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English-Chinese Translation Tao Zhu Gong Business Scripture. 陶朱公商经

Original Author: Tao Zhu Gong. 陶朱公.

Original Texts base from: https://baike.baidu.com . 陶朱公商训.

My Meanings base from: me Cstan98.

<Know business strategies to earn money.>

*Tao Zhu Gong Business Scripture Summary.

Be well versed. To earn enough money.

陶朱公《商训》. Tao Zhu Gong Business Teachings.

(01) 能识人.知人善恶,账目不负.

Able know people. Know people good/bad. Creditlines do not default.

(02) 能接纳.礼文相待,交关者众.

Able meet people. Courtesy treat each other. Make friends with everyone.

(03) 能安业.厌故喜新,商贾大病.

Able love job. Do not hate old love new. Is business big mistake.

(04) 能整顿.货物整齐,夺人心目.

Able housekeeping. Goods in order. Catch people eyes/hearts.

(05) 能敏捷.犹豫不决,终归无成.

Able fast react. Unable to decide. All come to nothing.

(06) 能讨账.勤谨不怠,取行自多.

Able chase bills. Hardworking non-stop. Then catch back many money.

(07) 能用人.因才器使,任事有赖.

Able use people. What types what uses. Able to delegate effectively.

(08) 能辩论.坐财有道,阐发愚蒙.

Able debate. Keep wealth. Inspire the stupid.

(09) 能办货.置货不苛,蚀本便经.

Able trade goods. Not stingy. Conserve capital with compound profits.

(10) 能知机.售贮随时,可称名哲.

Able see opportunites. Sell goods right price/tme. Can call famous.

(11) 能倡率.躬行以律,亲感自生.

Able promote productivity. Lead by example. Self use self sufficient.

(12) 能运数.多寡宽紧,酌中而行.

Able push calculations. Few mistakes low error margin. Correctly implement.

(*every things need a system. Then that system needs to be evolved accordingly time to time.)

《陶朱公经商十八法》. Tao Zhu Gong Do Business 18 Methods.

(01) 生意要勤快,切勿懒惰,懒惰则百事废.

Business do fast. Don't lazy. Lazy then all things fail.

(02) 接纳要谦和,切勿暴躁,暴躁则交易少.

Meet people humble. Don't irritated. Irritated then transactions lessen.

(03) 价格要订明,切勿含糊,含糊则争执多.

Prices all clear. Don't confusing. Confusing then many arguments.

(04) 账目要稽查,切勿懈怠,懈怠则资本滞.

Accountings must audit. Don't slack. Slack then money capital stuck.

(05) 货物要整理,切勿散漫,散漫则查点难.

Goods must orderly. Don't uncare. Uncare then checking difficult.

(06) 出纳要谨慎,切勿大意,大意则错漏多.

In-out must careful. Don't careless. Careless then mistakes many.

(07) 期限要约定,切勿延迟,延迟则信用失.

Contracts must meet. Don't delay. Delay then trust gone.

(08) 临事要尽责,切勿放任,放任则受害大.

Do things must responsible. Don't over-confidence. Over-confidence then harm big.

(09) 用度要节俭,切勿奢侈,奢侈则钱财竭.

Spend must control. Don't spendthrift. Spendthrift then money dry.

(10) 买卖要随时,切勿拖延,拖延则机会失.

Buy sell must timely. Don't delay. Delay then opportunities lose.

(11) 赊欠要识人,切勿滥出,滥出则血本亏.

Give credit must know People. Don't anyhow-out. Anyhow-out then lose capital.

(12) 优劣要分清,切勿混淆,混淆则耗用大.

Good/bad must differentiate. Don't mix-up. Mix-up then losses big.

(13) 用人要方正,切勿歪斜,歪斜则托付难.

Use people must right. Don't mis-employ. Mis-employ then delegation difficult.

(14) 货物要面验,切勿滥入,滥入则质价低.

Goods must face check. Don't anyhow-in. Anyhow-in then quality pricing low.

(15) 钱账要清楚,切勿糊涂,糊涂则弊窦生.

Money must be clear. Don't careless. Careless then faults born.

(16) 主心要镇定,切勿妄作,妄作则误事多.

Main heart stable. Don't reckless. Reckless then wrong things many.

(17) 工作要细心,切勿粗糙,粗糙则出劣品.

Working must focus. Don't crudely. Crudely then out low quality.

(18) 说话要规矩,切勿浮躁,浮躁则失事多.

Talk with rules. Don't proudly. Proudly then mis-things many.

(*then that system is divided into sub-systems levels. With each individual codes rules.)

陶朱致富《十二戒》. Tao Zhu Gong 12 Commandments.


Don't Shallow Knowledge.


Don't Wasteful Spendthift.


Don't Soft Indecisive.


Don't Fight Argumentative.


Don't Lazy Not-Work.


Don't Stubborn Fixed-Minded.


Don't Lightly Action-Out.


Don't Greed Credit-No-Payments.


Don't Compete For-Funs.


Don't Stingy With-Money.


Don't Don't-Know Timing.


Don't Love Loans-From-Others.

(*if you study from old past Wisemen. You already half-way towards Their past successes.)

陶朱五字商训:天,地,人,神,鬼.. Tao Zhu Gong 5 Characters: Heaven/Earth/Man/God/Ghost.


(*Heaven: depend on pre-gifted wisdom. Foundations of doing business.)


(*Earth: depend on post-cultivation. Depend on trustworthiness to establish self.)


(*Man: for Ren - compassion & Righteousness. Know give/take. Principle: 'Gentlemen love money. But earn with principles.')


(*God: brave courageous. Face problems decisively. Dare fight dare do.)


(*Ghost: heart calculations. Hands out flexible. Able 'face up as clouds. Face down as rains.' But contract deadlines all meet. Don't wait. If wait then trustworthiness lose.)

(*Tao Zhu Gong 5 dimensions of doing business.)

商圣陶朱公经商:三谋三略. Tao Zhu Gong 3 Thinks 3 Plans.

《三谋》. 3 Thinks.

(A-01)《人谋》. People Think.


(*use People Use Righteous. Good/evil decide successes/failures.)


(*big decisions must careful. Because wrong delegation problems become big.)


(*treat people don't short-tempered. Short-tempered transactions few.)


(*treat tasks need quiet rest. Busyness mistakes things many.)


(*speeches/actions same. Harmony bring wealth.)


(*do things need hardworking. Lazy all things fail.)

(*doing business is commonsense.)

(A-02)《事谋》. Tasks Think.


(*use People must use right. Upright or not upright determine business success/failure.)


(*sparingly do expenses. Anhyhow spend all money gone.)


(*workmanship need be good. Anyhow do out poor goods.)


(*delivery date need exact. Anyhow send time trustworthiness gone.)


(*transactions need fast. Delays mean opportunities gone.)


(*increase inventory need strict. Anyhow in need to cut prices.)


(*acccount in-out need careful. Anyhow do mistakes many.)

(*branding is everythings.)

(A-03)《物谋》. Things Think.


(*quality differentiation need clear. Mix up losses great.)


(*keep inventory need tidy. Anyhow put check inventory difficult.)


(*prices display need clear. Anyhow display disputes many.)


(*giving credit need judgement. Anyhow out lose blood capital.)


(*accounts need correct. Anyhow compute frauds born.)


(*check accounts need hardworking. Lazy stop cashflows.)

(*goods buy/sell needs system.)

《三略》. 3 Strategies.

(B-01)《货略》. Good Strategy.

以物相贸易, 而食之货勿留,无敢居贵.

(*luxary good trade. Essential foods don't keep. Don't dare sell expensive.)

(B-02)《价略》. Price Strategy.


(*precious goods are based on supply/demand. Expensive goods too many become cheap. Cheap goods too few become expensive. Therefore. Expensive goods out like dirt. Cheap goods in like pearl jade.)

(B-03)《市略》. Market Strategy.


(*money is just like water river natural flowing.)

(*know businessmen strategies.)

大商与小商的区别. Big/Small Businessman Differences.


Put self have benefits others no benefits. Is small businessman.


Put self have benefits others have benefits. Is big businessman.


Put others have benefits. Self no benefits. Not businessman.


Rid others of benefits. To benefits self. Is evil businessman.


Big business run businessmen. Like Big Sage Ministers governing countries.


Sun Zi fighting wars. Just strategies in business changing.


The knowledges are expert deep. Tao Way is wonders. Ambitions is big far. Levels very high. Not based on empty talks theories. Not common folks can reach.

Big Birds fly high/far. Small birds fly low/near.

*陶朱公商经. Tao Zhu Gong Business Scripture.

Step 1: Understand Original (Chinese Texts) Common Sense.

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