Cstan98 Cure Flu Virus


Version3 2020.12.01

Cure Flu Virus.

Cure flu virus like bat/bird/swine flu viruses.

Bat Flu Vaccine.

(01) Boiled Virus (boil virus in 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 mins) + antibiotics (recycle back to old version 100001,2,3,... Or combinations of antibiotics to counter that virus functions.)

(02) Why boil virus 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10 mins. Because different boiling time/temperature disintegerate many different components of virus.

(03) Why antibiotics version back to old version 100001,2,3. Because run out of latest version. By right. The old versions may be working again. Because immunity fuctions are new back.

(04) This bat flu virus is a multi-immunity to many immune system components. Therefore. Need many components warfares to fight back.

(05) The me Cstan98 understand that this bat flu pandemics is created because run out of antibiotics version. Let say the last antibiotics version is version 1million. Therefore. We recycle back to version from 100001,2,3,...

Plus All Other Little Things.

Prevention is cure also.

  1. Keep Warm.

    Flu virus is a cold environment virus. Keep warm. Jedi Uniforms = always wear 2 layers of clothings all the time.

    一貫道德慧前人:"以後感冒會殺人.記得蓋被(保持慍)." The me Cstan98 has followed His Advice since pre-SARS (bird flu).

  2. Every Little Things Count.

    Many little things add to one big Thing = survive Pre-Rapture/Tribulations.

  3. Vegetarian = Less/No Meat.

    Virus multiply with meat foods components in your blood.

    一貫道德慧前人:"以後人會被逼不吃肉." Next times. People going to get forced to be Vegetarian.

  4. Virgin = Less/No Sex.

    Especially Males. Ejaculations of semen mean weaker immune systems. Sex Classics: do not sex in times of wars/mass sicknesses. Because create unhealthy babies.

  5. Virtues = Less/No Sins.

    Virus need to be allowed by GOD. So. Enough virtues (lesser sins). So GOD allows you People to live on.

  6. Drink Water To Clear Throat.

    Time to time. Drink water to clear your throat. By right. The virus in your throat goes into stomach to be killed.

  7. Gargle Salt Water.

    China cure. The COVID-19 virus first attack the throat. From throat give the lungs sharp pains. So when sharp pains in lungs. Quickly gargle throat with salt water to kill the virus.

  8. Improve Immune System - Exercises.

    Pre-infection daily exercises mean a lots.

  9. Improve Immune System - Flush Out Toxins.

    Lao Zi: "Tao (Way) is natural." Need to cough/diahorrea/urine/shit/sweat/vomit. Just do it. Careful Singapore Rules say can only do them in toilet. For public health safety.

  10. Improve Immune System - Minimum Antibiotics.

    Pre-infection no antibiotics to build self-sustained immunue system.

  11. Improve Immune System - Vitamin/Minerals.

    Pre-infection enough foods to build good fighting immune system.

  12. Little Things - Bath/Change Clothes Daily.

    Your body is sweating out toxins/viruses. Wash them away.

  13. Little Things - Don't Air-Con - Open Window.

    Air-con mean cold/sealed-with-weaker-airflows environments for viruses growth.

  14. Little Things - Don't Draw Blood Samples.

    If you need to measure body chemcials. Use saliva/shits/urine samples. Drawing blood cause Subjects to be weaker. The Subjects need all the help They can get.

  15. Little Things - Don't Near.

    Don't near health/public/sick-people places. JESUS CHRIST: "don't test GOD."

  16. Little Things - Enough Foods.

    Don't eat. Confirm die faster.

  17. Little Things - Enough Sleep.

    Don't sleep. Confirm die faster.

  18. Little Things - Red Onion In Room.

    Cut both ends of red onion. Peel her old skins. Leave inside plastic containter inside bedroom. Red onion kills viruses. This method clears my blocked nose. Reminded by Singapore Taxi Driver. It is ancient european method to cure plague.

  19. Little Things - Wash Hands/Don't Touch Face.

    Every little things count.

  20. Mask/Don't Mask.

    Mask may mean virus cannot go in. But also mean virus cannot get out. Lesser oxygen some more.

    Mask may mean new virus cannot go in. And old virus cannot go out.

    Therefore. Follow country/hospital laws to wear masks. Treasure private time not to mask. And take in as much fresh good air as possible. And when toilet. Spit out/Shit/Urine/Vomit as much virus out as possible. Body = +more good things -less bad things.

    *remember don't wear recycled mask. Don't wear unwashed mask. Because these masks are more deadly than no mask. Might as well don't mask.

  21. When Back From Outside - Bath.

  22. When Back From Outside - Gargle Salt Water.

  23. When Back From Outside - Wash Hands.

  24. Will To Fight/Live.

    To survive any sickness. The Patients need very strong will to survive that Tribulations.

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