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*Anglicanism Christianity Cultivation.

Anglicanism Chrisitianity is the best Church me Cstan98 can find in Singapore. It is not too strict. Not too loose. It is not too conventional. It is not too new age. Just nice. It has many Branches in Singapore. With the Diocese HQ in St. Andrew Cathedral. The me is stationed in YCCA (Yishun Christian Church - Anglican).

Anglican Understandings:

  1. Honorary Reverend.

    The honorary class means ex not full-reverend. Because of some wrong church members gifts declarations. But still don't want to leave Anglican. Rather to stay in disgrace.

  2. How To Invite Christmas Party.

    Don't tell it is a Christian Event until They ask. Just tell Them. Giving Them a treat. Heaven Tao: "don't pull Other Division Members (Other Churches here)." Apostles Evangelism should spread out.

  3. Live Near Branch.

    If You like the Anglican Church Branch so much. It is advisable when You move/upgrade Home. Still live nearby. Or else. You waste Years of Local Church Building Efforts there.

YCCA (Yishun Christian Church - Anglican) Programmes:

  1. Cell.

  2. Class/Event - Baptism.

  3. Class/Event - Confirmation.

  4. Class/Event - Marriage.

  5. Holy Communion.

    It is very scary. If You do wrongs. HOLY SPIRIT punishes tells you seriously.

  6. Ministry - Befriender.

  7. Ministry - Bulletin/Chair.

    The me Cstan98 starts small with folding Sunday Sermons bulletins & arranging chairs for Bible Studies.

  8. Ministry - Children.

  9. Ministry - Counselling.

  10. Ministry - Deliverance.

  11. Ministry - Evangelism.

  12. Ministry - Healing.

  13. Ministry - Hosting.

  14. Ministry - Missionary.

  15. Ministry - Prayer.

  16. Ministry - Projection.

  17. Ministry - Refreshment.

  18. Ministry - Worship.

  19. Party - Anniversary.

  20. Party - Christmas.

  21. Party - Easter.

  22. Party - New Year.

  23. Program - Alpha.

  24. Program - Bible Studies.

  25. Program - HOLY SPIRIT Gifts.

  26. Retreat - Church.

  27. Retreat - Couple.

  28. Retreat - Men.

  29. Retreat - Women.

  30. Sermon - Chinese.

  31. Sermon - English.

  32. Sermon - Indian.

  33. Sermon - *Guest Speaker

Anglican Church (also known as Church of England).

Archangel: Apostle Andrew.

  1. Balance & Check.

    It uses the 'In Search Of Excellence, Book' Loose-Tight Approach. They call it Balance & Check. Church Of England audit checks when things go very wrong. But Local Singapore Anglican Churches have the Final Say. It goes down to lower levels Members & Pastors. Pastor-In-Charge (call Vicar in Parish Church Branch) intervenes mentions when things are very wrong. But Flow in the Members are free to lead by the HOLY SPIRIT in Them.

  2. Christian & Family Life As Equal.

    Anglican Church equate Christian Life same value as Family Life. If You spend more than 3.5 days per week in Church, the Pastors remind You to go back to protect Your Family. Because satan the devil attacks Your Family Wife & Children as strongly as he attacks the Church.

  3. Equal Church Family.

    Presbyterian & Methodist Churches branch out from Anglican Church. Other Churches branch out from Presbyterian & Methodist Churches. But Anglican calls all Churches Equal Family (all One Body of JESUS CHRIST).

  4. Main Firepowers On Little Children.

    Little Children Christians are trained from young. In fact, most mature Anglican Christians start young in Anglican Church.

  5. New & Old.

    Anglican adopts a New & Old Approach in Church Operations. Here You can see Old Apostle Peter Church Tradtions. And hear Christian Zen Stories & sing New Nice Hillsong Church Songs in the Sunday Sermons.

  6. Reason Scripture Tradition.

    How Anglican Church handle New Church Doctrines like Zen Trainings in Cstan98 Website. They base on Reasonings (is it truth from HOLY SPIRIT), Scripture (Holy Bible) & Traditions (balance need to be seek).

  7. There Is A System.

    Like Japanese Companies. There is a System in Church Operations. There are clear cut Positions & Duties Briefing. Everyone & Everything just flow naturally.

  8. Weekly Tithes & Offerings Reports.

    Weekly Accountings are reported to Members in pamphets when You go Sunday Sermons.

  9. *Conclusions: Church Building Still Church Building.

    Anglican Church is good church. But like all mortars & bricks church. Still unable to beat Panda website Semi-Church Ministry. Because average church building = $5million . Panda hosting = $120/year. Soon your senior pastors/vicars want more than 20% tithes. Because they want their homes houses look like church buildings. Just like Panda wants his home look like a cheap iPhone $848/MacBook Air $1700/Website $120/year. You want to home live like your work environments.

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