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Cure Depression.

Depression means You are out of energies. Cure/Solve all leakages.

  1. Do Not Masturbations Ejaculations So Much.

    When you ejaculate semen, your brain fluid is drained downwards to the kidney to produce replacement semens. This loss of brain fluids make you very depressed, especially if you ejaculate a lots. Same for females who do masturbation ejaculations vaginal fluids.

  2. Do Not Press P Organ.

    When You sleep, do not press your p organ. Because pressing your p organ waste many energies as it makes you high sex drive.

  3. Do Not Drink Tap Water.

    WHO (world health organisation) tap water make you go into depression & want to commit suicide if you drink 100% of unboiled tap water. Drink outside ice drinks.

  4. Do Not Tight Underwear.

    Tight underwear make you waste many energies because pressing on p organ make you high sex drive.

  5. Low Energy.

    (01) Depression means you are out of energy. Input of energy must be greater than output energy.

    (02) Low Appetite. Must force yourself to eat more to increase input of energy.

    (03) Sleep Too Much. Do not sleep too much skipping foods meals to increase input of energy.

  6. Sleep With Back On Your Back.

    Sleep with your hands straight. Do not press your p organ or breasts (this ignite sexual desire fire). Burning energies.

  7. Throw Rubbish Water.

    When you throw away the bottom 20% of water. If you do not want to waste the water. You can use the rubbish bottom 20% of water to wash hand, face, sink, ... *Note: continuously watering of the same plants with rubbish bottom 20% of water cause them to die = now you know how dangerous this bottom 20% of water is = they are dangerous to living things. You die depressed.

  8. Wake Up On Time.

    Build Discipline = Cure depression. Set the alarm 7am. Make it a point to wake up & silent that alarm in the morning. The first day after pressing the alarm, you confirm go back to sleep. Must wake up at 7am every morning to drink coffee, brush teeth & shave (if you are a male.)

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