse.

  6. Half Piggy.

    Actually a half fat pig.

  7. Hamster Attacks = with many kisses.

  8. Keep Cute Cute Things.

    Always try to keep nice items collections.

  9. Keep Increasing Foods (Money) Reserves.

    Foods/Money levels must increase. Not decrease.

  10. Like To Eat Nice Foods.

    Always try new delicious foods.

  11. Like To Give Nice Foods.

    Always like to give good foods to Others.

  12. Like To Kiss Kiss.

    Always like to kiss kiss Husband & Children.

  13. Never Waste Foods.

    Eat finish all foods.

  14. Nuts When Fall Know.

    Know when this nut is going to fall. That nut falls...

  15. Nuts When Fall Very Happy.

    Whenever there is an additional new nut. Happy like bird.

  16. Play Cute Cute Games.

    Always like to play games once loved.

  17. Sing When Happy.

    Hamsters sing when happy.

  18. Sing While Working.

    Sing while working harvesting foods.

  19. Storage Foods For Wars.

    Store foods during peace times.

  20. Treasure Old Things.

    Very sentimental.

  21. Very Easily Happy.

    Very contented.

  22. Very Well-Versed In Escaping.

    Always know how to get out of tight situations.


  1. Carry Ding-Dong Things With Her All The Time.

    Look like a maid, not a Queen.

  2. Don't Dare Look At Mirror.

    Do not solve appearances problems.

  3. Don't Like To Bath.

    Skin excretions reabsorptions back.

  4. Think Too Much.

    While bathing think what to eat for rest of day. That is why need 30 minutes to bath.

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