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Cure Mental Illness.

There is a mental illness. Mean either there is a huge sins/too many little sins. Just terminate the sins. Cure the mental illness.

  1. ADHD (Hyper Active).

    You are too energetic unable to do anythings. Use a forced Timer like iPhone App - Be Focused Pro.

  2. Acute Psychosis.

    It means your mind is unable to process all the enormous additional information like all the Voices & voices + all enormous additional seeing & sensing abilities of things. You need to calm down & go for 80% only at everythings, instead of over 100% at everythings.

  3. Delusional.

    You reach very high dans. The satan the devil knows You know something. Declare you mental to stop teaching other People.

  4. Dementia (Memory Loss).

    You drink too much tap water. You keep too much blue-drainings of Cultivations things.

  5. Depression.

    You masturbation & pornography too much. You are too sexually exhausted.

  6. Disorder - Anxiety/Panic.

    You have too great sins. And your conscience is hurting with too low self-esteem. Accept JESUS CHRIST to forgive your shames & sins. Public declare to Everyone. You soon see You are not alone. Most Christians suffer at least one in the past.

  7. Disorder - Bipolar.

    Your parents switch from extreme love to extreme scolding all the time. Making your personality need to switch from forgiving to hatred to forgiving all the time. You need to forgive Your Parents. Their Parents don't know parentings enough on Them because also.

  8. Disorder - Identity.

    There are more than 1 soul inside your body. Do JESUS CHRIST Pastors Deliverances to cast them out. *Note: Apostle Paul: "if you redo sins to invite them back in. The new state going be worse than previous state. Higher state of casting require higher state of no repeat past sins to replace self-control."

  9. Disorder - Eating.

    You either eat too much or too little. You need to face reality & look at full body length mirror all the time. Start facing facts. And adjust your foods intakes & energies outputs.

  10. Disorder - God.

    The you become too high dans. Think you are GOD or JESUS CHRIST. Just remember there is a Third Option. You can be a HOLY SPIRIT when You are Perfect. Having same rank as GOD & JESUS CHRIST.

  11. Disorder - Personality.

    You are either too shy or social loose. This is all due to poor parentings. The buck needs to stop at your generation. Read all you can on Parentings by Good Parents. Tune Your M16 to hit tight on Targets. Let Holy Bible/All Other Right Scriptures be Your Teachers.

  12. Disorder - Sex.

    You are played by a highly sexual opposite sex. Now You want to get married. But unable to. Tell Your Parents/Pastors You are one of those Apostle Paul "high sex drives & need to get married fast." They understand.

  13. Disorder - Sleep.

    Unable to sleep = exert energies to good uses like write a Book, Website, ... Too want to sleep = drink outside ice drinks + eat more foods energies + stop masturbations & pornography now.

  14. Disorder - Substance Use.

    Alcohols = stick to one can of beer a night. Cigarettes = eat them, don't smoke them. Drugs = eat them, don't inject/smoke them. Use your digestive systems as filtering membranes.

  15. OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

    You have sexual sins & shames. Feeling your body is dirty all the time. You need to accept JESUS CHRIST to cleanse your sins totally. Public declare all your hidden secret sins to be freed from the shames bondages.

  16. Schizophrenia

    (01) You hear see things. This is because You have gained Special Powers like Telepathy.

    (02) You predict things. If nothing exceptional, me Cstan98 knows what you do last 3 days + do next 3 days.

    (03) You see future. Like 'Next, Movie', you may be able to see the next 2 seconds future of every second.

    (04) You think things. This is because You have become smarter when Higher Order Intelligences teach you new things.

    (*) When you hear conflicting v/Voices = Voices of Angels + voices of evil demons = you get very confused who is who, who to believe, what to believe = You need strictly to 100% do Not Lie to get 100% Accurate Reports who are disguising as angels, who is who. So that You 100% believe in your Reports, as things are unable lie to You. As You know whether they are telling the truth.

  17. **'Next, Movie':

    The government & your parents do not know your problems & make things worse using human medical methods.

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