Cstan98 Black & White CEO Skills


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Cstan98 Black & White CEO Skills

  1. Week 0.

    Appointment Letter. Handover of Assets List & Bank Accounts Balance.

  2. Week 1.

    Check Bank Accounts balance. Check Departments Organisation Chart. Check everyone Job Description. Check everyone Resumes. Check P&L (Profit & Loss) Statements & Balance Sheet. Check Payroll Reports = any ghosts or unusual unbalance.

  3. Week 2.

    Request Monthly Profit & Loss Reports. & Balance Sheet Reports. Request Monthly Cashflow Reports. Request Monthly Customer Sales Salesman Breakdown Report. Request Monthly Departments/Divisions Reports. Request Monthly HR (Human Resources) Employees Performance Reports. Request Monthly Inventory Reports. Request Monthly Payroll Reports. Request Monthly Production Numbers Reports.

  4. Week 3.

    Start Monthly Accounts Auditor = familiarize everyone with a strict Auditor + setup new accounts + to confirm no falsify of company accounts.

  5. Month0.

    Start Monthly Accounts Auditing. To ensure that there are no irregularities in the company accounts & bank balances.

  6. Month1.

    MBO (Management By Objectives) for Departments/Divisions. Monthly Budget for Departments/Divisions = Investment Budget + Payroll Budget + Petty Cash Budget.

  7. Month2.

    Exit Recruitment = recruit those good ones terminate by bad officers. HR (Human Resources) Policy = fringe benefits streamlining.

  8. Month3.

    Strategic Alignment + Fit.

  9. Month4.

    Balance Scorecard for whole Corporation.

  10. Month5.

    Coaching & Training. Fusion Management + Team Spirit.

  11. Month6.

    Employee Feedback + Brainstorming.

  12. Month7.

    New Employee Selection. Warren Buffett: "there are 3 factors for me selecting new employee. First is personal integrity. Second is intelligence. Third is high level of energy."

  13. Month8.

    Feedback Loop & Fine-Tuning. When Company is not doing well, get the feedback Reports & fine-tune it = do not change too much. Sometimes, small changes work wonders than big changes.

  14. Month9.

    Solid Products Creations = be like Apple Steve Jobs creating High Demand Products before anyone ever think these Products are possible.

  15. Month10.

    Love Alignment. Employees should work on jobs they love. Employees should sell things they love. Alignment to their love passions.

  16. *Note: careful Company/Country/Economy overheating. Do not more than 100%. Best is 80%. For example, Everyone 80% low salary for cost cutting + 20% high salary for growth bonus.

  17. *Note. LKY: "if you change, you are unstable. If you don't change, you are dead." What you do?

  18. *Note: Cstan98: "you plant the Trees, the Trees get the branches, & all the leaves fall in the right places."

  19. *Note: main bulk of company expenses are actually fixed assets expenses, directors & ceo expenses. They break or no break the company.

  20. *Note: $100 increase to $1000 salary is worth more than $100 increase to $300,000 salary ceo.

  21. *Note: Steve Jobs as Apple CEO for $1 per year to turn Apple around.

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