Cstan98 Confucianism - Heaven Tao 一贯道


Version3 2018.03.04

<如果要找/联络一贯道佛堂/金线. Singapore Middle Road GUAN YIN Temple(新加坡四马路观音庙)上面有一间. 是师母旧金线.你妳们猜为什么熊猫尽力去那里请示问题.>

*Definitions Of Confucianism - Heaven Tao Cultivation 一贯道.

Confucian Heaven Tao is about the Lifeline of Mandates passed down from Ancient Sage-Kings to Confucian Sages like Confucius. The Division me Cstan98 is trained under is 兴毅高一单位. The last time me left. This whole Division is wiped out by satan the devil. Now whether still satanic or not. The me does not know. It is said enter a cult heaven tao is very easy. Leave very difficult. Enter Real Heaven Tao is very difficult. Leave is very easy. Be very careful.

Solid Summaries Teachings (me Cstan98 learn from Them):

  1. 一日修道一日功.

    1 day cultivate. 1 day Cultivation.

  2. 一日不修一日空.

    1 day not cultivate. 1 day gone.

  3. 一世乐万八苦.

    1 Lifetime happiness. 10800 years sufferings. You decide.

  4. 一世苦万八乐.

    1 Lifetime sufferings 10800 years happiness. You decide.

  5. 2个明明上帝:熊猫天帝或母魔.

    2 l/Lordships: either GOD or mother satan.

  6. 两个主什么办?

    2 l/Lordships: if how?

  7. 三期 = 青阳期 + 红阳期 + 白阳期.

    3 Periods = Green (1500 years) + Red (3000 years) + White (10800 years).

  8. 三期末劫.

    3 Periods End Times.

  9. 三界 = 三曹 = 天 + 人间 + 地狱.

    3 Realms = Heaven + Earth + Hell.

  10. 三界在弥勒手.

    3 Realms In White Period Buddha Hand.

  11. 三曹大开普渡.

    3 Realms Big Souls Savings.

  12. 三曹审判.

    3 Realms Judgement.

  13. 三纲五常.

    3 Relationships 5 Characters.

  14. 五教 = 道儒佛基回.

    5 Religions = Taoism + Confucianism + Buddhism + Christianity + Islam.

  15. 五教经典.

    5 Main Religions Scriptures.

  16. 万教归一.

    All Religions become One.

  17. 千魔万考都不动不退.

    All satan the devil tests not move not withdraw.

  18. 带罪修行很苦.没带罪修行很轻松.

    Along sins cultivation very difficult. No along sins cultivation very easy.

  19. 仙风道骨.

    Angels airs Cultivators looks.

  20. 蚂蚁背米.牛拖车.尽力而已.

    Ant carry 1 rice grain. Or cow pull cart. All just try best only.

  21. 相由心生.

    Appearances are from Heart.

  22. 你够格坐那个椅子吗?

    Are you fit enough to sit in that Chair?

  23. 中华难生.人身难得.明师男遇.真道难逢.

    As Chinese difficult born. Human Body difficult become. Enlightened Master difficult meet. True Tao difficult hear.

  24. 针对事.不要针对人.

    Attack actions. Don't attack People.

  25. 避嫌.

    Avoid misunderstandings.

  26. 坏弟子不要理他她.让他她走.

    Bad people don't bother with them. Let them leave.

  27. 顶劫救劫.

    Bear Cross. Save disasters.

  28. 大德必得命.无德者必失命.

    Big Cultivators 100% get Mandate. The evil people 100% lose mandate.

  29. 大捨大得.

    Big give. Big get.

  30. 大人能做大事.(小人是做不出大事的.)

    Big People can do Big Things. (Petty people are unable to do anything big.)

  31. 苦茶(不是毒茶)必须喝完.

    Bitter tea (not poison tea) must finish.

  32. 阻力.助力.

    Blocking Force. Helping Force.

  33. 仙佛:"三岁小孩子都有罪."为什么?因为吃肉.

    Buddha Angel: "3 years old also have sins." Why? Because eat meat.

  34. 佛魔混世.

    Buddha Angels & satan the devil both in world.

  35. 仙佛拼命帮人.魔拼命害人..

    Buddha Angels keep helping People. The satan the devil keep sabotaging People

  36. 仙佛害你妳来帮你妳.魔帮你妳来害你妳.

    Buddha Angels sabotage You to help You. The satan the devil help you to sabotage you.

  37. 佛给法.众生死于法.古佛玩法.

    Buddha give teachings. People die in them. Old-Buddha play with Teachings.

  38. 六通慧.

    Buddhism special powers 6.

  39. 神通抵不过业力.

    Buddhism special powers unable stop Causes & Effects.

  40. 能者多劳.

    Capable People more do.

  41. 量大福才大.

    Capacity big. Blessings then big.

  42. 抓到根成佛祖.抓不到瞎修行.

    Catch It become Buddha. Cannot catch it blind cultivation.

  43. 因果要了.不然会变夫妻父子君臣.

    Cause & Effect must settle. Or else worse become husband/wife parent/children superior/subordiante

  44. 因果自负.

    Cause & Effect self bear.

  45. 业可解不可结.

    Cause & Effect to untie. Not to tie.

  46. 乱世不是废世.

    Chaos world not hopeless world.

  47. 鸡有食物.叫其他来吃.

    Chickens have foods. Call other Chickens to eat.

  48. 三宝班.

    Class - 01 3 Treasures.

  49. 基础班.

    Class - 02 Foundation.

  50. 初班.

    Class - 03 Elementary.

  51. 中班.

    Class - 04 Intermediate.

  52. 开会.

    Class - 05 Monthly Meeting.

  53. 年初春愿大班.

    Class - 06 New Year Vows.

  54. 年终悔过大班.

    Class - 07 Annual Repentance.

  55. 大班.

    Class - 08 Advance.

  56. 沙班.

    Class - 09 Buddha Angel Sands Writing.

  57. 仙佛班.

    Class - 10 Buddha Angel In Person.

  58. 亲师和友.

    Close to Teacher. Fellowship with each Other.

  59. 来者不拒.去者不挽.

    Come accept leave welcome.

  60. 世界大战是因为贸易战.

    Coming world wars are because of trade wars.

  61. 转念.

    Change Turn Thoughts.

  62. 中国最后一个国家老水还巢.

    China last Country Heaven Tao Missionary go into.

  63. 严慈.

    Compassion strictness.

  64. 先修后得.先得后修.

    Cultivate first Enlightenment later. Enlightenment first cultivate later.

  65. 修道古老化.办道科学化.

    Cultivate Tao = old methods. Do Tao = modern methods.

  66. 修行者坐有坐相站有站相.

    Cultivators sit/stand have sit/stand looks.

  67. 修行者都有护法神.

    Cultivators all have Guardians Angels.

  68. 坚心定性.

    Determine heart fix nature.

  69. 边服务边聊天.不然做不完.

    Do & talk at same time. Or else cannot finish.

  70. 不去是非之地.

    Do not go evil lands/places.

  71. 不知道.

    Do not know Tao.

  72. 不要看低自己.

    Do not look down on Self.

  73. 做人所不能做.行人所不能行.

    Do what others cannot. Out what other cannot.

  74. 施财消罪.

    Donation - Money rid sins.

  75. 施法消无明.

    Donation - Teachings rid ignorances.

  76. 施无畏消苦根.

    Donation - Working rid sufferings roots.

  77. 各办各的收圆.

    Each doing each Harvest.

  78. 在考或在劫.

    Either in Tests Or in Sufferings.

  79. 享受牺牲.

    Enjoy your Sacrifices.

  80. 天命点传师代表上天.

    Enlightened Masters represent Heaven.

  81. 入我门不穷.出我门不富.

    Enter my Door not poor. Leave my Door not rich.

  82. 长生不老仙.

    Eternal Life not old Angel.

  83. 前辈拉祖师车.(给后学知道天命已经转移.)

    Ex-Elders pulls New Mandate Master cart. (To tell His People. Heaven Mandate already shifts.)

  84. 女人三从四德.

    Female 3 Obeys (Father, Husband, Sons) 4 Virtues (Virtue, Speech, Appearance, Action).

  85. 定三盘天人地10800年.

    Fix Heaven Earth Hell Realms 10800 Years.

  86. 后学眼睛是雪亮的.

    Followers Eyes are bright sharp.

  87. 被动主动法.

    Get instructed self instruct methods.

  88. 还道以天.(母魔用在天界.熊猫用在魔界.)

    Give everythings back to Heaven. (The mother satan uses on Heaven People. Panda uses on satan the devil people.)

  89. 祖师一条一条金线拉.不是去找一个一个步兵.

    GOD each Golden Lines pull. Not go for each foot Soldiers.

  90. 金鸡三唱.

    Golden Chicken 3 Sings.

  91. 金线系统.一个倒.还有别的.

    Golden Lines System. 1 down. Still have Others.

  92. 好的更好.坏的更坏.

    Good become better. Bad become worse.

  93. 名医会有很多奇怪的病人.

    Good Doctors get very weird patients.

  94. 善恶分班.

    Good evil seperate.

  95. 善根.祖德.佛缘.

    Good Nature. Ancestors Virtues. Buddha Fate.

  96. 好人才.需要找出来.

    Good Officers. Need to seek out.

  97. 大德行者.

    Great Virtues Cultivators.

  98. 大德必受命.

    Great Virtues Cultivators 100% get Mandate.

  99. 贪心必受饵.

    Greedy confirmed get baits.

  100. 青阳期1500年.红阳期3000年.白阳期10800年.

    Green Period 1500 Years. Red Period 3000 Years. White Period 10800 Years.

  101. 青阳期考酒.红阳期考色.白阳期考财.

    Green Period Alcohol Tests. Red Period Sex Tests. White Period Money Tests.

  102. 青阳期帝王.红阳期师儒.白阳期百姓.

    Green Period Sage-Kings. Red Period Religions Teachers. White Period Citizens.

  103. 天地人和.

    Harmony with Heaven, Earth & People.

  104. 有舍就有得.

    Have give confirmed given get.

  105. 有钱出钱.有力出力.

    Have money out money. Have capabilities out capabilities.

  106. 有道修有德立就好了.

    Have Tao cultivate Virtures do is enough already.

  107. 有道者多助.失道者寡助.

    Have Tao many helps. No Tao few helps.

  108. 有德就有福.

    Have Virtues confirmed have Blessings.

  109. 天叫人应.

    Heaven call People respond.

  110. 天地君亲师.

    Heaven Earth Gentlemen Relatives Teachers.

  111. 天命金线.

    Heaven Mandate Golden Lines.

  112. 天命所归.

    Heaven Mandate given.

  113. 上天无亲唯德是辅.

    Heaven no relatives. Only have Virtues People.

  114. 乱盘.

    Heaven Tao Commands turn very messy.

  115. 鬼门关大开.

    Hell gates all open.

  116. 人上人.

    Higher People.

  117. 老老实实修道办道.

    Honestly cultivate inner Tao outer Actions.

  118. 人 = 带德带罪.

    Human = have virtures + have sins. Or else cannot be Humans.

  119. 人字 = 阴阳两撇.

    Human Chinese Character = 2 Strokes = 1 Yang (soul) + 1 Yin (physical body).

  120. 刚开始进道.每个人都会有一点目地.自然现象.

    In beginning enter Heaven Tao. Everyone has some intentions. Natural.

  121. 忙里偷闲.

    In busy steal times (to chess trainings, family times, study Scriptures, ...)

  122. 内德外王.

    Inner Virtues. Outer Merits.

  123. 冥冥中有安排.

    It is already arranged.

  124. 知命改命.

    Know fate change fate.

  125. 离开回来从新下面做起.

    Leave come back start from bottom again.

  126. 叶子从树掉下给根让树长得更大.

    Leaves drop to tree roots make tree bigger.

  127. 层层戒.

    Levels & levels of Rules.

  128. 层层考.

    Levels & levels of Tests.

  129. 层层愿.

    Levels & levels of Vows.

  130. 天命 - 报告.

    Mandate - Reporting To.

  131. 天命 - 请示.

    Mandate - Seeking Permission.

  132. 祖师威仪笑容.

    Mandate Master serious smile.

  133. 铁国会被一个臭小子毁掉.

    Metal Country get destroyed by a Kid.

  134. 渡人:到工地.

    Missionary: go Construction Sites.

  135. 渡人:下雨用雨伞.

    Missionary: raining use umbrella.

  136. 山穷水尽又一村.

    Mountains rivers end come another village.

  137. 山妖水怪都会放出来.

    Mountain spirits & water monsters all out release.

  138. 要立阿修罗愿.(死都不立离开.现在2017不懂情况.)

    Must make satan the devil vows. (Die don't want that why leave. Now 2017 don't know.)

  139. 要转物不要给物转.

    Must turn things not turn by things.

  140. 需要消掉苦根.

    Need to get rid suffering roots.

  141. 后辈都是前辈的树胶印.

    New g/Generation are rubber stamps of old g/Generations.

  142. 新新人类.

    New new Humans.

  143. 不进则退.

    Not advance then backward.

  144. 不要立志当大官.要立志当古佛.

    Not aim become big official. Aim become Old Buddha.

  145. 不要结人或魔死路.

    Not push people/satan the devil to dead end.

  146. 不怕你做错,只怕你不做.

    Not scare You do wrong. Just Scare You don't do.

  147. 尊师重道.

    Obey Teachers respect Tao.

  148. 人才不做.堂主做.堂主不做.点传师做...

    Officers don't do. Temple Owners do. Temple Owners don't do. Enlightened Masters do...

  149. 古佛都有隔世迷.

    Old Buddha also have passover Lifetimes confusions.

  150. 一把无名火烧尽功德林.

    One unknown fire burn finish all Virtues forest.

  151. 熊猫在天界漂来漂去.也满好玩的.

    Panda in Heaven float here float there. Kind of funs.

  152. 熊猫圣王会得到子民帮他建国立邦.

    Panda Sage-King able to get a batch of good Population to setup His Kingdom.

  153. 熊猫小时侯遇过师母.

    Panda when young meet Tao Mrs Teacher.

  154. 熊猫:全部财施都是功德费.有本事拿去花啦.

    Panda: "All money donations are Merits Money. Have abilities spend/take if you dare."

  155. 地球是众生的转换站.

    Planet Earth is souls interchange Station.

  156. 服务人才.

    Position - 01 Service Officers.

  157. 三宝讲员.

    Position - 02 3 Treasures Speakers.

  158. 讲师.

    Position - 03 Speakers.

  159. 开荒人才.

    Position - 04 Missionary Officers.

  160. 中心人才.

    Position - 05 Central Officers.

  161. 领命.点传师.

    Position - 06 Mandate. As Enlightened Masters.

  162. 前人种树.后人遮阴.

    Previous People plant tree. Later People under shade.

  163. 保护前辈者.

    Protect Elders/Leaders.

  164. 保护道盘.

    Protect Tao Systems.

  165. 火车头走.其他走.

    Railhead engine move. Rest follow.

  166. 三曹大开普渡.

    Rapture - 00 3 Realms = Heaven + Earth + Hell.

  167. 渡人.

    Rapture - 01 Humans.

  168. 渡祖先.

    Rapture - 02 Dead Ancestors.

  169. 渡气天大仙.

    Rapture - 03 Angels.

  170. 真儒复新.

    Real Confucianism return.

  171. 真修实练.

    Real Cultivation. Practical Practice.

  172. 真金不怕火烧.纸抱不住火.

    Real gold not afraid fires. Paper unable contain fires.

  173. 情或理.

    Relationships or the Laws.

  174. 整顿.每几年.不然道盘会灭.

    Reorganizing. Every few years. Or else Tao Systems collapse die.

  175. 整顿.肯定会有一点乱.

    Reorganizing. Of course a bit chaos.

  176. 归根认祖.

    Return root go back to GOD.

  177. 苦根不消.开荒不成.

    Roots Sufferings not finish. Cannot form Missionary.

  178. 圣人行百姓万人跟.

    Sage does Everyone follows.

  179. 见山水是山水.见山水不是山水.见山水又是山水.

    See mountain & water is mountain & water. See mountain & water is not mountain & water. See mountain & water is back mountain & water.

  180. 兴毅老前人:老老实实做人.

    Senior Elder: honestly actions out.

  181. 兴毅老前人开荒台湾.全家施黄金给人骗到光.

    Senior Elder when missionary Taiwan. All properties donations all get swindle.

  182. 兴毅老前人开荒台湾.吃在巴刹地上坏菜.

    Senior Elder when missionary Taiwan. Eat drop on market grounds bad vegetables sticks.

  183. 兴毅老前人开荒台湾.被洗碗水泼.

    Senior Elder when missionary Taiwan. Get thrown by dishes washing water.

  184. 兴毅老前人到那里.花自然开.

    Senior Elder wherever He goes. Flowers instanesously open.

  185. 罪消福就来了.

    Sins clear Blessings come.

  186. 解铃总需系铃人.

    Solve problems need create problems person.

  187. 有一些众生根本不想回天堂.

    Some souls don't intend go back Heaven.

  188. 讲师座 = 审判座.

    Speaker Seat = Judgement Seat (judge by Audience because you say you are higher dan).

  189. 从新一代小孩子开始.

    Start anew with Children next generation.

  190. 从零开始.(母魔用在天界.熊猫用在魔界.)

    Start from zero. (The mother satan uses on Heaven People. Panda uses on satan the devil people.)

  191. 步步升做理财官.

    Step by step rise become Money Administrator.

  192. 步步升做法律主.

    Step by step rise become Rules Administrator.

  193. 步步是考验.

    Step step is tests.

  194. 步步是陷阱.

    Step step is traps.

  195. 石磨石.

    Stones grind stones.

  196. 严慈.

    Strict Compassion.

  197. 讲病.

    Talk out sickness.

  198. 道盘.

    Tao Systems.

  199. 道盘果.

    Tao Systems Fruits.

  200. 道果熟大.鸟要吃.

    Tao Fruit big ripe. The birds want to eat.

  201. 道史.

    Tao History.

  202. 严师出高徒.

    Teacher strict out High Dan Students.

  203. 明师出高徒.

    Teacher wise out High Dan Students.

  204. 酒考.

    Test - Addiction Alcohol.

  205. 烟考.

    Test - Addiction Cigarette.

  206. 毒品考.

    Test - Addiction Drug.

  207. 赌考.

    Test - Addiction Gambling.

  208. 色情考.

    Test - Addiction Pornography.

  209. 气考.

    Test - Anger.

  210. 美女考.

    Test - Beautiful Females.

  211. 官考.

    Test - Government.

  212. 顺考.

    Test - Heart According.

  213. 逆考.

    Test - Heart Against.

  214. 饿渴考.

    Test - Hunger Thirst.

  215. 官司考.

    Test - Lawsuits.

  216. 颠倒考.

    Test - Left Right Upside Down.

  217. 生死考.

    Test - Life & Death.

  218. 家破人亡考.

    Test - Lose Family.

  219. 财考.

    Test - Money.

  220. 倾家荡产考.

    Test - Money Bankruptcy.

  221. 贫穷考.

    Test - Money Poor.

  222. 富贵考.

    Test - Money Rich.

  223. 名考.

    Test - Name Famous.

  224. 权考.

    Test - Power.

  225. 监狱考.

    Test - Prison.

  226. 孩子考.

    Test - Relationship Children.

  227. 家庭考.

    Test - Relationship Family.

  228. 夫妻考.

    Test - Relationship Husband-Wife.

  229. 婚姻考.

    Test - Relationship Marriage.

  230. 工作考.

    Test - Relationship Working.

  231. 色考.

    Test - Sex.

  232. 奇考.

    Test - Scary Weird.

  233. 智慧考.

    Test - Wisdom.

  234. 火炉炼.

    Tests Fire Oven.

  235. 无边无量卦.

    Tests Infinite Infinite.

  236. 母魔的九阳关.

    The mother satan 9 tests stations.

  237. 母魔的阿鼻地狱永不超生.

    The mother satan eternal hell.

  238. 魔也喜欢来有光亮的世界.

    The satan the devil also like have lights Worlds.

  239. 撒旦魔鬼被一个低天使杀死.

    The satan the devil is killed by a low dan Angel.

  240. 魔:你妳配吗?

    The satan the devil: "are sure you worthy enough?"

  241. 魔力会越来越高然后消.

    The satanic powers keep increasing then no more.

  242. 这个古佛缘一过.可能没有第二次.

    This Old-Buddha Fate passes. May be no second chance time.

  243. 此路不通自有通路处.

    This road not through other Roads through.

  244. 念转.

    Thoughts change.

  245. 念往好方面想.

    Thoughts think to better side.

  246. 今天读经.10/20/30/...年后读同样的经.不一样.因为心境进步了.

    Today read Scripture. Then read 10/20/30/... years later is different. Because Cultivation Levels increase.

  247. 今日事今日做.

    Today Works Today Finish.

  248. 树大招风.

    Tree big get winds.

  249. 上清下浊.

    Up Pure down dirty.

  250. 至诚金石为开..

    Uppermost Sincerity even gold rock crack.

  251. 用耳朵看眼睛听.

    Use ear see eyes hear.

  252. 以德服人.(让人服.)

    Use Virtures win People. (Let People submit 100%.)

  253. 步步愿.

    Vow - 00 Step By Step.

  254. 求道愿.得道.十元功德费.

    Vow - 01 Get Tao. Know the Spot. Need 10 Vows. May lose Lifetime all Cultivations (depend which l/Lordship g/Golden l/Lines). Need $10 Merits Money.

  255. 清口愿.人才.

    Vow - 02 Vegetarian. As Officers.

  256. 忏悔愿.忏悔费.

    Vow - 03 Repentance. Voluntary Merits Money.

  257. 设堂.堂主.

    Vow - 04 Setup Temple. As Temple Owner/s.

  258. 舍身愿.

    Vow - 05 Sacrifice Body.

  259. 清修愿.

    Vow - 06 Singleness. Cannot get married Until 500 Years Old.

  260. 当死.只有业德随.

    When Die. Only sins & Virtures follow.

  261. 忍到不能再忍.再忍一下.

    When endure until cannot. Still a bit more.

  262. 当享福太多.道行一直落.

    When enjoy life too much. The cultivation levels keep on dropping.

  263. 当很多大福德素食者时.素食变很多人卖.很好吃.

    When many High Dan Vegetarian Cultivators. Vegetarian Foods become many & very nice.

  264. 当给人参茶.刘点传师:我喝他们一样的白开水.

    When given ginseng tea. Liu Enlightened Master: "I drink water like Everyone."

  265. 弥勒古佛很多小孩子爬.

    White Period Old Buddha has many Children crawling on.

  266. 弥勒古佛是收圆古佛.

    White Period Old Buddha is harvest Old Buddha.

  267. 弥勒古佛是有轮回古佛.

    White Period Old Buddha is have reincarnations Old Buddha.

  268. 弥勒菩萨是有漏菩萨.

    White Period Sub-Buddha is have ejaculations leakages Sub-Buddha.

  269. 弥勒古佛是笑佛.

    White Period Old Buddha is Laughing Buddha.

  270. 弥勒古佛会是一个佛给佛教徒,基督给基督徒,先知给回教徒,圣人给道教徒和圣王给儒徒.

    White Period Buddha to be a Buddha to Buddhists. A Christ to Christians. A Prophet to Muslims. A Sage to Taoists. A Sage-King to Confucians.

  271. 弥勒菩萨和观音菩萨世世是哥妹.

    White Period Sub-Buddha & GUAN YIN Sub-Buddha are Life Life Brother & Sister.

  272. 道盘是大家的.

    Whole Tao Systems belong to Everyone.

  273. 阳转阴.

    Yang To Yin.

  274. 扭转乾坤.

    Yang Yin able to change.

  275. 你要救几个众生看你.

    You want to save how many depend on You.

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