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Jewish Talmud. 塔木德

Original Author: Jewish Business Sage.

Original Texts base from: iPad Chinese Ebooks App: 塔木德.

My Meanings base from: me Cstan98.

<Know business strategies to earn money.>

*Jewish Talmud. Summary.

Be well versed. To earn enough money.

  1. 10% Tithes.

    Do not rob GOD. Give 10% Tithes for all your incomes.

  2. 20%-80% Rule.

    Know the Pareto Rule. 20% of the atmosphere gas is oxygen. 20% of your Business Actions bring Successes. 20% of the Customers provide 80% of the businesses. 20% of the population is rich enough to buy your goods. 20% of our tasks decide our Success. 80% of our body mass is water.

  3. Adam & Eve Marriage Creation.

    GOD creates the first human Marriage. Therefore all human Marriages are sacred. Honour your Marriage.

  4. Adapt To Changes.

    Adapt fast to market changes. Those who adapt the fastest, win the Battle.

  5. Against Environment Is Better.

    If the environment is against you, it is better. Because you become smarter & tougher adapting to against environments.

  6. An Eye For An Eye.

    An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. See Stroke Copy Stroke. Treat others how they treat you.

  7. Ask GOD For Blessings.

    Ask GOD for Blessings into your Life. Be obedient & blameless.

  8. Black & White Agreement.

    All Business Dealings Agreements must be in Black & White Documents.

  9. Brilliant Business-ing.

    Good at brilliant doing business. Always doing better & better.

  10. Business Agreement Covenant.

    Jews treat a Business Agreement Document like GOD Covenant to the Jewish People.

  11. Business Is Business.

    Be professional. Business Dealings are business Dealings. Do not let personal feelings come into Business Dealings.

  12. Capital Turnover.

    Turnover your money capital many times to earn more money returns for your Capital.

  13. Character More Important Than Looks.

    When choosing your Queen & Employees, go for Character, not looks.

  14. Choose True Friends.

    When You become rich, all sort of false friends come to You. Make true Friends only.

  15. Creativity.

    Do not steal to be very creative. You need to be creative to solve daily business problems.

  16. Customers Children.

    Parents love their Children & spend money on what They want.

  17. Customers Females.

    Go for the Female Customers. They are the ones who decide what to buy in the household.

  18. Customers Foods.

    Go for the mouth. Foods are digested. And more Foods wanted. Satisfy the mouth for Foods products.

  19. Customers Rich.

    Go for the rich Customers. They are the ones who buy from you.

  20. Determination Patience.

    You need Determination & Patience to grow your Company. Starting is very slow. It gets faster & faster to grow your Company.

  21. Do Commerce.

    All Jews are encouraged to go do Commerce = setting up Companies to become rich.

  22. Do Not Give Up.

    When failures, keep on going. You see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not give up.

  23. Do Not Make Females Cry.

    A Gentleman never make a female cry. GOD create females to be the weaker sex. Protect them.

  24. Do Not Reject People Too Much.

    Say yes more than no. Giving favours to good Friends & They help you back.

  25. Do Not Suspect.

    Suspicions cause breakdown of Relationships. Clear suspicions to clear the communication links.

  26. Education.

    Jews believe in good Education a lots. Even if you are poor, work while studying to University.

  27. Far Sighted.

    See long term. See strategic overview. Be far sighted when making daily business decisions.

  28. Female Gentleness.

    Know the effects of Female Gentleness when doing business.

  29. Follow Laws.

    Follow all Countries & GOD Laws. Obedience.

  30. Forgiving Heart.

    Learn to forgive others. So that GOD in Heaven forgives you.

  31. Gentleman Righteousness.

    Because You are GOD People. Therefore follow strict Gentleman Righteousness.

  32. Give & Take.

    Give & take all the time. Do not always give. Do not always take.

  33. Grab Chances.

    Always on the lookout for Business Opportunities. Grab all chances. Do not let chances sip away.

  34. Hardworking.

    Do not be lazy. Be more hardworking than others. The most hardworking Persons earn all the money.

  35. Harmony Relationships.

    Harmony Relationships are the Foundations for Companies to earn big money.

  36. Help Others.

    Always help Others. Start with Family. Then your Company Team. Then your Customers. Then fellow Businessmen.

  37. Humour.

    Use humour in your Life & towards your Friends. Humour takes you past all failures.

  38. Integrity.

    Integrity is more important than money. Because with Integrity you gain money. But money cannot gain Integrity.

  39. Love Others.

    GOD love You. So you same, must love Others.

  40. Many Steps.

    Think many steps to earn money. Like Step 1 = come circus. Step 2 = free salty popcorn. Step 3 = sell expensive drinks. Earn many money.

  41. Market Share Expansion.

    Expand your Market Share. Target more People.

  42. Money Collection.

    Always very determined to collect your money due back. Each penny is hard earned penny money.

  43. Negotiation.

    Know how to negotiate Business Dealings. Think Win-Win. Give & Take.

  44. Not Afraid Of Failures.

    Success come only after overcoming many failures. Success do not come easy.

  45. Other People Money.

    Borrow good money debt as more capital to create more revenues.

  46. Overcome Self.

    Those who overcome self, overcome others. Self is your greatest enemy.

  47. Pay Less Taxes.

    Pay less taxes legally. Always find ways to cut your taxes.

  48. Repeat Business.

    Repeat your Business Transactions to earn more. Repeat Customers are easier than new-customers-all-the-time.

  49. Risk Taking.

    Take calculated risks when the calculated returns are good.

  50. Sabbath.

    Keep a Sabbath Day rest day each week. It is a GOD Commandment.

  51. See Many Steps Ahead.

    The more Steps you see ahead. The better run the Companies.

  52. Self-Help.

    Those who self-help, then GOD help Them. Less rely on other people for help. Be self help independent.

  53. Sell More Profitable.

    Know which are your Products that have the highest Profit Margins. Sell These Products.

  54. Sincere Relationships.

    Build sincere relationships with everyone you meet. Everyone love a sincere Friend.

  55. Start From Self.

    Everythings start from Self. You decide your Fate.

  56. Strategies.

    Know Business Strategies to let your Companies earn big money. Strategic Management.

  57. Take In Rich Breath.

    Go near rich People. And take in their rich breaths. Meaning = be with rich People to learn from Them.

  58. Teamwork.

    Build a good Company Staff Team. Teamwork is essential to earn money.

  59. Think Win-Win.

    For Customers & You, think Win-Win. For Employees & You, think Win-Win.

  60. Treat Others Fairly.

    A dollar for a dollar. A cent for a cent. Do not gain extra. Do not lose extra.

  61. Turn Enemies To Friends.

    Make more Friends, less enemies. You need all the Friends you need to earn money in the markets.

  62. Understand People.

    Understand how all People work when doing businesses with Them. This ensures you use the right strategies.

  63. Use Money To Buy Time.

    When you are rich, use money to buy time. Because with more time, you can earn more money.

  64. Use Figures.

    Know how to use figures (like Apple Numbers) very well to know the Business complete picture.

  65. Use People Greed.

    Ply on other people greeds. Take advantage of greed blindness.

  66. Value Of Time.

    Calculate your Wages for 5 minutes of your time. So that you not waste time on things that do not create a return.

  67. Win Respect.

    Win the respect of fellow Businessmen. So that They want to work Business Dealings with You.

  68. Wisdom.

    Pray to GOD for Wisdom. With Wisdom, come money Blessings.

*Jewish Talmud.

Step 1: Understand Original Jewish Texts (for me is unaccessible) Common Sense.

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